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The alignment and balance of energy
 within each sector of your home for 
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Serious Feng Shui Made Simple.
Quick Reference Home Chart with Remedies.

Wood Dragon
Year of the Yang Wood Dragon.
Beginning February 4th 2024

Change, Adaptability, Flexibility, Creativity, Growth.
Passion, Courage, Expansion, Transformation.
Obstinacy, Impulsiveness, Instability, Resistance.
Conflict, Aggression, Anger, Confrontation, War.
AI, Fame, Beauty, Spirituality, Female Power. 
Mental Health.

2024 ushers in a brand new 20 year cycle of massive change!

Both Feng Shui (now entering Period 9), and Astrology (Pluto moving into Aquarius), confirm the entire world is officially undergoing a rapid transformation. Every living being will be affected, for better or worse. Everything we once knew will be changed, the old and traditional ways of thinking and doing things will be cast aside. Resistance is futile, the only way not to struggle or to be left behind, is to let go, adapt and be flexible, but without compromising our freedom or humanity.

Self empowerment, spirituality, natural healing, the environment, morality and authentic purpose, will become more important than corporations, profit, money and possessions.

The next few years will see chaos and disorder before stability and the new ways settle in.

Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and reinvention, has moved into rebellious, humanitarian Aquarius. Pluto will destroy and rebuild society from the ground up. Aquarius will ask us to embrace individuality and uniqueness, with emphasis on freedom and justice.

The transformation will be swift, leaving behind confused collective masses, with the old powers refusing to go quietly thereby fueling revolution. The Pluto energy shift has begun and will settle permanently on November 19th, 2024 - coinciding with Feng Shui Period 9 - for the next twenty years. Buckle up!


                          globe2024 World In General:

SW, North, East, NE
Good energy 2024.

SE & NW new energies, use caution, unstable.

West, Center, South,
Disruptive energy 2024.

1964: 60 years ago was last Yang Wood Dragon year.
Peak of Vietnam war, racial prejudice - global riots, protests.
Powerful earthquakes, water tragedies, air traffic disasters.

2024: Wood Dragon brings energies of power, strength, courage, growth, creativity, revolution, unpredictability, impulsiveness, stubbornness, ambition, unforeseen consequences.

2024 Dominated by center flying star 3, conflict, aggression, anger, war.
- USA (badly afflicted star 5 in West) has chosen to clash against the Dragon (Middle East, Asia).

- Many people will unexpectedly lash out against each other, from friends and family to random strangers.

- An intense heightened sensitivity to morality, differences, injustice, corruption.

- Imminent action is needed by the forces for good, whilst restraint and cessation is needed by the dark forces of destruction, otherwise escalation, expanded hostility and global war will result (already being openly provoked & fueled on multiple fronts).


The global economy is all over the place with many businesses closing, financial struggle, and cautious investing. This continued lack of stimulation is due to the lack of fire energy which will return in 2025. The potential for financial loss in 2024 is very real so handle finances carefully. Frugality is the wisest path because extravagance and waste will end in disaster.


Between now and 2030, unimaginable changes.
We must adapt accordingly in order to survive and thrive.
It is advised to create multiple streams of income for stable wealth.

Will your current income continue to exist or be phased out?
Where do you fit in?

- AI, robotics, quantum computing, VR, IoT, SMART cities, the metaverse, biometrics, holograms, drones, cyber security (cyber warfare), global digital currency.

- Social media,
high tech digital interactive communication & communities, online school education, online business & marketing, remote work, entrepreneurship.

- Natural holistic health care, spirituality, metaphysics, beauty, culture, arts & entertainment.

- Eco-friendly real estate & construction, global connectivity & advanced transportation.


- Dragon represents powerful earth which indicates devastating landslides, avalanches and earthquakes (already seen January 1st in Japan 7.6). Traffic accidents may also increase.

- Dragon is water storage vessel which indicates disasters involving water.

- As fire is still absent, indication of air traffic disasters (already seen January 2nd in Japan).

Geo-Engineering 2024
The greatest threat to future of the planet is the deliberate and deadly military manipulation of the weather which began in the 1940's. Every living thing on earth is being dramatically, devastatingly affected with no end in sight.

HEALTH 2024:

The new 20 year cycle ushers in a serious focus on natural health, wellness and healing, with toxic Western medicine, comprised of drugs and vaxxines, being shunned.

