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Holistic health care using home healing machines. Is it time for you to focus on your health and wellness? If not now, when.

Natural health and wellness without toxic drugs, invasive procedures, or any physical effort.

No need to go to the gym or brave the wind and rain. Be well and stay well within the comfort and warmth of home.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine UK

Get your body moving.
No need to leave home.

Motion Energy.

Passive Aerobic Respiration Exercise.

Promotes circulation.
Promotes temporarily oxygen increase.

Proven, effective lymph drainage (Australian clinical trials).

Promotes waste and toxin elimination (lymphatic system).

Chi Machine Original

Healthy back support.
Stimulates the autonomic nervous system.

Promotes sleep and relaxation.
Relieves stress - Promotes mental focus.

Temporarily relieves muscle pain, aches, soreness, tension.

Determine your health status in 60 seconds:

FYI: Heart Disease is the second leading cause of death in the UK due to stress, lack of exercise and poor diet.

- Do you get your body moving/walking/exercising every day? - driving doesn't count.

- Do you often have aches and pains in your back, shoulders and head?

- Do you receive enough sleep?
- Do you like the way you look and feel?

- Do you drink water every day? - beer and sodas are sugar which ages you.

- Do you eat take-out food, fried food and canned food frequently?

- Are you overweight - do you have a beer gut or flabby stomach?

- Are you doing drugs or taking medication, thereby putting a temporary bandage on your physical/mental/emotional issues?

- Are you a heavy smoker and believe your lungs will last indefinitely?

- Are you stressed out nearly every day?
- Are you lazy and simply hate exercise?


If health and happiness is not a priority in your life, look in the mirror at the consequences. Opioid addiction, sickness, obesity, depression and anger, are VERY unattractive qualities, even to the ones that love you.

Cigarettes, alcohol, curry and chips, prescription drugs, pain killers, the latest fashion and cosmetic surgery, will NOT give you health, happiness or long-term youth.

If you were your partner, would you want to be with you? Think about it.


The Sun Ancon Chi Machine
  is for everyone from 4yrs to 100yrs.

Gran loves her Chi Machine.

Ideal for Senior Citizens, the Physically Challenged and anyone experiencing daily physical debilitation or difficult recovery struggles. Passive aerobic respiration exercise promotes circulation and oxygen to deprived areas of the body, due to inactivity, aging, illness or accidents. A good choice for senior citizen homes, rehabilitation and detox centers.

Housewives - Parents - Office Workers - Shop  Sales:
5-10 minutes on the Chi Machine during lunch break or whilst the kids nap will give you unparalleled stress relief and relaxation. Ordinary weight loss is a pleasant side benefit, if used on a consistent daily basis coupled with a healthy diet.

Sweatless, simple and easy to use, even in a business suit or dress, it revitalizes and temporarily releases muscles pain and soreness thereby relieving tension in the back, neck and shoulders, creating mental focus and increasing both productivity and morale.

Children and Teenagers:
Hyperactive youngsters, unhappy teens, opioid addiction, the Chi Machine calms, focuses, balances and soothes mental and emotional upset.

Computer Workers and Physical Labor/Construction Workers:
Computers and cell phones disrupt your sleep patterns, causes mental stress and create physical pains. Hard physical labor causes physical pain, muscle stress, injury and mental fatigue.

Solomon Haumono.Australia

Australian Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Rugby League Star, Solomon Haumono, used the Chi Machine in his daily training.

Great for Football and Rugby Players, Boxers, Athletes, Coaches - Dancers - Martial Arts:
The relaxing effect of the Chi Machine enables athletes to loosen up, to warm up and cool down, before and after games and workouts.

FYI: Lactic acid is released by increased oxygen.


Health Clubs, Daily Workouts, Retreats, Spas, Yoga:
An excellent way to warm-up and to cool down. An effortless way to support health and weight maintenance. A natural runners high is experienced as your natural Chi life force is stimulated.

A state of meditation is induced via the gentle oscillation. Cheaper than a health club membership and more convenient as you can do this in the comfort of your home.

Highly trusted and recommended by doctors, chiropractors, hospitals, clinics, physiotherapists and sports trainers. Popular with athletes and day spas worldwide.

The Chi Machine temporarily temporarily relieves muscle aches and pains, relieves mental stress, enables you to relax, promotes sounder sleep and a return to natural body system functioning and state of balance.

No spine jarring effect of running, jogging or rebounding. No risk of injury.

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Time to be healthy and well.

 If not now ... when?


The foundation of health and wellness:
Oxygen (exercise), Water, Nutrition.

