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Far Infrared Hothouse Dome.
A portable Far Infrared sauna dome for home health.
Natural Healing Technology known as Thermal Therapy or Hyperthermia.

FIR Hothouse Dome

USA US$860.00 - Canada CA$1,120.00 - Australia/Europe AU$1,049.00

Everyone benefits from the Far Infrared Ray (FIR) in sunlight.
ALL life forms - humans, animals and plants - need Far Infrared Ray

Thousands of us are constantly searching for ways to relieve physical suffering, to relax and stay well due to stressful lifestyles, toxic substances, acid fast food diets and toxic environments. One solution is the natural heat energy of the potable Far Infrared Hothouse dome which you can use safely and within the comfort of your own home.

Far Infrared Hothouse Dome Background:
The Far Infrared (FIR) sauna Hothouse dome is manufactured by HTE in Hefei, China, with technical cooperation from Japanese Skylite Corporation (Sukairaito), based on far infrared technology and patented as such. Approval was obtained for the manufacture of this machine as a "Remedial Device", from the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare - Health Maintenance Device, Approval Certification No. 63B 1049 -17th June 1988.

The Far Infrared Hothouse has since earned popular and professional acclaim in Japan, across Asia, in Australia, the USA, Canada and Mexico during over two decades of successful results. It was first introduced to the USA and Canada in 1997 by HTE, and is classified as a Class 2 Medical Device. In China, it has been conferred with Registration Certificate of Medical Device of P.R.C.

Yin Yang.The FIR Hothouse Dome - also known as the portable, Far Infrared sweatless 'dry sauna'.
The Hothouse dome produces its health benefits through radiant Far Infrared heat. The unique, specially arched design and multifaceted acute-angled silicon crystal chip, inner surface, maximizes the penetrating radiant heat energy absorbed by the body, thereby enhancing the thermal energy effect. It's easy to use, portable, 100% safe, simple and makes you feel wonderful as it warms your body.

There is no sweating and you can leave your clothes on. Traditional saunas heat up the air around you to a very high temperature creating 'wet' heat causing the body to sweat profusely, whereas the Far Infrared sauna dome heat generates a gentle controlled far infrared 'dry' heat. Minimal to zero sweating occurs (as found in traditional saunas), so released toxins are thereby mostly eliminated via urine and feces.

The effects of Far Infrared rays, which travel in a straight line, weaken with distance, so the closer to the source of the far infrared ray your body is, the more impact they will have. The Far Infrared dome was created to be very close to the body for optimal benefits.

bulFYI: Far Infrared Thermal Therapy - What is it?

Properties of Far Infrared Ray (FIR):
Far Infrared Ray is a heat energy that generates increased blood flow by promoting expansion of the blood vessels and capillaries. A functional circulatory system is indispensable not only for a quality life, but also to maintain health. When normal circulation is maintained, tissues receive the energy they need in the form of nutrients and oxygen to support the metabolic activities they require

Far Infrared heat supports relaxation of the mind and body, addresses physical discomfort, pain, swelling and inflammation, accelerates healing and promotes cellular vitality. Far Infrared heat is also recognized worldwide for it's ability to remove various toxins (which are excreted via sweat, urine and feces and can be analyzed and proven through blood and urine tests), such as contaminated food substances, drugs, and heavy metals. The images below illustrate how FIR works ...


How Far Infrared Works Scientifically:
Basically, the body contains 75% water which easily becomes contaminated with emotional issues, acid diet and beverages, drugs, cosmetics, and environmental pollutants and toxins, such as pesticides and heavy metals. Toxins that do not leave the body are encapsulated by water molecules and begin to accumulate.
Far infrared causes the water molecules to vibrate which reduces the ion bonds of the atoms that are holding the molecules of water together, thus releasing the encapsulated toxins and gases.

FIR Thermal Therapy:
As muscle fibers, tissues and nerves receive the FIR heat waves, relaxation sets in, physical discomfort and pain is relieved - a similar soothing experience to sitting in the sun on a warm, sunny day, but minus the harmful ultra violet waves.

ChiOngoing Global Research and Utilization Of Thermal Therapy:

Well established in Asia and Europe, many prestigious global healing clinics use heat therapy. Also known as hyperthermia, this ancient healing modality can can be traced back in time thru many cultures around the world. Historians declare the first written reference to hyperthermia was found in Egyptian scrolls, 5,000 years ago.

