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Feng Shui
Made Simple 2022


Step by step guidance for the alignment and balance of energy within your home for health, love and abundance.

Tips for home, health, and emotions.

Serious Feng Shui
Made Simple, 2022.
Guide to love, wealth and
health energy in your home.
What do Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Dream Works, Trump, multiple Fortune 500 companies, Sir Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey have in common? They all use Feng Shui. Yes unfortunate things can still happen, but utilizing Feng Shui can greatly lessen the chances or soften the impact.

Why not change and align the energy in your home for love, abundance, health and happiness by simply rearranging, adding or removing specific elements and colors? Does your home feel good when you enter? Are there areas you avoid?

Your environment is a total reflection of the energy within you. Are you lacking love, can't find a partner, wanting children, struggling financially, suffer from bad health, receive no respect? Read on ...

Feng Shui is not a religion and it is not superstition. It is simply the balance and harmony of the energy of the environment you live and work in. Generic Western Feng Shui only scratches the surface but there is a deeper, more serious method of original traditional Eastern Feng Shui. We have done all the research for you and made this very easy to apply.

Instructions For Beginners:

Work thru this page step by step,
slowly and carefully.

Lets Begin.
Your home represents all the directions of the compass including the center area. Imagine a box divided into 9 squares.

Each compass direction (each square) has a numbered flying star which represents a specific energy, either positive or negative.

Each year these flying stars move into a different box/compass direction (same as planets moving through houses and signs in astrology).

Each month a second flying star visits each square, and slightly shifts the energy for good or for bad just for that month (for advanced practitioners only - we don't want to confuse you).
I will explain exactly what elements and colors you need to focus on for each compass direction according to the energy residing there for the current year, pertaining to love, health and wealth. First, understand the elements and colors traditionally associated with each compass direction ...

Feng Shui grid (BAGUA) representing your home, showing traditional elements and colors associated with each compass direction.


OK, get a compass and determine where your compass directions are for your home: N, S, E, W and NE, NW, SE and SW.

#1 Reason Feng Shui does not work is due to incorrect compass direction reading.
Next ... apply the Elements and accent colors within each room according to the compass direction it is located in:

1) You are going to focus on and add/accent certain elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.

2) You are going to focus on and add certain accent colors - red (fire), green (wood), blue (water), silver/gold (metal), earth (orange, yellow), etc - notice that the colors represent a corresponding element.

The Compass Directions:
Element, Color and Meaning.

NORTH: Blue, Black - Water element - Your Career, the Life Path in front of you.

NE: Beige, tan, cream, yellow, orange earth tones - Earth element - Knowledge, Skills, Communication.

EAST: Green - Wood element - Your Family, Foundation in Life, the Past.

Green + touch of Purple, Red - Wood element - Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth Corner.

SOUTH: Red, Orange - Fire element - Your Reputation, Social Status, Fame.

SW: Reds, Pink, Orange, Purples - earth tones - Earth element - Relationships, Love/Romance - Mother/Lover.

WEST: White, Pastels, Silver - Metal element - Your Children, Creativity, Projects, Fun/Joy.

NW: White, Grey, Silver - Metal element - Helpful Friends/People, Mentors, Heavenly Help - Father/Man of House/Lover.

CENTER: Earth tones (refer above) - Earth element - Physical, Mental and Emotional Health.

Fabrics and Objects:
Use fabrics such as throws, table runners, scarfs, cushions, rugs, bed sheets - and objects such as candles, plants, vase of flowers, lampshades, crystals, photos and wall art, to accent each element and each color needed for each direction.

Note #1
Each room of your home may be any color you choose and does NOT have to be the actual color of the compass direction - instead, add the appropriate elements and accent colors needed to activate the specific energy in each direction with objects and fabrics.

Note #2
After you apply the nine box Bagua to your home layout in general - you can apply the Bagua within each individual room if you desire, especially applicable if you live in a studio or rent a room.

