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Please read before you pop another pill,
and waste more money you don't have.

Are you searching for a health care plan?
What if there is one that doesn't cost you a dime?
This is your future. You decide.

This is COMMON SENSE simple health guidance that is NOT promoted by your doctor, by schools, or by the media, because it's FREE, because it keeps you healthy, and because it promotes recovery. This is 2016, the world is upside down and it's time we take back control of our health from those who prefer we use drugs and vaccinations for everything under the sun.

Despite Western countries have advanced technology, food sources and environmental conditions are atrocious. Our food is intentionally poisoned with GMO chemicals and pesticides, as is the water and the air. Conditions are worsening and contamination will not be reversed anytime soon.

Without a clear focused mind and healthy body, how are we to survive and get through it all? Why are so many people obese, sick and diseased than at any other time in living memory?

Drugs are put on the market and tested on us, after they are tested on rats and monkeys. Drugs can cause terrible side effects that no-one in their right mind should be putting in their mouth - side effects such as suicidal thoughts, stroke, heart attack, seizures, etc

Vaccinations are contaminated,
unsafe, dangerous, and contain poisons such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. We are the lab rats of a multi-billion $$$ business.

1) Poison does not kill poison.
2) If you don't understand the ingredients on a label, or you know they are synthetic chemicals and poisons (food, beverages, drugs, vaccinations, chemo, radiation), why are you putting them in your body?
3) Stay away from EMF's. Keep cell phone away from head and body. Do not live near cell phone towers or power lines. Throw away your microwave oven right now.
4) Lawsuits do not bring back the dead, or reverse sterility, or cancer, or autism. You cannot sue cell phone companies when you discover brain cancer. You cannot sue vaccine companies for any vaccine injury or death, which will of course always be denied.
5) Refuse SMART meters or move.

Official, government approved health care plans and conventional medicine simply generates more money for those who support, manufacture and promote the system. Drugs are a band-aid for SYMPTOMS, they WILL NOT HEAL the source of illness. When the drugs cease to band-aid the symptoms, invasive procedures are then recommended. You are just another customer, a dollar sign.

Conventional Medicine: The SOURCE of your disease is not important. REVERSAL of disease is not intended. PREVENTION of disease is not promoted. DIET is irrelevant.


1) If you don't get your body moving everyday, you die.

Movement activates circulation which drives blood through the body, delivering oxygen and nutrition. The Lymph System - the body's sewage system - is also forced to work. Without movement the lymph becomes stagnant and you literally begin to poison yourself.

The less active you are and the longer you remain inactive, the sicker you become.
Breathing alone does not create enough Oxygen, the body MUST move.

FYI: You MUST have at least one bowel movement every single day. Eat real food, drink water, get your body moving, go to bed at a decent hour, and this will happen.

2) If you eat mainly fast food, boxed food, canned food, fried food, BBQ food and thereby consume vast amounts of sugar, combined with all the synthetic chemicals, hormones and pesticides, disease is inevitable. No your food is NOT labelled warning you that you are eating poison - those in power will lose billions of dollars if they tell you the real contents. GMO's, like vaccines, create terrible diseases and sterility. Can you spell POPULATION CONTROL.

3) Vaccines: Did you know that teenage girls are being reported as sterile, and even going into menopause? Are you aware that the flu shot (as well as antacids, deodorant, shampoo and cookware), contains aluminum, a heavy metal known to promote Alzheimers? Are you aware that American children are the most over vaccinated in the world? Are you really surprised when you or your children therefore become ill, obese and diseased?

Minimal physical activity, coupled with an acid diet, and stress = disease = drugs = surgery = financial hell - a life with fewer dreams, less opportunities, and less chance for happiness.

The Hampster Wheel: You feel miserable. You're stressed out. You gain weight. You experience pain daily. You begin drugs. Then you take more drugs to counteract the initial drugs. The cycle of misery and pain spins out of control. You become dependent on drugs, you don't care anymore, and you can't find the motivation or the will to stop ... or maybe you can?


health care

Get your body moving, choose a healthy diet,
drink water and get out in the sunshine.

Daily movement of the body -
Aerobic Exercise. Walk, jog, dance, bike ride, swim, play tennis, rebound ... just move!

2) Eat healthy living Alkaline Food - focus on organic vegetables, fruit, nuts, sprouts and seeds. Include spices and herbs. Eat raw, juice, bake or steam. Find your local farmers market. REAL FOOD IS POWERFUL NATURAL MEDICINE.

Avoid dairy and meat which are both saturated with hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and chemicals. Livestock are tortured daily, fed chemicals and vaccinated with hormones and antibiotics, and then ... you eat them, ingesting the very same chemicals and drugs.
If you must eat meat or poultry, choose free range, grass fed, cage free natural feed, but limit consumption. Fish? Only wild caught.

a) ELIMINATE SUGAR. Eliminate gluten. Eliminate GMO foods.
b) Only eat when you are hungry. If you eat real food, you won't feel hungry so quickly.
c) Do not eat late at night - set yourself a cut off time. Let your body rest and recover for 8-10 hours at least.

Organic vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and sprouts will give you all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes you need to keep your body strong and healthy.
Checklist for grocery shopping - see what you are lacking and why.

If you have a garden, or even a balcony, start growing your own fruits, vegetable and herbs.

3) Drink more Water. NOT tap water. Bottled water is better, or better yet, install an inexpensive, portable water filter system such as Berkey. The body is 75% water - not alcohol or soda ... WATER.

4) Get out in the sunshine for Vitamin D, and Far infrared Heat. Vitamin D depletion can be found in many sick bodies. Without Far Infrared heat which comes from the sun, and is present in every living thing - humans, animals, plants and trees etc - all life on earth will die. You only need exposure for 15-20 minutes a day.

Stress is a massive factor in the promotion of disease ... exercise, a healthy diet, water and sunshine, will all make a huge difference to your health status, and support release of mental and Emotional Upset which is critical to maintain health, being the source of illness itself. If the other factors are not applied daily, when emotional trauma is experienced or prolonged, the overload of toxic energy becomes too much for the body to handle, your immune system becomes weak and you become ill.

6) Surround yourself with positive, focused, happy people - you become who you hang out with. FORGIVE and let go of all those who do not bring you joy.

7) Clean up your home. Throw away all chemical products. Eliminate all toxins from your life - both people and things.

8) LOVE yourself. When you truly love yourself, you cannot possibly allow anything toxic, acidic or negative to be, or to enter into, your life, your home, your body.

PREVENTION is everything. Recovery is in YOUR hands.

This is your health care plan - it's so simple you probably don't believe it.
It's 100% true.


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