For further research, has countless heat therapy medical citations of worldwide research and scientific clinical studies. Both Europe and Japan have multiple organizations, societies and journals which can be found online.

Three online resources include: - -
Current  hyperthermic clinical trials worldwide:

Detailed information on Far Infrared and thermal therapy: History, Technology and Benefits

Japanese technology at its finest.

Far Infrared.

The FIR Hothouse Dome Special Features.
The Far infrared 'dry sauna' is completely sanitary and you do not have to undress.

1) The Importance of 8-10 micron Far Infrared Ray.
The Far Infrared Hothouse sauna dome generates FIR energy at 8 -10 microns. Normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of your body heat is normally emitted as Far Infrared Ray at the 8 -10 micron wavelength (that is why a room full of people becomes warm.) The Hothouse dome directed over your body, matches the FIR energy leaving your body and is perceived as a gentle, subtle warmth. The absorption of FIR energy from the dome stimulates circulation to peripheral areas, thus allowing your body to regenerate and maintain health as you relax and enjoy the warmth and comfort around you.

2) Unique Patented Technology.
The infrared sauna dome's upper radiant heating surface is covered with a very fine multi-faceted acute-angle silicon surface manufactured in New Mexico. When rays are scattered in all directions by the countless surfaces created by the silicon crystals, the effectiveness of the 160-degree span is amplified. The radiant transmission area is increased some tenfold. It simply wouldn't be possible to produce the effective warmth the FIR hothouse dome achieves without the combination of these two design concepts: proper wavelength and a special reflective silicon crystal surface.

3) Close to the Body.
The Hothouse dome is in very close proximity to the body thus allowing for optimal penetration and benefits of the far infrared heat.

4) Simple To Operate.
Just set the timer, relax and enjoy. The FIR Hothouse dome consumes a mere 5 cents worth of electricity per hour. The timer is programmed in 15 minute increments, up to one hour straight.

5) Temperature is Electronically Controlled and Safe.
Although the radiation surface is capable of reaching 167 F (75 C), the surface temperature is automatically controlled by a built-in specially designed regulator, which only allows a set temperature, while a safety device precludes any chance of overheating. Radiant plate temperature emits heat at a constant and comfortable 107 to 110 F (41 to 43 C) - the domes's perceived temperature is much lower, feeling like the mid 70ís.

Portable Hothouse.
Versatile: You may lie on your back or stomach, or remain sitting with the dome curved around your back.

6) Small and Portable (carry bag available).
This is NOT like the huge FIR incubators you may have seen in hospitals. The Hothouse sauna dome is an entirely 'new' design (19yrs old in the USA - 27yrs old in Asia, as of 2016), and sized just right for your home, office or travel use. Two stands are included for height elevation to accommodate body type and needs. Tiny castor's on the bottom of the dome allow it to easily be moved up down your body.

7) 160-Degree Dome Heating Surface.
The unique 160 degree arched design, greatly increases thermal coverage and enhances its absorption.

8) Weight and Measurements.
Weight: 13 lbs - 5.7 kgs
Side to side (outer shoulders)
26.3"- Floor to top center: 13.8"
Extension stands: 6 1/2" each - Placed on either side will raise height to 18" if desired.
Wattage 330.

9) Two sizes available so as to accommodate larger sized bodies - the Regular size or the Grande (over 180 lbs).

Far Infrared
Gentle, relaxing and healing, Far Infrared Ray do not
harm your skin in any way as ultra-violet sunshine rays do.


ChiDirections for use of the Far Infrared Hothouse Dome:

Set the timer and relax. You may lie on your back or your stomach.
Optional: You may also place the dome on its side, curved around your back as you sit up, curved around the top of your head lying down, or curved around the soles of your feet lying down.

Length of normal session:
First time users should begin with a 30 minute sessions to become familiar.
Increase duration and frequency as your body becomes accustomed to the gentle heat.

60 minutes per session is ideal - 2-3 times daily if desired.

For serious health challenges, use as long as you like - no time limit.
For children, 15 to 30 mins per session -  For pets, 5-15 mins unless they volunteer to remain longer.