Example: Bedroom is in SW so you first apply earth tone colors and ceramic objects, then, you apply the Bagua within the bedroom according to each direction meaning, such as, in the NE corner of your room, you place your books and awards (knowledge corner).


Elements and Objects:
Fire - Candles, fireplace or stove - lamps.
Earth - Pottery/ceramics or actual earth in flower pot.
Metal - Home decor object such as candle holder, wall art, photo frame, lamp stand, artwork - Fridge, Oven.
Water - Vase of flowers, indoor fountain or aquarium - mirrors.
Wood - Living plants, an orchid plant, lucky bamboo - NOTE: a wooden object such as a chair or table made of wood is not LIVE wood.


Notice how each element has a specific shape.

Element Shapes:
Fire is triangular, like a pyramid.
Earth is square.
Metal is round like a singing bowl.
Water is curved and wavy.
Wood is tall and rectangular.

To understand how the elements work together, look at how they react in nature:

Productive - Earth produces metal, metal turns into flowing liquid, water nourishes wood (trees, plants), wood feeds fire, fire becomes earth (ash).

Destructive - Earth absorbs water, water puts out fire, fire melts metal, metal cuts wood (axe), wood drains earth.


This lovely chart shows clockwise cycle is harmonious.
- Anti-clockwise is used to exhaust an element. i.e Use metal to suppress earth.
- Red arrows show imbalance - add element inbetween to bridge and harmonize.

Example: You would add metal to bridge earth and water, or water to harmonize metal and wood.

Elements in home must be balanced for energy to be aligned. Make sure you don't have an over-abundance of any one element and be sure the elements are in the correct location, eg: South is traditionally fire/red, North is traditionally water/blue and black. However ...

Every year, flying stars which each represent a specific element and have a specific meaning, enter your home and shift the energy for better or worse.

The existing elements and colors may need to be changed, removed, or toned down. There is NO need to go spend money - work with what you have, get creative.

Note: Changing your rooms, moving furniture and cleaning out cupboards and drawers, shifts stagnant energy always for the better. The goal is to balance and harmonize the energy so you will have the least challenges possible in your life and the healthiest, happiest daily life and future possible.

Confused? No worries, keep going ...

After you have applied the traditional foundation of the Bagua compass direction elements and color accents, find out the elements and colors for the current year and apply accordingly to each compass direction.

Click on the Feng Shui Guidance Chart 2022 below, for everything you need to know about this year and most importantly, what to do within your home.

Other information to help you, further down this page:


Visual Chart 2022.

Feng Shui Guidance Chart
Element and color placement, fast visual reference.
The world in general, and your home in detail.

Wishing you a healthy, loving, happy 2022.
Be Well, Stay Well!


Flying Stars Explained:

FS 2022 Water

  2022 - The Year of the Water Tiger.

Meaning of the Flying Stars:
Each year, 9 stars visit the 9 square 'boxed grid' of your home. Each star has a specific meaning and element which affects the elements (for better or worse) of the direction it is visiting.

4 stars are good energy and 4 stars are negative energy. The #9 star can go either way. Here are the meaning of the stars:

The #1 Lucky star brings career luck in promotions and recognition - White water.

The #2 Sickness star brings illnesses, diseases, ailments and fatal health problems - Black earth.

The #3 Conflict star brings serious disputes, negative encounters, lawsuits and court case - Green wood.

The #4 Romance star brings love luck and education success - Green wood.

The #5 Evil star brings bad luck of all kinds, financial loss, accidents, misfortunes, conflicts, separation and death - Yellow earth.

The #6 Heavenly star brings luck from heaven with plenty of career success and helpful people - White metal.

The #7 Violent star brings severe bad luck - violence, robbery, deceit and bloodshed by metal - Red metal.

The #8 Luckiest star brings wealth, prosperity, and lots of money luck - White earth.

