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World in General.

Quick Reference Visual Chart 2021
Feng Shui Remedies & Enhancements.

The alignment and balance of energy
 within each sector of your home for 
health, relationships and wealth.

2021 in General / Visual Chart / Tips


Quick Reference Home Chart with Remedies.

2021 Metal

2021 Year of the Yin Metal Ox.
Beginning February 3rd.

Betrayal, Deception, Restriction,
Hidden Danger. Creativity and Innovation!

                              globe2021 World In General:

West, Center, South - East, NE

Good energy 2021.

SE, North - NW, SW
Nasty, and potentially disruptive energy 2021.

Yin Metal is beautiful to look at but it may be experienced as cold, harsh, drastic, even brutal and potentially dangerous. There is no warmth about 2021 and danger lurks just below the surface. Serious betrayal and deceit looms on every level, from the government and Big Pharma, to partnerships, relationships and friendships.

Some energies we have control over, whilst the release of other energies we cannot control such as man-made disease, 5G technology and military chemtrails. What we CAN control is how we react, to question and research, and to take care of ourselves to the very best of our ability, so as to prevent and combat outside hostile energies from having a serious impact.

2020 began the public introduction to a new way of life, restrictions, loss of freedom, limited travel and entertainment ... and this will continue in 2021. Summer months may bring a lull and break in lockdowns and restrictions, but Fall and Winter expect the agenda to roar back.

Silence (which is complicity) is not an option at this time as the changes being imposed in our world are affecting all of us with far reaching consequences. All choices have consequences. Choose wisely for yourself, and for for the highest good of all. Do not blindly accept what you are told and believe it as truth. Eyes wide shut must not continue on from 2020, especially with the strong energy of betrayal, DECEIT and backstabbing being so prevalent in 2021. 

Global tensions, conflict, anger, distrust, inequality, police brutality and social unrest will continue within a cold and harsh atmosphere that incites further disharmony, frustration and distress. Emotional intensity will not be at its finest. Violence may be seen as the only method to achieve ideologies, including the nefarious restructuring of society and depopulation.

Global alliances will be re-configured with the new American president, and sides will be drawn. Patriarchal leadership may be cunningly exploitative in 2021, even violent if deemed appropriate. Outdated patriarchal systems need to transition and update but mature leadership will struggle to resolve this, to let go of ego, and instead focus on the highest good for the environment worldwide and equality amongst all humans. Past ideologies cause conflict and no longer serve us in the present, or have a place in the future.

Be very careful who you trust and believe in, from establishment authorities and Big Pharma, to members of your own inner circle. New rules, policies and laws will be introduced to the public (continuing to use 'COVID' as the smokescreen for justification), but they will NOT be for the highest good or the best interest of humanity. A possible assassination is on the table (based on past years the same as this), along with threats of war.


Remain cautious with investments. Save rather than spend. BE THRIFTY. Many people are moving or downsizing. Many people are refinancing or buying a new home (despite rising prices) thus taking on debt which could be a disastrous consequence as "The Great Reset' financially has not yet been fully implemented and may happen in the 2nd half of 2021. Research UBI (Universal Basic Income) for a glimpse into the coming societal hierarchy.

Limited, restricted or zero opportunity for travel or related incomes. Bricks and mortar businesses will continue to struggle or collapse with just a handful of global corporations, especially Big Pharma (funded and led by Bill Gates the richest man on the planet), dictating, controlling and dominating the world and the direction we move in.

Work involving AI, robotics, 5G, transhumanism and SMART technology, drone delivery and warfare, surveillance, communication, social media platforms, and of course internet sales, will create income.

Just like 2020, adapt to situations as they arise as there is limited space for wealth opportunities (accept amongst the elite 1% who are profiting off bankruptcy, eviction, lay offs, distress, sickness, and fear), so we must all think outside the box in order to adapt and survive.

