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Diet Guidance
 for those who seriously desire
weight loss and need a little help.

State of obesity:
Many, many countries are struggling with obesity - from the USA and Canada to the Middle East, Europe and Australia
. Numbers continue to climb worldwide, but it's never too late to make some some changes. Giving up is not an option. 


Check you Body Mass Index to see where you stand.


Obesity can lead to diabetes, heart disease, strokes:

Million of Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. Millions of adults have it, but don't know yet. Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death among women and sixth among men. Diabetes is associated with heart disease, chronic kidney disease, blindness, and amputations. - NCHS and RAND Corp. Statistics - USA October 2003

The cold truth is that nearly every disease is related to diet. Becoming another statistic should not be an option. This includes our annual coronavirus season which hits those who are obese or diabetic, harder than those who are not. 


Guidance the government would prefer you ignore:
The reason for the epidemics of both obesity and diabetes are clear. Many people (especially Americans), do not exercise enough, if at all, and poor eating habits, tainted by slick corporate advertisements promoting unhealthy foods, are appalling.

If you are reading this, it's because you are fed up and looking for help. Follow the diet guidance below and watch your health change. Forget the food pyramid ... It's another corporate lie.

Obese woman.

"Help me help myself".

The advice that follows is COMMON SENSE. Only read this advice and health guidance if you are a) In pain b) You've had enough c) You refuse to lie to yourself anymore d) You are sick e) You seriously want help.

Try out this free advice or discard it. However, this advice may save your life. Why? Because most people can't afford medical insurance and have already spend too much on doctors, therapy and toxic drugs ... which often leads to further sickness.

Because most conventional doctors, dairy farmers, corporations, advertisements and the government, are more interested in keeping you sick and medicated for THEIR profit - THEY vacation in Fiji whilst YOU vacation in hospital.

1) Read this ... because you REFUSE to become a statistic, or you're tired of being one.

2) Because the food pyramid is a horrid lie.

3) Because milk does NOT "do a body good" and sugar (in most products) will age and destroy your body physically and mentally.

4) Because you've spent too much on diets that don't work, and gym memberships you abandoned after one month. It doesn't help that gyms have been closed off and on through 2020/21.

5) Because becoming overweight didn't happen overnight, and losing weight won't happen overnight.

6) Because you and your family deserve health and happiness rather than depression, ridicule, pain and disease.

7) Because you want to see you're kids grow up and participate in their activities.

8) Because the image in the mirror does not reflect who you are on the inside.

9) Because it's not too late. You are alive and reading this!

Diet // Physical Imperfection // Physiology -

Three Keys
// Health Saving Solution




Diet - You Are What You Eat.
A diet is not something you "go on". What you go on is a fad, a temporary selection of food and drink. Your diet is what you consume every day of every week, every month, all year long. Look at your body. Look at the condition of your skin and your hair.

1) Do you eat canned, boxed, fried or fast food every day - drink sodas every day - pop diet pills?

2) Do you eat when you are NOT hungry?
3) Do you eat for pleasure or comfort, or to escape pain?

4) Are your parents overweight?
5) Do you get little to no exercise?
6) Do you eat late at night on a regular basis?

 If you have answered YES to most of these questions, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE.

"Ok, what am i supposed to do about it?"
If you follow what is written below, you will look better, feel better and lose weight. Your skin and eyes will glow. Your hair will be softer and grow faster. Your energy will rise dramatically. For just ONE WEEK, try this advice and see what happens. You may be happily surprised.

If you have not yet had enough pain and you are not yet sick of being sick, leave this page.

One pound of body weight is roughly equivalent to 3,500 calories, so reducing food intake, PLUS daily physical aerobic exercise to speed up your metabolism, increase oxygen, eliminate waste and toxins, and get your body working properly ... is a must.

If you have a serious weight problem you should consult with your health care practitioner or nutritionist. Don't have one? Read the guidance below and team up with a friend for motivation.


Simple Diet Guidance.


An everyday diet that works.



