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Expert Health Guidance
Diet, nutrition, anti-aging,
silent killers, the mind-body connection.

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Section 1:
Sun Ancon Chi Machine
The foundation of health and wellness. Get your body moving!

Section 2:
Far Infrared Heat Therapy
Far Infrared Dome Sauna - SOQI Bed. Heating Pad, Back Support Belt.

Section 3:
ERE / E-Power Machine
Reflexology and Electrotherapy (PEMF) - energy, anti-aging and cell re-connection.
Global Information:

Section 4:

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Section 5:

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Section 6:
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All SOQI machines in action.


Section 1:

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Passive Aerobic Respiration Exercise.

Section 2:

Far Infrared Heat (FIR).
Thermal Therapy.

sun ancon chi
                    machine. SDM-888.
The Original Chi Machine.
Showcased on "The Doctors".

Chi Machine Benefits
P1: Passive aerobic respiration exercise.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine
P2: Meet Dr. Inoue the creator, questions and answers, the back and the autonomic nervous system.

Chi Machine Instructions
How to use the Chi Machine.

Chi Machine Experience
For all ages and occupations.

Understand Your Body
Passive Aerobic Exercise
Definitions and Benefits.

Movement creates oxygen,
the foundation of health.

Lymphatic System
Activation is crucial - Dr. West.

Exercise and diet.

Healing Crisis
Herxheimer Reaction.

Australian Clinical Trials:

Clinical Trials
Flinders University, Australia.

Professor Neil Piller
Renowned Australian Lymphologist.

Explanation and

Articles and Experiences
Advice, reviews and feedback.

Dr. Lipton
Canadian on a mission.

Medical Advice
Dr. Hinwood, Australia - Q & A.

Press, Media, TV
Magazines, Journals, etc.

Background Info:

Patents, Awards, History
Chi Machine history.

Sun Harmony - Sun Ancon
Original name, modified design.

Imitation Chi Machine: Buyer Beware!

Imitation. Imposter.

Imitation VS Original
Original specs.

Comparison Chart
Buyers Guide - Compare. 

HTE Lawsuits
Chi Machine is trademarked.

Chi Machine Myths
Disinformation set straight.

Grande Hothouse.
Far Infrared Sauna Dome.

Far Infrared Dome
A portable dry sauna.

FIR Pets

Far Infrared Sauna for Pets
Home therapy for pets.

Best Far Infrared Sauna
Buyers Guide 2022 - Compare.

Combination Therapy:

SOQI Home Health Spa
FIR Dome and Chi Machine.
Home health spa.

SOQI - Natural healing energies
Check how your life reflects your energy.
How four machines using nature to heal.

What Is Heat Therapy: 

Far Infrared Heat Therapy
P1: History, Technology, Benefits.

Heat Therapy Medical Facts
P2: Facts, Japanese Research.

Used in Europe and Asia.

Far Infrared Oncology
Eminent UK specialists. 

Articles and Experiences
Advice, reviews and feedback.

Men Only
Heat packs a prostate punch.

The SOQI Bed:

Luxury Far Infrared Sauna.

SOQI Bed Spa
The ultimate experience,
for home or business.

Installment Plan
x6 payments, no interest.

SOQI Spa's Worldwide
Photos of SOQI spas.

Other Far Infrared Device:

FIR Pad.

Far Infrared Heating Pad
For humans and pets.

Back Belt.

Far Infrared Belt
Back support, posture, waist cincher.


Section 3:
Electrotherapy Machines - PEMF.
What Is Electrotherapy
All living beings are electro-magnetic energy with a specific frequency.


Electro Reflex Energizer
Powerful reflexology, heated massage, restores feeling, relieves pain, x6 electro-pads included.


E-Power Machine
ATP activation for hours of energy, pH balance, increased negative ions, anti-aging properties and more.

Everyday Health:
Expert Guidance, Diet and Nutrition.

Silent Killers All Around Us.

The Body/Mind Connection.

Diet determines health,
beauty and your age.

Acid and Alkaline Foods
Acid diets create disease.

What You Eat
Update your grocery list.

Anti-Cancer Diet
A matter of life or death.

Diabetes, Neuropathy
Diet can reverse Type 2.
Info for NON-vegetarians.

Body Fat Percentage
Are you overweight?

Diet Guidance
Need help? Fed up?

Eliminate McDonald's, Milk,
Atkins, Coke, Fluoride, Whey.

Water Is Life
Depletion creates obesity, aging,
illness, mental impairment.

Anti-Aging, Beauty
No surgery needed.

Everybody lacks enzymes.

2020-2022 ...

Life Has Changed -
Self Help:

- 15 Healthy Lung Choices

- Be Well, Stay Well pdf

Detoxification Is Everything:

10 Symptoms of a toxic body.

Battle For Daily Health
Kick-ass checklist for every
aspect of your home and daily life.

Poison.-Toxins - Silent Killers:

Kill Cancer
Very important in-depth checklist
for all cancer patients.

Protocols To Avoid
Chemo, radiation, mammograms.
Special focus on Breast Cancer.

Aluminum Poisoning
Alzheimer's, Parkinson's. 
Check your home.

Killer Reality
Common reasons you're sick.
EMF, the invisible death force. 

Chemtrails and Vaccinations
Nefarious agendas that hurt us.

Flu - Earth Changes
Smell the roses while you still can.

Medical Malpractice
Are you a real victim or a customer?

Daisy Health Care For Life
Being sick is expensive,
staying well isn't. 

The Body-Mind Connection:

The Source of Illness.
How to Be Sick
Relationship guidance included.

Money, Love Or Health
The body-mind connection and your life.

Excessive emotion and lactic acid.

Chi-Lel - Ginny's Story
Power of the mind to heal.

Conversation with Arnon
Blind trust in oncology.

chi The Power Of Chi
Our life force energy.

This will make you smile today.

Section 5:

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Section 4:

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Section 6:

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