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Far Infrared thermal therapy and the prostate.
Hothouse Dome Testimonials.
1) PSA:
The prostate gland produces a substance called PSA (prostate specific antigen). A small amount of PSA can be found in blood, but it is mostly found in semen. PSA is measured by nanograms per millimeter of blood. Most men have under 4 nanograms. Anything above 4 may indicate a problem. - Source:

2) Far infrared thermal (heat) therapy, also known as hyperthermia and passive aerobic exercise, (the Chi Machine mentioned below), have a positive, healthy, non-toxic impact on the body, supporting and maintaining health and wellness.

3) The National Cancer Institute Hyperthermia Fact Sheet - "Hyperthermia is almost always used with other forms of cancer therapy, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy." -


The Far Infrared Hothouse Dome
Thermal therapy for detoxification.

DISCLAIMER: Reviews/Testimonials are voluntary anecdotes from individual users sharing what they personally experienced, relevant to their lifestyle and state of health. These personal opinions do not necessarily reflect results that other individuals may or may not experience. These reviews are NOT to be used as medical advice and are not presented with the intention as such. Whilst real-life experiences can be a helpful resource, they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified health care provider. Consumer reviews themselves are NOT reliable scientific evidence. HTE and the American FDA do not endorse any review found herein.


Voluntary Opinions & Personal Experiences.
Testimonial Stories from Canada and the Philippines.
The individuals below followed conventional cancer protocols and maintained contact with their doctors, besides addressing their diet and implementing additional modalities of their own choosing.

bTotal confidence.

"In May of 2001 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was told that my PSA blood count was a bit over 1800. This is an extremely high count.
I started using the Far Infrared Hothouse immediately. After biopsies, bone scans and ultrasounds, I was told at the end of May, that my PSA blood count was at 1885. On June 1st we began hormone pills. On June 12th I was taken to the hospital by ambulance after suffering a mild heart attack (totally unrelated). Before leaving the hospital, the doctor injected my first hormone therapy shot.

The whole time I had been using the Hothouse dome everyday as long as possible. Some nights I would stay under it all night, waking up only to turn it back on again. During the day I would use it whenever I had the chance.

On July 19th, I went back to the doctor to have my PSA count done again. My blood count had dropped from 1885 to 30. This happened in only 12 weeks, one week of which I was in the hospital and unable to use the Hothouse. 30 is still a very high PSA count. I will continue to use the Hothouse with total confidence." - Merl Bowers, Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada - July 2001.

UPDATE Autumn 2004: Mr. Bowers is alive, healthy and well. Mrs Bowers told us he was outdoors sweeping leaves from their driveway. - Chi Machine International.

bFeeling great.
"I had my prostate removed in 1998. One year later in 1999 my PSA count was up. I undertook 34 radiation treatments. Three months later my PSA count was higher. The doctor said i had two years to live. There was nothing they could do for me.

I began using The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the FIR Hothouse dome in July 2000 after my brother introduced me to them. I changed my diet and used the Hothouse one hour per day. The Chi Machine i used for 10 minutes per day for the first week. The second week i used the Hothouse twice a day for one hour each time and The Chi Machine 10 minutes twice a day. I first noticed a shift in my health in about 10 days. On July 17th, 2000 i had a hormone shot.

On October 3rd, 2000 my PSA test was normal. I continue to use both machines every day to maintain my health." - Bob Bosch, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2000.

bWhole body cleanse and detoxification.
"In early 2005 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At the time of my biopsy in early January it was shown to be a T3 cancer - extending outside the prostate into surrounding tissue. My gleason score was 7 - fairly aggressive, and although not extremely high, my PSA count was climbing steadily.

A considerable negative event of the whole biopsy procedure was that I got a severe infection. I was on the strongest antibiotics available and my condition did not improve. The medical doctors gave bigger and more frequent doses of medication.

Within a couple of weeks of getting the biopsy results I started on a naturopathic avenue to
a) Reduce the size of the cancer.
b) To eliminate the infection that was causing much worse problems then the cancer ever did.
c) To improve my overall health especially my immune system.

I started with a whole body cleanse and detoxification. This included a nine day fast and after BTA and Vega testing the elimination of a number of items from my diet - wheat, corn, sugar and dairy products being the most significant and hardest to remove. Along with this I used other natural healing modalities. After a few weeks of this regime I was able to bring my PSA count down into the high 4 range where they stayed for the next couple of months.

I was being pushed to have a radical prostectomy as quickly as possible by the two urologists that I was seeing. I argued for a 'wait and see time' to see if I could bring my PSA count further down and it was reluctantly agreed on both my part ( I would have liked to have longer) and the surgical "we need to do it now" urologist. The date was set for July 14th.