1) If you have not already tried, learn to be self sufficient - bake bread, plant veggies and herbs (a balcony can be a garden). Turn a hobby, skill or passion into an income. Learn to barter and exchange services.

2) The West or East area of your home offers conducive energy to visualize, brainstorm and create new projects and entrepreneurial possibilities.

"The Great Reset" global agenda (kicked off via coronavirus bio-warfare), continues as planned. Incoming artificial Intelligence, SMART cities, businesses and homes with robots, androids and AI, will take over every job possible in the next few years - an easy transition due to closing of non-corporate businesses worldwide as mandated by the elite, the WHO and Big Pharma. Electric car sales will continue to climb.

Note: Expect 'COVID' health passports via your cell phone - also digital ID's to be embedded into the arm (already created and funded by Bill Gates) - for further restrictions of daily freedoms, travel, and tighter surveillance worldwide.

FYI: Keep the camera on your computer and cell phone covered - both phone and computer can be used to watch and to listen to you, as can all your SMART appliances, including your TV.

SPACE: Interestingly, a yin metal ox year portends a significant time for space exploration - keep your eyes on the adventures of Elon Musk for a glimpse into the future and things to be introduced soon, including transhumanism.

Between now and 2025-2030, unimaginable changes.

The ox represents wet earth (like mud) with metal and water elements below, but complete absence of fire which thereby creates disharmony and imbalance.

Earth related disasters: Earthquakes, landslides, avalanches. Expect the collapse of damns, bridges and buildings, mining accidents. As earth is out of balance, combined with metal, this also indicates serious traffic accidents.

Water and Ocean disasters: Heavy flooding, serious storms, mudslides, tsunamis.

Fire disasters: More devastating wildfires and deforestation from geo-engineering.
1) Stock up on non-perishable foods. Crops will continue to fail due to farms going bankrupt, and crops being destroyed. Expect food shortages and rising prices. Insects will be introduced to the West as an alternative food source (an established dietary addition in Asian countries).

2) Weather manipulation (known as geo-engineering) will continue causing chaos to the entire planet - uncontrollable wildfires, massive storms, floods, droughts and hurricanes.

HEALTH 2021:
1) Continued challenges with the respiratory system, lungs and breathing (represented by 2021 metal element). 'COVID' causes hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

a) Nutrition - Serious nutritional protection against 'COVID' includes - Selenium (x2 Brazil nuts daily), copious amounts of liquid Vitamin C, 15-20 minutes of daily sunshine for Vitamin D, plus Zinc and Quercetin. If you contract 'COVID', Ivermectin has been proven scientifically all over the world to be of tremendous medical value in recovery because it is an anti-inflammatory and 'COVID' causes inflammation of blood cells / endothelial dysfunction.

b) Vaxxines - All coronavirus vaxxes were released for emergency use only! They have NOT been approved. The mRNA (Moderna and Pfizer, funded by Fauci and Bill Gates), are synthetic and have NEVER been used on humans before, they are experimental. AstraZeneca (also funded by Gates), is proving problematic across Europe due to blood clots and instability as is Johnson and Johnson, the same company that created anthrax and talcum powder.

FYI: Vaxxines do NOT prevent infection or transmission. People are still testing positive after being injected and worse. There is NO detoxing from these injections, the mRNA gene alteration will be locked into you permanently.
Tens of thousands of vaxx injuries are already showing up globally, including the reported deaths of seniors across Europe, the UK and the USA - as well as completely healthy younger adults - including baseball legend Hank Aaron and boxing champion Marvin Hagler, as reported by vaccineimpact.com

NOTE: If you suffer a vaxx injury please report it asap to VAERS or ICAN. Deaths following vaxxination are NOT being reported by general corporate media, and DENIED by authorities. Vaxx corporations have been granted immunity from liability.

2) The ox rules the liver meridian so focus on detoxification - get your body moving daily to stimulate your lymphatic system. Try fasting for a few days every month.

