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Natural Healing Energy.
Within You, Around You - Holistic Therapy.

Everything in Creation is Energy.
All energy has a sound,a color, a vibration and a frequency. If the energy frequency within the cells of the human body becomes disharmonious, unbalanced or distorted, the body becomes unwell - negative, acidic and toxic, cells may mutate and multiply, thereby creating pain, illness and disease.


To understand energy,
is to understand life.

Energy has a name - CHI
According to ancient Eastern beliefs, we are all born with this life force energy, called CHI (pronounced chee), Prana or QI ("KI") Chi is the driving force of energy for all living things, including of course, your body.

Without sufficient Chi, or blocked or insufficient Chi, your mental and physical body is unable to carry out its normal abilities and remain healthy, leaving you vulnerable to the effects of harmful entities.

Even as you are reading this article, your Chi is enabling you to function. It is allowing your heart to pump blood throughout your body. It is allowing your digestive system to absorb the nutrients from your last meal, and it's even allowing your eyes to move across this page. 

It is essential to supply your body with a continuous source of Chi to maintain health - but how?

By maintaining a regular aerobic exercise routine, eating a pH balanced diet, by keeping the body hydrated with water, by protecting yourself from EMF and by avoiding and eliminating harsh chemical toxins. Most importantly, by having conscious awareness of your thoughts and emotions and keeping them loving, compassionate and positive.

Of course you know that it is easier said than done. Many of us are either too busy or too tired and stressed to pay attention to our health, our emotions and body until it is too late and we become sick.

FS elements

Understand Energy Therapy:
Music, colors, food, water, your home, your body.

Sound alters the vibrational frequency of the body and has the ability to calm, uplift and inspire or to enrage or depress. Classical music is great for relaxation, where as rock music gets people energized. If you ever feel depressed or have a broken heart, avoid sad love songs as they will make you feel worse. Listen to music that makes you happy. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. What are your top five tracks?

Colors have their own vibration and frequency, and likewise the same effect as music. Everyone has a favorite color, but do you know what that color energy means? Each and every colors has a meaning that has an effect on the emotions and the body. Your clothes and home decor reflects who you are. When you burn colored candles, choose the colors that promote their corresponding energy.

Basically: Green and Blue are healing, calming and remove stress as in nature. Pink is compassion and calm. Red is energizing and passionate but also promotes anger and aggression. Yellow is mentally stimulating but not good for eyesight. Orange is happy but may promote lust. Purple is spiritual. Black absorbs and can transform negative energy. White is virginal, clean and neutral. What colors do you not have in your life?

Specifically raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, are alive and contain the necessary nutritional energy, minerals, vitamins and enzymes for human cells to be healthy. Food that is genetically modified, sprayed with chemicals, packaged, boxed and canned, is dead and toxic.

Food cooked in a microwave alters the chemical structure and affects your DNA. Cooked food cause glycation and aging as does sugar. How much sugar do you consume every week? Do you eat dead or live food in general?

FYI: Did you know that if you eat food prepared by someone who is upset or angry, the food will taste bad and the negative energy will be ingested into your own body? The same applies to domestic farm animals, tortured from birth and killed inhumanely.

It is interesting to note that the strongest, healthiest, most gentile, agile and non-aggressive animals in the animal kingdom are vegetarian. And ... only about 5% of elephants die from cancer compared to 1 in 5 humans.


Water Crystal.

Stagnation of energy in any form, whether it be mental, emotional or physical, creates
poisonous decay. Interestingly, the body is around 75% water and water has been proven by Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto, to respond to music and to emotion, both negative or positive, loving or hateful. How happy has your body been this past year?

Your Home - Feng Shui:
The Asian method used to balance and align energy within the home or the office. Huge corporations, airports, hotels and shopping centers worldwide, hire Feng Shui experts to make sure their land and property has the right energy to be optimally profitable.

Have you noticed they usually incorporate water features to calm the mind and to attract money. Have you ever walked in a building or a room and felt noticeably happy, angry or sad? What is the general energy in your home?


Your Physical Body.

Motion Energy:
The movement of all living things - humans, animals and nature. Motion is movement which we refer to as aerobic exercise regarding humans.

No living thing - human, animal or plant - can live without oxygen, which is obtained through movement, which increases oxygen and activates the lymphatic system into eliminating metabolic waste and toxins. Gentle swaying of the body promotes relaxation as does yoga and massage. Ever fallen asleep on a train?

FYI: Changing your physiology changes your emotions and mental focus. For example, sit or stand up straight, look up at the sky, or go skip around your garden, and you will find it impossible to be depressed. Try it.

