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Please note that although clinical trials in Australia confirmed weight reduction, HTE (the company), does not promote the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for weight loss. Weight reduction however, is very frequently mentioned by users, and almost always as a surprising side effect and a welcomed additional benefit.

bA healthy exercise routine.
"The Chi Machine helped me establish a healthy exercise routine. At over 300 pounds, exercise created muscular and skeletal pain. The Chi Machine seemed to help me recover (heal) faster. I soon began to exercise morning and night and cool off, relaxing on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Over time, my blood pressure dropped and aerobic conditioning improved. Now 90 pounds lighter, i still use it after intense workouts and for relaxation. I no longer have the tendonitis or other pains. One other benefit was that using the Chi Machine quickened my cool-down, which saved time after exercise (about 7 minutes)." - Robert B.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine.SDM-888
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Use on a consistent daily basis for cumulative results.


DISCLAIMER: Reviews are voluntary anecdotes from individual users sharing what they personally experienced, relevant to their lifestyle and state of health. These personal opinions DO NOT reflect results that other individuals may or may not experience. These reviews are NOT to be used as medical advice and are NOT presented with the intention as such. Whilst real-life experiences can be a helpful resource, they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified health care provider. Consumer reviews themselves are not competent and reliable scientific evidence. HTE and the American FDA do not endorse any review found herein.
bPresent from above.
"It is now 4 weeks since i have got the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Its effects are wonderful. I am calling it "my present from above". Before i got this machine, i needed to take medication (tablets 50mg) to fall asleep in the evening. One hour after taking the pills they started to work. One very dismaying effect was that i started to get very hungry and ate at least 800 calories before i went to bed. I knew that the tablets caused this pseudo appetite but i had tried everything to resist: tablets that make you feel full, diet pills to lose weight, gone to bed much earlier (but then i couldn't sleep) etc. Nothing worked.

Now, my life with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine has changed dramatically. I wait half an hour after dinner and taking tablets before i use The Chi Machine. I use the machine for 2-3 minutes and can hardly keep my eyes open afterwards, so tired and relaxed i feel. I don't get hungry and i can fall asleep very quickly after using the machine. This is great! I was able to reduce my medication to 15mg and i lost 7kg of weight. No more binge eating in the afternoon and i feel so much younger and full of energy. I can get up easily in the morning and my concentration in school has so much improved. Thanks again for this present from heaven." - Christian from Germany 20/3/07

bNo more tablets.
"After using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for 1 month, I lost 5 cm around my waist, and after 8 months my cholesterol level went down from 6.8 to 5.6, without using tablets any more. My wife used the machine for 3 months and her high blood pressure returned to normal (90/130) despite taking tablets for 6 years beforehand." - John and Lyne Nguyen, Yonkers, NY

bHas a waistline again, and feels like Rip Van Winkle..
"The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is the best thing I have ever done for myself in years! Twenty-eight years ago I was pregnant with my first child and I weighed 99 lbs. The baby grew to 9lbs. in less than 9 months. As she grew my bones were softening to get ready for delivery, my back swayed inward, I carried 40 extra pounds in my stomach and I started to waddle. After having a c-section to deliver my baby, I got a migraine that lasted 10 days, and I have suffered for the past 28 years thereafter. After my second child, I gained weight and my figure continually became pear shaped and sedentary. I would spend 3 to 6 days in bed every other week for years. Then, 5 years ago, the migraines started happening every week, so I spent more time in bed... weighed 165 lbs ... and I felt as though I slept through my life.

Meanwhile, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and severe emphysema. A friend brought over the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for him. I tried it for myself for 2 minutes, and it was very difficult for me to stay on my back any longer. When I got up, I had a slight headache, but one Tylenol took care of it. That headache was different because any slight headache becomes a migraine in my life. The next day I tried it again for two minutes and, once again, a slight headache but no migraine.