3) Continued roll out of 5G worldwide will wreak havoc with the health of humans, animals and nature. 5G is a deadly frequency connected to all SMART technology. It conflicts with the natural frequency of the body, and will slowly devastate, erode and destroy the DNA of all living things.

5G, exactly like 'COVID', removes oxygen from the blood causing hypoxia which can cause pneumonia, blood clots, strokes, heart attack, cancer and aggravates pre-existing health conditions.


Do not bring 5G into your home. Turn off your modem every night and all electronic equipment in your bedroom. Do not sleep with your cell phone near you, and do not carry it in your bra or pocket (to protect your breasts and prostate).

Find the GWEN Towers, and 5G towers in your neighborhood. If they are close to your home, move. If you have a SMART meter, move - they can be used to burn down your home, as well as monitor your every action, and cause ill health from headaches and nosebleeds to cancer, as does 5G.

GEO-ENGINEERING 2021 is an ongoing dangerous situation, the deliberate and deadly military manipulation of the weather which has been in effect since the 1940's in multiple countries. Look up at your sky and notice the white chemtrails that rain down nano-aluminum particles (a fire accelerator) that we are all breathing in, along with a cocktail of lithium, barium, strontium, cadmium and a host of other chemicals.

During heavy sky spraying (white lines criss-crossed everywhere), wear a mask or stay indoors. Aluminum particles cause Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, autism, cancer, and of course serious respiratory problems.

It is critical to focus on keeping your immune system strong - Eat healthy, organic, living food. Use a water filter such as Berkey. Stay away from processed food, especially sugar. Lighten up with prescribed medications, exercise your body daily, get out into the sun and fresh air (without a mask especially if on a beach, hiking, or at a park), sleep well. Choose a natural health care plan - this one is free and simple.

FEMALE ENERGY 2021: The SW has the nasty, stressful and exhausting 3 wood star. High alert for betrayal, infidelity, divorce, conflict.

MALE ENERGY 2021: NW has the 7 metal star of violence and abuse by patriarchal leaders and head of household. 

CHILDREN'S safety and well-being will continue to be in danger thru 2024. Nurture, protect and watch over them more than ever as they are greatly lacking and starved for social interaction with their classmates, friends and family members. They need patience, love, kindness and hugs!

2021 Feng Shui Flying Star Remedies.

Elements are more important than colors.
Suppress bad elements - Support good elements.


- Heavenly Help.
Money, Career, Luck
Patriarch/Males over 45yrs.
Head, Lungs
Dog, Pig.

- Life Path/Future.
Middle Son/Males
Ears, Kidneys, Circulation, Blood

- Knowledge.
Youngest Son/Males
Hands, Fingers, Bones, Muscles
Ox, Tiger.

2021 Bad Metal Star #7

Betrayal, Violence, Robbery, Burglary, Fraud, Backstabbing, Deception.

2021 Bad Earth Star #2

Disease, Poor Health, Accidents, Miscarriage, Stress, Suffering, Unrest. Financial Challenges.

2021 Good Fire Star #9
Celebration, Joy, Happiness,
Social Fun, Opportunity.

Grand Duke (Tai Su) visiting.


to weaken bad metal.

'Broken Soldier' metal star #7 is a fighting, hostile energy.

Focus on blue, black water colors to weaken visiting metal.

Double check doors and windows for security. Keep locked!

Place blue rhino/elephant for protection.

Place Fu Dogs if front door.

Vase of fresh flowers ok.

Chose water landscapes - rivers, lakes, ocean.

No water images if bedroom.

NO wind-chimes, avoid metal.
NO fire colors or fire.
NO weapons or sharp objects.

NO heavy ceramics, earth colors or crystals which feed metal.

NW cities, states, provinces and countries will be affected.


to weaken bad earth.

Hang outdoor 6-rod metal wind chime.
Place metal gourd (Wu Lu).

Medicine Buddha or metal Buddha.

