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Special Focus on Breast Cancer.

Have you thought to question the sanity of poisoning your own body with extremely carcinogenic chemicals, which are now proven to cause even more cancer? Did you know that mammograms cause cancer, and give false information frequently resulting in unnecessary mastectomies? Do you know about Thermography? Do you understand that chemo and drugs are not the only choices? This page is a wealth of information to help you on your journey.

Trillions of dollars spent on cancer research in the past 40 years has improved survival by only 3 months.


Cancer is the SYMPTOM of a sick mind and body. Doctors and oncologists band-aid the symptom with deadly poisons and surgery. They do NOT address or REMOVE the SOURCE.
Doctors have a license that impels them to push drugs, having no knowledge about nutrition and absolutely no desire to actually find and eliminate the cause.

Appallingly, every year, over 1 million cancer patients receive toxic chemotherapy, radiation, or both. Many of these cancer patients will die from the toxicity and terrible damage caused by the chemotherapy and radiation, not from the cancer. Remission does not mean cancer free. This is your life, your future, your health, your body - your choice, you decide.

Radiation and chemotherapy damage respiratory enzymes in healthy cells, and overload them with toxins, so they become more likely to develop into cancer. The immune system becomes further compromised, and the underlying cancer causing conditions are worsened, not improved. This is followed by the cancer typically 'returning' for a second time (usually within 4-6 years - because it never went away), unless YOU make dramatic physical, emotional, dietary and lifestyle changes to recover and live a full life.

Radiation and

Western Medicine Cancer Protocol, 
Cut, Poison and Burn the Body.

Hair falls out, brain cells are fried, skin is burnt, immune system is shattered. Long term damage may include secondary cancers, lymphoedema, infertility, sterility, loss of mental focus. Maybe you should avoid these cancer protocols and instead change your lifestyle, learn how to heal naturally, and enjoy a quality life with dignity. Getting cancer didn't happen overnight and won't disappear overnight. Weigh your choices very carefully!

 cancer protocols

Over 110 years old.
Outdated protocol.

Apparently there is no large cumulative study to support the overall survival rates of radiation therapy i.e. There is no data to justify radiation, so why is it being implemented daily? The answer is money, and indoctrinated belief systems instilled within medical orthodox scripture, used to educate the medical professional regarding standard cancer protocol which does not waver: drugs, surgery, chemo and radiation. The cancer industry turns over in excess of $125 billion annually.

There is a reason your dentist moves into another room while performing x-rays on your teeth, or the lab technician leaves the room when you have an x-ray ... cumulative radiation causes cancer.

"The latest published data on radiation exposure suggests that roughly 25,000 Americans develop cancer every year as a result of medical radiation exposure, and many more experience DNA damage that could eventually lead to the development of cancer and other health problems in the long term.

Every year, millions of Americans opt to undergo computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and X-ray scans for medical purposes, thinking that by doing so, they are keeping up with the latest technologies in advanced medical care. But each time medical patients get one of these scans, their bodies sustain varying levels of ionizing radiation, the negative effects of which can take years to manifest as they build up cumulatively over time.

CT scans, which are a relatively modern medical imaging technology, are particularly problematic as they emit far higher doses of radiation than traditional x-rays do. Based on the figures, a single CT scan can blast up to 500 times the amount of radiation released by a single x-ray, an astounding level when considering how gratuitously CT scans are administered within the medical profession today." -

The worldwide average background radiation dose for a human being is about 2.4 millisievert (mSv) per year. A highly targeted dose used in conventional cancer radiotherapy (single dose) is 2,000 mSv.

Detailed Radiation Dosage Chart including other medical protocols as well as cancer radiotherapy.

Radiation Effects.


Cancer Radiation - Known side effects:
Side effects may be more severe if you also receive chemotherapy before, during, or after radiation therapy.

1) Skin changes may include severe dryness, itching, peeling, blistering, skin burning, skin color change and sensitivity to sunlight.