I was reminded that any natural healing is liable to get worse before there are any results. My neck muscles were sore and I could hear crackling in my neck. The vertebra at the base of my skull was moving! I have had a number of chiropractic and massage therapists try to move my vertebrae during the years. They were not successful. Now it's moving!

I then bought The Sun Anon Chi Machine for myself and continued to use it. I had to tell everyone, that I made one mistake of trying to 'work through the pain' only once. I can now tell you if your muscles hurt, cut your time in half just like the book says, and start slower.

I've been using The Chi Machine for 4, months, and have not had another migraine in the past two months. I worked up to 15 minutes a day. Now I am doing 4 minutes in the morning, and 6 mins at night. Every joint in my body is moving the right way. I am also walking well for the first time in 28 years, and I can lie on my back for over an hour.

I am also getting my shape back. I even have a waistline again! I don't recall how much I weight, but I don't feel heavy like before. I can wear a belt and it doesn't look like a ribbon on a box. I've had a pain in my tailbone for the past month that is subsiding now. The Chi Machine has helped me start walking right and feeling more like myself everyday. I want to tell everyone that I feel like 'Rip Van Winkle'. All my friends are noticing my improvements and want the Chi Machine too! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK! "- Cheri Enfield, Arthur, NE, USA.

Three arm positions.

Use the arm position that is most comfortable for you.

bOh what a feeling!
"Margaret my sister, advised Jim and I to try the Sun Ancon Oxygen Exerciser as she believed it would benefit our health and well being. To our amazement, Jim focused on a diet and used the machine for exercise twice daily. I believe he has never looked or been so well for a long time. As for myself, I suffered from severe headaches at night. Happily, I can now say there is only the occasional headache. My index finger was stiff with arthritis - to my delight I can now bend it freely. To add to all this, we feel great and would like to say thank you. We are so happy with the results, we even take it with us when we go away. "Oh what a feeling". - Jim Cox and Betty Covers, Australia.

bHelping her cope with life.
"The Chi Machine makes me feel better, it lifts depression and helps me cope with life, I have also managed to lose weight, my body is now more toned and supple." - C.S., Clwyd, Wales - Down To Earth Holistic Health, UK.

bFeeling more alive, more energy.
"For the past four years i have been a diabetic, taking pills for my diabetes on a daily basis. Then i was introduced to the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and The FIR Hothouse dome ... For years, i have been watching what i eat. My husband and i eat quite healthy and yet i never have been able to lose weight ... The Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Hothouse have turned my life around. I have stopped taking my pills, lost a lot of weight and i feel more alive! ... I have more energy than i have had in years." - Katie Wollman.

bProfound results.
"In early June of this year, Lisa Wicker who knew I was facing serious health challenges asked me to try the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. The results were profound. I lost 15 pounds in the next three weeks and my cholesterol dropped 65 points. To my amazement and relief my spinal column straightened substantially, easing my back pain. As a customer and a Medical Professional, I highly recommend this wonderful machine." - Samuel Singletary, health care professional - July/Aug 1995

bWho's next!
"Dr. Ted and I LOVE the Sun Ancon Chi aerobic exerciser and we have been using it for over one year, and every time on the machine Dr. Ted went to sleep after 4 minutes. He goes into a deep snore after the 4th minute every time, and Dr. Ted doesn't even snore. Our daughter Angel lost 20 lbs. in one month using the chi exerciser 2 times a day, and following Dr. Ted's diet program. Our daughter, Joy does massage also and drives to the bay and comes from Sacramento on weekends. She usually had to stay overnight and drive home Monday morning. She now uses the Chi exerciser and can drive home on Sunday, even after doing 20 massages on the weekend.