The #9 Expansion star doubles the good luck or bad luck of the stars it is visiting with - Purple fire.

Visiting Flying Stars 2022:

Good Energy
NE 8, SE 4, North 1, South 9, NW 6

Avoid Energy!
Center 5, SW 2, West 7, East 3



Feng Shui Tips:

First off, let it be clearly understood that outside features and location, is more important than the inside.

The outside is fixed - mountains, ocean, trees, parks, swimming pools, buildings, cemeteries, churches, schools, freeways, roads, cul-de-sacs, street corner properties, walls, telephone poles and wires, sewer pipes, garbage dumps, soil health etc.

All of these features affect your home. Energy is all around you, not just within your walls.
The interior will affect daily life no doubt, but it can be tweaked and changed.
TIP: Before moving into a new home, ask who were the previous residents. Were they happy, successful, healthy, with children, with animals? Why did they leave? Their energy will be imprinted in the home and that will be the energy you inherit. Before moving-in day, sage the entire property inside and out.

Bedroom, for love, relaxation and healing:

- NO mirrors, NO water or fountains (may create infidelity).

- Avoid plants (wood and earth elements, unless sector is same element) and flowers in vase (water element).

- Remove photos of family and children from bedroom and place in another room - place photos of lover and yourself only.

- No religious idols or images - this room is for sex and sleep, not worship.

- Never use peach as choice of main color for bedroom - will create infidelity.

- Wall art should be happy, romantic or sexy - NO images of single people if you want a relationship!

- Make sure space on either side of bed is evenly spaced, with 2 side drawers, 2 lamps etc.

- Do not have bed in corner but centered, with sturdy headboard against wall.

- Bed should NEVER directly face door - symbolic of a coffin!

- Nothing should be stored under bed.

- You should not have view into bathroom - keep door closed.

- NO EMF's - no computer in bedroom, nothing electric near head such as alarm clock or cell phone, no work-out equipment. If you have a TV in bedroom, cover or unplug when you go to sleep.

TIP: Turn off computer modem before sleeping - protect your health, and save money too!

- Desk MUST have commanding position facing the entire room and entry door.
- Use artwork that gives you inspiration and that represents your career, your goals, your passions, wealth and success.

Home In General:

1) Keep closets clean and organized - give away or throw out anything and everything that you don't LOVE or NEED or USE.

a) If you store things in closets/cupboards, why do you have them there, unless they are for a specific season or holiday, or event?

b) If you have objects/clothes that have bad/sad memories - get rid of them!

c) If you have stuff/clothes you have not used or worn for 1-3 years or more - get rid of them. Give to Goodwill, have a garage sale, give to friends - whatever you don't use or wear, someone else can!
2) Anything broken, leaking or cracked - fix it or throw it away.

3) Keep toilet seat down and door CLOSED.

4) Flowers need to be fresh (not silk or dried) - throw out when dead - make sure water is clear and clean and never stagnant or dirty!

5) Use natural fabrics and elements such as cotton, hemp, bamboo and silk - stay away from plastic, nylon and polyester.

6) Never place your bed or desk chair sitting with back to door - place bed or desk where you can see the entrance and the entire room.

7) Check you have BALANCE of all 5 elements in each room of home - an excess of any element in the home or any specific room, will imbalance, misalign and disrupt energy, causing health, wealth or relationship challenges.

8) Be sure to have a great color palette throughout your home to energize love, health and wealth - if you have any monotone theme going on, use accent colors, or expect a monotone life. All white walls are great to showcase strong accent colors and objects, otherwise paint them. Do not be afraid of color.

Note: I once met a very eligible bachelor with money, career and good looks who could NOT find a girlfriend - His entire home was immaculate and colored brown and beige. His bedroom only had one nightstand and one lamp ... no surprise he is single.

9) Artwork is important - place paintings that you love, art that inspires whatever you desire and makes you happy :) - No images of single people if single. No sad images. Artwork reflects the status and energy of who you are, or who you want to become, where you have been, where you want to go, and your life to date.

