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  Sixth Edition - Part 2

6th Edition, Part 2.

Quick Reference Home Chart
For Annual and Monthly Feng Shui.

The alignment and balance of energy
within each sector of your home
for health, love and abundance.

 Quick Reference Home Chart.


2014 Year of Yang Wood Horse.
Stubborn, aggressive, impulsive - conflict unless willing to compromise.  

2014 In General:
Horse also represents fire energy - energetic, joyful, spontaneous, free-spirited, optimistic - good year for travel.
Improvement in finances, more so for women than men.

Good for creativity, PR, socializing and romance, but be alert for affairs and sex scandals if in an unstable relationship.
New romances do not indicate longevity, but good year for weddings.
Explosions, fire disasters, volcanic eruptions, forest fires - severe wind storms (tornadoes, typhoons).
More misfortune affecting children - protect and watch over your children.
Conflict energy is strong - continued wars, violence, riots.

Health Problems:
Strong fire triggers serious heart disease, blood poisoning, inflammation, lung (bad year for smokers), and skin problems.
As fire destroys metal, too much strong fire will damage metal organs such as the lung and skin.
Yang wood is related to liver, the head and hair. In such a strong fire year the wood is dry and unhealthy, creating problem with the eyes, the liver, losing hair, and headaches.
Possibility of virus outbreak amongst general population.

2014 Feng Shui Flying Star Remedies.
The feng shui year began February 4th 2014.
(Monthly flying star guidance added if relevant and important, time permitting).

NW - Heavenly Help/Male/Wealth. NORTH - Life Path/Future. NE - Knowledge.
SkullBAD Earth Star 5
Potential for Severe Misfortune,
especially in Finances.
GOOD Fire Star 9
for Celebration/Future Wealth.
BAD Metal Star 7
Potential for

- - MBox

Hang outdoor 6-rod Metal Windchime.
5 Element metal pagoda.
Musical Box/Snow Globe
 - play daily.

Pendulum chiming clock.

Solid METAL circular objects.

Dark blue/black color ok.
Small water ok (vase).


AVOID NW area in 2014!
Do NOT sleep here.
Keep door/windows CLOSED.

Keep sector QUIET.
No TV, radio, fans, electronics.
Bad area for kids.

NO fire/candles/pyramids.
NO earth, crystals or ceramics.
NO fire or earth colors.

NO renovations,
drilling, knocking.

Worst months will be
August, and September.

Small lush plants,
red/purple flowers ok.
Quartz crystals ok.

Bamboo in water ok
but if money loss, remove.

Good for main door,
dining room,
living room
or couples bedroom.


Do not sit with back to North.
Better to face North in 2014.

Place a Pi Yao facing South.

(3 Killings and Sui Po)

Area should be quiet.

NO renovations or ground breaking. If you have to do renovations, hang 6 rod windchime.

No fire/candles.

Avoid sleeping here if pregnant.

- Rhino

Keep doors & windows LOCKED.
If front door, use another entrance.

Place blue rhino/elephant for protection.

Vase of fresh water with flowers.

Healthy plant ONLY if bathroom.

Keep area CLEAN - WELL LIT.

Use blue decor.

Black tourmaline or obsidian
are good for protection.


NO windchimes. No noise.
NO renovation or digging.

NO fire/candles/red colors.
No quartz crystals.

BAD sector for childrens bedroom.

NO renovations or digging.

Worst months will be
July, August and October.
WEST - Children/Creativity. CENTER EAST - Family.
GOOD Metal Star 6
for Heavenly Help.
GOOD Wood Star 4
for Romance/Travel/Study.
SkullBAD Earth Star 2
Potental for Illness


Focus on Metal & Water.

Colors white/grey/silver/gold.
Blue colors are best.

Add blue painting if bedroom,
but not of water scene.

Vase of fresh water ok - good for headaches.
Can use small metal objects.

Quartz crystal clusters and
geodes are good here.

Good sector for money luck.

Sector should be kept fairly active.
Doors & windows open occasionally.

Important to spend quality time
with family and friends in 2014.


NO fire/red/candles - soft lighting.
Focus on Wood & Water.

Lucky bamboo in water.
Vase of fresh water & flowers.

Love Warning:
Do not add water here unless
in a strong, secure relationship.

Small pots of lush plants ok.

Use blue decor.

Excellent for singles,
and newlyweds bedroom.

Place objects in pairs.
Mandarin ducks.
Romantic images.

Dragon & Phoenix image good here.
Rose quartz crystals.
Crystal globe is good.


NO metal objects or colors wht/silver.
NO windchimes.

NO Fire/candles/reds.

- Gourd

Outdoor 6-Rod Metal Wind Chime.
Metal Gourd (Wu Lu).

Circular METAL objects.
Singing bowl.
Bunch of keys.

White/silver/gold/grey color decor.
Blue is ok as accent color.


AVOID East area in 2014.
Keep door/windows CLOSED.

Do not sleep here,
especially if trying to conceive.

NO fire/candles/reds or bright lights.
NO triangle shapes/pyramids.

NO earth, crystals or earth colors.