2) Extreme fatigue.

3) Decrease in white blood cell count, which means a higher risk for infection.

4) Possibilities: Anemia, diarrhea, hair loss in the treatment area, mouth problems, nausea and vomiting, sexuality changes, lymphoedema, restriction of movement, trouble swallowing, loss of appetite, urinary and bladder changes. Persistent cough, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pains.

5) Side effects after 6 months may include infertility, joint problems and secondary cancer.

6) Lung or heart problems may develop during following years, and are permanent.

7) Radiation’s effects on the tissues continue to worsen for years after the initial treatment.

The REAL conflict is that conventional medicine only addresses and treats the manifesting symptoms of any disease, a mindset that is not trained, or cares to address, THE SOURCE, and thereby prevent it from re-occurring or returning.

Guliana Rancic.Wanda Sykes.

Guliana Rancic TV host and comedian Wanda Sykes. Guliana had early stage breast cancer and Wanda had Stage 0. Both opted for double mastectomy, no radiation, no chemo. Actress Christina Applegate chose the same path, no chemo or radiation.

TIP: If you receive radiation for cancer, rub aloe vera juice (taken from a fresh cut leaf of the plant), on the area receiving radiation. This will help in prevention of skin burns and tissue damage.


Over 60 years old.
Outdated protocol.

How did chemo come into existence?
"Chemotherapy was first discovered in the 1940's while testing the effects of the chemical warfare material "mustard gas". It was found that humans exposed to mustard gas had profound lymphoid and myeloid suppression. This observation was reason to believe that such a chemotherapeutic agent could be successful in treating lymphoma - and indeed it was. Shortly after World War II, more research was done that found that other chemicals used in a similar fashion were effective against leukemia. Once chemotherapy regimens were explored further, it soon became the norm to give chemotherapeutic agents to any and everyone suffering from an inoperable cancer without any evidence to justify it. Why? Mainly because there simply wasn't any other options available at the time." - Dr. Burzynski.


Chemo continues to be used despite the proven fact that alternative options exist that are NOT TOXIC. Alternative, natural options - such as Cannabinoids, Antineoplastons, Hyperthermia, GcMAF and diet change - are not supported or recommended by conventional medicine and are in fact shot down, suppressed and persecuted.

a) Plants cannot be patented.
b) Trillions of dollars would be lost by big pharma and their investors, oncologists, and conventional medical professionals.

c) Alternative, natural, non-toxic cancer therapy options cost a fraction compared to conventional toxic cancer therapy.

d) Chemo and drug expenses keep the Western medical protocol establishment wealthy, whereas suggesting diet changes, Vitamin D (sunshine) and daily exercise offers no profit. Doctors are not allowed to tell the truth that cancer patients need to cut out sugar from their diet as it feeds cancer. Doctors are prohibited from discussing an alkaline diet and instead will tell cancer patients to eat anything they want, including feeding them cookies and candy prior to chemotherapy!

e) FEAR frequently dominates new cancer patients, and that in itself will dictate conventional cancer therapy as the easiest option for many cancer patients, their family and friends, because that is all they have been taught. Oncologists are not going to guide them any differently, or reveal they would never do chemo themselves.

Why chemotherapy is a terrible choice:
P.S. Poison doesn't kill poison.

1) The Royal College of Radiologists conducted an extensive study reviewing any and all published peer-reviewed clinical trials across the United States involving the use of chemotherapy treatment from January 1990 to January 2004.

The combined total percentage of 5-year survival rates in cancer patients treated with chemotherapy - covering 22 different types of malignancies - was a mere 2.1%.


The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy
to 5yr Survival in Adult Malignancies

Read the study for yourself, which includes over 15 different types of cancer.