Use strong circular metal objects
- dog bowl, singing bowl, snow globe, dumbells. Music box & pendulum clock ok. No weapons or sharp objects.

White, grey, silver, gold, copper, bronze accents.

Keep any door/windows CLOSED.

Not good for bedroom or office.

Do NOT sleep here, especially if pregnant or trying to conceive.

NO fire/candles, red colors or bright lights - no triangle shapes or pyramids.

NO earth, crystals, ceramics or earth colors which feed metal star.

NO landscaping, renovations, digging, banging, door slamming.

Keep area QUIET - soft lighting.

Salt water cure.

Northern cities, states, provinces and countries may be more affected.


to nourish fire star.

Healthy, lush green leafy plants to feed fire.

Purple or green accents to feed fire star.

Avoid heavy ceramics which will weaken fire star.

Lovely area for couples bedroom.

Good area for office, career promotions and opportunity.

Nice area to study.

Be aware that #9 expands any other visiting stars (daily, monthly energy).

Grand Duke is here for 2021.
Sit with back against NE for his support, avoid facing him.

Place Pi Yao here (the Grand Duke's pet) facing NE.

Never place fountain or aquarium in Grand Duke's section.

NE cities, states, provinces and countries will enjoy this energy.

- Children/Creativity.
Youngest daughter/young females.
Teeth, Mouth, Jaw, Chest

The Heart & Health of the Home.

- Family.
Eldest son/30-45yrs male.
Feet, Throat, Nervous System

2021 Good Earth Star #8
Prosperity, good health, romance and abundance.

Good Metal Star #6

Finance, Authority, Government Leaders, Mature Men, Military Power, Corporations.

2021 Good Wood Star #4

Romance, Love, Friendship, Travel, Study, Manifestation.

3 Killings visiting - sit facing.



Be aware visiting earth energy is in conflict as native metal energy weakens earth. Remove any heavy metal objects which will act to suppress earth star.

Keep clean and clutter free.
Keep active, light and bright.

Lovely area for quartz crystals, crystal hearts, crystal lotus, crystal spheres, crystal singing bowl.

Romantic (mandarin ducks) and wealth symbols, all good here.

Dragon and Phoenix good here.

Himalayan salt lamp, square shapes, landscapes, all ok here.

Muted soft earth colors but not reds which conflict with native metal.

Avoid plants and water.
No fire or candles.

Windows open.

Western cities, states, provinces and countries will benefit.


to support metal.

Choose earth colors, yellow, beige, sand, tan.

Square shapes ok.

Choose images that personally represent success to you.

Good area for office.

NO fire colors/candles which will destroy visiting good metal star.

No water here which will weaken metal and upset native earth
needed to support metal.


to nourish wood star.

Blue, black colors and accents.
Avoid fire or metal elements and colors, which will cause conflict.

Create a 2021 vision board with all that you desire to manifest.

Great place for a main door or study area.

Great place for a bedroom to enhance good relationships, or to conceive.

Fresh flowers in vase, orchids, small lush green leafy plants, bamboo in water.

Romantic images, photos of loved ones.

Travel images and dreams.
World map poster.

Good for artists and health.

Keep clean, tidy and uncluttered.

Sit facing East - do not turn back against East (3 Killings).

Eastern cities, states, provinces and countries will benefit.

- Earth
Matriarch/Older Females
Abdomen, Stomach
Sheep, Monkey

- Fire
Reputation, Status, Fame.
Older Females/Females 16-30yrs
Eyes, Heart

- Wood
Assets, Savings $$$
Eldest Daughter/Females 30-45yrs.
Lower Back, Hips, Thighs, Legs
Dragon, Snake

2021 Bad Wood Star #3

Betrayal, social conflict, protests, legal affairs, divorce and lawsuits.

Sui Po visiting - do not upset.

2021 Good Water Star #1

Career, new projects, creativity and growth, innovation.