No renovations, digging, knocking.
Keep area QUIET - soft lighting.
SW - Relationships/Romance/Female. SOUTH - Reputation. SE - Wealth $$$
Good Water Star 1
for Achievement.
Good Earth Star 8
for Abundance $$$
BAD Hostile Wood Star 3
Potential for very Serious Conflicts, Lawsuits


Focus on Water & Blue.
Blue/Black/Charcoal colors.
Vase of fresh flowers good.
Sm round metal objects ok.

Doors & windows open ok.
Money luck for women.

Horse image is good here.
Hang 6 rod windchime if front door here.


NO fire/candles/reds.
Avoid green/brown/earth colors.
Minimal earth.

Beware ear problems.
Crystals - Crystal-lotus

Focus on Earth & Fire:
Crystal rock clusters - Crystal lotus.
If bedroom, amethyst is good.
Hanging faceted crystal balls.

Figurine model ship is good.
Red 3-Legged frog is good.
Money luck.

Pink mandarin ducks if bedroom.
Good for relationships.

Candles good - Bright lights.

Door & windows open.
Active, fresh, clean.

Fire color decor accents:
Earth tone accents ok.

Statue or image of horse is good.

Water fountain or aquarium is ok, but if money loss occurs, remove.

 in 2014.

Place a Pi Yao facing North.

(Tai Sui - Grand Duke)

No metal. NO renovations.


Emphasis on fire colors:
Wine, burgundy, purple, orange - Use candles, lamps, rug, cushions, throws.

Keep well lit and bright, inside and out.

Pyramids/triangular shapes ok.


Keep Area Quiet - No kids.
No noisy TV, fax, fans, radio etc

No renovations, drilling or digging.
Keep door/windows closed.

NO plants. NO wood.
No brown or green colors.

NO water or blue/black color.

No earth or earth colors.
No metal - NO windchimes.

BAD area for couples bedroom.
BAD for business if main door here.

Teenage daughters may rebel.

WATER 2014:
Outdoor water for 2014 is best in SW or EAST - pool, jacuzzi or fountain. No water in NE until 2024.
Indoor water features (moving water), such as fountain or aquarium, are not recommended in 2014.

plant TIPS for Feng Shui 2014:
Color of the year is green or brown.

Lucky colors are blue (water, relationship, communication), and yellow (money, wealth, success),  to balance the abundance of wood and fire.
Dominating elements of the year are wood and fire.
element is important this year as it feeds wood, and tones down strong fire energy, and softens metal element.
Be aware that fire and metal will antagonize wood - colors red, white or grey are unpopular for 2014.

Earth element is missing in 2014 which indicates instability and infidelity.

Best Directions:
South 8 abundance in everything, West 6 finances/creativity.
Center 4 romance, SW 1 female achievement, North 9 future events and joy.

Worst Directions - Avoid:
NW 5 everything bad, East 2 illness, NE 7 violence/robbery, SE 3 serious conflict.

If you believe indoor water features seem to be having a negative effect, remove.
If any section appears negative, re-evaluate - tone down, remove or add other elements/colors.
If you know how, check the natal flying star birth chart of your home, for conflict with annual visiting flying stars.

FYI Elements and Colors:

1) You do NOT have to buy strange Asian objects to activate or remedy your home - simply use the elements/objects you already have.
However, having said that, there are five Asian objects we personally like which can be used every year:

Metal Pagoda - Rhino/Elephant - 6 Rod Wind Chime - Metal Gourd - Pi Yao.

a) The Five Element Metal Pagoda - to protect against the nasty 5 earth star (2014 in NW).
b) A blue rhino and blue elephant - to protect against the 7 metal violence and robbery star (2014 in NE).
c) 6 rod metal outdoor windchime - to protect against the 2 earth illness star and the nasty 5 earth star (2014 NW and East).
d) Metal gourd, known as a Wu Lou, which protects against the 2 earth illness star (2014 in East).
e) Pi Yao for protection - treat him as a pet and face him from S towards N in 2014 - if you have two Pi Yao, place the other in N facing S.

Every year - which begins in February - cleanse your objects by washing them in salt water, and then allow them to dry in the sun for a few hours. Then, place the objects in the appropriate area for the 'new feng shui year'.

2) Elements are stronger than colors - e.g. water is stronger than color blue, fire is stronger than color red, etc.
3) Be careful using fire and water elements! - they are very powerful energies and if placed incorrectly will block your intentions or create havoc.
4) For colors, use rugs, throws, towels, curtains, cushions, bedding, candles, lampshades, etc.
5) NO water in bedrooms ever! - including fountains, aquariums, water scenes, etc.
6) No fire/candles in NW ever!

How to neutralize or activate element energy.

Creative Energy Flow:

WATER feeds WOOD feeds FIRE creates EARTH creates METAL supports WATER etc

Best Choice to Calm Hostile Energy Combinations:
METAL supresses EARTH extingushes FIRE depletes WOOD exhausts WATER calms METAL etc

Avoid Hostile Energy Combinations:
WOOD upsets
EARTH dams WATER extingushes FIRE melts METAL destroys WOOD etc

Detailed guidance for 2014.

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