Continued absence of fire element creates psychological depression and isolation, dementia, anxiety, stress and lack of self esteem. 2024 will see an increase in hostility and anger as well as a rise in mental illness due to the Yang wood energy which symbolizes the head and the wood element, which represents the liver.

Practice meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, get outdoors in nature, exercise, sunshine and natural light is very important, submerge often in water to cleanse personal energy, sleep well, drink water and eat natural, whole living foods.

Be mindful of:
Headaches or brain problems - Parkinson's.
Heart or cardiovascular challenges.
The nervous system.
Liver problems (storage of anger and toxic energy) - serious detoxification needed.
Eye issues or hair loss (both connected to liver).
Infertility (decline vaxxines, and reduce or remove vaxxed animals from diet).

WOMEN 2024 - 2044:
The new 20 year cycle brings mature women to the forefront as global leaders with significant influence in all fields. They will institute long overdue changes. Men will be wise to support them and to understand this energy is here to stay.
Childrens mental, emotional, physical safety and well-being remains in peril - disaster star 5 is visiting their section in 2024. Nurture, protect and watch over them. Apart from ongoing abduction and global child trafficking, over 12,000 Palestinian children have been killed in Gaza in just 3 months. These children inparticular need help NOW.


2024 Feng Shui Flying Star Visual Chart:

The New 20 Year Cycle 2024-2044 crowns the purple fire #9 star as the most highly desirable energy and the primary wealth star.

The #2 and #4 stars Have New Meanings as they have become untimely, 'dead chi'. They will be initially unstable as they settle into the new 20 year cycle ahead.

The Most Desirable Homes 2024 to 2044 should have mountains in the South, if not, tall buildings, trees or fences, whilst the North should have an outside body of water (swimming pool, lake, pond, river), if not, a road or lower ground.

Mini Chart of Element / Color / Accent Remedies 2024:

Earth / Fire colors.
Water accent ok
Earth / Fire accents
Metal accents ok
Earth / Metal
Water accents ok
Heavy Metal
Fire colors
Wood accents
Fire / Wood
colors & accents
Water / Wood
colors & accents
Metal / Earth
colors & accents

Use the color shades you love ...
Fire: Red, burgundy, purple, lilac, pink, orange - Candles, crystals, triangles.
Earth: Brown, terracotta, yellow, beige - Ceramics.
Metal: Silver, gold, bronze, copper, white, grey.
Water: Blues, black, charcoal - Vase of flowers, mini fountain, aquarium.
Wood: Greens - Plants, orchids, trees.

Note that actual elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) are stronger than colors, but colors emit energy also and may be used to stand-in for elements, especially actual water and fire which must be used wisely.

Mini Chart of Visiting Flying Star Locations 2024:

*Three Killings is in South - Tai Su in SE - Sui Po in NW.

Unstable Wood 4
Good Earth 8
Success, Love
Good Metal 6
Career, Promotion
Bad Earth 5
Bad Wood 3
Good Water 1
Wealth, Luck
Expansive Fire 9
Prosperity, Celebration
Bad Metal 7
Violence, Loss
Unstable Earth 2



Heavenly Help / Income $

Patriarch/Males 45yrs +
Head, Lungs.

Dog (Western USA).
Pig (Alaska).

2024 is star 4
Period 9 is star 1

BadNW 2024
Visitor: Unstable Wood Star #4
Positive energy turning negative.

Relationships - potential for affairs, lust, break-ups, addiction. Caution.

Sui Po visiting - Do not disturb.



Focus on soft fire & earth colors to stabilize dead chi, wood star 4.

Avoid using metal elements or colors.

Water elements ok - fresh flowers ok.

Rose quartz is nice here for relationship protection.

Not a fantastic location for a romantic bedroom due to unstable 4 energy.

Keep area calm & QUIET so as not to activate Sui Po.

NO construction.


May place a Pi Yao facing Grand Duke in SE.



Life Path / Future / $

Middle Son/Males
Ears, Kidneys, Circulation, Blood.

Rat (New Zealand).

2024 is star 8
Period 9 is star 5
GoodNorth 2024
Visitor: Good Earth Star #8

Wealth luck, relationships - strong Peach Blossom luck (love life).

spheres lotus

Enhance with fire and earth elements & color accents to support earth star 8.

Add a touch of metal elements & colors.

Keep active, light and bright.
Windows open to circulate good chi.
Great location for front door.
Keep area clean and tidy.

