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SOQI Health Spa.
SOQI Health Spa.
SOQI Health Spa from HTE Americas.
Natural healing with Far Infrared Energy and Motion Energy.
Detoxification, pain relief, spinal alignment, oxygenation and much more.
You are probably one of the tens of thousands of people searching for safe, easy to use, painless, alternative healing therapies without the toxicity of medical drugs, unaffordable health care insurance or expensive spa and health club memberships that are usually never kept up.

Across the globe complementary medicine and holistic health care is fast becoming the most popular method to look after your body and well-being. Preventative measures are becoming first priority, as opposed to doing something after illness sets in. People are seeking drug free solutions and turning to the natural healing power of nature. Oxygenation and Far infrared (found in sunshine), are two of the most important elements needed for your health, wellness and fitness.

SOQI Total Health Spa - Pronounced 'So-Key'.
SOQI integrates Eastern and Western holistic therapies.
SOQI Health
Three Far Infrared Hothouse domes and one Sun Ancon Chi Machine combine
to create a far infrared 'sweat-less sauna' and oxygenating, detoxifying massage.

The SOQI Total Health Spa:
SOQI combines HTE Americas unique, high quality and award winning products into one total health management solution. The SOQI  health spa is a portable, revolutionary far infrared sauna for serious detoxification of the cells by Far Infrared Heat Therapy combined with the Chi Machine for total body cellular oxygenation via movement commonly known as passive aerobic exercise.

Excellent for home therapy or health clubs, fitness centers, beauty salons and spas:
You can integrate this modern Far Infrared sauna dome system and oxygenating massager into your day spa center, health club or any alternative therapy business, or ideally, create your own personal and exclusive SOQI total health spa at home. Many world class spas and exclusive establishments already incorporate this holistic healing treatment from HTE as it so perfectly compliments existing health, beauty and fitness programs.

HTE Americas and HTE Australia recommend the SOQI health spa for everyone whether healthy or unwell. Many people suffering from terminal illness or any severe body dysfunction or physical health challenge, frequently opt for this complete body treatment. There are no side effects involved, no pain, no needles and no toxic medications. This is simple, natural healing that puts YOU in control, and not a group of strangers who prefer to prescribe dangerous, poisonous drugs and unaffordable surgeries.


SO means Solar. QI means Life Force Energy.
Natural healing as nature intended.

The Meaning Of "SOQI":
SO in the word SOQI represents solar energy. Without the sun no life form can exist on our planet. QI in the word SOQI represents our internal life force energy that we breathe in and breathe out. With Solar and Chi energy, SOQI creates a natural healing therapy for your body to detox, be healthy, re-energize, rejuvenate and relax.

SOQI energy, your body and the environment.

How does the SOQI Total Health Spa work:
Far Infrared Ray Energy (FIR) is an invisible light that is capable of penetrating deep into the body and gently elevates the body temperature. FIR energy is measured in microns, with 8 to 10 microns being the most beneficial for humans and pets. Japanese research indicates the same type of energy is also emitted by our body. Clinical research shows energy radiating from a QI Gong master's practitioner's hand is a form of FIR energy. FIR technology has already been integrated into household appliances, as well as fabrics that provide warmth and insulation. FIR is a part of daily life in Asia and fast becoming a part of daily life in the West - specifically Europe - despite opposition from U.S. doctors, oncologists, and pharmaceutical companies, who basically oppose anything that keeps us well and out of their reach.

Thermal or heat therapy via far infrared ray, is an ancient therapy known today to promote serious detoxification, relaxation, ease muscular aches, stiffness, pain, swelling and inflammation, and stimulate local circulation. It improves breathing and relieves congestion and also regenerates tissue thus helping acne, burns and scars. Far Infrared - also known as thermal therapy or hyperthermia - has been used for decades (primarily in Germany and Japan), to combat 'terminal' illness and disease through detoxification and by raising cell temperature.

Traditional sauna and massage therapies:
The actual concept of SOQI health, known as heat therapy or hyperthermia, has been in practice for thousands and thousands of years - American Indian sweat lodges, the Roman Empire bath houses, Indian healers and Traditional Chinese Medicine, like Tai Chi or Qi Gong - these methods are all still in practice and becoming more popular every year. If you already practice martial arts, or understand Reiki, or have experienced a sweat lodge, than you understand.

Most traditional sauna and massage treatments cost too much money to keep up as they require frequent visits to maintain health. Finding a sweat lodge is difficult. Visiting a spa or masseuse is time consuming and often considered a luxury treat in the West. Owning a traditional sauna requires maintenance and space. Many saunas are unsanitary and both traditional massage treatments and saunas require removal of clothing.