"Chemotherapy drugs are cytotoxic, meaning they poison the cells in our body that multiply the most rapidly, which is how the majority of cancer cells perform. Chemo drugs however don't just kill the cancer cells that are dividing, but any dividing cell, including the multitude of healthy cells all over the body caught in the act of dividing. For those whose 'healthy' cells are multiplying faster than the cancer cells, there isn't even a theoretical chance of success. This explains why chemotherapy is effective in only 2 to 4% of cancers - primarily, Hodgkins disease, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, Testicular cancer, and Choriocarcinoma.

For the majority of people who have healthy cell division, you may end up killing the body before the cancer does. For instance, there is a high probability that certain fast multiplying immune system cells including our T and B lymphocytes will also die, contributing to our body's inability to fight opportunistic diseases that arise as a result of the treatment. Other cells that grow fast are cells of the bone marrow that produce blood cells, cells in the stomach and intestines, and cells of the hair follicles, which is why a patient's hair usually falls out." - extract from:

2) Chemo - Know side effects:
The American Chinese Medicine Association has said that "most cancer patients die of chemotherapy." So how does this factor into conventional medical dictum "First Do No Harm" ... It doesn't!

Chemotherapy will poison the body, destroying youth and beauty, rapidly aging the patient physically and mentally. The light in the eyes is extinguished, the body and mind is put into a state of war. Stress and drugs take a heavy toll.

Chemotherapy symptoms often include nausea, vomiting, hair loss, nail loss, bleeding gums, sores on the lips and inside the mouth,  muscle loss, nerve damage, immune system damage and also possible brain, heart, kidney or liver damage - this damage may become permanent for some women.

Of 4,075 breast cancer patients who had chemotherapy, roughly one in six of these patients showed up in the emergency room or were hospitalized due to side effects, such as low blood pressure, dehydration, or nausea. - JNCI 2006 study, Hassett M et al.

There are 201 side effects listed on the Chemocare website:

Robin Roberts.

Robin Roberts, TV host. 2007: Partial mastectomy and lumpectomy, chemo, and lymph nodes removed at 46yrs. 2012: 5yr marker. June 2012 Robin was diagnosed with MDS (bone and blood marrow disorder - pre-leukemia). The breast cancer chemo caused the MDS. -

3) Chemo Brain:
Changes in memory, conversation, attention, concentration, and abilities to perform various mental tasks. Common side effect in breast cancer patients, as well as chemo patients in general.

Doctors commonly deny that the cognitive problems reported by breast cancer patients following chemotherapy are in any way related to the toxic treatment. But a new study published in the journal Archives of Neurology points to clear evidence of what is known as "chemo brain," or brain damage caused by chemotherapy.

PET scans revealed a link between chemo-brain symptoms and lower metabolism in the frontal cortex. The lower the metabolism in the frontal cortex and the cerebellum, the more difficult it is to perform a short-term memory exercise. -

4) "The advantage with choosing chemotherapy ... is that you don't have to change your eating habits or think outside the box. Your doctor will tell you what to do, what pills to take, what questions to stop asking, etc., and he won't even request that you stop eating those cancer-causing hot dogs ...

Those who make the worst choices in life also tend to make the worst choices about the way they die. If they lived a toxic lifestyle that gave them cancer in the first place, they almost always choose a toxic chemotherapy death to go with it.

The cancer industry loves to talk about those people who are "survivors" of cancer and chemotherapy. But they never talk honestly about those who were killed by their poison. The truth is simply swept away, dumped in a casket and buried along with the victim. It's all business as usual for the U.S. cancer industry." -

Can you trust chemotherapy to cure your cancer? 
A question too many people NEVER consider.

Study Accidentally Finds

Chemotherapy Makes Cancer Far Worse.