In mid June a friend, Dennis, suggested I should try out his Sun Ancon Chi Machine and Far Infrared Hothouse to see if they would do anything for me. I used it for about ten days and found it made me feel refreshed and less achy so bought a FIR Hothouse and Chi Machine for myself. I used these up to the evening before my surgery - even taking the Chi Machine across Canada so that I could use it while in Halifax.

During this time I was able to see my PSA count reduce even further to 3.8, and just prior to surgery 3.2.

The operation went well and the doctor commented a couple of times on how it appeared that the tumour had shrunk since the biopsy and that I was in very good condition considering what I had just been through. My stay in hospital lasted only three days.

As soon as it was acceptable (no open wounds) I started using the FIR Hothouse again (five minutes twice a day) and within a week most of the bruising and swelling had disappeared. I continued using the Hothouse dome for a few minutes each day until my doctor suggested that I could increase the time I spent under it to what ever I felt comfortable with.

At four weeks post surgery I was using the Far Infrared Hothouse about 15 minutes twice a day and started using the Chi Machine for about one minute a day. It was interesting to note that even with that small amount of time I could feel the 'chi rush' when the machine stopped. I only tried the Chi Machine for a few days and even with the short duration it was painful to use that soon after the operation. I tried again about two months after the operation and am now finding that I am able to tolerate the motion of the Chi machine for a few minutes every day." - Canada, 2005

bEdmonton, Alberta, Canada - a wonderful gentleman of 88 yrs young:
"At the end of January 2003, i was having a medical test and my doctor discovered i had an enlarged prostate. He sent me for tests and my PSA count was 191.
I couldn't get an appointment with my specialist until the first day of April. During this time i made necessary changes in my diet. My brother ordered a FIR Dome machine. I spent 4-6 hours under the dome every night.

Clarence Becker.

At the time of my appointment with the specialist i asked if i could have another test before accepting the hormone injection he prescribed. He was very adamant the he didn't care what we had done or thought we were doing. I accepted the hormone injection and continued sleeping under the far infrared Hothouse dome. During this time i faithfully did my 20 minutes on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine each day.

Three months later, i had a test again and my specialist said he had good news for me. My PSA count had gone from 191 to 8.9. I have kept on taking the hormone injections so i could get my tests and know what my PSA count is. It has steadily gone down and in August 2006, it was .028. This time my specialist said, "whatever you are doing keep it up". I am not sleeping under the dome anymore, all is well.

P.S. In August 2007, my doctor decided to end the hormone shots for a year, and will check me again in August 2008. If interested please contact me at Tel # 780 475 4507."


"I've had prostate challenges for the last three years and was getting steadily worse. I tried a friend's Sun Ancon Chi Machine and purchased one and then added the FIR Hothouse Dome. I didn't get relief right away, but I kept using both machines. I began to feel a tingling sensation from my feet to my head and that's when the frequent trips to the bathroom at night resolved.

My wife has used both machines for the pain in her back, knees and feet and it has relieved them." - Gordon Lothian, Stavely, Alberta, Canada.


The following story was shared by a couple from the Philippines who suffered one personal tragedy after the other. The machines made such a difference personally and as an added bonus helped them to find purpose in life again, so they chose to become distributors so as to be able to give back and help others:

b"In 1986, Josephine lost her son which took a serious toll on her health over the following years. In 2000 Josephine was virtually bedridden for 6 months ... always feeling very tired with no energy at all. She was taken to the emergency room several times due to numbness in her body and breathing difficulties that caused her to pass out. She saw 4 different doctors and each doctor would prescribe something that didn't help.


They discovered and purchased The Chi Machine and the FIR Hothouse dome, and after 2 days using The Chi Machine Josephine felt more energized. Both machines helped her with back pain she had developed after a head-on collision car accident. She was now able to return to work.

Jerry was then diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctor advised him to take vitamins with selenium or licopene and to stay away from red meat. Jerry slept under the Hothouse dome every night, and changed his diet as advised. Jerry's doctor ran his blood test three months later, and was given a clean bill of health. They continue to use the machines to maintain their health and overall wellness. MABUHAY!" - Jerry and Josephine Cruiz.



1) It is important to keep in mind that every persons body, diet, environment toxins (including EMF), and emotional state is uniquely different, and we all have very individualized lifestyle and karma to deal with. Mandatory diet change, and varied emotional and physical therapies need to be considered.

2) A disciplined anti-cancer diet is very important - sugar must be eliminated. The focus is on alkaline food foods and beverages.


1) Habanero Chili Peppers are alleged to benefit prostate problems.

2) Flower Pollen and Curcumin (tumeric) have shown to be effective:

"Studies to support these claims have been conducted throughout the world for nearly 40 years, and the overall success rate seen in patients with BPH is about 70 percent". -

Pollen Extract:
Graminex has the best flower pollen extract products - watch the video:



The choices you make are important, coupled with your
chosen health care specialist's professional guidance.

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