2021 Bad Earth Star #5

Potential for severe misfortune, illness, accidents, financial loss, broken relationships.Grave challenges.


to exhaust bad wood.

Not a good choice for an office or a bedroom.

Fire, candles, incense ok.

Choose accent colors in the red family to weaken wood.

Keep well lit with strong light source to symbolically burn bad wood energy.

Himalayan salt lamp - Fire images - pyramids, triangular shapes ok.

Avoid metal, no wind chimes.
No wood (orchids, bamboo, plants), or water which will feed bad wood energy.

Make sure fire alarms are working.

If bedroom, do not speak or act in anger here!

Focus on promoting peaceful and calming energy. here. No renovations.

Doors and windows best closed.


May place a Pi Yao facing Grand Duke in NE.

SW cites, states, provinces and countries will be affected.


FOCUS ON WATER COLORS to support water with a touch of metal.

Blue, black, white, grey for decor, bedding, lampshades, rugs etc.

Add rounded metal objects to bridge native earth energy to visiting water.

Vase of flowers - keep water clean.

Good location for an office,
bedroom, or studio.

NO water if bedroom.

NO fire/candles,red colors which will drain good water star.

Southern cities, states, provinces and countries will benefit.


EMPHASIS ON HEAVY METAL to exhaust bad earth.

Hang outdoor 6-rod metal wind chime.
Place metal gourd (Wu Lu).
5 Element metal pagoda.
Dumbells. Snow Globe
Pendulum clock. Music box.
Metal Singing Bowl.
Salt Water Cure.

Place heavy, round, metal objects.
NO weapons.
Use metal colors:White, grey, silver, gold, copper. Dark blues or black ok.

DO NOT sleep here.
Keep doors & windows closed.
Keep sector QUIET, undisturbed, dark.

Absolutely NO renovations.
NO drilling, knocking, digging, or slamming doors - avoid fans.
NO TV, radio, music - electronics.

NO reds or earth colors.
NO FIRE, candles, pyramids/triangles.

Remove earth, crystals, ceramics, plants.

Do not use fireplace here.
No smoking here.
Minimal cooking if kitchen.

SE cities, states, provinces and countries will be affected more. 


WATER 2021:

Outdoor water for 2021 remains best in EAST - pool, Jacuzzi or fountain - secondary choice is SW. NO water feature in NE until 2024.

Indoor water features such as fountain or aquarium?
Water in the West 2021 may possibly enhance the #8 wealth star - please use with caution as this may likely not work for most of us - when in doubt, don't!

It is allegedly better if the aquarium or fountain lives on the left side looking out of the home/front door (the green dragon) and not the right side looking out of the home/front door (the white tiger).

a) Yin water is motionless (vase), Yang water is moving (fountain, aquarium).
b) Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms represent draining, 'dirty' water, not generating 'healthy' water such as a fountain or aquarium.
c) Never place aquarium in kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, the center or the South
d) Never place moving water features (aquarium, water fountain) in Grand Duke's location - NE in 2021.

NEVER allow water to stagnate, indoors or out - keep fresh, clear and clean.

plantTIPS for Feng Shui 2021:

1) Colors of the year are those that enhance metal ox, such as yellow earth tones, or metals such as white, silver, gold.

2) Salt water cures may be used in the NORTH (bad earth #2 star) and the SE (bad earth #5 star) this year 2021 - these cures must not be disturbed or touched once set in place. They must be disposed of outside your property, not flushed down the toilet or sink. If you use just a bowl of salt, change it every month.

Optionally, a super clean bowl of undisturbed water may be used instead, but the water must be changed often, left undisturbed, and remain clean and clear. If any standing water becomes cloudy, change it asap.


3) If your front door is located in the NORTH, NW, SW or SE in 2021, place a pair of Fu Dogs there (on either side of the door on the outside) as protective guardians against all negative energies. Don't know why this works, but it does - Fu Dogs rock! You can place Fu Dogs outside your front door anytime (or patio doors), any year regardless.