10) Be sure to keep the bathroom and kitchen clean (stove, sinks, bathtub, mirrors, floor) - vacuum and dust the entire home every week, otherwise expect negative energy consequences.

11) If a corner or area is missing due to apt/house design, you can try placing bright light/tall lamp, hanging crystal, mirror, plant or rock. This may be applied outside the home walls as well as within. Understand that realistically, if an area is missing, no remedy can truly fix or replace the empty sector. If it's missing, it's missing!

Note: If NW corner missing, so too will the man be missing, or away often.

12) If bathroom and toilet is in SW (female) or NW (male), finding a mate or sustaining a relationship will be really challenging. To remedy, place plant in SW and heavy statue or boulder in NW. If no improvement, seriously, move or get used to being alone.

FYI: NO fire/candles in NW ever - will deplete head of household income. Bad location for kitchen because of stove/oven.
13) Take care of your outside surrounding environment, not just the inside. Energy flows into your home thru doors and windows. Keep windows clean and shiny. Make sure main door entrance is open with no clutter on either side.

- Sweep away spiderwebs.
- Clean up litter box and animal feces daily.
- Cut back any trees or plants that touch the home walls.
- Remove dead leaves, flowers and plants.
- Check there are no stagnant pools of water.
- Remove any old furniture or stuff stored around property if never used.
- If anything is broken or falling apart, fix it up or toss it out.

14) Weapon Energy: Anything in the home, or surrounding the home that is pointed or sharp, should be removed asap. No cactus plants in home.

Metal weapons such as swords and guns, must be out of reach from children, and placed in a safe, appropriate sector so as not to provoke violent energy or manifest energy that will provoke physical injury or accidents.

15) Be sure home is aired out on a regular basis so there is fresh air and it smells nice in every room, closet and drawer. Bad smells indicates bad, stagnant energy.

16) If your home has experienced a nasty conflict, physically or verbally, OR if someone has been seriously or frequently ill, OR if anyone is bad tempered often, walk around your home (each and every closet included), and burn sage to cleanse the environment and neutralize the negative energy.

17) The less clutter, the more wide open space, the more fresh new energy can enter and circulate for mental, emotional and physical health, finances, and happiness.

Feng Shui works whether you believe it or not, so why not give it a try - much of it is plain common sense!


Feng Shui Health:

Here is special bonus information for those needing help in the health department.

1) Your physical health challenges may be caused by incorrect Feng Shui in your home.

2) Check to see why you are feeling specific strong emotions or mood swings - they may be due to element imbalance, or incorrect placement.

Your Physical Body:

Identify your physical problem below amongst compass directions below, and then ...

a) Check and correct (remove or add) the elements/colors in the compass direction relevant to your health.

b) Make sure the health area in question is clean and tidy, with everything located there working properly - nothing broken, leaking, cracked.

Example: You may need to add an element if it is missing, or remove other elements that clash with it, or fix something broken/cracked/leaking/clogged or in need of repair. Leaking water signals poor health, as well as loss of money.

TIP: Taps/pipes should not leak, doors may not squeak, windows cannot be cracked or dirty etc. Rooms - floors, walls and cupboards - should be clean (no cobwebs, dust, animal hair etc) and uncluttered.

Poor Health Examples:
1) If man of house develops headaches or lung problem, is there a beam or sharp object in the NW area, or maybe too much metal?

2) Ear infection - Is there a leak, or a broken or clogged pipe in the North - or is the annual visiting star conflicted? Also, ask yourself what don't you want to hear.

Health Challenges:

Following is the potential for certain health challenges
if the energy is out of balance in a compass direction, or by an annual visiting flying star causing disruption:

NORTH #1 star:
Ears - Kidneys, Bladder - Lymphatic system - Reproductive system men / Prostate.

Note: Kidneys are the seat of bone marrow production and important for strong bones, teeth and brain function.

