Diabetes Testimonials.
Focus on Diabetes and Neuropathy.
1) April 6th 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that worldwide, 1 in 11 adults have diabetes and 1 in 3 people are overweight - 246 million diabetics.

2) More than 29.1 million Americans have diabetes, many have resulting neuropathy.

3) Every 10 seconds, 2 people develop diabetes.

Why is this happening?
A poor diet coupled with inactivity, basically resulting in toxin accumulation and lack of oxygen resulting in horrible long term health consequences. For example ... drinking just one can of regular soda per day can raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 22%, as reported by researchers from Imperial College London in the journal Diabetologia.

Diabetes triples the risk of a heart attack and leaves people x20 more likely to have a leg amputated, as well as increasing the risk of stroke, kidney failure, blindness and complications in pregnancy. These facts are just awful when we consider this is many times completely preventable, let alone reversable.

Leg amputation? Yes, diabetes create neuropathy which is a condition that affects the nerves. Many diabetics develop neuropathy in their legs and it can become so bad, that there is no feeling which can lead to amputation.

early 40 drugs are also know to cause neuropathy. Excess alcohol can cause neuropathy. It is estimated that upwards of 20 million Americans have peripheral neuropathy, and the commonest cause is diabetes.

Diabetes Type 2 can be reversed ... naturally.
When would today be a good day to begin taking back control of your health? What will happen to you if you don't? The solution is to primarily, dramatically overhaul your diet, and get your body moving everyday. What do you have to lose by trying? By doing nothing you risk losing so very much.

You are what you eat.
Shift your mindset, give up your love affair with food, release your emotions.

Diabetes and Diet:
Diabetics worldwide have changed their diet and succeeded in the elimination of diabetes, not to mention excess weight. Eating raw, organic wholefoods that are alkaline, promotes a healthy body without pain or disease.

Reverse diabetes in 30 days by eating a raw food diet:
No meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, refined foods, no junk food or fast food, NO sugar.
Watch the trailer of this incredible raw food documentary and see how six people cured their diabetes type 2, in 30 days  - www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSUw9SaPLmA

Doing nothing at all risks possible leg amputation, a heart attack, kidney failure, blindness or a stoke.

When would today be a great day to begin?


Aerobic Exercise - Move your body.

Sun Ancon Chi
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine
  Passive aerobic exercise.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine provides passive aerobic exercise for those who can't get out to walk, swim, bike, jog etc. SImply lie down, relax and let the machine do it for you in the comfort of your own home.



The Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE) machine.
Powerful stimulation of the legs.

The ERE is electrotherapy (a very popular therapy in Europe). It generates powerful stimulation through the soles of the feet to the legs. The machine also comes with 6 electro-pads which act in a similar fashion as TENS units. Easy to use - sit down, and place your feet on top of the machine. Adjust the dial to the level you feel most comfortable.



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