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A rare distributorship that places your health
before financial reward.


Taiwan 2009: Nicola and myself - both proud Brits.
Helping others and making a difference is what matters.
Health and happiness are intertwined!
Dear Visitor
This website exists to make a difference, to help YOU.

It all began with the Chi Machine and just a few simple pages, and then it grew into a website with over 200 pages strong, packed with invaluable information regarding health, nutrition, diet, alternative healing, the environment and how to combat the toxic world we live in. This website has become an ongoing labor of love for me, and a gift of health to you.

From four alternative healing machines to the mind/body connection, alkaline diet, extensive cancer guidance, Feng Shui energy balance, vaccinations, aluminum poisoning, chemtrails, beauty and anti-aging guidance, radiation contamination and plastic safety ... to name just a few subjects.

I have extensive knowledge after years of world travel, unique personal experiences, and ongoing massive daily research. I am available 7 days a week, to answer any questions or requests you may have via email or telephone below.

Natural Healing: I am personally so grateful and thankful to be able to use natural healing modalities to take care of myself and my family when situations arise. I cleared my fibromyalgia, insomnia, and lactic acid after Martial Arts class, by passive aerobic exercise. I used Far Infrared heat (my personal favourite), that erased a severe case of mastitis within 2 days, a vicious attack of sciatica in 2015, a lung challenge that refused to let go in 2016, and i believe it saved my son's life when he survived four weeks of excruciating pain with a ruptured appendix that doctors failed to initially diagnose correctly in 2012, resulting in emergency surgery.

In the past, i was able to give away free Chi Machines to those in need, because i honestly care about your health more than any personal financial gain. That is not possible anymore but I am open to doing whatever i can to help you and your loved ones because i understand how incredibly important health is, especially after losing too many close friends and family to cancer. I am available for free consultations and guidance anytime.

Heal the Source - Lose the Band-Aids: There is already an ever-growing army of alternative medical practitioners across the world, determined to transform the outdated and greedy corporate American medical establishment by introducing natural therapies and health care that actually heals and prevents illness, rather than suppress, cut out, poison, burn or medicate with toxic drugs, which i refer to as an expensive band-aid (a plaster to those in the UK).

I personally recommend HTE's home therapy health machines which play an important role by providing health maintenance and natural healing for everyone from ages 4 to 100 yrs, including athletes, seniors, and children. All four machines are inexpensive compared to conventional drugs and protocols, a once in a lifetime investment, they very rarely break down and ... yes they work!

Questions, comments, special requests, life guidance ... tell me what you need. If you don't ask for what you want in life, how can anyone grant your wish? I are here to guide and help you with any personal challenges you may have whether they be physical, mental or emotional.

Stay tuned for updates, news of alternative healing therapies, global cutting edge information, and any new medical devices from HTE's Japanese scientists. I update and add articles on a regular basis to guide, inspire and motivate you as much as possible. After all, it's not what happens to you, but what you do about it. Change your choices and thereby change your life!

Warmest Regards, Namaste,
Chi Machine International.

P.S In the summer of 2004, thanks to a passion for helping people, i traveled with HTE to Hong Kong and China with an International crew and got to visit the Great Wall of China. I have since traveled with the company to Mexico City, Niagra Falls Canada, Thailand and Taiwan. This was all possible because i love what i do - helping YOU to be well. Take a look ... HTE China Tour

In 2014, i received the #1 International global distributor award for HTE. I am honored and thrilled to be recognized, and to be of service, living my life making a difference on many different levels.

2019: I'm still here and still passionate about helping YOU!

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