We have been married 45 years, have 7 children and 32 grandchildren and our 18 month old does the Chi 'exerciser' by himself and the other children stand in line with "I'm next". I love the machine myself as it gives me 1/2 hour I would not take otherwise. I feel toned and energized. We recommend any age for the use of the Chi Machine. We have used the Chi 'Eexerciser'  (as we affectionately call it), on hundreds of people this year. Yours in health." - Sugar Novak, CA, USA

bProfessional Opinion.
"I have found that most clients will use this Sun Ancon machine on a regular basis providing them with aerobic conditioning and no impact trauma damage to the joints, or stress to the heart and circulatory vessels. This provides a toning of all muscles, rise in metabolism facilitating weight loss and reshaping of the body. I have increased my efficiency at work by 30% and reduced my need for sleep to about six hours from resting on the machine only 15 minutes every other day. I also have had several growths drop off my body with no return. One of these growths has been there for 40 years!" - Dr. Robert Groves, DD, ThD, ND

Arm position.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine for passive aerobic exercise.

What A Concept ...
Lose weight slowly but surely, without hours in the gym, following fad diets or popping toxic pills, and also, without sweat, stress or injury. Any weight reduction apparently tends to stay off because it dissipates slowly. Obviously diet is also important and a primarily alkaline diet is recommended. Continuing to eat a processed, junk food diet packed with sugar does not indicate a serious desire for successful weight loss and results will reflect as such.

Common Reasons for Weight Gain:
Stress - Acidic Toxicity (mental and physical) - Lack of Physical Movement - Lack of Sleep.
Eliminate or reduce these factors for weight loss to sustain.

Focus On These:
Relaxation - Stress Release - Acidic Release - Increased Oxygen - Toxin Elimination.

1) Relaxation of the body and mind thereby releases stress, which is proven to contribute to serious weight gain.

2) Releasing stress helps release negative emotions which cause acidic energy retention within the cells. Cells need to be  alkaline with adequate oxygen in order to remain healthy.

3) Increased oxygen levels due to to motion energy. Movement of the body (exercise) is what increases oxygen. A sedentary lifestyle is a magnet for illness and disease.

4) Detoxification enables weight loss adjustment.

5) Stimulation of various body functions - such as the gastrointestinal tract, to work properly if damaged, weak, sluggish or blocked - thus allowing metabolism and digestion to kick back in. Stimulation of the colon enables bowel movements thereby unclogging waste and trapped toxins.

6) The gentle massage action of the muscles and organs releases stiffness, tension and rigidity, thus allowing sound sleep. Lack of sleep promotes weight gain.


The Sun Ancon Chi Machine with regular, consistent daily use, naturally and safely brings your body into balance and alignment. The Chi Machine's energy motion increases oxygen levels, boosts metabolism, stimulates blood circulation and enables release of trapped toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Working at cellular level, aerobic exercise triggers cellular memory, meaning that if you are under-weight you may gradually put on weight and if you are over-weight you may gradually lose weight. REMEMBER ... fast weight loss promotes fast weight gain!

This passive aerobic exercise is an ideal safe approach to reducing weight placing no pressure on muscles, tissues or bones, whilst enhancing youthfulness and energy due to increased oxygen levels and detoxification, without medication, injections or invasive procedures.

Common sense dictates that undesired fat deposit in the abdomen may be gradually reduced over time, if coupled with a clean, natural, wholefood diet and plenty of water.

The Chi Machine should be used on a regular daily basis, one, or even two or three sessions, for 4-6 minutes initially, building up gradually to 15-20 minutes maximum. A glass of water be taken after use to enable released toxins to be flushed out of the body.

Chi Machine users enjoy not having to leave the comfort of home, especially when the weather is not conducive to outdoor activity, or if time is limited, or if physical ability is restrained.

1) A focused healthy diet supports physical change and should be implemented to receive the greatest benefits.
2) Fresh air and outdoor activity will always remain the best choice for physical exercise.
3) The Chi Machine does NOT build or exercise muscles.

FYI: 15 minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent to the oxygen benefits of 90 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Chi Machine with FIR
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine used with the Far Infrared Hothouse Sauna Dome.
Detoxification, increased oxygen, improved circulation and metabolism.

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