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  Sixth Edition - Part 2

6th Edition, Part 2.

Quick Reference Home Chart
For Annual and Monthly Feng Shui.

The alignment and balance of energy
within each sector of your home
for health, love and abundance.

 Quick Reference Home Chart.

Fire Monkey

2016 Year of the FIre Monkey.
Symbolized by fire sitting on metal.

Keywords: Anger Management, Health & Illness, Female Authority, Travel.
Optimism & Confidence, Innovation & Activity, Chaos and Creation.
This year needs a sense of humor!

2016 In General:
Female energy dominates (8 star in the SW), whilst male energy suffers from short tempers (3 star in the NW), which may impact personal relationships, business and politics very negatively if left unchecked!

Politics - World Stage:
Kim Jong Il of North Korea (a fire energy person), may well be badly behaved this year which does not bode well for peace and stability which is already on the brink of disaster regarding the chess game being played over the control of Syria between the USA, Russia and their respective allies. Yes there will be more conflict and violence but it can be resolved more easily than previous years, despite the abundance of short tempers in 2016. The economy and stock market are optimistic, but unbalanced and unstable, with potential for an awful global financial/stock market collapse/correction.

FYI: Hilary Clinton was born on a Tiger day and the Chinese astrological sign that will have the most challenging year, will be the Tiger, suffering from bad health, relationship conflict and serious misfortune.

Serious Health Problems:
2016 is a very bad year for health as the 2 sickness star resides in the center. Expect serious, prolonged or unusual/new illness, airborne/contagious sickness, and many, many untimely deaths. Fire indicates blood circulation and blood pressure, heart and inflammation problems. Metal relates to the lungs and the skin and indicates flu virus pandemic (December and January already saw a global virus with a cough that lasted three weeks plus), and skin problems such as hives and rashes. 2016 is imperative to focus on health and wellness, and a good year for exercise and weight loss.

FYI: Liquid vitamin C is important to include in your diet this year.

Relationships will bring up issues of trust, ego, trickery, betrayal, mind games, promiscuity, inhibition.
Entertainment, Glamour and Technology
will enjoy a wonderful year.
Travel is highly favourable in 2016, especially for Tiger, Horse and Dog people, also Rabbit, Pig and Sheep.
Disasters: Explosions, nuclear issues, fire, traffic accidents, air and sea disaster/conflict.
Children's safety and well-being will continue to be in danger thru 2024.

2016 Feng Shui Flying Star Remedies.
The feng shui year begins February 4th, 2016.

NW - Heavenly Help/Male/Wealth.
Dog, Pig - Patriarch
NORTH - Life Path/Future.
Rat - Middle Son
NE - Knowledge.
Ox, Tiger - Youngest Son
Skull 2016 BAD Hostile Wood Star 3
Potential for Serious Conflicts, Lawsuits,

Irritability & Short Tempers - Backstabbing.
Skull 2016 BAD Metal Star 7
Potential for Violence, Injury, Robbery, Deceit, Abuse, Accidents, Burglary, Gossip/Scandal.

Skull 2016 BAD Earth Star 5
Potential for Severe Misfortune
(22.5-67.5 degrees)


Wine, burgundy, purple, orange, pink - use lamps, rug, cushions, throws, but NO candles in NW!

Keep well lit and bright.

Pyramids/triangular shapes ok.

Keep Area Quiet.
- No kids
, or animals.

- No noisy TV, fax, fans, radio etc

Check smoke alarms are all working.

No renovations or drilling.

NO plants. NO wood.
No brown or green colors.
NO water or blue/black color.

Minimal earth or earth colors.
No metal - NO wind chimes.

Emphasis on male anger management in 2016.

Not a great location for a happy couples bedroom, or an office, in 2016.

Water Rhino


Keep doors & windows Securely LOCKED.

If front door, use another entrance.

Place rhino and elephant for protection, preferably blue color.

Vase of fresh water with flowers, or 3 piece of bamboo plant in water.

Use blue decor.

NO metal wind chimes.
NO fire, candles, red colors.
NO earth elements or colors.

Keep area quiet and security high.



Hang outdoor 6-rod metal wind chime.
5 Element metal pagoda.
Musical Box/Snow Globe.
Pendulum chiming clock.

Metallic colors, white or grey.
Dark blue/black color ok.

AVOID NE area in 2016.
Do NOT sleep here.
Keep doors & windows CLOSED.