"Chemotherapy actually heavily damages healthy cells and subsequently triggers them to release a protein that sustains and fuels tumor growth. Beyond that, it even makes the tumor highly resistant to future treatment. ... Meanwhile, dirt cheap substances like turmeric and ginger have consistently been found to effectively shrink tumors and combat the spread of cancer. In a review of 11 studies, it was found that turmeric use reduced brain tumor size by a shocking 81%." -

Doctors finally admit chemo buys time but does not work:

(Reuters) - Oct 24, 2012 - "At least two thirds of people with advanced cancer believed the chemotherapy they were receiving might cure them, even though the treatment was only being given to buy some time or make them comfortable, according to a U.S. survey." - which goes on to say - "This is not about bad doctors and it’s not about unintelligent patients,” said Deborah Schrag (the Dana-Farber Cancer Institution in Boston). "This is a complex communication dynamic. It’s hard to talk to people and tell them we can’t cure your cancer."

SOURCE: "Patients Expectations About Effects of Chemotherapy for Advance Cancer" - New England Journal of Medicine.

Study: "Patients should be warned about the dangers of chemotherapy after new research published in The Lancet Oncology showed that chemo kills up to 50% of cancer patients in some hospitals."

Source: Lancet Oncology Study:

5) Non-Chemo Breast Cancer Therapy is Doubling Survival Rates:
In the USA, only 44% of Stage IV breast cancer patients who undergo conventional cancer therapy are still alive after 2 years. A new cancer protocol using high-dose, intravenous vitamin C at The Oasis of Hope in Tijuana, Mexico is experiencing a 73% two-year survival rate. The center is also experiencing a 90% two-year survival rate with their IRT-Q protocol when this is the patient’s first option. The IRT-Q protocol is also obtaining a 300% improvement in four-year survival: 78% for the IRT-Q therapy versus 25% for conventional therapy.

Learn more:

6) More and more people are refusing chemo and radiation,
instead choosing natural, non-toxic methods and diet to heal themselves. Excellent website blog with great articles and public feedback about cancer and how to beat it - written by Chris Wark diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer in 2003, at 26 years old. He had surgery, but refused chemo. Instead he used nutrition and natural therapies to heal himself. Website with ongoing daily guidance:

Chemo time.

Are you ready to mark time?
tick, tock, tick, tock ...

Marking Time:
Cancer patients that allegedly 'survive cancer' following conventional western protocol, then begin marking time. If they make it to 5 years, it is a huge celebration. 10 years is a miracle. For too many however, the cancer frequently comes back stronger than ever (it never went away), and often in a different part of the body. Does chemo or radiation cure cancer? If they did, why are so many cancer patients not surviving many years after treatment and living to an old age? Financially, physically, mentally and emotionally, once you enter the conventional world of oncology, the countdown begins.

Face the truth:
The survival rate of of chemo and radiation past the five year mark is only 2.1% according to the journal, “Clinical Oncology†”, confirmed by other countless studies and reports.

Around 97% of those receiving conventional protocol therapies die within five years.

Survivors who pass 5 years of chemo, radiation and surgery have usually made dramatic lifestyle changes, emotionally, physically and nutritionally - there is NO other SANE choice.

Cut, Poison, Burn.

"Cut, Poison, Burn"
Documentary, May 2013.

The stunning, jaw-dropping and tearfully devastating true story of the conventional cancer industry is unleashed in a new documentary called "Cut, Poison, Burn." If you're angry about Monsanto and their GMO's poisoning us everyday, you should be just as angry about the cancer industry and how it exploits the bodies of men and women purely for profit. Just a reminder ...the conventional cancer industry is an annual 125 BILLION dollar business.

Based on over 150 hours of original interviews with top cancer researchers, doctors and families who have dealt with cancer, 'Cut, Poison, Burn' explores concepts like:

1) How the "war on cancer" is a never-ending scam that funnels money into an industry that doesn't want to find a cure for cancer, let alone admit they already exist.

2) Why cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) are killing more people than cancer itself.

3) The truth about why the cancer industry never talks about cancer prevention (because they don't want you to know you can AVOID cancer).

4) Why top doctors like Dr. Julian Whitaker warn patients about the deadly consequences of chemotherapy and radiation.