Thermal Energy:
Far Infrared heat
(FIR), comes from the sunshine and is within every living thing - human, animal and plant. Without far infrared heat, we would all die.
FIR maintains health and keeps us warm and vibrant. Raised core temperatures relieve and reduce pain, promotes healing, and relaxes us.

The Universe is electro-magnetic energy as is everything in creation. Electro-energy of the body encompasses our electrical frequencies. Electrotherapy - also known as electo-medicine or bio-resonance - helps to communicate and to re-connect the electrical circuitry if disconnected, suppressed or damaged.

Your Metaphysical Body.


Energy Field - The Human Aura.
Photos taken using Kirlian Photography.

The Aura:
Surrounding every living thing, the aura reflects the energy field of the individual (animals and plants included), and the aura color denotes the state of health and emotion. Have you ever felt joy, or uncomfortable energy, from someone that came close to you? Have you ever walked into a crowd and felt noticeably happy or sad? What energy do you emit to the world? Do people feel good around you?

The energy centers of the body, known as chakras, must remain unblocked and spinning for the body to remain well. If for example you are experiencing sexual challenges, chances are your lower chakra is probably blocked - If you have a communication problem, your throat chakra needs to be examined.

If you experience problems with giving or receiving love, your heart chakra needs to open up. Are all your chakras open?

The energy pathways of the body are called meridians. Acupuncture for example, is simply the use of needles to stimulate meridians within the body which have trapped or blocked energy and thereby release it. Electrotherapy will also help in moving the energy through the meridians.

Chi, Auras, Chakras and Meridians
The human aura after using the Chi Machine.


Holistic Therapy.
SOQI - Healing Energy of Nature.

Motion Energy - Thermal Energy
Electromagnetic Energy.

SOQI is holistic therapy, a natural total health care system that will allow you to rejuvenate and replenish your natural Chi, enhance the natural Far Infrared heat in your body, and recharge the electro-magnetic circuitry and cells.

Receive the benefits of massage as well as passive aerobic respiration exercise, provide nutrients  pH balance and oxygenation to your cells, seriously detox, and reconnect and balance your electromagnetic field, and do all this in the most convenient, comfortable and safest way possible.

There are no poisonous drugs involved, no stressful exercises, no harmful side effects, no invasive procedures, no risk of injury. Simply, natural health choices working with natures innate healing abilities synergistically.

Welcome to the SOQI family - A multiple energy healing approach incorporating natural holistic therapies via high quality, revolutionary healing machines - available exclusively from HTE Americas for home or professional use. Advanced healthcare for everyone ... 

SOQI Healing Machines:
There are many imitations, but these 
are the Originals, created in Japan.


Chi Machine // Far Infrared Dome

 Reflexology Machine // E-Power Machine

SOQI music
SOQI Bed Spa Sauna

SOQI's cutting-edge technology uses multiple energy modalities for maintaining health and wellness. These products balance the body's energies of Motion (The Sun Ancon Chi Machine), Thermal (the Far Infrared Dome Sauna), and Electrotherapy (the Electro Reflex Energizer and the E-Power machine).

This naturalistic approach is extremely powerful because it enhances your particular body's strengths while providing positive healing energy to strengthen and support weak or depleted areas.

Contact us for personal guidance regarding specific illness and disease.


Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

SOQI Motion Energy
The Original Chi Machine

Why is movement essential for my body?

Everything in creation is in constant, energetic, motion. Energy actually never dies, it simply transforms. However, what happens when the body slows down for prolonged periods of time? It begins to breakdown, malfunction, stop working ... and dies. Consistent daily motion energy is essential in order for the body to function properly on every conceivable level.

The one set speed of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine creates a very specific figure of eight, producing a rhythmic, repetitive and non-jarring, relaxing wave-like motion of energy. With its gentle, lateral movement, the Sun Ancon Chi Machine creates passive aerobic respiration exercise.

The gentle swaying of the body from side to side - like a goldfish swimming - promotes stimulation of important body functions that keep us healthy and well.

                    machine position

Specific movement and stimulation of the body:

Improved circulation and increased oxygen thereby promoting temporary relief of muscle pain, circulation and lymphatic detoxification, healthy back support and alignment (used lying down), internal massage, increased energy, mental focus, stimulation of the autonomic nervous system, relaxation, sounder sleep and more.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine clinical trials for Secondary Lymphoedema and Venous Oedema were conducted at Flinders University in Australia, showing reduction in fluid retention.