Lovely area for:
- Quartz crystals, crystal hearts, lotus, spheres, crystal singing bowl, a crystal chandelier.

- Romantic rose quartz mandarin ducks

- Family and friends photos.

- 3 legged toad.

Avoid wood, water elements & colors.

Avoid construction.



Youngest Son/Males
Hands, Fingers, Bones, Muscles.

Ox (Japan, Eastern Australia).
Tiger (Western China, Western Australia).

2024 is star 6
Period 9 is star 3
GoodNE 2024
Visitor: Good Metal Star #6

Career promotion & wealth luck - leadership, authority, military.


Focus on earth and metal to support metal star 6.

Add water accent colors (rug, cushions).

Crystals & ceramics ok here.

Human interaction activates energy here.
If bedroom located here, use water colors to protect health.

NO fire colors, or candles, which destroy good metal star & may cause problems related to liver, legs or lungs.

No fountains.

No wood, which may cause metal injury.



Eldest son/30-45yrs male.
Feet, Throat, Nervous System.

Rabbit (SE Asia - Tibet, Nepal, India).

2024 is star 1
Period 9 is star 7

goodEast 2024

Visitor: Good Water Star #1

Career & financial advancement, luck, new opportunities - romance and relationships.


Focus on water colors & elements, to support water star 1.

Good location for business, office, or bedroom.

Open windows for fresh air & good chi circulation.

Small plants ok - green color is ok.

Wood element ok.
Vase of fresh flowers ok - keep water clean & clear.

Objects with curves, waves or ripples are good - no pointed objects or weapons.

No water in bedroom - use blue or metal colors.

May add rounded metal objects -  singing bowl is nice choice.

Avoid elements and colors of fire.
NO fire, candles, crystals.



Assets, Savings, $

Eldest Daughter/Females 30-45yrs.
Lower Back, Hips, Thighs, Legs.

Dragon (Middle East / Asia).
Snake (Eastern Europe, Israel, Africa).

2024 is star 2
Period 9 is star 8

GoodSE 2024

Visitor: Unstable Earth Star #2
Negative energy turning positive.

Caution ill health - indirect wealth, real estate.

Grand Duke (Tai Su) is visiting.
Do not disturb.


Both earth & metal work in harmony to balance unstable earth star 2 as it shifts into positive energy.

Choose decor mix of metal & earth colors.

Choose smooth, square shaped earth & metal elements - avoid spherical items.

Place metal gourd (Wu Lou) for health protection.

Blue medicine Buddha.

Not a good location for those with pre-existing medical conditions or weakness.

NO wood, fire, water colors or elements.

Avoid displaying animals, including dragon.

Avoid bedroom here if not in good health.


Sit with back against SE for his support, avoid facing.

Pi yao

May place Pi Yao here (the Grand Duke's pet) facing NW.

Never place fountain or aquarium in Grand Duke's section.

NO renovations, digging, banging, door slamming, loud music.

Keep area calm & QUIET.
Doors & windows best closed.



Reputation, Status, Fame.

Older Females/Females 16-30yrs
Eyes, Heart.

Horse (Western Europe).

2024 is star 7
Period 9 is star 4

BadSouth 2024

Visitor: Bad Metal Star #7

Robbery, burglary, loss - violence, assault.

3 Killings visiting - Do not disturb!


Emphasis on both water & wood to weaken metal star 7.

'Broken Soldier' metal 7 is a fighting energy.

Focus on water color accents, images & accessories.

Double check doors & windows for security. Keep locked!

Check security alarms & smoke alarms.

Place blue rhino/elephant for protection.

Place 3 piece bamboo plant grown in clear glass vase of water to drain 7 star.

Remove photos of loved ones to protect them.
Undesirable location for bedroom, working or hanging out.

Do not turn back against West, sit facing.

Keep quiet - no slamming doors, no loud music, no construction, banging or drilling.

3 types of loss from disturbing & activating 3 Killings are: financial, reputation, loved ones.

Place blue Fu Dogs if front door here.

NO fire colors or elements / no candles.

NO metal colors or elements, wind chimes, weapons or sharp, pointy objects.

NO ceramics, earth colors or crystals.

NO moving water features.


Relationships / Friendships.

Matriarch/Older Females
Abdomen, Stomach.

Sheep (Iceland).
Monkey (S.America).