5) The collusion among the American Cancer Society, the FDA, the AMA and other groups to monopolize the cancer industry and shut out alternative therapies that can save lives.

"This is a must-see film the exposes the true depth of the crimes against humanity being committed every day by the cancer industry." - Mike Adams, Natural


breast cancer


Mammograms, Thermography,

Breast Cancer world map.

Life Saving Tips and Red Flags.

Breast Cancer World Map 2008:

Highest percentage of breast cancer in 'western countries' with 'western diets', in red. Notice Asia and Africa, countries that do not consume western diets with heavy dairy, sugar and meat consumption, have the lowest percentage of breast cancer.
Every year, approximately 180,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer according to the American Cancer Society. Breast cancer kills 458,000 people each year, according to the World Health Organization. The U.S. has one of the highest breast cancer rates in the world. The possibility of breast cancer over a woman's lifetime has skyrocketed to one in eight.
Asian women have some of the lowest breast cancer rates in the world ... until they adopt a Western diet.
One study found that post-menopausal Chinese women who followed a “meat and sweet” Western-style diet were 60 percent more likely to get breast cancer than same-age Chinese women who followed a “soy and vegetable” traditional Chinese diet. The effect was more significant for estrogen-receptor positive tumors, whose growth is nurtured by estrogen. The risk of getting this type of breast cancer was increased 90 percent by the Western-style diet. -

2012 USA: One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 3 minutes -
one woman will die of breast cancer every 13 minutes.


Mammograms VS Thermography.
Radiation from mammograms has been proven to CAUSE cancer. The severe tissue compression involved may induce metastases if a tumor already exits. Mammography is an extremely ineffective diagnostic tool (it misses about 20% of cancers) but it also subjects the breast tissue to radiation! Every time you get a mammogram, your chances for getting cancer increase. -


Switzerland is moving to drop mammograms since independent research has revealed that the risks far outweigh any benefits. The belief is that to continue giving women mammograms in light of clinical studies and overwhelming negative statistics worldwide, would be unethical.


Alternative to Mammograms
- Breast Thermography.

Digital Thermograph - Radiation Free - Safer and more Accurate than a Mammogram. Thermography checks for inflammation throughout the body (first sign of disease), and can detect future disease sites, by reading higher temperatures in body parts that are at risk.

Thermography, around since the 1960's and only recently available in the USA, offers a highly accurate means of detecting developing breast cancers by offering graphical evidence of angiogenesis (increased blood vessel growth that occurs to feed a tumor). Thermography can identify pre-cancerous changes 5-10 years before a mammogram detects a lump. Cost? About $150 - $250. By detecting a pre-cancerous environment, life style and diet changes can be implemented immediately.

Learn more:


Life after Mastectomy.

Part of being a women means embracing your sexuality and female physiology. Being faced with the decision to have your breasts cut off or not, is obviously extremely traumatic, an extreme, radical choice, and life changing on every level.

Breast reconstruction will give you back your breasts and your self esteem. There are choices for your new physical identity:

1) Tissue expanders - 'balloons' injected with saline to stretch skin - which takes several months followed by implants.

2) AirXpanders - patient fills 'balloons' daily with small CO2 dosage using hand held device, no pain, no needles - which take 6 to 20 days followed by implants.

3) Tram or Diep Flap.
4) CAL.

Video. Videos to watch:

1) Tissue Expanders.
Three weeks after double mastectomy with tissue expanders:

b) Six months after double mastectomy with tissue expanders - 31 year old mom who was diagnosed with Stage 1, triple negative breast cancer - double mastectomy, reconstruction, and 4 rounds of chemo:

2) Tram Flap: Natural body tissue from abdomen:

3) CAL: Fat and Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction - No Cutting, No Implants, Feeling Is Retained - Completely Natural: In 2003, Kotaro Yoshimura, MD, a professor and surgeon at the University of Tokyo in Japan, began testing an innovative procedure he called cell-assisted lipotransfer, or CAL, in which autologous adipose-derived stem cells (those extracted from a person’s own fat), are injected along with other fat cells to plump up or replace tissue, as in the breast.