3) Eat for nutrition, strength and energy, NOT for for comfort and to dull emotional pain such as depression, anger, sadness, stress and loneliness.

4) STOP eating at fast food restaurants. Is eating out at fast food restaurants - because you are too busy or too tired to prepare a meal - worth sacrificing your health, your relationships, your career and your future?

5) Sit down to eat, take your time and really TASTE your food. Stop eating in the car or "on the run."

6) Eat small amounts throughout the day rather than 2-3 large meals.

a) Carbohydrates with protein. i.e. Meat and eggs can be eaten with vegetables and salads, but NOT bread or potatoes. Ever wonder why you get gas and indigestion? Now you know.

b) No fruit with any other food. The body cannot process the combination and produces gas and indigestion. Melons should always be eaten alone.

c) Do not drink liquid with your meal. Drink BEFORE or AFTER. Sip water with your meal if you absolutely need liquid to help you eat and digest. A glass of red wine with dinner is allowed and is actually nutritious and good for you.

Very bad things:

1) SUGAR. Sugar ages you and poisons your body. Choose honey or stevia.

2) SODA - What is soda - Fizzy water, chemicals and sugar. Also known as "cancer in a can".

3) Anything labeled "Diet ...". There are more cancer causing chemicals and poisons in diet products than the regular product.

4) Decaffinated? Worse than the original due to additional chemicals.

5) Fast Food Restaurants such as McDonalds, Burger King, Jack In The Box etc. Super sized meals equal fried fat and chemicals, plus protein combined with carbohydrates, equals SUPER SIZED OBESITY and DISEASE.

6) Anything in a box or a can is DEAD. There is NO nutrition.

7) If you can't read or understand label contents, or it takes you three minutes to read them, why are you putting the contents in your mouth! Whey, saccharine and aspartame - common ingredients - are toxic chemicals.

8) Boxed food, fast food, canned and packaged food is stuffed with chemicals that poison you and DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU FAT. Choose raw, natural, organic whole foods instead.

9) Fast food is inexpensive, but becoming sick will cost you a fortune.

If its white its bad for you!
i.e. Bread, sugar, milk, ice cream, mayonnaise.
Exceptions - Cauliflower, fish, coconut and eggs.

1) Milk is for baby calves NOT humans. Drink milk if you want to gain weight. Milk coats your intestines in mucous, blocks absorption of nutrients, and may create constant allergy and sinus problems.

2) Cheese - Mucous causing, intestinal blocking, constipation hell. Stick a fork in a cold pizza and visualize that solid mass stuck inside your body for up to three days.

3) Pasta - Great for athletes who need instant energy. Dead nutrition to the rest of us.

4) Salt and margarine - Use sea salt, in moderation. Margarine is poison. Use butter, in moderation, preferably unsalted.

5) SUGAR! The very worst thing you can put in your body. Sugar feeds cancer, bacteria, viruses, causes aging and dumbs down the brain. Foods such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes turn into sugar in your body. If you like soda and alcohol, forget the plastic surgery and botox, you're wasting your money trying to turn back the clock whilst continuing to drink glasses of sugar.


In moderation with caution:

1) Alcohol is SUGAR and POISONOUS to your system. If you become drunk, your body is in obvious toxic shock.

2) Meat - Eat only when your body craves protein. Red meat in the USA is filled with cancer causing chemicals, and poisons. Love the taste of a juicy steak? What you are tasting is uric acid - urine, mixed with hormones and antibiotics. Luncheon meat and hot dogs are cancer causing, chemical hell.

3) Chicken - Extremely toxic, with high risk of salmonella poisoning. Chicken frequently causes diarrhea.

4) Fish and Seafood - Excellent, especially WILD salmon, NEVER eat farmed.

5) Use Virgin Olive Oil when cooking. Coconut Oil, Primrose Oil and Flax Seed Oil are also acceptable.
Safe and nutritious:

1) Eat mainly ALKALINE FOODS - not acid (cancer causing), poisonous foods. High acid food? Beef, chicken, pork, white flour products, fried food - soda, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol.