Hothouse Domes.

Portable Far Infrared Dome - only 13lbs/5.7kgs.
Classified as a Medical Device in Japan,
a and Canada. FDA regulated in USA.

Drink one glass of water for every 30 to 60 minutes of therapy, to flush out toxins and to remain hydrated.

You will experience a subtle warmth and comfort - use it on regular basis to experience and maintain accumalative, long term health benefits. A very slight reddening of the skin may occur in sensitive users, like the glow and feeling you get from a great massage.

The body area that the dome is radiating over, is the main area which receives the most concentrated far infrared heat and the primary area that experiences the far infrared benefits. Most people simply move the dome up and down the body to the area they wish to target.

Head and Face: Yes you may place the dome over your head. Keep eyes closed when dome is above your face and eyes. A washcloth may be placed over your eyes to enable relaxation, or two moistened cotton balls, or a sleep mask. Far infrared heat benefits the eyes, the skin, breathing challenges, as well as dental pain.

Implants and Metal Body Parts or Additions: The dome may be used safely without any effect on breast implants or any internal metal hardware.

There are no known reported side effects - Far Infrared heat promotes, maintains and supports natural healing as nature intended.

Grande Hothouse Dome.

Grande Hothouse Far Infrared Dome,
 for larger bodies - 180/200 lbs plus.

As with all electrical equipment, do not use or store the unit in the bathroom or in a highly humid environment, because an electrical shock or mechanical malfunction could possibly result.

The Far Infrared Hothouse Dome should NOT be used if you have:

1) A serious heart condition (unable to walk).
2) If using an old, unstable or heavy duty pacemaker (over 10yrs old), or implanted heart beat regulators.
3) If you have seriously high blood pressure - must bring it under control first.
4) If you hare severe sunburn.
5) Not advised for children under 2 years without medical consultation.
6) Use discretion regarding open sores - far infrared will heal and close them.
7) Avoid using during menstruation - may increase flow.

Hothouse Dome VIDEO
Watch demonstration.

Chi Crest.

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Price FIR Hothouse Dome:
Regular or Grande size for larger bodies.

Far Infrared Hothouse
Regular Size: 13lbs - 5.7kgs
Grande Size: 16.5lbs - 7.5kgs
Comes with x2 height risers and armrests.

Original FIR Hothouse Dome -
Sale US$860.00
(reg. price US$899.00)
Fedex $25 + Sales Tax.

Grande FIR Hothouse Dome -
Sale US$960.00
(reg. price US$999.00)
Fedex $35 + Sales Tax.

Original FIR Hothouse Dome -
Sale CA$1,120.00
(reg. price CA$1,349.00)

Grande FIR Hothouse Dome -
Sale CA$1,250.00
(reg. price CA$1,499.00)

Original FIR Hothouse Dome -
Sale AU$1,049.00
(reg. price AU$1,399.00)
+ Shipping and Tax.

Grande FIR Hothouse Dome -
Sale AU$1,139.00
(reg. price AU$1,699.00)
+ Shipping and Tax.

HH bag
Carry Bag Available:
Original Dome: US$59.00 - CA90.00 - AU$89.00
Grande Dome: US$69.00 - CA$100.00 - AU$99.00

Hothouse dome and CM
Far Infrared Hothouse Dome combined with
the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.


size GHH


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Hothouse dome with pet.

Far Infrared Hothouse Dome for Pets

Animals love the soothing warmth
of the natural healing far infrared ray.

SOQI.Total Health Spa and Bed.
Natural Healing and Wellness As Nature Intended.

Some people, such as those with ongoing health challenges, as well as spas, health clubs and alternative health practitioners, prefer to purchase more than one far infrared dome for whole body hyperthermia.

                      Health Spa.

SOQI Total Health Spa
Three Far Infrared Hothouse Dome and one Chi Machine.

Health benefits for ages 4 to 100yrs.


Massage table, one remote control unit, built in MP3 player, three Hothouse Domes and one Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Luxury set up for spas, health clubs, beauty salons, yoga centers and healing professionals, as well as within the comfort of your home.

A "dry sauna" where you may leave your clothes on as there is no enhanced sweating as found in a traditional sauna.

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