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SOQI Machines Europe.
Passive Aerobic Exercise,
Far Infrared, Electrotherapy.

Natural healing therapy machines. Ideal for home use, or used as complimentary integrative healing modalities in health care centers, clinics, hospitals, health clubs and spas.

High quality medical machines that utilize the natural healing powers of the body - No drugs, no invasive procedures, no toxic side effects.

SOQI Machines
Natural Health and Wellness.

2022 Update:
We regret to announce that HTE USA no longer ships overseas. Orders can only be shipped to address within USA or Canada. Visitors may order in advance of arrival.
Home Healing Machines.
Registered as medical device in Japan, Australia, Canada, USA.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Increased oxygen and circulation, pain relief, lymphatic drainage, mental focus, relaxation, healthy back support, and more.

SOQI Far Infrared Dome Sauna
Rapid pain, swelling and inflammation relief,supports serious toxin elimination, promotes healthy lung function, relaxation and more.

Electro Reflex Energizer
Powerful massage stimulation for feet, legs and hands using reflexology. Relieves pain,
soreness, fatigue, and returns feeling to legs and feet. Six electro-pads included for use on the body.

E-Power Machine
Recharge and reconnect the electrical circuitry of the body, boost ATP and negative ions - for health challenges, hours of energy, beauty and anti-aging. Power up your entire body.

Holistic Healing Therapy.
Advanced Japanese Technology.

Original Chi Machine:

Movement of the body promotes circulation and increased oxygen, stimulation of the lymphatic system which promotes elimination of metabolic waste and toxins, lymph drainage, healthy back support and flexibility, promotes ANS balance, ordinary weight loss, temporary relief from muscle pain, internal massage and relaxation.

Chi Machine

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine Invented by Japanese scientist Dr. Inoue.

Part 1 - Oxygenation, Lymphatic System.

Sale: US$495.00
(reg. price $590.00)

The Original Chi Machine has never been changed internally since it was created in 1990, because nothing needs to be improved.

One set speed for maximum benefit and harmony of the body.

All metal parts and a strong motor. Proven to last for 15 to 25 yrs, and very rarely breakdown.

Part 2 - Back Health.

chi machine

Passive Aerobic Exercise

2 yr warranty.
Voltage: 220v / 50Hz
Wattage: 35
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions: 33.7cm x 30.2cm x 21.2cm

Swing Frequency:
140 oscillations per minute.
Swing Travel: 37 mm
Self Timer: 2 to 30 minutes.
(20 mins max recommended)
One speed only as designed by Dr. Inoue.

Three arm

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Far I
nfrared Dome:

Far Infrared Thermal Therapy

Well known in Europe by German oncologists, Far Infrared heat therapy is used to rapidly relieve pain, swelling and inflammation, elimination of serious toxins, healthy lung support, increased circulation, accelerated healing, relaxation and more.

The SOQI Dome is the best Far Infrared Sauna on the market. No other company has been able to duplicate this technology. 100% Far Infrared Ray for maximum health benefits.


Sale US$990.00

(reg. price $1,200.00)

Length: 80.5 cm
Width: 36.80 cm
Height: 40.1 cm
Weight: 7.7 kg

2yr warranty Europe.
Known to last 12-15yrs.
Voltage: 220v / 50Hz
Wattage: 350

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An advanced natural health therapy, well known in Germany and Russia, the future of medicine has arrived. Electrotherapy works in harmony with each cell and the electrical circuitry of the body.

E-Power Machine
is primarily used to communicate and reconnect the electrical circuitry of the body, and to relieve pain. The E-Power boosts ATP and negative ion production, promotes hours of energy, supports pH balance, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and has anti-aging properties.



Sale: US$650.00
(reg. price $740.00)

Weight: 3.4 kg
Size: 32.2 x 31.75 x 16.51 cm
Voltage: 220v / 50Hz - 18w + 20%

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Modern Reflexology.
Reflexology for powerful stimulation of the feet and legs to relieve pain and soreness. Hands and wrists may also be used.

Electro Reflex Energizer
promotes re-connection and communication of electrical circuitry. If there is loss of feeling in the feet or legs, adjust the dial accordingly as sensation returns. Comes with x6 electro-pads to target different body areas.

                      Reflex Energizer Chi Machine International
Based on the ancient healing art of Reflexology.


Sale: US$450.00
(reg. price $520.00)

Weight: 3.1 kg
Size: 39.2 x 32.0 x 11.0 cm
240v/110v dual voltage.

Far Infrared Bed:

SOQI spa

Massage Table plus x3 Far Infrared Domes and x1 Original Chi Machine - Built in MP3 player with x2 Speakers.

Luxury SOQI Bed, intense natural healing for home use, or may be incorporated into any professional health and wellness business.


Sale: US$5,190.00
(reg. price $5,600.00)

Only available in USA.
For home or business.

Far Infrared
Heating Pad.

Cozy and soft, this far infrared heating pad relieves local aches, pains, soreness, muscle tension and monthly pain. Adjustable temperature control. Not to be used as a heating blanket. Two sizes.

Comes with its own carry bag.
Two sizes, Regular or Grande.
110 volts only for USA or Canada.

Sale: US$165.00
(reg. price $200.00)

Makes a great gift.



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