2) EAT LIVING FOODS - Raw vegetables (organic if possible), fruit (not canned), and nuts (unsalted). Dark green vegetables are high in calcium, vitamins and minerals. Nuts are fattening but high in protein, almonds and walnuts are best (NO peanuts). Salad dressings: try rice vinegar (Marukan), lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil.

3) Choose cage free poultry and eggs, natural feed. Fish (not farm-raised), provides nutrition and variety.

4) Plain Greek yogurt or Kefir: Full of calcium, excellent for the immune system, diarrhea, nasal allergies and yeast infections. Add fresh fruit, nuts or mint for flavor. Flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds or bee pollen are also great additions and loaded with plant protein.

5) Boiled/baked potatoes, rice and whole grain bread - NOT white bread or french fries.

6) Steam, boil, bake, grill or poach. No fried food (promotes cancer). Raw and fresh is ideal where possible.

FYI: Eating sugar and cooked food creates glycation which ages you.



a) Drink water. Water flushes out waste and toxins. Add mint leaves or lemon juice for flavor. How much water? Half your body weight in ounces equals an ideal daily water intake. Water depletion promotes obesity.

b) Natural juices without added sugar or "high fructose corn syrup". Try juicing as often as possible for outstanding nutrition - take a look at 'the Juice Man' for proof! 

c) Green tea is excellent. Anti-cancerous and health promoting. The slim and fit Chinese swear by it and commonly drink it all day long.

d) Red wine is nutritious, anti-cancer and enhances health. The French drink gallons of wine and are slim, healthy and fit.

If you eat natural healthy food, you will NOT be FREQUENTLY HUNGRY or have food cravings, as you do when you drink sodas and eat canned, boxed, fried and fast foods.

Include these super nutritious foods often:

Spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, garlic - marmite or vegemite (British and Australian) - mackerel, sardines, halibut, wild Alaskan salmon, oysters - yogurt with acidophilus, kefir - tofu, beans and legumes - bananas, purple grapes, coconut, prune juice, aloe vera juice, wheatgrass, flax seed, chia seed, hemp seed, bee pollen, spirulina and sunshine!


We do not agree that humans need become 100% vegetarian but it is interesting to note the strongest, healthiest, most gentile, agile and non-aggressive animals in the animal kingdom are vegetarian - elephants, giraffes, horses, gorillas, llamas, cows, sheep, rabbits and deer.

"Scientists and naturalists, including the great Charles Darwin who gave the theory of evolution, agree that early humans were fruit and vegetable eaters and that throughout history our anatomy has not changed. The great Swedish scientist von Linné states: "Man's structure, external and internal, compared with that of the other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables constitute his natural food."

- Living Vegetarian,

Famous Vegetarians
Beloved, beautiful, intelligent, humanitarian and healthy - from Brad Pitt to Kate Winslett. The strongest animals on the planet are vegetarian. Reverse aging.

No more nutritional deficiency - here is your improved Grocery List


Physical 'Imperfection'.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Corporate advertising is packed with lies to make YOU feel ugly, imperfect, unlovable and plain. Magazines have airbrushed models and celebrities and you wish to look and be just like them. You hate the way you look. Well guess what? You are you. You are not someone else. You are not airbrushed. You are real. You are not a slick corporate lie.

Note: Kim Kardashian who is only 5' 2" tall has had a lot of plastic surgery and has her photos airbrushed - ooops, May 2017, the media published a not airbrushed photo and it shows her cellulite. Stop trying to be like Kim or anyone else you worship. Celebrities are real people with imperfections but they create an illusion to make money. BE YOU.

Physical imperfections are often exactly what make a person beautiful. However, if you have a physical 'defect' that is making your life absolutely miserable, fix it, but do not have cosmetic surgery for ANYONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF!

If your husband or boyfriend is pushing you to get surgery, dump him, he's the wrong man for you and you will never be perfect to him. He's the guy that will leave you for a younger girl sooner or later.

Make the most of your best physical features and allow your personality to shine.
It is not a lie that beauty comes from within. Lack of self esteem or a nasty attitude and hateful speech will make even the most beautiful person appear ugly, unattractive and uninviting.

