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Fibromyalgia Testimonials Sun Ancon Chi Machine,
Including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Fibromyalgia is common in women and some men. The effects can be debilitating causing super sensitivity to touch, a huge lack of energy, exhausting tiredness, extreme aches and pain all over, and even not being able to sit up in bed! The Sun Ancon Chi Machine has had remarkable results, removing sensitivity, creating energy, removing aches and pains and basically allowing women to regain their life back.

Fibromyalgia - Energy.

"I found your web site and bought a chi machine a week or so ago. I had used one in my chiropractor's office and knew of it, but didn't experience the benefits of it until I used it daily. I would say that I've been using it for 7-10 days and it is absolutely the best purchase I've ever made. I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have been so tired. I do work full time and usually have to crash in the evenings. (I have 4 kids) Yesterday (Sat) I worked at the office for 6 hours and then came home and painted a room for 4 hours (my family is out of town). I haven't had this much energy since the mid-80s. I am truly amazed. When I talked to my husband this morning, I had tears in my eyes. Thanks for being on the web!". - Elizabeth Maldonado USA - CMI January 2003.
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Fibromyalgia Testimonials for the Sun Ancon Chi Machine
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Fibromyalgia - No more vicodan or sleeping pills.
"I have fibromyalgia and have been getting worse over the past couple of years. Last year, I had to take Vicodin for the pain, and sleeping pills just to get through the night. I've had my Chi Machine for two months now and I now longer use Vicodin or sleeping pills. I've been able to reduce my medication with continued use of the Chi Machine. I love my machine and will not be without it. I have more range of motion and more energy. I feel wonderful. I have introduced it to my mother and she loves it. My quality of life has improved so much." - Sherry Ann, USA - HTE 2003.

Fibromyalgia, Severe Insomnia.
The Chi Machine has established a 12 year proven track record for relieving and eliminating pain caused by fibromyalgia, and insomniacs can now actually experience quality sleep! I testify to this personally, because I once suffered from fibromyalgia and severe insomnia before I started using the Chi Machine. To wake up pain free (one morning last year i couldn't even sit up in bed), have 'energy on tap' and sleep undisturbed, is fantastic!
- Stacey Rickard - CMI, May 2002.

UPDATE Winter 2012: The fibromyalgia never returned!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
One of my relapses back into Chronic Fatigue Symptoms happened in 2007. I had an excruciating hip pain that the medical profession was at a loss to heal and also different alternative therapists couldnít relieve. The stress and pain around my hip triggered a relapse and I entered the foggy world of Chronic Fatigue symptoms again. I started using the Chi Machine and soon felt re-energised and relaxed especially in my pelvic area and the pain soon disappeared. I also realized the nagging neck pains that I experienced intermittently had disappeared.

As I got back to my yoga practice I was amazed to see how much my flexibility had increased even though I hadnít been able to do any yoga for months. I also noticed that my recovery from CFS was accelerated because of the daily sessions on the Chi Machine. The health benefits that I received from adding in the Chi Machine have been life changing. There are so many symptoms that benefit from using the Chi Machine. Dr Shizou Inoue (the Japaneses inventor) has provided a quick, cost effective and efficient way to heal yourself.
- V. Cook, Glasgow, Scotland - CMI.

Fibromyalgia - "Chi Machine sent from heaven".
I have spent 7 years suffering and for the most part unable to work, due to fibromyalgia. Every time I felt a little better, I started back to work part-time and in a couple of months I would be totally in pain and unable to work. I was very depressed to say the least. Life was miserable until I used the Chi Machine.

The first day I used the Chi Machine for five minutes and my torso moved but not my shoulders as I was a little sore. The next day I used it twice and my body moved from top to bottom with very little discomfort. On the third day, in the morning, I used it for ten minutes, stood up when I was done and without stretching bent over and touched my toes for the first time in 7 years! I had been a high school coach and played soccer before diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so this was a big improvement and I felt very proud. I then knew that the Chi Machine was sent from heaven.

I felt great and had a gleam in my eye and was stepping lively when I went into the bank. The girls at the bank had helped me into my car several times over the last several years as well as calling help to pick up and carry me out twice. They looked at me and the head teller said, "What on earth are you taking? I want some!!!" I said, "Watch this!" and I bent over and touched my toes and moved my head from side to side. I then said, "I'm not taking anything," and I told them about my new machine.

I then went to the local optometrist office to have lunch with my daughter and Dr. Partin. She came in and said, "What in the world are you taking? I want some!" She has chronic fatigue syndrome. I went through the same scene as the bank. The same episode was relived at church that Sunday. I have not taken a muscular relaxer or pain pill since I have been using the Chi Machine. I appreciate the opportunity the Chi Machine has given me with my health concerns and by the way, Dr. Partin is getting a Chi Machine too. - Randy Lovett, Mustang, OK, USA.