SOUTHWEST #2 star:
Spleen - Stomach/Pancreas/Abdomen/Digestive problems - Reproductive system female.

Note 1: An impaired Spleen is indicated by fatigue, abdominal distension, poor digestion, diarrhea, edema, obesity and phlegm related disorders. If taste is dull and the lips pale and dry, the spleen energy is out of harmony.

Note 2: If ever worried about breast health get a thermogram, NOT a mammogram which have too many false positives, crushes breast tissue, and can cause cancer.

Note 3: Bad illness star resides in SW for 2022.

EAST #3 star:
Feet, Legs - Liver, Gall Bladder. The seat of microcirculation. Strong nails and healthy eyes.

SOUTHEAST #4 star:
Hips, Pelvis, Thighs, Buttocks, Lower Back.

NORTHWEST #6 star:
Head, Neck - Lungs, Chest - Large Intestines - Skin.

Note: Healthy skin is also known as the 3rd lung. Many skin disorders are considered to be the result of weak lung energy. Healthy lungs insure healthy metabolism - get outdoors and exercise.

WEST #7 star:
Mouth/Jaw/Teeth/Throat/Voice - Lungs, Upper Respiratory problems (chest).

NORTHEAST #8 star:
Hands and fingers - Spine - Nose.

SOUTH #9 star:
Heart, Blood, Vascular System - Eyes - Small Intestines - Clear Complexion.

General health of home/business. Energy here will permeate all compass directions.


Your Daily Emotions,
Balanced or Unbalanced?
How is your general mood - too much of any element will upset you.
Balanced Water:
Contemplative, imaginative, visionary, regenerative, inquisitive, fluid.

Encourage these traits with Water and Metal elements.

Unbalanced Water:

Paranoid, passive, uncommunicative, manic, isolated, deep anxiety -

Too much? Reduce with Wood elements and colors.

Use Water element to encourage Career and Life Transitions in North.
Cold, Winter, Salty.

Balanced Wood:
Youthful, flexible, adventurous, fearless, independent, curious.

Encourage these traits with Wood and Water elements.

Unbalanced Wood:

Impatient, resentful, self-indulgent, reckless, easily frustrated, sluggish - ANGER.

Too much? Reduce with Fire elements and colors.

Use Wood element to encourage Family Relationships in East, and Wealth in SE.

Wind, Spring, Sour.


Balanced Fire:
Passionate, magnetic, charismatic, intelligent, dramatic, dynamic - JOY.

Encourage these traits with Fire and Wood elements.

Unbalanced Fire:

Lifeless, immobilized, easily agitated, abusive, burned out, jumpy, overly excited.

Too much? Reduce with Earth elements and colors.

Use Fire element to encourage Fame and Reputation in South.

Heat, Summer, Bitter.

Balanced Earth:
Stable, systematic, sympathetic, reliable, loyal, gentle, nurturing, meditation, calm - GROUNDED.

Encourage these traits with Earth and Fire elements.

Unbalanced Earth:

Nervous, egotistical, insecure, lonely, intrusive, dogmatic, testy, worry, pensiveness.

Too much? Reduce with Metal elements and colors.
Use Earth element to encourage your Love Life and Self-Cultivation in SW and NE.

Damp, Late Summer, Sweet.

Balanced Metal:
Disciplined, logical, reasonable, structured, self-controlled, honest.

Encourage these traits with Metal and Earth elements.

Unbalanced Metal:

Rigid, fussy, authoritarian, stingy, critical, pompous - GRIEF, SADNESS.

Too much?
Reduce with Water elements and colors.

Use Metal element to encourage your Creativity/Relationship with Children in West, and Helpful Friends/Mentors in NW.

Dryness, Autumn, Spicy.


EVERYTHING in Creation
is Energy!

Our health, wealth & relationships, are simply a reflection of the energy we have chosen to embrace, both within and without.


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