Both implants and TRAM flaps leave some scarring, which isn’t an issue with CAL, since there’s no cutting involved.

Suzanne Somers.
Suzanne Somers, 2001 Lupectomy, 35 days of radiation, then CAL in 2011.

Suzanne Somers waited over 10 years for her breast reconstruction. In Aug 2011, she finally got her new, all natural breast:

"The whole procedure took just a couple of hours from start to finish, and most of that time was spent isolating the stem cells and mixing them with Somers’ fat, which had been taken from her hip and abdomen via liposuction. The actual “reconstruction” part of the procedure was relatively quick - but dramatic. - In less than 10 minutes, I watched this sad little breast puff up like a balloon, - I couldn’t believe my eyes. No cutting, no blood, no implant. Just two or three small entrance holes, and suddenly there were two symmetrical breasts.". - www.everydayhealth

breast cancer tips

It has now been proven that breast cancer, more often than not, is caused by dental infections which travel via the lymph system, between the mouth and the breasts. Root canals create a safe-haven for cancer-causing bacteria which when performed on the same meridian as the breasts, causes breast cancer.

These infections can be identified by thermographs from the nose to the waist. They are the thin red lines which may be between the breast and mouth, for example. The only way to kill the microbes in the lymph system is with electromedicine or alkalinity. Again, alkalinity of the body is critical, and sugar is deadly.

Research Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland.
In a study of 150 breast cancer patients by Dr. Rau, 147 of them had had root canals on the same acupuncture meridian as the breast cancer. The other 3 also had dental problems on the same meridian, but they were not root canals, they were infections in the jawbone.

Mike Vrentas (Cellect-Budwig) and Bill Henderson are also experts in this area.

The Relationship Between Root Canals and Cancer:

Check your teeth right now - Root Canal Meridian Chart:

Normal production of melatonin in the pineal gland inhibits the production and overproduction of estrogen, however, many environmental factors inhibit the production of melatonin: electromagnetic fields (remove cell phone, computer and electric clock from bedroom), strong night lighting (unplug TV before sleeping), alcohol (red wine is ok), aging, prescribed medications (do you really need them).

"Laboratory experiments have found that low levels of melatonin stimulate the growth of certain types of breast cancer cells - A high number of women with estrogen receptor positive tumors have low levels of melatonin in their blood."


3) Another reason to eat ORGANIC:
"Pesticides mimic the action of estrogen in your body in that they can lock onto receptors in the your breasts and stimulate cell division. Even small amounts of pesticides can be dangerous to women, because they tend to concentrate to high levels in fat cells, and breasts are comprised mostly of fat cells." - International Wellness Directory.
a) A new study out of the University of Reading (UR) in the UK has found that, based on tests conducted, nearly every single woman with breast cancer has one or more paraben chemicals in her breast tissue, suggesting a possible link between the chemical and the disease. Check that all personal hygene products and cosmetics do not contain parabens.

b) No Antiperspirant.
Nearly all breast cancer tumors occur in the upper outside quadrant of the breast area. This is precisely where the lymph nodes are located. Women who apply anti-perspirant right after shaving increase the risk further because shaving causes almost imperceptible nicks in the skin which give the chemicals entrance into the body from the armpit area.


Deodorant is ok providing there is NO aluminum content. Look for the brand TOMS which contains no aluminum or Dr. Bronner's.

5) Do you know how to REVERSE BREAST CANCER using NUTRITION?
We recommend you take time to read an excellent blog about breast cancer containing a wealth of information which includes the journey of a Danish doctor, Kristine Nolfi, who after discovering breast cancer, turned to raw food and sunshine for Vitamin D and far infrared heat, and cured herself. She was initially ridiculed by the conventional medical community but went on to become highly respected.