- More vital than a simple breath.

The Lymphatic System - Written by expert Lymphologist, Dr. Samuel West.


SOQI Thermal Energy
Far Infrared Dome

Why is Far Infrared (FIR) thermal energy, therapeutic for my body?

Far Infrared is unlike normal heat, and is radiated from the sun, also being present within every living being - human, animal and plant. Without Far Infrared heat, life cannot thrive or survive. Unfortunately we do not always have sunshine and it also contains ultra violet rays that burn us.

So the next best thing is pure far infrared thermal therapy generated by this ceramic heater for the body, the SOQI Far Infrared Sauna. Simple to use, anywhere, all year long. The FIR heat therapy works from the inside out so unlike a traditional sauna, you may keep your clothes on.

Grande Hothouse.

Far Infrared Benefits:

Serious healing from minor to major issues. Increased circulation due to internal temperature elevation thereby promoting rapid relief from pain, swelling and inflammation, accelerated healing, tissue regeneration, toxin elimination, respiration support, relaxation and much more.

Research: Far Infrared Heat Therapy - History, Technology.


1) Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE), 
  2) E-Power Machine - both PEMF.


SOQI Electro-Reflexology
The Electro Reflex Energizer

What can electro-reflexology do for me?

Electro-therapy promotes communication and re-connection of broken or damaged electrical circuits within the body by stimulating it through wave form, current and frequency. When there is pain in the body there is electrical resistance, meaning the electrical signals between cells are suppressed, damaged or blocked.

Consistent use of this healing modality can help restore the flow of electricity through painful areas so that meridian circuits remain turned on and healing can be promoted.

The Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE), is not just a foot massager with heat. The ERE creates powerful stimulation of acupressure points in both the feet and hands which correlate to organs and systems in the body.

Both feet and hands can be divided into different zones which correspond to various organs and body systems via a well known ancient healing modality called Reflexology. The machine stimulates the same pressure points.


SOQI Electro Pads.
x3 pairs included.

The ERE also gives the option of using six electro pads to pinpoint and stimulate additional areas, such as neck, shoulders, back, stomach and thighs. These 'TENS' pads are used for relieving pain and soreness in knotted, tense and tight muscles.

Reported benefits include:

Pain relief, release of tight muscles, aches and soreness in the feet and legs, promotes circulation, stimulation and recovery of nerve impulses (numbness),
healing and reconnection of electrical circuitry, and more.

Interesting Note: Countless users have reported the elimination of intestinal worms and parasites.

Research: What is Electrotherapy


SOQI Electrotherapy Energy
E-Power Machine

The E-Power machine is the latest edition to the SOQI family, for health and beauty. This revolutionary electrotherapy device promotes re-connection and communication of the electrical circuitry of the entire body for areas that may be suppressed, damaged or broken. It also importantly activates ATP, a critical function of the human body.

What can this electrotherapy device do for me?

1) It can be used to indicate the weak and strong areas of the body by applying a light-tube test.

2) It can be used with the Energy Wand to promote the movement of energy through the meridians of the body.

3) It can be used with a Silver Pen to promote a temporary mini facelift, or use it for 30 mins with infused serum paper face masks for instant rejuvenation and glowing, softer skin.

Reported benefits include:

Pain relief, subtle skin improvements (anti-aging properties), supports digestion and promotes bowel movements, promotes pH balance, promotes metabolism and hours of energy through ATP activation, a negative potential energizer that boosts negative ions (depression relief) and much more.

Note: Some users have reported hair growth by stroking the Energy Wand across the head on a consistent daily basis (we have actually witnessed the hair growth in one man), but this will not apply to everyone and is not promoted as such.

What is Electrotherapy


SOQI Energies Combined.
The Ultimate Far Infrared Sauna.


The luxurious SOQI Bed set up for your home, office or health business. Natural health and wellness from children to seniors.

The SOQI Bed is a massage table with three Far Infrared Dome and one original Chi Machine. The table has a built in MP3 player and two speakers on either side of the head.

The combination of the healing benefits from the Chi Machine passive aerobic respiration exercise and the Far Infrared Dome thermal energy, is magnified and intensified.

No traditional sauna company had managed to duplicate this superior, advanced, Japanese Far Infrared technology.

Installment Plan
One down-payment, x5 monthly payments.
No Interest. Tax-write off for business owners.

Portable and easy to use,
for all ages and wellness levels.

SOQI mini spa.

SOQI Mini Health Spa
Combined healing therapies.

SOQI Health Spas
Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada,
the USA and Mexico.

SOQI Videos.

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