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It's all about physical movement and diet.


Every year in the USA more than 800,000 people die from heart disease or stroke. Statistics say every 40 seconds someone has a stroke, and every 3.5 minutes someone then dies. - Source CDC.
Circulation impacts your entire body, especially the brain, the heart, the limbs, the lungs, the liver and the kidneys, thereby affecting oxygen levels and toxin elimination.

When cells lack oxygen and toxins are not being eliminated, it's open season for all kinds of physical challenges which will become worse the longer the situation is not addressed. It becomes a vicious cycle because you don't feel like moving when you become sick, you just want to lie down on the couch or stay in bed.

Lack of movement = poor circulation
= poor oxygenation
= poor detoxification
= pain and disease.

Symptoms of Circulatory Disease:
The Brain - Headaches, poor memory, dizziness, lack of focus.

The Heart - Shortness of breath, high blood pressure, chest pains, fluid retention, low energy, irregular heartbeats etc, all of which can lead to heart failure and heart attack.

The Lungs - Breathlessness, fluid retention, congestion, possible collapse.

The Limbs
- Cold feet and hands, numbness, tingling, muscle cramps, varicose veins, fluid retention, pain, discoloration of fingers and toes.

The Liver - Appetite loss, skin tone discoloration, itchy skin.

The Kidneys
- Swelling in the limbs, irregular heart beat, fatigue, higher blood pressure.


Going nowhere
besides the doctor's office.

A person with good circulation maintains a healthy body with daily exercise and a healthy diet, but far too many people lead sedentary lifestyles and eat diets that are primarily acidic. Lack of physical movement means the Lymphatic System doesn't get to work which means the body then stews in its own toxins.

Blood pressure explained:
The more fat content in your blood, the slower your blood circulation and harder your blood vessels become. The aperture of blood vessels enlarges and your body becomes weak. This is known as low blood pressure.

With more fat and thrombus in the blood vessels, the blood circulation becomes even slower, and impurities in your blood clog up. One of these is cholesterol. As deposits increase, the blood vessel aperture becomes restricted and the force required for the blood flow is greater. This is known as high blood pressure.

Common culprits of poor circulation:
High salt intake, acidic diet, inactivity (which create diabetes, weight gain, obesity, heart disease and heart failure, fluid retention etc), anxiety, smoking (try E-Cigs instead or quit), and even flying (take frequent walks up and down the plane aisle).

If circulation becomes compromised and does not meet the needs of the heart and lungs, consequences can lead to heart failure and fluid retention. Prevention and recovery cannot occur soundly without lifestyle changes.



Going places, enjoying life, staying healthy.

1) Move your body daily - take a walk, bike, swim, jog, rebound (trampoline), try water aerobics (which has low impact), - get your circulation moving for increased oxygen and elimination of toxins via stimulation of the critically important lymphatic system.

If you can't get out to exercise due to weather conditions, illness, age or physical challenges, passive aerobic exercise is an option, in the comfort of your own home.


Acid food causes disease.
Choose alkaline food.

2) Focus on an Alkaline Diet. If cells becomes overly acidic (foods high in sugar and red meat), body systems will begin to malfunction and healthy alkaline cells become deprived of oxygen, which in turn promotes disease, and cancer.

Time and time again, exercise (movement of the body), and a healthy diet, prove to be critical factors in keeping the human body fit and healthy. Sedentary lifestyles and acid diets only lead to serious consequences sooner or later. Is the resulting expense and pain worth it?


So you hate exercise. The weather is either too hot or too cold. You don't own a bicycle, and you don't have a swimming pool. You refuse to work-out, do yoga, or dance around your living room to videos on YouTube. You have no time ...

Note: 2020/21 were not conducive to regular outdoor exercise - because of lockdowns and restrictions - and many of us discovered just how important it is to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Sitting indoors does not promote health.  

Now there are no more excuses - passive aerobic exercise could not be any simpler. Just lie down on the floor for 5-10 minutes. You don't even have to leave the house.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine creates physical movement by moving your ankles from side to side at a specific set speed thus inducing relaxation of both the mind and the body whilst maintaining and supporting health and wellness. This motion energy allows for no pressure on any part of the body and no possibility of injury or harm.

Deceptively simple and easy to use, health benefits from the Chi Machine are cumulative and sustainable, the very foundation of health, oxygenation and detoxification.

lie down relax

Lie down, put your ankles on top of the machine, set the timer, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and relax.

Daily passive aerobic exercise affects the entire body promoting oxygenation, detoxification, circulation, pain relief, improved respiration, mental focus, relaxation, multiple health benefits and a better nights sleep. What have you got to lose ... besides your health.

The Chi Machine is for your health, your childrens health, your grandparents, your brothers and sisters, your parents, and all those you love ❤


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