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EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields), and other Silent Killers.
Sources, Effects and Solutions.
Why is there an increase in Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's, Infertility, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ADHD, Stress, Anger, Aggression ... and it's getting worse EVERY day. Below, are the deadly sources of EMF environmental pollution, medically and scientifically acknowledged effects, and solutions to protect your health.

--Silent killer.

"Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century,
all the more
dangerous because it is invisible and insensible." - Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Spontaneous Healing.
EMF Illness

First, you need to understand -
EVERYTHING IN CREATION IS ENERGY. ENERGY HAS A VIBRATION, A FREQUENCY, A SOUND, A COLOR. When frequency is manipulated and changed to abnormal and un-natural levels, what do you think it does to the cells in your body? What do you think does it do to your DNA?

If a complete stranger asked your permission to change the natural vibration and frequency of your food, your home and your environment into un-natural, toxic vibrations and poisonous frequencies ... would you agree?

No-one has asked your permission, but 24 hours every single day, you are being physically raped and broken down, mentally controlled, emotionally manipulated and spiritually frozen by invisible, silent energy that inflicts numbness, apathy, disease and death.

Ever wonder why whales are beaching themselves in huge numbers these past years, or why tens of thousands of bees are continuing to disappear, or why once common species are now on the verge of struggling to exist ... are you even aware of these events?

Listed on this page are things that surround us, and things we use, or consume daily. These things are the reasons our cells become diseased and mutated and our DNA changed for the worse. These things are the reasons why many of us are sick, from migraines to cancer and everything in-between. If any of the things mentioned below are dominant in your life, change them, lessen them, remove them. Restore your personal vibration and frequency to normal and become healthy, strong and focused. These things are all killers on every level - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Lawsuits do not bring the dead back to life!


Poison. -EMF.
Electro Magnetic Frequency - Wireless Technology:
Scientists estimate that your daily exposure to EMF radiation is
100 million times higher than it was in your Grandparents' time.

1) Electical gadgets in your life: Computers, DSL, Cable, Mobile Phones (proven 100% to cause brain tumors and insomnia), Cordless Phones in House - DECT Phones, G3 Technology,  Bluetooth, Tablets.

Physical Effects:
Insomnia, Anxiety Attacks, Aggression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diseased Cells, Cancer, Infertility and Miscarriages, DNA Changes, Brain Malfunctions, Sleep Disorders, Learning Ability Impaired, Blood Flow Changed, Nerve Disfunction, 

2) Electrical gadgets in your bedroom - phones, TV, computer (major sleep disorders), electric blanket, water bed heaters, electric clock, answering machine.

Physical Effects: Cancer, DNA Changes, Brain Malfunctions, Insomnia, Anxiety Attacks, Miscarriages, Childhood Leukemia, Sleep Disorder.

3) EMF's in your neighborhood: Powerlines, antennae or G3 towers in your neighborhood, SMART Meters (deadly).

Physical Effects: Cancer, DNA Changes, Brain Malfunctions, Insomnia, Anxiety Attacks, Hair Loss (humans and pets).

EMF brain

All these electromagnetic frequencies listed above have been PROVEN
to aid in the formation of cancer, leukemia, brain tumors and to alter your DNA.

Protect Yourself:

a) EMF devices must be unplugged to delete the EMF exposure. EMFs pass right through walls. Check with neighbors if living in an apartment - they may be emitting EMF from their side of the wall to yours.

b) Remove EMF's from your bedroom immediately! If you refuse to remove them, they must be at least 6 feet away from your head. The bedroom should be your healing sanctuary where your body can heal itself, rest and rejuvenate, as you sleep.

c) Fluorescent lights and CFL lights can significantly effect chemical uptake into the brain and cause cancer. CFL bulbs contain mercury - use them for outdoor lighting only.

d) Eyeglass frames should be made from plastic with no wires in them, otherwise they can serve as an antenna to focus the radio and cellular phone waves directly into your brain.

e) Check your neighborhood for towers and antennas -
If you live with a power transformer or power lines immediately outside your home, you need to move.

f) Two excellent websites to inform latest research and proof, and to guide you in your home:

Your Brainwave Level Right Now
Check it out.

Trifield meter

Buy yourself a Trifield meter
and find out how much EMF is in your home,
where it is located, and how bad/strong it is.
Then, take steps to remove it - sometimes you will
need to re-wire, or maybe simply disconnect plugs.


The Q-Link Pendant
Protect yourself 24/7.
A 'must have' for computer users.


-.Other Silent Killers:

Drugs and Chemicals: Doctors are simply licensed drug dealers.

