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Obesity is a challenge worldwide. What matters long-term, is health.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women.

30+ is considered obese.



Target Health Numbers:

Below 200 (total) milligrams per deciliter & Above 50(HDL) mg/dL.

Below 120/8 mmG
Greater than 139 indicates heart disease risk.

Average normal is between 18.5 - 24.9

60 - 100 beats per minute on average.

98.2 F. Greater than 103 F is cause for concern.


Death by Diet.
#1 Killer in USA 2019 (besides opiates).

Obesity USA 2021

Shocking state of obesity in USA 2021.
Purple states are most obese.

Leading Causes of Death in USA:

Which of the following deaths is NOT related to diet ...

#1 Heart Disease - causes include diet, stress and negative emotions, lack of exercise.

#2 Malignant Cancers - abnormal cellular transformation - triggers include oxygen depletion, toxin overload, chemicals and sugar in processed foods and beverages, prolonged stress and negative emotions, drugs, tobacco, environmental toxins etc

#3 Stroke - disturbance in blood supply to brain causing loss of body function on one side - triggers include diet, stress and negative emotions.

#4 Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases.

#5 Accidents.


#6 Diabetes - blood glucose levels too high - causes are primarily diet and lack of exercise.

FYI: "Worldwide1 in 3 people are overweight, and 1 in 11 people worldwide have diabetes. thereby risking heart attack, kidney failure, leg amputation, stroke, and blindness." - World Health Organization

#7 Alzheimer's Disease - brain disorder, memory loss - linked to aluminum found in chemtrails, diet, cookware, medications, vaccinations, and body care products

#8 Flu and Pneumonia - lung inflammation from virus or bacteria, weak immune system. It is not uncommon for tens of thousands to die from this every single year.

#9 Kidney Disease - triggered by diabetes, hypertension and drug toxicity.

#10 Septicemia - blood pathogens and inflammation of whole body.

#11 Suicide - emotional upset: depression, loneliness, trauma, abuse - addiction, eating disorder, prescription drugs.

#12 Chronic Liver Disease and resulting Cirrhosis - causes include alcohol abuse, infection, drug toxicity.

#13 Hypertension - high blood pressure - causes include diabetes, obesity, too much salt in diet, smoking, alcohol/drug abuse, negative emotions.

#14 Parkinson's Disease - motor skills disorder - linked to diet, vaccines, pesticides, chemtrails.

#15 Murder - homicide.

- National Vital Statistics Reports - CDC


Nearly 75% of all deaths in the USA every year, are consistently attributed to just 10 causes.

1 Heart disease.
2 Cancer (malignant neoplasms).
3 Chronic lower respiratory disease.
4 Accidents (unintentional injuries).
5 Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases).
6 Alzheimer's disease
7 Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)
8 Influenza and pneumonia.
9 Kidney disease (nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis).
10 Suicide (intentional self-harm).



The Immune System:

Keeping the mind and emotions in check is vitally important as they are a main source of illness, bringing down the immune system. Once the immune system is compromised, coupled with factors such as eating an unhealthy diet, the body begins to weaken and malfunction. Self medication, prescribed drugs, vaccines, and environmental toxins further enhance degradation of the body.

We become well by changing emotions and negative mental attitudes, eating healthy food and removing as many environmental toxins as possible, thus feeding our cells properly with alkaline, positive, non-destructive energy.

The Autonomic Nervous System:

Keeping our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), in balance is crucial. A huge percentage of people live in a state of emotional distress, not calm, rest and relaxation, thereby compromising the immune system, promoting illness and weight gain. 

The ANS regulates the health of many body systems including the liver and kidneys, the heart and the lungs. It is very important to note, that impaired liver function has been proven to predate cancer diagnosis. Calm, relaxation and toxin elimination is vital.

Worldwide Statistics:

Researching the most obese countries in the world produces varying results but in general the same countries appear at the top and the bottom of every list. Middle Eastern countries have a very serious problem, as do some Pacific Islands. In Europe, Turkey comes in at #1.

Most Obese Countries in the World Today:

Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, New Zealand - Qatar, Kuwait, Lybia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, UAE - USA, Mexico, Belize, Chile, Paraguay.

Countries with lowest fat percentage include:
Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Madagascar, North Korea, Ethiopea.

European countries with highest obesity rates:
Turkey, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Israel - Malta, Andorra, UK, Ireland.

Based on BMI, over 2 billion adults worldwide are overweight and, of these, more than half a billion are obese.
Many kids are raised on fast food, both at home and at school. McDonald's, pizza, hot dogs, french fries and soda are a standard American diet.


Obesity does not happen overnight.

You have to make the choice to eat badly day after day, week after week, year after year. Likewise you can make new choices to eat to live, to be healthy, to live your dreams that you have perhaps forgotten or no longer believe in.


How To Lose Weight:

It is never too late to take action. Get your emotional issues under control, change your diet, and get your body moving daily.

Exercise is critical for increasing oxygen and elimination of waste and toxins. Take a daily walk, swim, bike, dance, play golf  - walking from the TV to the refrigerator is not exercise.

Try a trampoline for rebounding, or some other form of aerobic exercise every day.

Exercise will enable you to re-focus, clear you mind, and change your mood for the better.

Focus on alkaline food - consult with a nutritionist for guidance, and your health care specialist to monitor your journey if you are obese.

- ONLY EAT when you are hungry!
- Chew SLOWLY - this gives the brain time to let you know when you are full.
- Do not eat cooked food late at night - set a cut off time for yourself.
- Drink plenty of water everyday - sip it throughout the day.


If you don't buy it, you can't eat it!

1) Fast food and junk food is filled with sugar, chemicals and dyes. Additives deliberately encourage you to eat more and promote weight gain. If you can't understand the ingredients on the label, WHY are you eating it?!

Real food does not have a label of ingredients.

2) Animal protein (acid) is saturated in hormones and antibiotics, linked to cancer.

Dairy products are full of hormones, pus and mucous, linked to breast and prostate cancer.

Read the globally acclaimed 'The China Study' for further evidence and proof that diet creates disease and cancer.

Do you truly understand how devastating cancer is? The numbers are going up, they are not coming down. Cancer takes your youth and ages you, it cleans out your bank account, and destroys your immune system and your mind.

If you think dealing with obesity is a challenge, it is nothing compared to fighting cancer. Cancer changes everything and your life will never ever be the same again.

Prevention is the key:

Focus on a lifetime diet of plant protein (alkaline food), grass fed beef or bison, wild caught and freshwater fish (no farm raised fish), nuts and seeds, and fresh fruit.

We put the best grade petrol in our cars so they can work properly and not breakdown, so why not put the best grade food and drink into the body so it can also work properly?

Becoming a healthier weight will not happen overnight but by focusing on natural alkaline food and drink, it is possible to get there, slowly and safely.

 Without your health, your life will standstill,
and your dreams will not come true.


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