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Compare Far Infrared Sauna:

There are many far infrared (FIR) units on the market which is very confusing to the public. This page will explain how they came into existence and the differences between them. This is important so as not to spend a lot of money on something that will not give optimal far infrared benefits as expected and desired, especially if intended for specific use as thermal therapy.

Far Infrared Sauna

The SOQI Far Infrared Dome.
The Original Far Infrared 'Sauna'.

HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise), was the first company to introduce a Far Infrared sauna unit to the public in North America, in 1997 - Invented in Japan, 1988.

The unit was invented in Japan and is called the Far Infrared Dome. The traditional sauna companies took note of this far infrared dry sauna and shortly thereafter followed suit by incorporating far infrared heat into their existing units which still create wet heat.

Source of Far Infrared Rays and the difference between wet and dry heat:

Traditional saunas introduced carbon coated metal rods or carbon coated ceramic plates into their existing sauna units to generate far infrared heat and then renamed and marketed them as far infrared sauna even though they still remain a traditional sauna generating a hot 'wet' heat.

A traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air, which in turn heats up your body. This is a 'wet' heat which therefore requires you to remove your clothes.

A far infrared sauna heats your body directly, without warming the air around you. Far Infrared is a 'dry' heat, clothing is optional. There is no sweating involved - toxins are released through the urine and feces.

None of the traditional 'infrared sauna' or the copycat far infrared sauna domes use the same advanced unique patented crystal chip surface as the SOQI Far Infrared Dome which emits 100% pure far infrared. No other company has been able to duplicate this advanced technology.

Most far infrared saunas emit 40% to around 90% far infrared (very few units reach 90%). Some far infrared sauna units generate too much wet heat and thereby dramatically reduce the actual far infrared emission level.

SOQI Far Infrared Dome.
Silicone crystal chip surface.

Far Infrared Ray

Close proximity to the body
for optimal penetration.

Sources used to generate far infrared by traditional saunas:

- Carbon panels or plastic carbon sheets mixed with bonding glue.
- Carbon coals.
- Carbonized steel metal rods.
- Ceramic coated metal rods.
- Aluminum plate with ceramic coat.
- Small flat and un-reflective ceramic plates.

- Plastic, ceramic or aluminum heaters.
- Chemically treated wood and glues.
- Foldable synthetic material enclosure - wire and ceramic.

- Fiberglass domes - carbon.
- Precious stones such as Amethyst or Jade.
- Carbonized wiring.

- Glue produces toxic fumes.
- Ceramic will crack and break in half.
- Metal rods and wires can generate too much heat.
- Aluminum is toxic.

When you compare these different sources used to generate the far infrared, it is disturbing how potentially toxic they may be, and therefore quite serious to consider choosing one that will benefit your health and not harm it.

Note: The Japanese Far Infrared Dome (bottom of page) has no VOC (volatile organic compounds), which traditional sauna units have.

Infrared sauna

Be cautious of far infrared impostors
 - research, research, research!

Cross section of traditional sauna companies and their choice of far infrared heat source:

- Therasauna, Saunagen, Sun Star, Dreamline, Hydra, Seamax, Royal, Eacon, Spatech, Keys - ceramic, wood.

- Sun Life, Sauna King, Core - carbon, wood.

- Verseo, Evergain, Infraspa, Waterstar, Royal Heat, Golden Heat - foldable synthetic upright, carbon.

- Healiohealth, Waterstar- synthetic material dome, plastic, carbon and ceramic.

- Copycat Sauna Domes - fiberglass or wood, carbon.


FYI - Infrared Spectrum:

Infrared is the common abbreviation used for Far Infrared, or FIR. However, the range is correctly and more clearly defined as Near, Mid or Far Infrared:
1) Near Infrared LIGHT RAY are extremely hot. Folate-conjugated gold nanorods targeted to tumor cell surfaces produced severe membrane damage upon near-infrared light irradiation. Near Infrared is used for chemical analysis in conjunction with the biotechnology of Spectroscopy.

2) Middle or Mid Infrared LIGHT RAY, are used in the application of laser science and spectroscopy.

3) Far Infrared HEAT RAY are used in many medical applications, such as incubators, physical therapy, thermal oncology and dermatology.

                    Infrared Ray

The Original vs the Others:

What You Need To Know About Far Infrared Saunas.
Sauna comparison of the original versus the traditional saunas and copycat domes.

Many far infrared saunas and copycat domes do not radiate the correct micron far infrared ray wavelength which is 8-10 microns (7-11 is acceptable), being the most beneficial to the human body.

Many are less than 5 microns (towards medium infrared ray range) or way beyond 14 microns, which is not physically beneficial.

Initially, most infrared sauna companies did not understand what is a micron, so many companies simply copied or re-wrote the far infrared data and information from the Far Infrared Dome Sauna because scant information and documentation was available at that time written in English.

Note: HTE Australia, exclusive distributors of the Far Infrared Sauna Dome, published a book specially translated into English for the company - "The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy" written by Yamazaki Toshio in Japan.

Nearly all the traditional far infrared sauna companies have had the audacity to copy quotes from the book to their websites, taken from this website or directly from the book.

The book is not available in bookstores and was not intended to be applied to traditional sauna units that haphazardly incorporate far infrared to entice customers. 

Near Infrared:
The difference between FAR Infrared and NEAR Infrared? Near Infrared rays have a shorter wavelength and therefore are less powerful in terms of penetration capacity.

Near Infrared lacks the properties of resonance and absorption found in Far Infrared Ray which allows them to pass thru the skin and reach deeper tissues of the body at varying depths for serious healing benefits.