4) Anyone that has a dragon and phoenix statue or image, may try placement in the WEST for 2021.


West #8
Health, wealth, success, creativity - East #4 Romance, travel, study/research, health.
South #1
Innovation, projects - Center #6 Power, control- NE #9 Celebrations!

SE #5
Severe misfortune - North #2 Illness, accidents, suffering.
NW #7
Robbery, hostility, fraud, patriarchal abuse- SW #3 Deceit, infidelity, legal issues, divorce.


1) If you believe an indoor water feature appears to be having a negative effect, remove it.

2) If any section appears negative, re-evaluate - tone down, remove object, or add/change to other elements/colors.

3) If you know how, check the birth chart of your home for conflict with annual visiting flying stars. Don't stress about this because in general, the annual visiting stars dictate the overall energy for the year.

FYI: Objects, Elements and Colors.

1) You absolutely do NOT have to buy strange Asian objects to activate or remedy your home - simply use the elements/objects you already have. However, having said that, there are five Asian objects we like which can be used every year - just remember that objects are as powerful as the energy you believe them to have.

Metal Pagoda - Blue Rhino/Elephant, Pi Yao,
6 Rod Metal Wind Chime - Metal Gourd (Wu Lou)

a) The Five Element Metal Pagoda - to protect against the nasty #5 earth star - SE in 2021.

b) A blue rhino and blue elephant - to protect against the #7 metal violence and robbery star - NW in 2021.

c) Six rod metal outdoor wind chime - to protect against the #2 earth illness star and the nasty #5 earth star - NORTH and SE in 2021.

d) Metal gourd, known as a Wu Lou, which protects against the #2 earth illness star - NORTH in 2021. A second Wu Lou may be placed in SE 2021, especially if a bedroom.

e) Pi Yao (the Grand Dukes pet) for protection - treat him as a pet and place him in NE (facing NE) in 2021 - if you have two Pi Yao, place them together, or the other in the SW facing NE. You can also carry him with you, or place in area you need help and protection, even in your car.

Note: Some people believe Pi Yao attracts luck with gambling and investments, and even place lottery tickets underneath him. If you win, remember i told you ;)

Every year - which begins in February - cleanse your objects beforehand by washing/soaking them in cold, salt water, and then allow them to dry in the sun for a few hours. Then, place the objects in the appropriate area for the new year Feng Shui energies.

2) Elements are stronger than colors - e.g. water is stronger than color blue, fire is stronger than color red, etc.

3) Be careful using fire and water elements! - they are very powerful energies and if placed incorrectly will block your intentions or create havoc.

4) For colors, use rugs, throws, towels, curtains, sheers, cushions, bedding, candles, lampshades, etc.

5) NO actual water in bedroom - including fountains, aquariums, water scenes, etc. - may cause weak relationships and infidelity. Sometimes you may need to use the water colours blue or black, and that is ok.

6) No fire/candles in NW ever which destroys native metal and heavenly help.

7) NO water features ever - aquarium, fountain - wherever Grand Duke is visiting (NE in 2021).


How to neutralize or activate element energy.

Creative Energy Flow:
WATER feeds WOOD feeds FIRE creates EARTH creates METAL supports WATER etc

Exhaust/Suppress hostile energy combinations:
suppresses EARTH extinguishes FIRE depletes WOOD exhausts WATER calmsMETAL etc
Avoid destructive/hostile energy combinations:
upsets EARTH dams WATER extinguishes FIRE melts METAL destroys WOOD etc
Tip: To negate hostile combinations, add the element between the two.
i.e. Water extinguishes fire, so add wood to bridge them.


EVERYTHING in Creation is Energy!
Our health, wealth and relationships, are simply a reflection of the energy we have chosen to embrace, both within and without.

Detailed guidance for beginners.

bFeng Shui Astrology Combined
Advanced guidance for manifestation.

bChinese Astrology Animals
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