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HTE China Tour - Hong Kong 2004

International Distributors Celebration
- #1 International Distributor 2014.

Hong Kong: In 2004 i found myself on stage receiving my very first outstanding distributor crystal award, at a huge International HTE celebration. The Aussies and Europeans went on to tour Thailand, whilst distributors from the USA, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico toured China.

HTE's group traveled extensively from Hong Kong to Shanghai, visited several different towns - including one which was the equivalent to Venice, Italy - and ended up in Beijing where they visited the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs and of course, Tianamen Square.

I'm passionate about helping people
and love world travel to discover more.

HTE has occasional adventures to places such as Cancun, Mexico and Nassau, Bahamas 2005 where i went jet skiing in crystal clear water and rode a horse thru the jungle and on the beach. In 2006 i went to Thailand with my Australian group and Bangkok is now one of my favourite cities in the world.

The company was in Las Vegas 2006 and again in 2014 for the introduction of a new product (sadly the weekend that Robin Williams passed away). In 2007 HTE visited San Francisco, USA, and Mexico City, Mexico, where i was privileged to climb the magnificent ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan with my Australian and UK group.

Company trips (all expenses paid), include San Diego, Niagra Falls in Canada, and Taiwan in 2009 for HTE's International convention - i was given two more beautiful crystal statue awards, rode a bullet train and visited a live sulphur hotspring.

In spring of 2010, HTE went to Salt Lake City, Utah where i visited the Winter Olympic Village and heard the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing. The company has since hosted a cruise to Alaska, Mexico, and another to the Bahamas.

Taiwan 2009

Taiwan, Summer 2009
Jeff K, Myself, Vivienne and Jo.

Hong Kong Award

Hong Kong 2004,
myself and Jeff K.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles,
Spring 2008

Great Wall

The Great Wall of China 2004


On stage in Las Vegas 2009


On stage Taiwan 2014
#1 Global Award.

Hong Kong and China 2004:

The group was primarily from the USA, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. This photo was taken in front of The Great Wall Of China.

Thank you all for the experience of a lifetime and love to David and Andy our fantastic tour guides. Special thanks to the amazing Mexicans for their love of life, their songs and passion for shopping!

Paula, my American room-mate, you go girl. I would have lost my mind and belongings without you. Hey, lets do this again next year and have another brilliant 90 minute Beijing massage for $15! Anyone want to join us?


China: Jade, pearls, silk, incredible
history, stunningly beautiful scenery,
extremely hardworking people.
No English

Hong Kong: Skyscrapers, shopping,
humidity, beaches, cosmopolitan, smog.
English speaking.

Taipei, Taiwan 2014:

Guess what? I was awarded the #1 International distributor global award. I was up against USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and Europe. I was humbled, thrilled and honored, it was a complete surprise, i had no idea as i honestly never compete for anything.

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