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Infringement, Plagiarized Content.

It has taken over twenty-three years to create, design, write and research Chi Energy International, which is of course ongoing. This site contains extensive information, written in my own words and style, with the exception of specific articles, flyers, and personal experiences (reproduced with permission and/or source acknowledgement).


Message to web designers ...

Being such a huge website makes this body of work a target for copy/pasting by amateur web designers who refuse to take the time to research and write data in their own words. These people think stealing an authors work is meaningless, quick and easy to duplicate, and that there will be no ramifications. Deliberate copyright infringement is offensive. Plagiarized content is unacceptable.

Copy/pasting info from someone else, apart from being unethical and unprofessional, can potentially seriously damage the body of work that has taken so very long to create and present in concise and easily understood form. Several technical reasons include search engine robots and ranking. Another reason is that web surfers are turned off by having to read identical duplicate content over and over that is posted on multiple sites.

We understand that some people think it is ok as they honestly have no clue that copy/pasting without permission is wrong. We also understand that others practice this deceitful action knowing full well what they are doing.

Some people steal entire pages, whilst others take paragraphs. Some people copy/paste info and apply it to imitation machines, or completely different products. 

I have a computer program that i run occasionally to see exactly who and what specifically has been taken without asking permission.

Deliberate plagiarism and copy/pasting of information and data from this website will not be overlooked.

If you really want to use some specific information found within this website, or any other website, please send an email permission request to the author, and if approved, include the source of the info out of professional respect to both the author and the reader.

Info on this site may be printed out, but may not be copy/pasted to another website.

Offenders when confronted:
99% of offenders apologize and remove the copied info immediately.

The 1% that refuse to cease and desist, will then have the option to legally explain to a lawyer why they are knowingly committing copyright infringement by refusing to remove it after being politely requested to do so.

It may be noted that I am not American and therefore not into lawsuits, but if you refuse to play nice and be an asshole, there are consequences. There are plenty of greedy lawyers with equally greedy clients who will not play as nice.

Thank you to my fellow professional web designers and writers for your support and and expertise. You well understand the challenges and frustrations that go with our work in cyberspace!

Walking The Talk: I apologize in advance if any images found and used herein are copyright - to the very best of my knowledge all the images chosen, that i did not create myself, are available for public use. If i am mistaken, please notify me and the image will be respectfully removed immediately.


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