Passive Aerobic Exercise.
Passive, Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise - Definitions and Benefits.

Definition - Physical movement creates supplemental oxygenation of the blood and stimulates the lymphatic system which thereby detoxifies the body. The degree of physical activity determines the extent of benefits and the impact to the body.

Physical activity improves health, maintains fitness, builds endurance, delays aging, changes ones physiology thus improving mental and emotional states, assists sleep and is used for physical rehabilitation and wellness.

Specific Exercise Benefits:
- Reduction in the risk of coronary artery disease.
- Reduction in the risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension).
- Blood fat improvement - decrease LDL 'bad' cholesterol and increase HDL 'good ' cholesterol.
- Reduction in risk of stroke - Improving blood fats reduces plaques deposit in arteries.
- Reduction in risk of developing type 2 diabetes
- Weight control via exercise reduces chances of obesity - which leads to diabetes.
- Immune system activation - regular exercise wards off susceptibility to viruses.
- Improved blood circulation.
- Build strong bones - reduces risk of osteoporosis.
- Change in mental and emotional state - a change in physiology immediately changes one's mood and focus.
- Boost natural life force energy known as Chi.
- Relief from muscle pain and fibromyalgia - exercise stimulates the growth of tiny blood vessels (capillaries) in the muscles. This enables the body to deliver oxygen to the muscles more efficiently and remove irritating metabolic waste products, such as lactic acid.

- Information gathered from the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

Passive Exercise:
Definition - Movement applied to the body or a body part, by another person or persons (physiotherapy), or via a motion machine. When a passive range of motion is applied, the body or body part (arm, leg, head, ankle, wrist, knee), of the individual receiving the passive exercise is completely relaxed, while the outside force moves the body part throughout the available range of motion.

Motion - Chi Exercise Machine.
Arms above head.
Low Impact, Passive Aerobic Exercise with the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Benefits - Excellent for those who hate to exercise, those who are short on time, those who prefer to exercise at home or on a lunch-break, those who dislike the body being stressed and jarred, those who need to relax and de-stress, and those who are frail, sick, bedridden or elderly. Excellent for warm ups and cool downs. No need to remove clothing. No risk of injury.

Aerobic Exercise:
Definition - Physical activity long in duration, low in intensity - rhythmic and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning or strengthening any part of the body. Aerobic means "with air", emphasis placed on the oxygen in the air. Muscles need oxygen to function. Aerobic activity continually supplies enough oxygen to the exercising muscles for the duration of the activity.

Benefits - Aerobic exercise conditions the heart, blood vessels and cardiovascular system (lungs), by increasing the oxygen available to the body and by enabling the heart to use oxygen more efficiently. Regular aerobic exercise releases endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.

Activities include bicycling, brisk walking, dancing, swimming, rowing, soccer, skating and cross country skiing.

Aerobic Activity is either Low Impact or High Impact:
Low Impact - One foot always stays on the floor and supports the weight of the body. e.g. Walking, stair climbing.
High-impact - Include actions that take both feet off the floor, thus causing more jarring of the joints when the body weight hits the floor again. e.g. Jumping, jogging, skipping.

Anaerobic Exercise:
Definition - Physical activity short in duration, high in intensity - general level of intensity too great to allow enough oxygen into the body to burn fat for energy. The body then switches to burning stored fuels such as glycogen and small amounts of carbohydrate stored in muscles. Since we only store about 2 minutes worth of anaerobic energy, anaerobic activity usually lasts a short time or becomes stop and go as we tire faster.

Benefits - Anaerobic benefits determine how well a workout strengthens and develops muscles.

Anaerobic activities includes weight lifting, racquetball, downhill skiing, tennis, martial arts and sprinting.

FYI: Sports cause sore muscles due to lactic acid build up which can be prevented or quickly dissipated via passive aerobic exercise with the Sun Ancon Chi Exercise Machine. Use the machine to warm up and to cool down.

NOTE: There is no substitution for getting your body up and moving daily via such activity as walking, swimming, biking, jogging, hiking, tennis, basketball or even lifting weights or walking a treadmill in a gym. However, due to physical challenges, illness, age limitations, time restrictions and weather factors, many people simply cannot or do not get their body moving everyday. Many people spend their day commuting, working, raising a family, sitting in front of a computer or TV, or sleeping.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine enables cellular oxygenation, lymphatic detox, spinal alignment, pain relief, mental focus and the relaxation a body needs to aid in maintaining health.

FYI: Chi Machine weight loss testimonials.

Sedentary life 'speeds up ageing'  - Jan 29th 2008 - BBC World News.
"This conclusion provides a powerful message that could be used by clinicians to promote
the potential anti-aging effect of regular exercise." - King's College London researchers.

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