Keep sector QUIET and STILL. NO TV, radio, fans, electronics.

NO fire, candles, pyramids.
NO earth, crystals or ceramics.

NO fire or earth colors.

NO renovations, drilling, knocking.


Sui Po (52.5-67.5 degrees)
 is here for 2016.

Place a Pi Yao facing SW

Keep area quiet. NO renovations.
Especially challenging months will be February, May, November.

WEST - Children/Creativity.
Rooster - Youngest Daughter
Rabbit - 1st Son

2016 GOOD
Wood Star 4
for Romance, Travel & Study.
Skull 2016 BAD Earth Star 2
Potential for Illness
, Sickness, Distress,
Global Virus - Miscarriage, Traffic Accidents.

2016 GOOD Fire Star 9
for Celebration, Future Wealth & Growth.

Water Bamboo
Focus on Water.
Vase of fresh water & flowers.
Water MUST be kept super clean.
Small pots of lush plants ok.
Lucky bamboo in water ok.

NO moving water (aquarium or fountain).

Use blue/black decor.
NO water if bedroom.

Good for bedroom:
Mandarin ducks.
Romantic images/photos.
Rose quartz crystals ok.
Double happiness symbol.

Good room for creativity.
Crystal globe good if study.

Metal horse statue ok for travel.


NO wind chimes.
No need to add metal items.
No white or silver.

NO Fire/candles/reds.

Hang outdoor 6-rod metal wind chime.
Place metal gourd (Wu Lu).

Circular METAL objects.
Metal Singing bowl.
Bunch of keys.
Hang a string of 6 metal coins.

White, grey, silver, gold, copper, metal color decor.

AVOID Center area in 2016.
Keep any door/windows CLOSED.

Do NOT sleep here, especially if trying to conceive a child.

Keep clear, clutter free.

NO fire, candles, red colors or bright lights.
NO triangle shapes or pyramids.
NO earth, crystals, ceramics or earth colors.

NO renovations, digging, knocking.

Keep area QUIET - soft lighting.

If the center of your home or office is well used, this will inevitably activate the nasty 2 energy, so be sure to place heavy metal to help dissipate it.


Small lush plants with vibrant colored flowers or orchids.

Any soil plant that bears fruit.

Good for couples bedroom.
Good for main door, office or study.

Salt lamp ok.
Candles ok.

Keep energy & mood positive here
as 9 star serves to expand and enhance.

Challenging months are June and September when metal should be introduced to dissipate the visiting 2 and 5 stars.

SW - Relationships/Romance/Female.
Sheep, Monkey - Matriarch
SOUTH - Reputation.
Horse - Middle Daughter
SE - Wealth $$$
Dragon, Snake - 1st Daughter

2016 GOOD
Earth Star 8
for Wealth, Success, Romance, Relationships.

2016 GOOD
Metal Star 6
for Heavenly Help, Career,
Travelers & Leaders.

2016 GOOD Water Star 1
for Financial Investments, Achievement
& Touch of Romance.

Focus on Earth.
Crystal quartz rock clusters
Crystal lotus lily.
Hang faceted crystal balls above head level.

Red 3-Legged frog is good.
Mystic knot is good here.

Pink mandarin ducks and amethyst crystal if bedroom.

Bright lights. Salt lamp ok.
Windows open. Active area.
Clutter free, fresh and clean.

Good for bedroom to attract love, an office for business or front door to usher in positive vibes.

Fire color decor accents:
Earth tone accents ok.

Keep metal to a minimum.

FEMALE energy dominates in 2016.
Grand Duke/Tai Su
(232.5-247.5 degrees)
is here for 2016.

Avoid facing. Best to sit with back against SW (Tai Su), for support.

Place a Pi Yao facing NE
Keep area quiet. NO renovations.
No slamming doors.

Especially challenging months will be February, May and November.

Focus on Earth.
Earth colors and accents.

Quartz crystal rocks and spheres.

NO fire, red colors, candles.
No need to add metal items.

If a bedroom, use blue or black colors for decor to promote health.

3 Killings (142.5-217.5 degrees) is here for 2016.

Do not sit with back to South (3 Killings), sit facing.

If you have a door here, place Fu Dogs on either side, facing outwards.

Absolutely NO renovations!

Focus on Water.

Blue for decor.