Image shows traditional sauna that incorporate Far of Near Infrared. Unlike a pure Far Infrared sauna, clothing must be removed as heavy sweating is involved. Pure concentrated Far Infrared does not induce heavy sweating as it is a dry heat.

Most units weigh three times more than the SOQI Far Infrared dome sauna which is only 13 lbs - 5.7 kg.

Warm-up time:
Many units require 10-20 minutes minimum warm up time.The SOQI dome sauna heats up immediately.

Heat range:
Many have temperature ranges that fluctuate dramatically. The SOQI dome sauna heat is set and constant.

Many far infrared sauna pose the danger of overheating and dehydration, air temperature can become unbearable. The Far Infrared dome sauna poses no such danger as overheating of the user does not occur.

The gentle far infrared ray penetrating the body feel more like the 70's temperature wise. The pure far infrared heat of the SOQI dome does not cause hydration, unlike a closed, intensely hot traditional sauna does.

1) Many do not have an electronic thermostat or overload shut-off for safety. The SOQI dome sauna has a built in regulator.

2) Most of the ceramic heaters have some kind of protective face guard because they are so hot that if you accidentally touch them you will get hurt. The SOQI dome surface will not cause this to happen as it has a silicone crystal chip surface.

Traditional sauna units have the source of far infrared
too far away from the body to have optimal impact. The far infrared emitting surface must be as close to the body as possible. The SOQI Far Infrared dome sauna is within inches of the body.

A traditional sauna wooden box unit which people sit in, is hard pressed to provide optimal Far Infrared benefit as the source of far infrared being emitted is not within inches of the body, but feet. The further the body is from the Far Infrared waves, which travel in straight lines, the lesser the impact and benefits.

Medical device:
The SOQI Dome far infrared sauna is officially classified, regulated and recognized as a medical device in four countries, Japan, Australia, Canada and USA


Far Infrared resonant absorption
for maximum healing benefits

Many far infrared saunas, especially the traditional saunas, are considered unsanitary due to sweating and require clothing removal. You do not have to remove clothing under the SOQI dome. No cleaning or wipe down of the dome is needed.

a) The correct term is FAR INFRARED. Near Infrared units are a completely different healing modality which may incorporate light therapy from colored light bulbs.

b) Far Infrared rays penetrates the skin about 2 to 2 1/2 inches - not 4 or 5 inches as some traditional sauna claim.

c) Far Infrared Ray should ideally be 8-10 microns to benefit the human body.  Many traditional units are above 11 or below 7 microns so there is less to zero benefit, as the ray are no longer Far Infrared as they move into different spectrums, microwave or mid-infrared.

d) Traditional far infrared sauna imply the entire body is bathed in Far Infrared. In fact the units have only a few scattered sources emitting far infrared ray.

Apart from being too far away from the FIR source to benefit the body, traditional far infrared saunas simply miss the human target, or are absorbed into the wood which benefits no-one.


Far Infrared must be close to the body
for maximum penetration and benefit.

Electro magnetic frequencies (EMF), are slowly being understood by the public. EMF, depending on frequency and wavelength, with consistent, regular exposure, has been proven to be harmful.

EMF's emitted from cell phones, microwave ovens, electric water kettles and smart meters - all of which are used by millions of people daily - are extremely dangerous to the human body!

Cellular phones when consistently used next to the head, cause brain tumors, or if continually carried in the trouser pocket or bra, have been known to trigger prostate cancer or breast cancer.

A cell phone radiates extremely damaging EMF to the bodies cellular structure, intensified by the close proximity on a daily basis, and the accumulation of long term constant use.

EMF has unfortunately become a major debate between traditional sauna companies, all vying for sales with their wooden units. It is true that some of them do emit higher levels as they are large units generating high electricity.

Check and be sure the EMF frequency of any far infrared unit you consider is
a) below 3.0 milligauss (ideally around 2.0),
b) that the far infrared ray are between 7-11 microns,
c) and that the far infrared rays are in close proximity to the body.

The SOQI Far Infrared Dome meets these requirements and poses no threat to the health of the body, measuring just past 2.0 milligauss on a TriField Meter.


Ultimate Far Infrared Sauna.
A ceramic heater for the body.

HTE was the first company to introduce Far Infrared heat therapy to the North American public over 27 years ago. The Far Infrared Dome was invented by Japanese scientists for maximum natural healing benefits, close to the body for maximum penetration.
SOQI Infrared Sauna.
x3 Hothouse Radiant Domes.

Three Far Infrared Sauna Domes cover the entire body for intense healing, relaxation and detoxification. A perfect 8-10 microns, ideal for healing, is emitted from each dome.

Infrared sauna dome.

No need to remove clothing.

The FIR Dome Sauna accommodates different sized bodies - yes you may keep your clothes on as there is no sweating involved for the average body unless obese or prone to sweating. Far Infrared is not regular heat and works from the inside out of each cell.

                      Infrared sauna dome.

Read a book, watch TV,
take a nap, relax.

You can lie on your front or your back, or have it curved behind you for your back, feet, or top of head. Lightweight and portable. No other company has duplicated this advanced medical technology.

Far Infrared health benefits:
Traditional Far Infrared heat therapy in Asia and Europe is used for relief, reduction and removal of pain, swelling and inflammation, and serious elimination of toxins (such as heavy metals, drugs, pesticides, chemicals etc).

It is used for improved circulation, accelerated healing, tissue regeneration, respiratory challenges, relaxation and other healing properties.

Prestigious clinics in Germany use Far Infrared as a complimentary cancer therapy.

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