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Illness, and Relationships.
How to be sick.

How to make yourself unwell, sick and diseased. It's SO easy, chances are you are already an expert!

It is really easy to make your body sick. Chances are you have already done this to yourself, yet you are wondering WHY you are ill and even frantically spending money trying to make yourself better.

How much money are you wasting on drugs, invasive procedures, doctors, and even beauty care for the face and body you see in the mirror that is depressed, unwell, aging, overweight or run down?

How to be well - easier said than done:

1) Focus on finding peace and neutrality regarding incomplete, unresolved, ongoing personal mental/emotional issues, and change any negative beliefs that are poisoning your cells, aging and acidifying your body. Some issues may be recent and some may go way back in your past.

2) RELEASE AND FORGIVE any negative event or person.


4) LIVE IN THE MOMENT and take good care of your mind, your emotions and your body - then, and only then, will you be healthy and happy.

You and the World.



Seven common mental/emotional Issues that often manifest into physical illness and disease:

1) Someone died - your parent, your sibling, your pet, your best friend, your child. Your mind and emotions move into extreme grief or anger but you hold onto the pain and do not let it go.

2) Someone you love left you (divorce, break-up). Again, you move into pain and do not let them go mentally and emotionally.

3) You had something valuable taken away from you- usually your home or your job. You do not let go but choose to hold on to the pain and anguish.

4) Something traumatic happened to you physically/mentally - either caused by someone else, or by your own words and actions. You refuse to deal with the resulting mental/emotional trauma and bury it in a chosen addiction.

5) You are stressed most of the time - factors include work, love, kids, partner, parents, friends, and of course money:

a) You hate your job, your kids are out of control, your partner wants someone else or is having an affair, you are in serious lifelong conflict with a parent, you are under peer pressure, you are in debt living paycheck to paycheck, ect

b) You refuse to take responsibility, take action, be truthful, speak up or stand up for yourself.

6) You are repeating your parents negative patterns of relationship and love.

7) You live from a place of FEAR and PAIN - Fear often manifests in specific behaviors:

- Anger.
- Lying.
- Control over others - mentally, emotionally, physically.
- Judgment of others - unkind gossip.
- Physical Violence.
- Sexual Abuse.
- Addiction: Food (resulting in obesity or anorexia), drugs, alcohol, medication, shopping, hoarding, work.

Fear behavior is used to control and suppress reality, truth and emotion. Fear is used to lash out at others, to place blame, to deny.

Do you relate to any of the following:

- You allow others to walk all over you.
- You try to buy love by giving presents.
- You constantly take care of others but not yourself.
- You own a large number of pets and live alone.
- You hoard things and/or your home is a disaster.
- You have issues with your sexuality or lack of it.

- Obsessions such as work, shopping, house cleaning, your physical appearance, your health, food.

- You are afraid of becoming old, of being overlooked by society, or swept aside.

- You have psychosomatic Illness to avoid confrontation or to gain attention, love and sympathy.

- You need for outside sources to validate you, or to tell you what to do, or what to believe in.

All these fears and compulsions are a cry for love, connection and understanding, a refusal to take personal responsibility, a lack of love for self.

Negative emotions create a highly acidic body. An acidic body becomes a sick body.

Fearful behavior and addiction, does not avert confrontation - it spotlights you have inner issues.

Seriously ask yourself:

"What don't i want to feel?"

"What am i REALLY afraid of happening?"

Negative Mind

Confronting your fears - mental/emotional issues,
is the only way to make them dissolve.

Relationship Drama.

14 reasons your relationship may be over:

If your love partner ...

1) Swears at you frequently.
2) Withholds sex.
3) Constantly brings up the past.
4) Does serious drugs or alcohol.
5) Lies.
6) Constantly criticizes you.
7) Accuses you of things you have not done.
8) Does not contribute financially.
9) Refuses to share activities with you.
10) Threatens or emotionally blackmails you.
11) Physically hurts you.
12) Hates your friends.
13) Is distant, emotionally cold, short tempered.
14) Never complements you, or takes you out, or gives you gifts.

