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HTE does not have a head office in South Africa, but has a SOQI service center which includes repair if needed - the center is under Thai jurisdiction.

1) Head office in Thailand holds the rights to all HTE franchises set up in SA, or anywhere else in Africa - each franchise approved and purchased via HTE Thailand -

2) HTE has corporate offices in 12 countries (none in SA), with HTE head office for the world being located in Taipei, Taiwan.

3) South Africans may purchase a franchise through the SA SOQI Center.

"The owners of the SA SOQI Service Centre operated by Mr. Hilton and Mr. Gilbert are the official distributors of HTE, with valid and legal agreement with HTE Thailand, possessing the recognized Distributor Management System offered by HTE Thailand to run the SOQI Service Centre as well as the franchise business in South Africa. Product and franchise purchase from the SOQI Service Centre is deemed equivalent to purchasing from HTE Thailand. All the personal information collected by SOQI Service Centre is thereafter submitted to HTE Thailand as membership data. The SOQI Service Centre has been fulfilling the obligation of refunding commission to all the members in South Africa."

HTE head office in Thailand are happy to answer any questions or challenges you may have regarding SOQI franchises in South Africa. Please direct all communication to the following email:

Head Office HTE Thailand Email:


1 You do not have to purchase a SOQI franchise in South Africa to create an income. All you need to do is to become a distributor via Thailand head office in order to receive commission checks. You of course have the option to sign-up under any existing distributor in South Africa.

2) a Customers may order directly from the USA head-office, or from the Thailand head-office. Alternatively, you may order from any of the Asian head offices if you choose.

b Potential new distributors may sign-up through the USA only if you have an American social security number, bank account and address.

3) All HTE distributors have the right to operate and sell HTE machines worldwide as independent contractors - HTE is a global MLM company.

4) As a distributor you have the right to independently sign up new distributors who are then placed under you.

5) HTE machines are registered as medical device in 4 countries: Japan, Australia, Canada, USA.

Chi Machine International works with

HTE USA for sales to South Africa.

1) You may buy any HTE machines from HTE USA.

2) HTE natural healing machines are for use in your home or health business.

3) Freight to SA can be very expensive! It is best to use a private shipping company. Another option is to buy the machines in the USA if you or a friend or family member is visiting. Shipping is very cheap, plus sales tax, to any location you will stay in, within mainland USA.

4) Contact the Thailand head office for price quotes from South African warehouse, or talk to a local person who owns a SOQI Spa - Email:

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