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Information contained within this website is a general guide to health, nutrition and alternative healing tools. This information has been researched over the past few decades (ongoing), and verified in depth from multiple international sources before being presented here.

However, we have to state that information on this website should not be used to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any health problem or disease, without consulting with a healthcare professional or chosen specialist.

You should seek out multiple sources of independent health care advice regarding any personal health condition, besides the information and guidance contained within this website, or any other. Seek advice from your medical specialist, general practitioner, chiropractor, naturopath, surgeon, acupuncturist, or any other health care practitioner that you trust and believe in.

If your health care specialist has no knowledge of the machines, products and therapies contained within this website, seek out someone that does. Many health care specialists are uneducated regarding the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Far Infrared heat therapy and Electro-therapy, and to their medically proven related health benefits (research for medical citations, research and studies). Many professional practitioners have yet to research, experience and understand various alternative, natural health care therapies, even though they have been available for many years worldwide (more frequently understood and used in Europe and Asia), via commonly understood and applied protocols such as basic oxygenation, detoxification and pH balance, as well as hyperthermia, electrotherapy, reflexology and Chi energy healing and balance.

LIABLITY: Chi Machine International does not claim that any HTE product presented herein will cure or heal any disease. Chi Machine International will not be held liable for any adverse effects resulting from use of HTE products, or from individuals who choose to pursue information presented on this website, as they do so solely by their own choice.

DIFFERENT COUNTRIES: Health care specialist knowledge varies from country to country and is dependent upon health education standards, available research institutions, government regulations and laws, and consumer demand. Whereas many countries promote alternative health care, some countries do not, due to cultural preferences, or lack of financial aid and medical technology, or corporate greed and control.

TESTIMONIALS presented herein come from real consumers and health care specialists across the globe that want to share the benefits and results they have received. Testimonials from individuals are voluntary, personal experiences only, and hold no guarantee that another individual may achieve the same results.

ALL global therapies, CANNOT be claimed to 'cure' or benefit ANYONE of any specific health challenge, because everyone has different karma, diet, emotions, mental state and environmental conditions and lifestyle.

Simply put,

All four HTE machines that we have on this website have been approved, classified and recognized as medical device in Canada, Australia and Japan.

FDA Approval and classification in the USA.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine, the Far Infrared Hothouse Dome, the ERE and the E-Power all originate from Japan, the country which has one of the highest ranking health levels in the world, whereas the U.S. ranks amongst the lowest.

SUMMARY: This website provides health and nutritional guidance, offers alternative healing machines, presents individual experiences, and extensive research data, but it is subject to your agreement to also obtain independent healthcare practitioner guidance as needed, and of course personal discretion and plain common sense!

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