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Specialist in Renal Nutrition, CA
Mandarin, Cantonese or English.

I graduated from UC Berkeley on 2006 with a degree in Nutritional science physiology and metabolism. Now I am working as a renal dietitian, a certified specialist in renal nutrition. I learned about Chi Machine from my friend who suffers from heart issue. She was recommended by medical doctor to have pacemaker surgery, however, she declined. She told me her heart issue was resolved after using Chi Machine. I went home and did extensive research on Chi Machine. The science and why it works makes sense to me. As a dietitian, I constantly learning and applying ways in achieving good health for my family and self.

I have the Chi Machine for less than a month now, I almost always fall asleep when I am on the Chi Machine. As for my husband, he enjoys the Chi flows as the machine stop and reported he has deeper sleep recently. He has a very busy working schedule and hardly has time to exercise. Traveling to the gym takes time. I am very happy to see he is using the Chi Machine on a consistent daily basis and meet the aerobic exercise quota :)

I am fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin.
I am happy to help anyone to understand the benefits of the Chi Machine in Chinese if needed.

我精通國粵語, 如有需要, 請跟我連絡。


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