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Welcome to our online news magazine, where we periodically add new exciting world health news, eye-opening articles, health discoveries and quality, natural healing products.

We do not necessarily endorse the health products we present to you, but chances are we have tried them and believe in them, otherwise we would not bring them to your attention! Enjoy the information, do further research, apply to your life what you need.


"Your life and health does not occur by chance or by coincidence. It is all a reflection of who you are, who you have become since birth. It is not about what happens to you, but what you do about it." - author CMI.

SOQI Natural Healing
SOQI incorporates natural healing therapies and high quality, revolutionary products using "multiple energy modalities" for ongoing health and wellness. These products balance the body's energies of Motion (The Chi Machine), Thermal (the Far Infrared Hothouse), and Electromagnetic (the Electro Reflex Energizer and the E-Power).

This naturalistic approach is extremely powerful because it enhances your particular body's strengths while providing the energy to heal weak areas and any negative or depleted cellular structure.



Diagnosis Cancer
What is cancer, and what causes it.
Understand it and destroy it.
It's not what you've been told.

Chemo Cures Cancer... and the Earth is Flat
Lothar Hirneise, cancer specialist
 - eye-opening Interview.
Healing cancer naturally -
diet, detox and stress removal.

Conversation With Arnon
In memory of a special friend,
that died of bone marrow cancer.

A Question of Chemotherapy
Do you trust it to cure your cancer?
A question many consider too late.

Breast Cancer Gene
BRCA1 - Faulty Breast Cancer Gene.
Angelina Jolie's letter - why she chose
a proactive mastectomy, and what YOU
need to understand.

Apricot seeds and B17. The vitamin
banned by the FDA and removed from
our diet that protects us from cancer
and also destroys it.



The Chinese have stolen, and are systematically destroying, the fragile Tibetan Plateau with all it's riches, including several rivers that feed nine countries. The future of billions of peoples lives is in their hands. The Land Of Snows belongs to the Tibetans, who are being murdered daily.

China is a massively powerful, brutal regime, without morals, and very rich. World governments cower down and allow themselves to be bribed. This is literally a battle between good and evil - Where is humanity?


Diet, Exercise and Plastic

Recycle Symbols - Which plastics are safe.
Baby Bottles - Harmful chemicals.
Madal Bal - Detox and really lose weight!
Ageing - Halted by exercise.
Acai Berries
- A superfood.

Green Tea - Asian medicinal drink.
Yerba Mate - S.American medicinal drink.
Habanero Chili Peppers - Kill prostate
cancer cells.
Bluberry Punch - Heal prostate and tumors.
Seafood - What is safe to eat?

Aspartame - What killed Heath Ledger?


Perricone Diet - Health and beauty.
Beauty Serum - Best Seller.
LipFusion - Natural fuller lips.
Viviscal - No more hair loss or
thinning hair.

Protection and Prevention
MMS - Kills malaria and AIDS
and many cancers.
Colloidal Silver - Natural virus killer
and no you will not turn blue!
E-Lybra 8 - Revolutionary diagnosis.
Q-Link - Protect yourself from EMF.

Things That Are Bad
Starbucks Coffee Addiction
Foods high/low in Pesticides.
How to eliminate Parasites.
Radiation Contamination.

Candida 101
Candida - What is it?

Drug Resistance
Resistance to antibiotics is failing.

Checklist of common toxins to identify
and remove, prevention is the key to health.


ChiFeng Shui
Feng Shui made simple.

ChiFeng Shui Monthly Guidance
Quick reference visual chart.

ChiFeng Shui and Astrology Combined
Two energy tools combined.


Detoxification, Oxygenation, Relaxation, Healing.

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