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Understand and combat cancer.
It's all about knowledge and choices.

Let's get some initial basic questions out of the way ...
9 Common Cancer Questions:

1) What is cancer?
The bodies natural response to toxic overload.

2) Why do i have cancer, what causes cancer?
The source is normally the body-mind connection. The location of the cancer explains the issues.

3) What choices do i have?
There are many.

4) What are natural cancer treatments?
Non-toxic therapies that serve to heal not harm.

5) Can i eat anything i want?
NO. Primarily eliminate all sugar.

6) My family want me to have chemotherapy, do i have to?
NO - this is your life, your body, your choice. Pressure from friends and family is common and can sway your decision, with irreversible consequences - their fears do not have to become your own. Follow your own inner voice - do what you feel is right for you.

7) Why does my oncologist oppose natural therapies?
Because he/she has to. They are only trained to administer drugs, chemo or radiation. You are a customer, a bank account. Complete recovery or quality of life is not considered as there is no profit to be made.

Addressing and eliminating the SOURCE of your cancer is totally irrelevant to the protocols of orthodox oncology.

8) My oncologist declared i only have a certain time to live, is it true?
NO. Oncologists have absolutely no right to play God and predict your death! They have been proven wrong countless times. This only becomes truth, if you believe them.

9) Do i stand a chance against cancer?
YES! It's a dramatic wake-up call to change your life -
to let go of emotional pain, anger, trauma, unforgiveness and stress, so that healing may begin.

cancer everyone

Cancer is not a pink ribbon.
It is every color, every race, every age.


Too many people are diagnosed with cancer everyday - allegedly 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetime.
Too many people are dying of cancer every single day. The statistics are getting worse, not better. Is there any one of us that does not know someone with cancer right now, or know someone that has died of cancer?

Everyday i receive phone calls and emails from people worldwide with cancer, or from their friends and families that are desperate for help.

So ... for the past two decades i have specialized in cancer research and natural therapies. No i am not a doctor or an oncologist. I am simply a highly intelligent human being, a college graduate that has traveled the world and spent most of my life researching and studying health, nutrition, natural alternative healing methods, and the mind-body connection.

I have lost too many friends and family ...
As a child i lost my nana to brain cancer and my favourite aunt to breast cancer. On June 7th 2012, i lost a very dear friend, Joseph from Cuba, to cancer (this was the 3rd time it flared up). On December 21st, 2013 i lost one of my best friends, Arnon, to bone marrow cancer. He was barely 39 yrs old with two little children.

I witnessed the devastating and debilitating effects of chemo in person. Later photos of post-chemotherapy were so horrifying, i hardly recognized him. My cancer research during the last several months of his life became more intense than ever before and i discovered things that are mind-blowing - his death was not in vain.

I had previously done massive research on breast cancer because a close American girlfriend had barely stage 2 but immediately opted for a double mastectomy and on-going chemo-brain, which she now regrets.

Meanwhile my dear British friend Dave struggled everyday battling cancer without oncology despite pressure to succumb to chemo. He died in 2019 but lived several years past diagnosis.

In the 1980's, i lost Herman, a close colleague, to lung cancer, and then on December 5th 2018, i lost another best friend to lung cancer, Mike, who chose chemo. He reached out for natural healing only in the last weeks of his life, too late. My beloved cousin in the UK was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he too chose chemo, and lost.

When will deadly orthodox oncology be terminated and the real cancer therapies and protocols become standard options? When will the public be told the truth? How many more family and friends will you and i lose to oncology drug cocktails?

It is beyond outrageous how many precious lives are terminated by chemo and radiation, NOT by the cancer itself.

What can we do ...
The following web-pages are a culmination of the cancer research i have done over the years, which i gift it to you the reader, and in memory of all the family and friends i have lost to cancer. I have confidence and belief that this extensive information will make a difference for you or for someone you love.

There is NO single protocol that will work all by itself to remove cancer, but there are many that can work together as a team to target both the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It's all about knowledge and choices.

Conventional oncology is one of the biggest scams ever created, never identifying or addressing the source, only poisoning the patient.

Truth be told, every successful cancer therapy contains three important ingredients: Serious Detoxification, Diet Change, and Emotional Stress Release.

Lets begin ...

