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Far Infrared Pet Sauna Therapy.
Natural, safe, non toxic, alternative healing therapy for pets.
A gentle, healing far infrared heat - no sweat is produced.

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The Far Infrared Hothouse Dome Pet Sauna.
Alternative healing for both pets and owners.

When your pets become sick it is like your own child is unwell. Now, there is a wonderful alternative therapy to help heal and comfort your beloved pets, Far Infrared. Many pet owners are very willing to try alternative healing therapies such as acupuncture and so this Far Infrared treatment provides a wonderful new option via what we call the Pet Sauna.

Cats and dogs love far infrared heat, which is naturally present within their own bodies as well as sunshine, which is why your pet likes to lay in the sunlight for hours on end. Far Infrared is natures healing heat ray energy that is actually present within every living thing. Sunlight replenishes and heals us but unfortunately the sun's heat intensity can be too much, and ultra violet (UV) burns our skin. Asian technology discovered over 60 years ago the properties of Far Infrared which is now being used in fabrics, cookware and even hair dryers, as well as for healing ourselves and our animals.

A new concept - the pet 'sauna':
Many of our customers that already own the Far Infrared Hothouse have attested to discovering the benefits of using the Far Infrared Hothouse for their pets by accident. Numerous owners found their pet's curling up underneath the sauna dome, basking in the gentle warmth, and refusing to move!

Horse breeders and race horse
owners use Far Infrared wraps.

History of animals and Far Infrared therapy:
Actually the concept of using Far Infrared to heal animals is not new. Horse owners discovered many years ago the benefits of Far Infrared heat therapy using far infrared leg wraps and blankets. Apparently poultry farmers that use ceramic heaters, report that their birds are larger, healthier, more active and lay better eggs. In today's progressive society, some veterinarians are even beginning to catch on and use Far Infrared to heal, comfort and strengthen their patients. Reptile owners have long used Far Infrared ceramic heaters in their aquariums.

Far Infrared Properties:
Far Infrared is a dry heat which does not encourage sweating as a traditional sauna does. The Far Infrared ray penetrate up to 2" below the fur, connecting with the cells. Every cell is surrounded by water which the Far Infrared vibrates, thereby releasing toxins, pain and blocked energy. The far infrared also regenerates tissue growth which thereby heals wounds. Far Infrared heat is soothing, subtle and gentle, 100% safe and unlike UV ray, does NOT burn the skin.

The Far Infrared Hothouse Pet Sauna Dome:
1) Cannot overheat, has a built in regulator and one set temperature that does not fluctuate.
2) The domes's perceived temperature is much lower than the set temperature of a constant and comfortable 107 to 110 F (41 to 43 C).  The Hothouse heat is very subtle and feels like a very gentle mid 70ís.

3) There are two sizes available - the regular size, ideal for most pets, and the Grande Hothouse Dome for larger breeds.
4) There is plenty of open air circulation - the pet may exit from either end at any time, which they do of their own accord, as they instinctively know when they have had enough.

Puppies and kittens need warmth.
Water bottles are good and so is Far Infrared.

Far Infrared Pet Sauna Benefits:

* Relieves pain.
* Relieves sore and stiff muscles and joints.
* Regenerates tissue growth.
* Aids in healing of wounds.
* Stimulates circulation - Increases metabolic activity.
* Strengthens the immune system.
* Reduces swelling and inflammation, thereby also reducing pain - edema reduction.
* Accelerates healing and recovery from wounds, injuries and surgery.
* Helps clear skin problems, irritations, rashes, infections and hot spots.
* Reduces stress and anxiety - very relaxing and comforting.
* Provides soothing, gentle warmth for tiny puppies and kittens.
* May reduce or eliminate the need for expensive medicine.
* May provide healing and comfort for illness and serious disease.

NOTE: A few years ago we had a pet owner whose dog was suffering from cancer. The owner began using the sauna dome over his beloved pet. It was too late to stop the cancer but his pet lived way beyond the veterinarians expectancy and pain and discomfort was removed.

Directions for pet sauna use:
1) Turn on the Hothouse sauna dome and hit the button once which is 15 mins.
2) Either encourage your pet to lie underneath the dome or place your pet there yourself in cases of limited mobility.
3) 5-10 mins is usually enough. The pet will normally leave voluntarily, or remove the dome yourself if your pet cannot walk.
4) Always remain with your pet and monitor the session.
5) Have a water bowl available nearby in case your pet would like a drink afterwards.

Caution: Do not let your pet chew on the electrical cords!

FYI: Children and animals do not need healing sessions as long as adults as their bodies are smaller and more sensitive.

Far Infrared Pad.

Far Infrared Healing, Heating Pad.