2024 is star 9
Period 9 is star 6
GoodSW 2024
Visitor: Purple Fire Wealth Star #9

Strong wealth, prosperity, celebrations, joy, happiness, popularity, fame & recognition.


Wood & fire elements nourish fire star 9.

Healthy, small lush green leafy plants or orchids support fire energy.

Green, purple, fire accent colors.
Candles - crystals - a crystal chandelier.

A touch of earth element or color, is ok.

Avoid water, metal elements & colors.

Human interaction here activates star energy - dining room, living room.

Lovely area for couples bedroom - for conception, for romance, or marriage.

Perfect area for red Kwan Yin.

Great area for study, office, studio or gym.

Images that represent everything that sparks joy, happiness & success.

Place vision board here with everything you desire.


Children / Creativity.

Youngest daughter/young females.
Teeth, Mouth, Jaw, Chest.

Rooster (Central and Eastern USA).

2024 is star 5
Period 9 star is 2

BadWest 2024

Visitor: Bad Earth Disaster Star #5

Potential for severe misfortune ...

USA & Western Europe afflicted.

chimes pagoda Gourd-
Fu Dogs

Focus on heavy metal element to exhaust earth star 5, plus period 9 star 2!

Hang outdoor 6-rod metal wind chime - Hang indoors if outside not possible.

Place metal gourd (Wu Lu).
5 Element metal pagoda.
Salt Water Cure.
Metal Fu Dogs if front door is here.

Place heavy, round, metal objects - dumbells, tools, saucepans, snow globe, singing bowl, music box, pendulum clock.

Remove photos of loved ones to protect them.

Use metal colors: White, grey, silver, gold, copper, bronze. Blue accents ok.

DO NOT sleep here, especially if pregnant or trying to conceive.

Keep sector QUIET:
NO construction or groundbreaking.
NO drilling, knocking, digging.
NO heavy electronics - generator.
NO weapons.

NO fire or earth colors.
NO fire, candles, triangles.
NO earth, crystals, ceramics.
NO plants or green color.

DO NOT use fireplace here.
BAD location for kitchen stove/oven.

Worst months will be in April, July,
and January 2025



of the Home.

2024 is star 3
Period 9 is star 9

BadCenter 2024

Visitor: Bad Wood Conflict Star #3

Anger, hostility, conflict - legal issues, lawsuits - wealth loss - WAR.


Emphasis on fire energy to exhaust bad wood star 3.

Double check contracts before signing anything, especially if this is an office.

Accent colors in the fire or earth family - rugs, cushions, bedding, curtains etc.

Candle & crystal accents to weaken wood star.

Himalayan salt lamp - fire images - pyramids, triangular shapes ok.

Keep well lit with strong light source to symbolically burn bad wood energy.

Avoid wood, metal & water colors.

NO metal elements which clash with wood & cause injury.

NO wood (orchids, bamboo, plants), or water (aquarium, vase, fountain), which all feed bad wood.

Check fire alarms are working.

Doors and windows best closed.

Red door mat if front door.
Place Fu Dogs if front door.

Be mindful of sound as this star is easily disturbed by noise.

Remove photos of loved ones to protect them.

April will be worst month, double 3.


Water 2024-2044:
Outdoor water is ideal in NORTH - swimming pool, Jacuzzi or fountain, lake, pond or river - secondary choice is SE, SW or East.

No bodies of water in SOUTH, which is ideal for mountains - tall buildings, trees or wall - secondary choice being West, NW or NE.

Best Outdoor Water

Indoor water features - small fountain or aquarium.
EAST appears to be the best choice for 2024.

It is allegedly better if an aquarium or fountain lives on the left side looking out of the front door (the tall green dragon) and not the right side looking out of the front door (the crouching white tiger). The choice is really up to you.

Fish tankFYI:
Yin water is still water (vase).
water is moving water (fountain, aquarium).

- Still water absorbs negative energy of inauspicious stars.
- Moving water increases energy of auspicious stars.

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms represent draining 'dirty' water, not generating 'healthy' water such as a fountain or aquarium.

Never place aquarium in kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, the center, or the South.

Never place moving water features (aquarium, water fountain) in Grand Duke's location - SE in 2024.

NEVER allow water to stagnate, indoors or out - keep fresh, clear and clean.

PlantTips for Feng Shui 2024:

1) Colors of the year? Emerald green, red and gold.

Fire element is still absent - red if you need passion, inspiration, vitality and warmth.