People remember you by how you make them feel, not by the way you look. Even the most physically beautiful men and women get cheated on, abused, taken for granted and traded in.


Physiology, attitude and communication is everything!

Carry your body with pride. Stand tall. Do not slouch, or walk looking down at the ground, or avoid eye contact. Need confidence ... think of someone you really admire - a movie star, a historical figure, a character in a movie - and emulate their confidence, their physiology, their inner strength, afterall, isn't that why you admire them, because a part of you would like to be them.

If you don't believe in you, who will? Physiology is EVERYTHING. It's not how you look, its how you feel and how you communicate to the world around you that will give you what you want in life ... or not.

Physiology communicates to the world louder and clearer then words or tonality or clothing, exactly how you feel and what you want.

If your words communicate the opposite of your physiology, you will not succeed. So head up, shoulders back, take a few deep breaths and show the world who you really are and what you want, regardless if you are size 3 or size 16. Size has nothing to do with it, physiology, attitude and confidence is everything.


Oxygen, physical movement and water can change your life.

There are three keys to life, to health, fitness and youth - OXYGEN, WATER and MOVEMENT.

Besides diet, without oxygen, water and daily movement (which promotes elimination of metabolic waste and toxins), you won't remain healthy.

Adequate oxygen and detoxification is absolutely critical and occurs through physical motion. i.e. Exercise. Oxygen starvation creates pain and disease from headaches to Cancer and causes your body cells to store fat.

FYI: Fat is a unit of energy storage. When your body needs energy, it unlocks its energy stores (fat) to fulfill its immediate needs. The key is daily physical activity. The underlying method to eliminate fat, is to minimize the amount of excess glucose (carbs, sugar, starch), you eat, and maximize your energy through exercise (movement).


Get your body moving!

                          machine position
Sun Ancon Chi Machine
The Chi Machine was created by a Japanese scientist named Dr. Inuoe. The motion of the machine creates Passive Aerobic Respiration Exercise.

You simply lie on the floor, put your feet on the ankle rests and set the timer for 4-6 minutes minimum, gradually increasing to 15-20 minutes maximum (begin at 1-2 minutes if in poor health).

A consistently bad diet, minimal physical activity, lack of water and long term stress, commonly results in health challenges which equals pain and huge expense, which for too many people includes drugs, hospitalization, or even premature death.

The Chi Machine does not build muscles, but it promotes local blood circulation, stimulates metabolism and temporarily increases oxygen, stimulation of the lymphatic system helping the body eliminate waste, enables relaxation of both the body and the mind, and promotes sounder sleep.

You don't have time to exercise? Can you spare 5-10 minutes a day, or can you afford not to?

FYI: Besides an unhealthy diet, and lack of movement, lack of water, stress and lack of sleep is scientifically proven to increase weight.

No side effects, no chance of injury, no sweat.

Stay away from cheap imitation 'Chi Machines'. They have not been medically researched and have occasionally proven to be harmful causing lower backache or pain in the knees due to incorrect oscillation, also tending to overheat or breakdown within 6-12 months due to plastic parts and weak motors.

Exercise: Consult with your health care practitioner first. No matter what, as often as possible, you MUST find a way to move your body daily to maintain oxygen levels and to promote elimination of waste from your body, such as by walking, dancing, cycling, swimming or rebounding.

You have no pool, no bicycle, no trampoline, no time? At least take a daily walk. This is YOUR life, your health and your happiness that is at stake.

Healthcare for life
It's free.


Choices and Consequences.

Life is a journey. Life is not a race. There are no limitations other than the rules you impose upon yourself. Life is simply about choices and consequences. If you don't like the consequences, change your choices!

And just one more thing ... Learn and practice LETTING GO. Learn to let go and you will discover happiness. Let go of yesterday and don't worry about the future. Live in the moment.

The choices you make today that decide your tomorrow's!

This website is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to provide individual medical advice which may be obtained from your chosen health practitioner. Ask questions, research everything.

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