1) Without sufficient oxygen - due to shallow breathing, substance abuse, lack of exercise, stress, and environmental pollution - your body will sooner or later become diseased, painful and dysfunctional. Increased oxygen only happens by moving your body (aerobic exercise).

2) Without sufficient water, your cells will clog and decay, wrinkles develop, weight gain is apparent due to stagnant toxins trapped in your body, thereby creating a multitude of minor to major illnesses.

3) Without sufficient alkaline foods your cells become acidic resulting in illness and disease.


Health and Happiness,
or Illness, Pain and Restriction.

1) Oxygen. Lack of Oxygen is the root of most, if not ALL disease. Cancerous cells cannot live or grow in the presence of oxygen. A cell becomes cancerous when it receives less than 60% of its oxygen requirement. Increase oxygen in the body via daily physical movement - aerobic exercise - thereby keeping the body and mind healthy, strong and focused.

2) Water. Lack of water is the second root of disease. Your body is about 75% water. Dehydration causes trapped toxins, cells will not reproduce, circulation to the skin decreases - aging, pain, and illness take hold. Sipping water throughout the day, moisturizes, hydrates and eliminates toxins from the body. Incidentally, all your emotions affect the water in your body and therefore your health. How happy are you?-

3) Physical Movement. Lack of physical movement - aerobic exercise - causes oxygen starvation, trapped, stagnant toxicity and dysfunctional circulation, thereby causing a domino effect in the body which results in pain, disease and decay. Daily exercise prevents dysfunctional body systems, stress, energy depletion, toxin accumulation, oxygen starvation, weight gain, pain and aging.

Movement of the body is critical for health.

4) Your Lymphatic System MUST be stimulated daily in order to remove all physical toxicity and waste, which is flushed out of the body by water via urine and sweat, activated by physical movement.

5) Your Immune System performance level depends upon sufficient oxygenation and daily lymph drainage to remove toxicity.

6) Your Circulation is entirely dependent upon your lymph system operating optimally, with optimal oxygenation.

7) 80% of Chronic Diseases are linked to the Spine. If your spine is mis-aligned, often due to bad posture, lack off flexability and physical activity, multiple health problems may result.

8) Quality Sleep -Your body must have it in order to heal, re-balance, rejuvenate, relax and re-align. Quality, uninterrupted sleep occurs when physical pain, stress and mental activity are at peace.

9) Alkaline Foods and Liquids - Eating acidic foods and liquids will break down, age and destroy your body. #1 acidic enemy? SUGAR - sugar feeds cancer, erodes the body and causes aging.

10) Sunshine - Far Infrared Ray (FIR) and Vitamin D, are vital for health.


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Europe and UK.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine
The foundation of health and wellness.

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Imitation Chi Machines

Chi Machines sold on eBay and Amazon are imitations. Many tend to breakdown due to plastic parts or weak motors.

Multiple incorrect speeds are known to create lower back pain and knee pain. You get what you pay for.


"Your life and health is not by chance or
coincidence. It's a reflection of who you are."

- Author Chimachine4u.

Far Infrared Therapy:

                              Machine and FIR Hothouse dome.

SOQI Far Infrared Dome used in combination with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

Far Infrared Dome
Far Infrared heat - Nothing can survive or thrive without it.

US$990.00 (Reg. price US$1,200.00)

Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Serious healing from the inside out. Promotes and supports toxin elimination (heavy metals), circulation, healthy lung function, tissue regeneration, accelerated healing, serious relief from pain, swelling and inflammation, healthy skin function, relaxation and more.

One size Far Infrared Dome fits most all bodies, for all the family, pets included.


E-Power Machine

The E-Power Machine
Power up your entire body!

Activates ATP for hours of energy, anti-aging properties, promotes pH balance of the body, promotes pain relief, boosts negative ions and feelings of well-being. The E-Power supports re-connection and communication of the body's electrical circuitry.

US$650.00 (Reg. price US$740.00)

Electrotherapy / Reflexology.

The Electro Reflex Energizer
Powerful Reflexology.

Supports recovery from loss of feeling and numbness, as well as relief from aches, pain and soreness in the feet and legs - can also be used for hands and wrists. Heated foot pads. Includes x6 electro-pads that act as TENS units.

US$450.00 (Reg. price US$520.00)

Of Interest - Music Lovers, Portsmouth, UK:


Roger Courtney's Open Mike Music Club -

For musicians and singers of all talents and ages. Every Thursday evening. FUN, FUN, FUN! Stop by and sing or play your heart out as you drink and have a laugh with Nick.

We love and support the Southsea Victorious Festival!

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