Another observation noted (confirmed and proven scientifically), is that "the Chinese eat mainly cleansing foods: vegetables, grains and legumes, some fish and no dairy. What is of inestimable importance is the fact that they obtain 7% of their protein from animal products, whereas Americans obtain 70% of their protein from animal products." Chinese women have very low rates of breast cancer because they don't consume dairy.

6) Breast Cancer Patients have high ESTROGEN levels:

a) Body-fat is the primary source of estrogen production.
Insulin promotes the storage of body-fat, and cancer cells thrive on sugar delivered courtesy of insulin. Chronically high insulin levels, like excessive body-fat, are associated with increased breast cancer risk.

What does this mean? Stop eating foods that spike your blood sugar, necessitating the release of insulin to normalize blood glucose levels. Specifically, NO SUGAR, AVOID DAIRY.

b) Do not get an estrogen patch.
Too many women have triggered breast cancer soon after wearing one, due to already perfect cancer conditions set up internally, ready to explode. Ideal conditions for breast cancer are a daily diet of animal protein, soda, minimal to zero plant proteins, frequent dairy products, deep stress, ongoing prescribed medications, and lack of sunshine.

c) Breast Cancer patients also have low DHEA levels and low to zero Vitamin D. Boost with daily aerobic exercise, 15-20 minutes of sunshine daily (NO sunscreen) and a plant protein diet, not an animal protein diet. If If you don't have sunshine try Cod Liver Oil instead.
7) Zinc, Selenium, Iodine - and Cigarettes:
Breast Cancer patients have low ZINC, IODINE and SELENIUM levels. Lack of zinc has been implicated not only in the initiation of breast cancer, but also in the transition, progression, and metastasis of the disease. When zinc is deficient, cellular functioning in the breast is compromised.

When Zinc is deficient, CADMIUM levels increase - cadmium is found in cigarettes from the tobacco's agricutural fertiliser.

Learn more: Your new shopping list, and cancer-diet

8) Bras:
Wear your bra for the least amount of hours possible. The longer you wear a bra, the higher the chance for breast cancer. Reason? Lymphatic congestion, the breasts overheat.

- Bras are also mainly made of nylon, which causes cancer. Throw away all clothing that contains nylon.

Jacklyn Smith.
Jacklyn Smith from the original "Charlies Angels". 2002 Lumpectomy and Radiation, Stage 1 Breast Cancer - 10 yrs clear 2012. She focuses on veggies and fruit, minimal meat, does Pilates and daily exercise.

breast cancer
19 Red flags that place a woman at risk for breast cancer:

1) Early menstruation.
2) High blood cholesterol (diet).
3) Late menopause.
4) High exposure to female hormones (red meat, dairy products - estrogen patches).

5) HRT (hormone replacement therapy to alleviate menopause effects), has been proven to lead to breast cancer.

6) Lack of Iodine (seafood, seaweed, Greek yogurt, boiled eggs), Zinc (seafood, nuts and seeds), Selenium (fish, Brazil nuts), Vitamin D (sunshine) and Vitamin C (liquid is best).

7) Diet with frequent consumption of animal protein (red meat, chicken, milk and cheese, processed foods, fried food) and sugar (especially soda's and high fructose corn syrup).

8) Holding on to the negative, acidic, emotional energy of anger, pain and grief from traumatic relationships, life experiences, and loss.

9) Having a baby after age 30yrs, or never having a baby.

10) Root canals. Trapped bacteria travels down meridians from root canal to breast.

11) Lack of sleep. Keep bedroom dark and quiet - turn TV off!

12) Multiple mammograms.

13) Frequent hot showers in chlorinated water - use a filter.

14) Frequent use of prescribed medications.

15) Obesity. Body fat stores estrogen which can trigger cancer during menopause.

16) Lack of aerobic exercise - get your body moving for oxygenation, detoxification, and to remove excess body fat (which stores and secretes estrogen).