Fibromyalgia - Restless Legs, Sleep.
I would like to give a testimony on the job The Chi Machine has done for me. I'm living proof that it helped me with my Fibromyalgia after the second day. I have never taken Tylenol PM to help me sleep since using The Chi Machine. My husband says that I don't move my legs in my sleep anymore. If I do wake up to use the bathroom, I can go back to sleep. I also have not had to use a laxative since I have been using the machine.

Previously I would go to bed, and couldn't get any sleep because my legs ached so badly. I got on the machine for 10 minutes one night and went back to bed and fell asleep!! It has really helped me! Thank you! - Henrietta Kamminga - Kentwood, MI, USA.

Fibromyalgia - "A changed wife".
I purchased a Chi Machine because my wife has Fibromyalgia, a very painful soreness of bones and muscles. We have used it for three weeks, and she is a changed wife. She used to come home from work tired and sore. She would plop into the recliner. Now she mows the lawn and she does the wash. It's fantastic! She isn't completely pain free, but is (at least) 70% better. When I rub her back, she is not half as sore, her hips don't hurt when she walks and she has more energy! The Chi Machine is the best investment I have ever made for our health and well-being.
- Ercel Mc Peak - Chilton, WI, USA

Fibromyalgia - Migraines, Sciatica, Arthritis.
"In 1995 Corinne was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Her body ached with pain and she slept only 2 hours without waking. She was completely exhausted and suffered with migraines at least once a week and sometimes twice. The headaches lasted from 24-48 hours. After using the Chi Machine for two months, she is a different person. She now sleeps for 5-6 hours without waking, and has no more migraines. She no longer suffers with headaches or sciatica and is more supple. There were times when she could hardly walk. The bottom of her feet stopped hurting and she has no more numbness in her left arm and hand. There is less pain from arthritis, less indigestion, and better concentration. She has experienced more energy and a feeling of well-being. Corinne reports feeling better than she has done for years. She uses her machine twice a day and if ever she has pain, day or night."
- Published in UK Fibromyalgia magazine -

Three arm positions.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
I achieved poor health early in life. After getting The Chi Machine for my wife to try for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I began to use it too. I used to have energy low spots throughout the day and also what I call "brain fade". The Chi Machine has kept my energy consistent all day long and feel much more alert. My wife's CFS has greatly improved.
- Tim S. and Wife.

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Partial Leg Paralysis, Arthritic Joints
I received the Chi Machine last Friday, and it is now Monday. Starting at 5 mins, sometimes needing to drop back to 2, I am now at 6 mins, and 3 times a day; I know it says twice a day, but on the website I did read that you could do it 3 times a day if careful. The release it is giving to my fibromyalgia pain as I detox is extraordinary, plus the release in my arthritic joints ... AND the realignment of my back and left hip is incredible! Decades of pain and chronic fatigue, and then the issues with my back with the weakness and partial paralysis in my legs that resulted, well, I was just deteriorating. Only a few days of the Chi Machine and the pain-weakness-sedentary-non-activity-cycle is being broken. I had paved the way already with high water intake with unrefined salt, and a cleansing diet and supportive supplements, so improvements were happening, but this is a huge breakthrough and I have hope that I can come out of this invalidism.

I can see in time that I will be able to get back to Tai Chi again. It was such a blow when I couldn't do that, as it had been my hope. But now ... I can see that it will be possible. Just letting you know my gratitude and relief.
- June 27th 2010, Deborah Corwyn, Ballarat, Australia.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis.
I'm in Luv! I have discovered a life changing - perhaps life saving exerciser that actually lives up to its claim that "It does the work. You get the benefit." It works by greatly enhancing the distribution of oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, thereby changing your metabolic rate, and rejuvenating every aspect of your body, while you just lie on the floor (resting your ankles on the machine), breathe deeply, and think happy thoughts for fifteen minutes! It is great for people who don't have time or want to exercise or who are self-conscious about their bodies and want privacy. I would not have believed it, had I not experienced it myself!

Since at least 1990, I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At first, I thought it was just exhaustion from working a 40 hour week and another 40 or more hours in the same week doing volunteer work at a shelter for homeless people. (I had done that every week since 1987.) But, in 1992, I discontinued most of that volunteer work and my community service work. Yet, in 1994, I had become so ill that quite literally my consciousness left my body. I lost so much weight, people started the rumor that I had AIDS. I constantly needed to sleep for 4-6 hours after having been awake for only five minutes. It has been a very slow recovery. Every day - no matter how scorching hot and sultry humid - no matter how frigid the winter - I have had to go to my car and sleep during my lunch hour in order to make it through the rest of the afternoon's work. And, have done that, since at least 1990, even while fearing that sleeping in the parking lot could cost me my job. Still, it was necessary.

