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SOQI Natural healing for health and wellness - the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Far Infrared Dome, Electro Reflex Energizer and E-Power Machine - the powers of nature utilized by medically advanced Japanese technology working in perfect harmony with the body.

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SOQI Machines are acclaimed international medical device, for passive aerobic exercise, far infrared heat therapy, and electrotherapy to recharge, energize, maintain, and heal your body as needed. All the machines are the ORIGINAL and not sold on Amazon.

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Power of Chi


Healing As
Nature Intended:

Alternative natural health remedies and therapies, are simply a return to nature using the intelligence and non-toxic healing powers within the human body.

is the natural life force within all living things - humans, animals and nature. Meridians, aura's and chakra's reflect the frequency and energy of your personal chi.

Healthcare Lifestyle
It's simple, natural, easy and free. Back to basics! 

A Treasure Chest of Info:

SOQI News Magazine

Mind expanding articles, emotional wellness,
alternative healing choices - no fluff!

Learn real Feng Shui, change-up your home energy for health, relationships, wealth.

Everything you need to know about Cancer - choices, consequences and things you will never be told.

Toxin Checklist - Identify and eliminate toxins and heavy metals in your home and in your life.




Health is all about keeping the body in motion.
Walk, jog, bike, swim, dance ... just move!
The importance of physical movement (exercise), which creates oxygen and detoxification, is scientifically proven to maintain health and wellness mentally, emotionally and physically.

levels in the body are critical. Sedentary lifestyles are not conducive to well-being and fitness.

Aerobic Respiration Exercise (oxygen is absorbed and CO2 given off), enhances the function of the body, calming the mind, promoting relaxation, mental clarity and focus, sounder sleep, and supports multiple daily health benefits.

Physical motion kick starts the lymphatic system which promotes elimination of metabolic waste and toxins. When the body becomes sedentary, toxicity starts accumulating and begins to poison the body.

Besides Tai Chi or Yoga, the Chi Machine is an excellent choice. No stress to the body, no sweat. Just lie flat on your back, relax, meditate, and enjoy the Chi rush at the end.


The Doctors TV show


The Foundation of Health, 
Get Your Body Moving!

Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Internationally acclaimed Medical Device, this is the ORIGINAL Chi Machine SDM-888. Created in 1990 in Japan, with 27 global patents, awards for excellence, and clinical trials focused on lymphoedema.

For all body types, all occupations, ages 4-100 yrs. Built to last 15-20 yrs plus - strong, solid, durable.

Multiple benefits support health and wellness with no chance of injury, no invasive procedures, no drugs, and no side effects

30 years of International reviews and individual experiences.

International Media
: Professional athletes, global spas, health care practitioners (traditional and alternative). Featured on TV health shows including 'The Doctors'. Endorsed by prestigious international medical centers, hospitals and clinics.

position behind head

Japanese scientist Dr. Shizuo Inoue, is the original Chi Machine creator who teamed up exclusively with HTE in Taiwan, to create the first Chi Machine, the Sun Harmony, the original brand name, changed to Sun Ancon.

Detailed, step by step Instructions how to use the Chi Machine plus FAQ.


Imitation Is a
Form of Flattery:

Whenever something really works, someone creates an imitation.

Imitation Chi Machines - You literally get what you pay for.

Chi Machine Myths - Internet disinformation set straight. The real Chi Machine is not dangerous, not a hoax, not a scam.


Fa Infrared

Sunshine Is Life.
We Need Far Infrared Heat:

Far Infrared heat - radiated from the sun and present within every living thing - is natural life energy which maintains growth and health, and promotes healing of the body.

Heat Therapy - also known as Hyperthermia  or Thermal Therapy - has been used professionally for decades throughout Asia, especially Japan. Widely used across Europe, especially Germany for multiple health challenges and serious healing.



Dome Face Down.

Kick Ass Far Infrared
Medical Device:

Far Infrared Dome Sauna

In the past far infrared units were only used in the USA for newborns. Today acclaimed health institutions, such as Hippocrates in Florida, have chosen the Japanese SOQI Far Infrared Dome Hothouse sauna to promote and support healing and wellness.

Far Infrared is a gentle, subtle penetrating 'dry' heat. Clothing is optional, but feels amazing in just your underwear.

The first Far Infrared Sauna to be introduced to North America in 1997, and no other sauna company has been able to duplicate the SOQI Dome's advanced, superior technology.


Pet Sauna - Natural Far Infrared heat therapy for our beloved companions who love the gentle healing warmth.

Far Infrared has long been used to help heal animals and is now being recognized by veterinarians.

SOQI-Bed Spa Luxury

The SOQI Bed Spa

For home use, or integrate into any healthcare business, private clinic or health spa. Available within USA only.

Pure Luxury: All in one control panel and built-in music MP3 player - Bluetooth available.

                    PadFar Infrared

Two Far Infrared Products:

FIR Heating Pad
For everyday pain relief. Soft, flexible, washable. Available in x2 sizes.

FIR Waist Belt
Improve posture, lower back and muscle support. Popular with women who use it as a fashionable waist cincher. Multiple sizes.



Your Feet and Legs
Will Thank You:

Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE)

Powerful reflexology foot massager, primarily used for the feet and legs, but may also be used for hands and wrists. Six electro pads are included which act like TENS units for the body.

Based on the ancient art of Reflexology, the acupressure points in the soles of the feet receive powerful massaging waves of stimulation from the machine which relieves muscle fatigue, aches, pains, soreness, and gently restores lost feelings.



Power Up Your Entire Body -
Enhance Anti-Aging:

E-Power Machine

The E-Power machine generates electromagnetic waves that stimulate the body, creating hours of energy (ATP) with re-connection and communication of the body's electrical circuitry. It promotes anti-aging properties, and boosts the bodies negative ions so you can release depression.

Health Guidance,
Diet, Nutrition:

Poison Food
Mc Donald's, Milk, the Atkins Diet, Coke, Fluoride and Whey - all bad, very bad.

The amount of acid food you eat every day determines weight as well as disease. 


Shopping List what you need, what you lack, and specifically why. 

Daily Toxins:

Illness - How to be sick - You are probably already an expert. Relationships, you and the world.

Aluminum Poisoning - Have you checked your deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and cookware?

Disturbing facts about the world we live in.

Which Plastics are Safe - Check the triangle on the bottom of every container.


HTE International.
Healing Machines
That Actually Work!

HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise), head quarters in Taiwan, is an International company in business for over 30 years with multiple global offices.

Outstanding quality products for health, fitness and wellness, created by Skylite corporation scientists in Japan - cutting edge innovative technology, respected and copied by industry peer groups.

Scientifically and medically proven, with thousands of worldwide testimonials, all HTE SOQI machines last for many years and rarely break down.

Become an HTE Distributor - Earn an income as you help people. Excellent for health care professionals, complimentary to both conventional and alternative medicine.

family health

Health and happiness in life
are intimately intertwined.

News Blog - Personal commentary, rants, health updates and new products.

About Us - Chimachine4u seriously cares about helping others and making a difference in the lives of those that seek out natural healing modalities.

Happy seniors.

The choices you make today, determine your tomorrows!

This website is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to provide or substitute individual medical advice which may be obtained from your chosen health practitioner. Chi Machine International does not claim that any HTE product presented herein will diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. Any individual who chooses to pursue information presented herein, does so solely at their own discretion. Always ask questions and research everything.
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