Far Infrared Heating Pad:
HTE (the company), also has a Far Infrared Heating Pad.  HTE sometimes offers the FIR Pad for FREE with certain USA package deals (check special offers below) otherwise it is US$199.00 - CA$299.00 - AU$299.00

The lightweight, portable FIR Pad has a digital timer that allows you to set the heat temperature and length of session. Most animals will leave the pad of their own accord when they have had enough. The Far Infrared healing, heating pad is an excellent alternative to the Far Infrared Hothouse dome, for your pets health and well-being.

Caution: Pets are not to be left alone on the FIR pad at any time.

So, if you are considering a Far Infrared Hothouse Dome for yourself, include your pet in your decision. Some pet owners have bought the Hothouse dome purely for the use of their pet. That's love.

Cancer - Hip Displacia.

"Happy" - A Story of Love.
Pets benefit tremendously from using the far infrared dome. I want to share with all the pet lovers just how beneficial my far infrared dome has been to all my pet friends. I depend on the FIR dome's healing powers and lifesaving situations. The FIR is my #1 preventative medical device and healing prescription for all of my pets. I'm excited to share with you my dog Happy's story.

Happy was my best buddy. A wonderful happy soul, only 3 1/2 years old, enjoying great health and happiness. He was appropriately named Happy. A routine check up showed enlarged glands. After testing, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma Sarcoma and given weeks to live. Happy was placed on herbs, supplements and low dose chemo, He was stricken several times by various infections due to his immune system being suppressed by the chemo and illness. The FIR drew the toxins out, so much so that the lymph nodes would actually "explode". The team of vets concurred that the FIR was the most beneficial of all the sciences utilized during Happy's treatment. The FIR also helped us keep his depression in check and his muscles relaxed, thus creating a more comfortable state for him during the actual chemo treatments. Alternative research has shown that cancer cells DO NOT grow, and are killed in the presence of high temperatures. Happy and i would go to the vet early before his low dose chemo treatments, so that he could be under the FIR for 30 minutes allowing his core body temperature to heat up to a higher temperature, then, while still in the dome, the chemo IV would be administered. The lab blood work showed this was met with a great success rate. The dome literally "drew" the toxins out so dramatically on one infectious episode that a lymph node in Happy's side "exploded" and immediately the extreme fevers drastically reduced due to the fact that the infection was allowed to drain.

It was my experience that when working with cancer cases that the subject under the chemo dome seems to get hotter than no-cancer patients. Thus, Happy always wanted to crawl out from under the dome when he was at his worst (cancer cell blast count at it's higher counts), so i would keep a spay bottle, or, bowl of water beside the dome. I would allow drips of water to drip off my fingers onto the gums of my "pet friend". This kept him hydrated during the heat session. Cancer cells CAN NOT survive in oxygenated, alkaline, higher temperature cells, and the FIR kills them.

Happy was initially given weeks, but 10 months later he was still enjoying a quality of running, sailing, etc. I did love my little friend, but he died from cardiac arrest, possibly from damage sustained to the heart from the chemo. Happy's creatin blood level went from 9 (a clinical death rating) to a 3.4 by using solely the Far Infrared Hothouse! Many vets concur that this example alone is a miracle. I do know for a fact, that Happy had a greater quality of life definitely due to the healing powers of the FIR. It's ability to continue to draw the infection, and to fight the cancer cells, killing the cells with its heat dome gave us more quality time together and a success of defeating the cancer. It also granted him comfort and soothing throughout his illness. - Chandler Mitts, (copyright CMI.

"SukiBear" - London UK, Summer 2013
My beloved Sukibear is a beautiful 10yr old German Shepherd. Like many of her breed she has developed hip displacia. Her vet recommended medication and acupuncture. Instead i put SukiBear under my Far Infrared Dome. She absolutely loves it and lies there for 30 to 45 minutes every evening whilst i read or watch TV. The difference in her mobility is day and night. She is is back to running around the garden with only a little occasional stiffness, which usually happens when the weather is very cold or damp. She has also resumed hiking with me and chasing squirrels.

I highly recommend the Hothouse dome to other pet owners dealing with hip displacia or soreness and pain. SukiBear is like my child and like most pet owners, we will do anything for them not to suffer. The Hothouse has given SukuBear back a quality life. I know age is not on her side but for her to be relieved of pain, and mobile, is priceless. SukiBear and i can't thank you enough! - Lily Coldwell (copyright CMI).

"Bailey" - New York, January 2014

Here is Bailey, a gorgeous springer spaniel in NY. She recently had a tumor mass removed, refused chemo, and is using the FIR Hothouse dome everyday. She began with 15 minutes, and now does 45 minutes per session, sometimes twice daily. Bailey is doing fantastic!
- Submitted by Bailey's mum (copyright CMI).


                  Infrared Pet Sauna.Paws.

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