Until I got this "chi machine". Almost immediately, I did not HAVE to take a nap during my lunch hour! In fact, if I tried to, i could not go to sleep! I suddenly had sufficient energy to get through the whole day at work and an entire evening of work at home, and the energy was alive and evenly distributed throughout the day! It feels just like a miracle! Here's Another Miracle: On the fifth day, I discovered I had lost 1/2 inch in my chest, waist, and hops, and THREE inches in my abdomen! - you know, where men have a "pot belly," and women look like they will be pregnant until they die. I know, because I matched my measurements against measurements I had taken one month previously.

But, I didn't buy this machine for weight loss. I bought it to help me with the excruciating back pain that I had from osteoarthritis (caused not only by "old age," but by old injuries to my back - such as the time I started an avalanche in the Rocky Mountains, or was bucked off a horse, or was in a car wreck, or fell off a trampoline onto my head while attempting a back flip, etc.).

A x-ray of my back showed osteoporosis (probably created or worsened by my having smoked cigarettes for many years), arthritis, and bone spurs from the injuries. The arthritis literally was dislocating my ribs! And, now one hip is much lower than the other. I was a hurtin' buckaroo! It felt like my back was on fire all the time, and I could hardly get to sleep, much less stay asleep at night because of it. After ONE WEEK of using this chi machine, I certainly am not completely cured, buy I am ALMOST PAIN FREE!

I had experienced acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, deep connective tissue therapy, Reiki, Kahuna healing, chiropractic, and massage. Everything helped a lot, but then the pain returned. We didn't know why until we saw the x-ray. It was the machine that worked out the crooked ridges in my back and reduced the pain. The person who massages my back with peanut oil can see the differences clearly.

What else?
* The varicose vein in my ankle is receding and is far less visible.
* The bone spur on my foot is receding. Every day I see a difference, and often I am pain free.
* My vision is improving and my range of peripheral vision is greatly increased. I know this because of an exercise I tried, which I can do far better than I could just a few days ago.
* My thoughts are clearer - (finally got some oxygen to the brain!).
* My complexion is clearer, and I'm losing the appearance of having "jowls."
* My neck is much more flexible (it had suffered considerable damage and now is quite mobile with much less pain).
* The area where I had oral surgery is healing at a much faster rate.
* It is helping me with lymph drainage.
* A healer who had worked on me a couple of months before I got the chi machine was amazed at how much clearer and healthier my energy field is. It is helping me cleanse and clear not only body, but mind, spirit, and emotions.
* Internal (digestive) organs, heart, lungs and immune system feel stronger and clearer.

I'm sure this is only the beginning. A chiropractor asked me whether I would continue to use the machine, now that I have comparatively little pain. I told her "I will use this thing as long as there is electricity!" The literature states that 15 minutes of using the chi machine is about equivalent to 90 minutes of walking, in terms of body oxygenation. All I know is IT WORKS! - Rev. Nancy Wyatt, Dale City, VA, USA.

Chi Machine Massage aids Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
NOTE: May 9, 2002: Many fibromyalgia symptoms - such as pain, stiffness, fatigue, depression - can be relieved with massage therapy.

Fibromyalgia affects approximately 3-6 million people in the U.S., mostly women, according to lead author Tiffany Field, PhD, a researcher with the Touch Research Institutes in Miami. It causes widespread muscle and soft tissue pain, tenderness, and fatigue. A person with fibromyalgia will experience pain when "trigger points" are pressed.

Previous studies have shown that exercise, stretching, relaxation therapy, and massage therapy can provide relief for people with fibromyalgia. Massage therapy has also been shown to reduce pain, stiffness, fatigue and sleeping difficulties.

In a five week study, 20 adults with fibromyalgia received either massage therapy or relaxation therapy twice weekly. The massage was a combination of several types, including Swedish, Shiatsu and Trager, all using moderate pressure. People in another group went to progressive muscle relaxation sessions.

Both groups showed a decrease in anxiety and depressed mood immediately after the first and last therapy sessions. The big difference showed up in their sleep. Only the massage therapy group reported an increase in hours of sleep and a decrease in their sleep movements, as well as lower levels of the chemical messenger for pain, called substance P. Author Jeanie Davis -

NOTE: 2009: Fibromyalgia continues to devastate tens of thousands of peoples lives. DIET is a HUGE factor as is lack of cell oxygenation alongside EMF's (computer screens, cell phones)  chemtrails and toxic prescribed medication. We suggest a radical change in diet, the Sun Ancon Chi Machine used on a daily basis for oxygenation, and no electrical equipment in the bedroom! Try it ... You have nothing to lose except acute pain sensitivity and lethargy.

"Evidence suggests that fibromyalgia results from local hypoxia in the muscles (low oxygen) which in turn contributes to muscle tissue breakdown. Patients with fibromyalgia reach the anaerobic threshold in their muscles earlier, thereby using less of the available energy-rich phosphate metabolites at maximal work capacity. Patients with fibromyalgia have a potential abnormality in high-energy phosphate metabolism, as evidenced by significantly lower levels of ATP enzyme and ADP in affected muscles." -

E-Power machine.We seriously recommend taking a look at the E-Power which boosts the ATP enzyme.

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