Revolutionary Far Infrared Therapy and Oxygen Therapy Combined:
SOQI's thermal energy is an advanced and sophisticated form of thermal therapy radiated from the FIR Hothouse dome. It bathes your body in gentle far infrared heat energy (FIR). Far infrared energy penetrates your dermis 2 to 2 1/2 inches and stimulates cellular activity.

Sunbathing to receive the benefits of far infrared ray naturally present in sunlight, is not available year round. Sunlight however, also contains ultra violet ray which burn and damage the skin. Far Infrared does NOT burn the skin but actually generates healthy tissue growth as well as eliminate chemicals, toxic waste, drugs and heavy metal poisoning trapped at cellular level.

The Chi Machine creates physical movement, which is critical for mental and physical health and something not experienced on a daily basis by most of us, due to lifestyle choices and obligations, weather conditions, or physical challenges.

Regular and consistent movement of the body, oxygenates the body at cellular level, activates the lymphatic system enabling detoxification, and improved circulation.

The Chi Machine's specific motion aligns the spine, puts you into an alpha meditative state of tranquil relaxation, thus relieving stress and depression, and it also boosts your internal Chi. You don't need to be an expert in Martial Arts, QI Gong or Tai Chi to experience the benefits of Chi.


FIR can penetrate up to 4 centimeters (2-21/2 inches)
into the skin
and is absorbed at cellular level.

Medical Research on Far Infrared Energy:
In a paper published in 1993 the findings indicated that FIR was able to increase the function of white blood cells, increasing the immune response. A medical report in 2002 by Yoo and Park reaffirmed that FIR vitalizes skin cells and increases blood circulation. FIR works by stimulating the hypothalamus, an area of the brain that oversees the production of neuro-chemicals to affect a number of physiological functions. Basically every aspect of life is controlled by the production of neuro-chemicals from the hypothalamus.

Medical clinics in Europe and Asia have been using FIR for well over 60 years to successfully combat cancer, to treat chronic pain, and to promote healing of soft tissue injuries.

10 Effects of Far Infrared Heat Therapy:
1)  Improved blood circulation.
2)  Increased oxygenation in tissues.
3)  Improved mobility of muscles and joints.
4)  Reduced swelling, inflammation and pain in muscles and joints.
5)  Dissolves harmful substances in the blood and lymph - excellent for heavy metal detoxification.
6)  Penetrates deep into tissues with deep heating affects thereby increasing sudomotor activity (250,000 sweat glands in the bottom of the foot).
7)  Decreased fatigue.
8)  Improved quality of sleep.
9)  Decreased wound healing time - accelerated healing.
10) Improved breathing problems.

- Extract from HTE Australia SOQI News for Australia, New Zealand, England and Europe.
August/September 2005 - Hsin Ten Enterprise (Aust) Pty Ltd.

SOQI Health


Simply lie down underneath the three Infrared units, put your feet on the Chi Machine, set the timers and relax.

By using one to three FIR Hothouse domes, you can create a channel of soothing far infrared ray energy from the feet to neck for 15 to 60 minutes per session. Use the Chi Machine at the same time for oxygenation benefits, detoxification and spinal alignment.

* The Chi Machine can be used from 2 - 20 mins maximum per session. Beginners need to start at 4-6 minutes depending upon health level and then SLOWLY add minutes each session. If any discomfort occurs, reduce minutes.

* The Far Infrared Hothouse units can be used for 15 - 60 mins per session. Seriously unwell people may use the Hothouse dome longer than one hour per session. Patients with 'terminal' or serious diseases may use the dome for as long as they have time to spare.

* The Chi Machine should be used before eating, or at least 45 minutes after eating.

The Chi Machine may be used from 1-3 sessions per day.
The Hothouse may be used for as long and as often as desired.

Drink a glass of water after each session to flush out released toxicity.
And yes, you may keep your clothes on. For all ages from 4yrs to 100 yrs.

SOQI Health Spa.
3 Hothouse Domes and 1 Chi Machine.

Contraindications due to lack of water, or long sessions, may include temporary tiredness, headaches, dizziness, discomfort, and nausea. Please reduce time and be sure to drink plenty of water if any of these symptoms occur. This is usually due to dehydration and detoxification.

A few users of the Far Infrared Hothouse may experience skin dryness or redness if the units are frequently used beyond 60 minutes per session. Simply drink plenty of water, moisturize your skin and reduce the time of session until the dryness goes away. You may also need to address your diet as you are probably lacking certain vitamins and minerals.

1) Breast implant users are ok - the implants will not melt.
People with metal plates and rods are also ok - the metal will not heat up.