You will find four sections below - all equally important:

1) Understand cancer and remove it from your life.
Chemotherapy, radiation, breast and prostate cancer.
3) The Body/Mind connection.
4) Remove environmental toxins.


Understand cancer and
remove it from your life:

If you don't understand, how can you or anyone else prevent, fight or erase it?

Diagnosis Cancer - It's not what you have been told.

Anti-Cancer Diet - Focus on detoxification.

Kill Cancer - Serious checklist for all cancer patients.

Common Non-Toxic Methods - Natural treatments including Cannabis Oil.

Cancer Terminators - These protocols are hidden from the public and persecuted.

- Asian and European Far Infrared Heat Therapy.

Therapy for Pets
using Far Infrared Heat.

- Anti-Cancer vitamin.

Pub Med Article - Carbohydrate restriction and cancer.
Oncologists know full well that
SUGAR FEEDS CANCER but they will tell you to eat anything you like, "to build your strength".




Chemotherapy and Radiation.
Breast and Prostate Cancer:

Outdated conventional cancer therapy only offers toxic chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and drugs. Only symptoms and drug side effects are addressed, NEVER the actual source.

Before handing your life over into the hands of a stranger, consider this - poison does not kill poison, it simply creates more of it.

Cancer Protocols to Avoid - Chemotherapy and Radiation are outdated and simply destroy.

Chemo Kills - Can You Trust Chemotherapy to Kill Your Cancer? Scientific evidence confirms 100% that chemotherapy spreads cancer.

Breast Cancer - Life saving tips, red flags - mammograms, thermography, and breast reconstruction.

Prostate Cancer and Thermal Therapy - Far Infrared heat therapy and other options.

BRCA1 - Breast Cancer. Just because Angelina Jolie chose a double mastectomy does not mean you should too.



The Body/Mind Connection:

It is t
he mental/emotional SOURCE that must be primarily
addressed and removed, not the SYMPTOMS which are the physical manifestation and consequences.

Eliminate The Source
'Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and the Earth is Flat' written by Lothar Hirneise. In order to truly heal, Identify the source - an emotional issue that has caused prolonged stress - and let it go.
No-one can do this for you, only you.

Biological Conflict Must Be Resolved
Interview with Dr. Hamer. Understand what happens exactly when the mind/body suffers stress, conflict, trauma,
and how to heal.

- How to be Sick.

The Source of Illness - The Mind/Body Connection.


A Secret Cause of Cancer - Loss of Heart Coherence:

German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, studied healthy individuals and found an exquisite coherence at the quantum level when he looked on the photon level. Popp then tested cancer patients and found something else. In every instance, these patients had lost their natural periodic rhythms as well as their coherence.

The lines of internal communication were scrambled.
They had lost their connection with the world. In effect, their light was going out.

"Disease occurs when this communication is broken, when the cells can no longer speak the same language. Giving light has a resonance effect, bringing the cells into the same language again and healing the body." - Source: Dr. Popp.

Love Yourself. Connect With Self, and Be Happy:

Anger, fear, judgement, grief, resentment, hatred, regret, shame ... basically refusing to LET GO of these inner negative emotions hurts and damages the physical body over time, and results in devastating consequences. Allow others to be themselves even if you disagree with their choices and actions, or if they have caused you deep pain. Focus on YOUR choices, YOUR life!

Two Cancer Stories - one lived and one died:

Arnon - Dead at 38 yrs old, killed by chemotherapy.

Ginny - The power of the mind, and Chi Lel.


Remove these from your life,
environmental toxins:

Silent Killers including prescription drugs and EMF (invisible electro-magnetic frequency).

Household Toxins and heavy metal poisons.



Outstanding Books
and Documentaries:

Documentaries - The body-mind connection, cancer, diet, and vaxxinations.

Books for your journey to health.


Top 10 countries In the world
for highest cancer rates, 2022:

cancer highest countries

Cancer cases per 100,000 people.
Source: WHO

2023 / 2024
Cancer numbers are rising significantly since the introduction of the experimental mRNA jab in 2021 - Known as 'Turbo Cancer', there is currently no end in sight.

7,500% Increase in recorded cases of cancers following CVD19 injections. Dr. Ryan Cole (and other doctors with integrity), have sounded the alarm bell for months.

Type in search box: vaccine cancer


World deaths from cancer 2021
Every year, these numbers continue to climb ...

world cancer deaths


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