1) Prescribed Drugs: addictive, poison, mind altering, cancer causing, aging, poison pills. Drugs kill, promote mental destruction, destroy the immune system and mutate cells in the body and the brain. What this does is to create humans who are easy to manipulate and control due to physical, mental and emotional instability. Some of them simply self destruct, leaving a path of mayhem and tears.

Case In Point - School shootings in Chicago, February 2008 involving prescribed medication. The media of course covered up the truth and barely covered the story. The sale of drugs remains a multi-trillion $ business and YOU remain under their control. Research other public shootings, and you will find the shooters were all taking prescribed medications. A person in their right mind does not murder other human beings. It's NOT about the guns. It's about the drug medications.

Drug America.

Chances are you recognize yourself above. How many years have you been doing this to yourself!
Are you REALLY surprised you are overweight, ill, obese, moody, suicidal or depressed?

2) Drug Resistance to antibiotics is failing. New bacteria are pushing your immune system to the edge. Get off the drugs NOW and clean out your body so there may be a chance your system can fight off the new bacteria. For many of you it may be too late if you have been popping pills for a lifetime. At the very least get your kids off the Ritalin and Prozac! - DO YOU LOVE YOUR KIDS? Then DO it, or risk them committing suicide or considering a shooting rampage.

Ritalin and Prozac.

Ritalin and Prozac are PROVEN to create violent, psychotic children and adults.
Ritalin is equivalent to COCAINE, and has an even more powerful potency.
Adderoll, used for ADHD, is equivalent to METH. Oxycontin, a painkiller, is equivalent to HEROIN.

3) Vaccinations - Infertility, Brain Disorders, Immune System Destruction, Autism, Death.

a) GARDASIL KILLS - many young girls are already dead and thousands more have had serious adverse reactions.
b) The H1N1 vaccine caused a 70% rise in miscarriages in 2009!

4) Alcohol: Addictive, Toxic, Mind Altering - it causes and fuels Violence.

5) Mercury Fillings and Root Canals (dead tooth with migrating bacteria) - Slow Poison, mind altering, linked to cancer and illness - Some dentists KNOW about this but will not tell you. Change out your fillings and remove root canals (dead teeth) - look up online the relationship of the teeth to the body. Breast cancer inparticular is seriously linked to root canals.

Check this tooth meridian chart:

6) Fluoride was deliberately used by the Nazis to create mental retardation - Slow Poison, Mind Altering.

7) Chemtrails and pesticides are silent deadly killers that affect EVERYONE. Linked to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Diabetes and Arthritis.

8) Plastics - From baby bottles, to restaurant take out containers, microwave TV dinners and saran wrap. Do you understand the number in the triangle at the base of these containers because certain plastics leach chemicals, often activated by heat (sunshine, tanning beds and microwaves included) and cause potentially deadly mental and physical illness.

9) Aluminum - Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Throw out your cookware, toothpaste, shampoo and anti-antiperspirant if they contain aluminum! Read food labels and prepare to be shocked.

10) Check all cosmetics, toothpaste, shampoo and hand soaps for chemicals that disrupt hormones, testosterone and estrogen. Do not use anything containing parabens, aluminum or triclosan - all of which have been linked to infertility, early puberty, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's  and Cancer.

Cleaning Products

All these products above are chemical free and they work!

11) Throw away all chemical cleaners in your home and replace them with non-chemical cleaners.
Here is a link to a superb website that will guide you to find the safest product for you, with rankings and scores:

Here are some natural solutions:
1) Baking Soda is a household cleaner. It also cleans silver if you mix with hot water in a stainless steel container with some aluminum foil on the bottom.
2) Apple cider vinegar and baking soda mixed tohether will clean drain and tub.
3) White vinegar mixed with water will clean glass tops, windows and surfaces.
4) Liquid castle soap is a cleaner.
5) Essential oil mixed with water is a natural air freshener.
6) Hydrogen peroxide whitens clothes, and is a disinfectant used for cleaning the home.
7) Borax is another laundry whitener, and will kill mold.
8) Vodka is a household cleaner, a disinfectant, it cleans up red wine stains, will refresh upholstery, and kills wasps. Can be used on face to tighten pores.

ACID Food and Drink:

1) Canned Food, Boxed Food, Fast Food = Toxic, Fattening, Addictive Chemicals, Dead Nutrition.

2) Genetically modified food (GMO's)  = Deadly poison that causes Cancer and countless other illnesses and disease.

3) Beef and Chicken (especially in the USA) = Poison, Toxic Chemicals, Diarrhea, Cancer.
Animals eat poisoned pesticide food, are shot up with chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, then they are killed inhumanely, filled with terror, then YOU buy and eat the animal. INSANE! American beef is banned from Europe because it is so toxic.

4) FARM RAISED fish such as salmon, with added DYE: Poison. Seafood Guide Chart

5) Milk (casein), Coffee, Soda, Gluten, Heated Oils and Margarine = Fattening, Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit, Allergies, Asthma, Cancer.