17) Microwaved food - toss it! Microwaved food changes the cellular structure of food which interferes with your DNA.

18) Frequent cell phone use. Always use speakerphone. Never sleep with cell phone in bedroom.

19) 12% of women carry a defective gene called BRCA1 which cause's breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.

Angelina Jolie.
International beauty Angelina Jolie inherited the BRCA1 gene. Three women in her family have died from breast and ovarian cancer. In February 2013, she elected to remove both her breasts. "I do not feel any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity."

- "My Medical Choice" by Angelina Jolie

 Video.  "1 a Minute" - documentary. Recommended for all breast cancer patients. One woman's journey, from breast cancer diagnosis thru chemo - including several famous women who comment on their own cancer experience


chi lel


1) Ginny Walden, a National Champion swimmer, overcame Stage 3 Breast Cancer. This is a true story of a brave woman who refused to give in to cancer - a woman who faced her inner issues, released them and healed her body of cancer. Ginny Walden turned to Chi-Lel, the power of CHI - the natural life force energy present within every living thing - to heal herself completely.

2) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is energy healing of the body created by stimulation of specific physical meridians by simply tapping them with your fingers.

Video. "Faster EFT Tapping" processes explained and demonstrated for everyone by Robert G. Smith - this gentleman is the best at EMF:

Video. Make peace with whatever upsets you, take ownership ... tap away your emotional issues and heal yourself. Watch Robert use EFT on a lady with breast cancer:

Psycho-Oncology from New Zealand. Outstanding information and guidance.


breast cancer

Alkaline Diet.
Natural whole foods.

Gloria Steinem, famous journalist and activist, has said that by eating the right foods, teenage pregnancy could be reduced by delaying the onset of menstruation. Steinem had breast cancer diagnosis in 1986, and chose a lumpectomy plus 6 weeks of radiation - she is now 78 yrs old.

To quote Gloria Steinem "The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn." Apply this to traditional Western diet guidance (acid food and drinks), causes of cancer (poisoned diet, drugs and environment, emotional stress and trauma etc), and conventional cancer therapy protocol safety (there is none).

Why diet is so Important - read: "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. Study of diets worldwide and how food determines the health of the body.

If you eat a plant based protein diet, instead of an animal protein diet ... if you release negative emotional issues, instead of keeping them inside ... you can AVOID cancer and also REVERSE cancer. You can avoid having your breasts unnecessarily cut off, and you can choose not to flood your body with poisonous chemicals which statistics prove will cause irreversible damage and kill you.

Focus on the source of disease (your emotions), change your diet, detox your mind and body. Avoid toxic band-aids chemotherapy, radiation and drugs, which will age you, destroy your mind and body, and claim far too many within a few short years, sometimes months. Those that survive orthodox cancer protocols, are never the same again, mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually or financially.


Anti-Cancer Diet - A Matter of Life. Taking action to make your body alkaline, is a critical factor in the battle against cancer.

"The majority of food and drinks most people consume are acidic, such as meat, grains and sugar, with sodas being highly acidic. So unless you have been eating a healthy diet, full of fresh fruit and vegetables, your body is way too acidic which creates an excellent environment for cancer to grow and thrive in. There is a long history of reversing cancer simply by alkalinizing the body. It is one of the basic strategies in the battle against cancer."

Corporations, Big Pharma and Chemotherapists do not dictate or decide your health. You do. Take control.

Cancer Links

CHI - Everything in creation is energy. Understand the spiritual, metaphysical part of you. From the colors you choose to the music you prefer, it's all about your energy, frequency and vibration.

Illness - How to be sick. It's easy and you are probably already an expert. Change the energy within you and around you, then health and happiness will follow. Cancer PREVENTION is the cure. The choice is yours everyday of your life.

Healthy Lifestyle - Celebrate life, not death. A free health care plan.

Cancer 911 - Everything you need to know for your journey. You can do it!

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