Vase of fresh flowers good.
Lucky bamboo in water ok.

Curved lines are good (as opposed to straight, square or triangular).

Model ship is good here to bring in wealth. Add little ingots/jewels.

Fountain or aquarium is ok.

NO water if bedroom.

NO fire/candles, red colors.

Good location for an office.

WATER 2016:

Outdoor water for 2016 is best in SW or EAST - pool, jacuzzi or fountain. NO water in NE until 2024.
Indoor water features (moving water), such as fountain or aquarium, ok in SE for 2016.

FYI: Yin water is motionless (vase), Yang water is moving (fountain, aquarium).

plant TIPS for Feng Shui 2016:

1) Colors of the year are blue and black, since water element is lacking, year is very off balance, and male emotion prone to volatility.

Red colors invite passion, ok in moderation otherwise energy becomes incitive of strong, controlling negative emotion.
Pink and orange invites romance, whilst purple is a blend of red and blue.
Fire Monkey favours gold (as opposed to silver).

2) Water
element is important this year as it tones down fire energy.
Keep all water fresh and sparkling clean to prevent misfortune and affairs.

3) Anyone that has a dragon and phoenix statue or image may choose to place it in the West or SW for 2016. Other locations are ok, but not the center or the NE.

4) If your front door is located in the North, South, SW or NE, place a pair of Fu Dogs there as protective guardians against all negative energies.

5) Salt water cures may be used in the Center (2 star) and the NE (5 star) this year. A super clean bowl of undisturbed water may be used instead, but the water must be changed often, left undisturbed, and remain clean and clear.

SW 8
Wealth, success, prosperity, romance, female energy - WEST 4 Romance, travel, study, creativity, children - SE 1 Achievement, victory, touch of romance - SOUTH 6 Career, leadership, reputation - EAST Growth, celebration, family relationships.

NE 5
Severe misfortune - CENTER 2 Illness, unusual/new sickness, disease, contagious/airborne illness, accidents.
Violence, robbery, abuse, deceit, scandal - NW 3 Nasty conflict, hostility, short temper, lawsuits, finances, male energy.


a) If you believe indoor water features appear to be having a negative effect, remove.
b) If any section appears negative, re-evaluate - tone down, remove or add other elements/colors.
c) If you know how, check the natal flying star birth chart of your home, for conflict with annual visiting flying stars.

FYI Elements and Colors:

1) You do NOT have to buy strange Asian objects to activate or remedy your home - simply use the elements/objects you already have. However, having said that, there are five Asian objects we personally like which can be used every year:

Metal Pagoda - Rhino/Elephant - 6 Rod Wind Chime - Metal Gourd - Pi Yao.

a) The Five Element Metal Pagoda - to protect against the nasty 5 earth star - 2016 in NE.
b) A blue rhino and blue elephant - to protect against the 7 metal violence and robbery star - 2016 in North.
c) 6 rod metal outdoor wind chime - to protect against the 2 earth illness star and the nasty 5 earth star - 2016 Center and NE.
d) Metal gourd, known as a Wu Lou, which protects against the 2 earth illness star - 2016 in Center.
e) Pi Yao for protection - treat him as a pet and face him from SW towards NE in 2016 - if you have two Pi Yao, place the other in NE facing SW.

Every year - which begins in February - cleanse your objects by washing them in cold, salt water, and then allow them to dry in the sun for a few hours. Then, place the objects in the appropriate area for the new feng shui year.

2) Elements are stronger than colors - e.g. water is stronger than color blue, fire is stronger than color red, etc.
3) Be careful using fire and water elements! - they are very powerful energies and if placed incorrectly will block your intentions or create havoc.
4) For colors, use rugs, throws, towels, curtains, cushions, bedding, candles, lampshades, etc.
5) NO water in bedrooms ever! - including fountains, aquariums, water scenes, etc.
6) No fire/candles in NW ever!

How to neutralize or activate element energy.

Creative Energy Flow:

WATER feeds WOOD feeds FIRE creates EARTH creates METAL supports WATER etc

Best Choice to Calm Hostile Energy Combinations:
METAL suppresses EARTH extinguishes FIRE depletes WOOD exhausts WATER calms METAL etc

Avoid Hostile Energy Combinations:
WOOD upsets
EARTH dams WATER extinguishes FIRE melts METAL destroys WOOD etc

Detailed guidance for 2016

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