Pregnant women need to exercise caution and common sense - it is best to wait 2-4 weeks after giving birth.

Pacemaker users need to exercise caution if models are old.
Refrain from use during menstruation.

6) Do not use the Chi Machine with broken bones until well healed - the Hothouse is ok to use and may accelerate healing.

If ever in doubt DON'T, or ask your health care practitioner if they are familiar, or email us for expert medical guidance.


SOQI mini spa.

1 Hothouse Dome used with 1 Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Natural, non-toxic healing of the body, coupled with relaxation of the mind.


1) "We use the Chi Machine and 3 Hothouses in our health center, in conjunction with other natural therapies to reduce pain, detoxify the body, enhance the lymphatic system and increase vitality and well-being. We have several clients who complained of severe back pain and after being on the machine for 10 minutes their back pain disappeared. The 3 Hothouses with the Chi Machine have helped our cancer patients with pain relief and increased their sense of well-being." - Carla Peppler, NEX Health Center Nurse Practitioner, Natural Medicine, Natural Health Consultant - Hanover, Ontario, Canada.

2) "My focus has shifted radically in the last few years from treating diseases to preventing diseases by using natural therapies as a primary way to reduce disease and suffering. My patients have been experiencing great success with The Chi Machine and FIR Hothouse. I am offering free trials to most of my patients and letting them feel the immediate benefits in the office. I'm truly convinced that these units can help relieve numerous health challenges for a lot of people naturally.  My wife is using the Total Health Spa and loves it!" - Shivinder S. Deol, M.D. - President Kern Academy of Family Physicians since 1977, American College of Advancement in Medicine, Bakersfield CA. USA.

3) "I use the Total Health Spa daily for physical (aching joints) as well as mental and emotional (serotonin) healing. It provides a wonderful meditative safe place for spiritual contemplation as well." - Maureane Dupuis - Registered Craniosacral Therapist, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Far Infrared Sauna Domes
For comparison shoppers.



Far Infrared Hothouse Dome

USA.Sale US$860.00 (reg. price US$899.00)

Canada.Sale CA$1,120.00 (reg. price CA$1,349.00)

Australia.Sale AU$1,049.00 (reg. price AU$1,399.00)
Same for NZ and Europe.

Plus Shipping and Sales Tax.

Grande Hothouse Dome
For larger bodies.

Detoxification, Reduction in Pain,
Swelling and Inflammation,
Improved Circulation, Tissue
Regeneration and Skin Improvement,
Relief for Congestion and
and Breathing challenges,
Relaxation and Accelerated Healing.

Far Infrared Therapy
History, Benefits, Cancer.

FIR Hothouse Testimonials
USA and Canada.

                    Machine. SM-888
Sun Ancon Chi Machine

USASale US$480.00 (reg. price US$549.00)

Sale CA$624.00 (reg. price CA$720.00)

Australia.Sale AU$570.00 (reg. price AU$692.00)
Same for NZ and Europe.

Plus Shipping and Sales Tax.

Specific motion creates Oxygenation,
Internal Massage,
Pain Relief,
Spinal Alignment
, Relaxation,
Mental Focus, Sounder Sleep.

Oxygen Therapy
The Critical Importance of Aerobic Exercise.

Chi Machine Testimonials
USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Asia.


FIR Hothouse and Chi Machine.

Chi Machine and Regular Hothouse.
(Add $100.00 for Grande size).

Sale US$1,220.00 (reg. price $1,379.00)

Canada.Sale CA$1,589.00 (reg. price $2,069.00)

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SOQI mini spa.

Ideal for health spas or home health care.
Many people get creative and build there
own SOQI platform - a regular massage
table is not wide enough.

SOQIInternational Health Revolution.
HTE Americas and HTE Australia SOQI Bed:

HTE Americas has an absolutely fabulous set up known as the SOQI Bed. The luxury, solid SOQI Bed accommodates three Far Infrared Hothouse domes and one Chi Machine, with each machine designed to lock down onto the massage table platform bed.

The SOQI Bed includes storage, a built in relaxing music MP3 player and all in one control panel (located to the left of your head as seen in the photo above). The music puts you into a meditative alpha state and the the overall kinesthetic healing experience is deeply relaxing and comforting.

The SOQI Bed is available from Australia, Asia, the USA, Canada and Europe. SOQI Health Spas are now available to visit across Asia, Australia and Mexico, and may also be found across the USA and Canada, the UK and Europe.

SOQI massage

Natural health and wellness therapy with a touch of class and luxury.
Ideal for all the family - Excellent for spas and health centers.

Guide to the entire site.
Extensive info on four healing machines plus nutrition and health.

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