Obese man.---Obese women. --Fat kid.

Is this you, or your spouse, your kids or your friends? This is NOT genetic!
This is a chemically manipulated, processed food diet resulting in obesity and disease.

6) Sugar, Aspartame  Saccharin - Diet Sodas = Poison, Cancer, Aging, Mental Retardation.

7) Chemicals, Additives, Dyes, Whey = Headaches, Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Disease.

8) Microwave Ovens: Microwaves create changes in the molecular structure of food, which in turn changes your cellular structure, DNA and affects your blood cells. THROW YOUR MICROWAVE AWAY NOW!

Acid and Alkaline Chart
Stay healthy, lose weight, get well NOW.

Vitamins and Minerals
Are these foods on YOUR grocery list? If not why not?

B17 Vitamin
The FDA and the pharmaceutical companies have hidden B17 from our diets. B17 aids in prevention of cancer.

Kill Cancer
Extensive personal checklist for cancer patients.

Cancer Diet - A matter of life or death.

Mass Media and Government:

FEAR - Fear of anything or anyone, permeates your cells with toxic, acidic energy. If you choose to live in fear, you relinquish freedom and become a slave under the control of the same multi-million $$$ bankers and corporations, the same people, who sell you -

a) Deadly toxic drugs.
b) DNA changing, tumor causing, infertility creating, mobile phones and microwave ovens.
c) Chemically poisoned, genetically altered food (GMO's), beverages and water (fluoride).

 - to keep your mind foggy and your immune system weak.

Two other extremely successful methods of manipulation and control over your mind and emotions are:

a) Mainstream media USA, which focuses on the negative and blows insignificant, meaningless events out of proportion. US TV is a steady diet of lies, deceit, fear filled commentaries, TV ads that promote poisonous drugs with horrifying side-effects, reality TV shows that degrade contestants and guests, overly dramatic soap operas, and kindergarten grade sitcom scripts complete with laugh tracks in case you don't find them amusing.

Newspapers and TV news channels are slanted, dishonest and personal biased commentaries, owned by the same people that regulate the movie studios. God forbid a reporter dare to tell the truth or an anchorman report something unapproved by the government, let alone anyone dare give the American public information on world events that do not include American citizens.

b) War - Chemical weapons, bombs and guns destroy life, land, nature, friends and family, We ALL lose. We are ALL affected. The earth NEVER recovers from Uranium depletion which causes stillbirths and horrifying mutations in new born babies, as seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.




Mass Slavery, Cloning and Brain Washing via Sophisticated Electronics, Media, Food, Drugs and Entertainment.
LET GO OF THE PAST - RELEASE FEAR - LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Today decides what tomorrow will bring. If you live in the past, if you fill your body with drugs and chemicals, and your mind with fear, you are doomed to misery, regrets, guilt, depression and illness. Its all up to YOU. Change your choices and start living!

When would NOW be a great time to wake up, change your life, your health, and the world around you?
RESEARCH anything and everything written above - IT IS ALL PROVEN SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL FACT.

The Energy of Life and How it Works:

1) "The Secret" (it's not a secret but ancient, universal law). Focus on your dreams, live in the present moment, take action and leave the details up to the Universe. BUT ... you must resolve and release the past, in order to manifest and create in the present.

2) "What The Bleep Do We Know". Nothing is what is seems.

3)  Proof that your energy - your thoughts - affects everything within you and around you: Dr. Emoto and "The Hidden Messages In Water". YOU create your health and your life by the energy of your thoughts and beliefs. Your body is 70% water. Dr. Emoto has proven thru water crystals, that thought energy and emotion can change water's molecular structure. If you are angry, so is every cell in your body - If you radiate peace, calm or love, so do the cells in your body.

4) The life force energy within all of creation, CHI - electromagnetic energy that creates, heals and permeates EVERYTHING, including YOU.

5) Read "THE CHINA STUDY" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell (available on - This book will educate you and PROVE once and for all, the TRUTH about the connection between diet and diseases such as Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes etc  An acid diet promotes and feeds cancer, and an alkaline diet can help reverse cancer - this you will NEVER hear from your doctor or oncologist.

Four healing
Sun Ancon Chi Machine - Far Infrared Hothouse Dome - Electro Reflexology - E-Power

Four machines that seriously DETOX and HEAL the body.

The Chi Machine stimulates the lymphatic system which detoxes the body.
Far Infared heat is known in Europe and Asia to remove heavy metals and combat cancer.

Electrotherapy is used in Europe and Asia for cellular detox and to kill worms and parasites.

Without your health, your dreams cannot become reality.

Extensive information on alternative healing, health and nutritional guidance.

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