Green if you desire growth and health.
Gold (wealth), silver, copper (healing) or bronze, for metal element of intelligence.

Pink for calmness, romance and soft emotions.
Earth colors are for grounding and focus.

Blues represent different emotion depending on shade - from tranquility and healing, to business and education.

Purples represent luxury, wealth and wisdom.
Orange supports happiness, joy, optimism and sexuality.
Aqua is for healing a broken heart.

2) A salt water cure may be used in the West 2024 for the bad earth #5 disaster star and must not be disturbed or touched once set in place. It must be disposed of outside your property, not flushed down the toilet or sink. If you use just a bowl of salt, change it every month.

Optionally, a super clean bowl of undisturbed water may be used instead, but the water must be changed often, left undisturbed, and remain clean and clear. If any standing water becomes cloudy (vase of flowers), change it asap.

Fu Dogs

3) If your front door 2024 is located in the SOUTH (#7 burglary star), place a pair of Fu Dogs there - on either side of the door on the outside - as protective guardians against negative energies. A WEST front door will also benefit (#5 disaster star).

Don't know why this works, but it does - Fu Dogs rock! Place Fu Dogs outside your front door and back door, patio doors included, any year regardless.


1) If any section appears negative, re-evaluate - tone down, remove object, or add/change to other elements/colors. Water features and candles inparticular may cause disruption if in conflict with area energies or mistakenly misplaced.

2) If you know how, check the flying star birth chart of your home for conflict with annual visiting flying stars. Don't stress about this because in general, the annual visiting stars dictate the overall energy for the year.

FYI: Objects, Elements and Colors.

1) You absolutely DO NOT have to buy strange Asian objects to activate or remedy your home - simply use the elements/objects you already have.

However, having said that, there are five Asian objects we like which can be used every year - just remember that objects are as powerful as the energy you believe them to have!


The Five Element Metal Pagoda
- Protect against bad #5 earth star - WEST 2024

A Blue Rhino and Blue Elephant
- Protect against #7 metal loss star - SOUTH 2024

Six Rod Metal Outdoor Wind Chime
- Protect against bad #5 earth star - WEST in 2024
Can hang chimes indoors if not possible outdoors.

Metal Gourd (Wu Lou)
- Protect against #5 disaster star - WEST 2024
- If anyone in home is seriously ill and sleeps in SE, place a gourd there also.

Pi Yao
This is the Grand Dukes pet - place SE 2024
If you have two Pi Yao, place them together, or the second in the NW facing SE 2024


You can also carry Pi Yao with you, or place in area you need help and protection, even in your car. Some people believe Pi Yao attracts luck with gambling and investments, and place lottery tickets underneath him. If you win, remember i told you ;)


1) Every year - which begins early February - cleanse your specific Feng Shui objects by washing/soaking them in cold, salt water, and then allow them to dry in the sun for a few hours. Then, place the objects in the appropriate area for the New Year Feng Shui energies. DO NOT use same objects from previous year energy without cleansing first.

2) Elements are stronger than colors - e.g. water is stronger than color blue, fire is stronger than color red, etc.

3) Be careful using fire and water elements - they are very powerful energies and if placed incorrectly will block your intentions, or create havoc! Substitute for color if need be.

4) For color energy, use door mat, rugs, carpets, throws, towels, curtains, sheers, cushions, bedding, candles, lampshades, etc.

5) No actual water in bedroom - including fountains, aquariums, water scenes, etc. - may cause weak relationships and infidelity. Sometimes you may need to use the water colors blue, black or charcoal, and that is ok.

6) NO fire/candles in NW ever which destroys native metal and heavenly help.

7) NO water features ever - aquarium, fountain - wherever Grand Duke is visiting (SE in 2024).


Five Element Energy Interaction:
How to neutralize or activate element energy.


Productive/Creative Energy Flow:
Water feeds Wood feeds Fire creates Earth creates Metal supports Water etc

Exhaust/Suppress hostile energy combinations:
Metal suppresses Earth extinguishes Fire depletes Wood exhausts Water calms Metal etc

Destructive/Hostile energy combinations:

Wood upsets Earth dams Water extinguishes Fire melts Metal destroys Wood etc

Tip: To negate hostile combinations, add the element between the two.

i.e. Water extinguishes fire, so add wood to bridge them (use image above).

five elements

Everything in Creation is Energy!

Our health, wealth and relationships, are simply a reflection of the energy we have chosen to embrace, both within and without.
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