... It's over. WAKE UP!

Look inside yourself and honestly deal with the emotional issues that have drawn this situation to you and look at WHY you are holding on.

A relationship is for you to learn about YOU.

If you had mental/emotional issues going into the relationship, chances are you will still have them when the relationship fails.

YOU teach other people how to treat you. YOU taught your partner what he/she can or cannot get away with, based on your own fears and insecurities.

Ask yourself:
a)  "Do i want to remain in this same relationship 1, 5, 10 years from now?"

b)  "If i were he/she, would i want to be with me right now?"

c)  "What do I need to learn about ME from this?"

If a relationship has no TRUST, RESPECT and COMMUNICATION, there is NO RELATIONSHIP.

Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 for each, how much trust, respect and communication is between you and the person you love. You can also apply this to every relationship you have - family, children, friends, co-workers.


1) Do you enjoy being depressed, insecure, controlled, fearful, miserable, guilty?

2) Do you find comfort in drama?

3) Do you seriously expect that person or that situation, to change by itself?

4) Do you believe your issues will go away by blaming everyone and everything but yourself?

5) Are you prepared for the physical health problems that will manifest sooner or later?

Is it that impossible for you to make new and better choices with different consequences? What do you have to lose? What will you gain ... if you take responsibility, and be truthful with yourself?

If you have children or animals, your mental/emotional issues will impact them deeply and they too will suffer mentally, emotionally and physically.

The mind - Ignoring or burying mental/emotional issues inside you, only leads to further grief, pain, anger, sadness and serious illness.
How many years are you prepared to waste?

How to let go mentally
and emotionally, and heal?


A mantra that works.

Confront Yourself, Forgive,
Release, Give Back:

1) Allow Yourself To Feel. Face the pain and refuse to numb, suppress, deny or hide it any longer.

2) Take Responsibility For Your Life.

3) Start keeping a daily journal and release negative energy by writing down everything you feel and think.

4) Scream into a pillow - beat up a pillow!
5) Allow yourself to cry.

6) Forgive Yourself.
Try Ho'oponopono (see image above), an ancient Hawaiian practice meaning "to set right". Why this works cannot truly be explained, but it does.

It heals within you whatever is creating the outer circumstance.
Take responsibility. Direct the words to your higher self to the place where hurt resides within you.

7) Confront the person who triggered the pain, either in person, or by the following:

a) Write them a letter but don't send it (unless it is really appropriate) - pour out your heart and write down everything you feel.

b) Imagine them sitting in a chair opposite you, and have a conversation with them out loud.

8) If living with an abusive person or job, WALK AWAY! Let them go. Is THEIR life more important than YOURS?

9) Change the way you think. Change how you react. REFUSE to repeat the past.

10) Create a wall poster with visual images of what you want in life, set goals and give them a date.

11) Look in the mirror everyday and say "I Love You" even if you don't. Face the emotions that come up until you find love that is hiding.  

12) Throw or give away every single item in your home that does not make you smile or bring joy, everything that you do not use, or you do not need. Clean out every single drawer and cupboard. Then paint the walls, introduce new colors and images that make you happy and inspired.

Release the past.
Take only the lessons and
the sweet memories.



13) Give Back. Give your time and support to a cause dear to your heart where help and love is needed - children, animals, seniors, veterans, addicts, natural disasters, the poor, the sick, the physically challenged etc. Help yourself, strengthen your soul, by helping others.

14) When you are ready, share what you have learnt with others still living in the darkness you have walked through. Show them the light.

15) Be Grateful. At the end of each day, write down or speak aloud, what you are grateful for, and one single lovely thing that happened that day.

Key to heart.

Health is the physical manifestation
of your emotions and thoughts:

If you refuse to deal with or deny mental/emotional issues, chances are high the consequences will range from ongoing minor physical health challenges, to life threatening outcomes.

Daily physical abuse that poisons your body thereby expanding mental-emotional issues:

1) You refuse to get your body moving - no aerobic exercise, little to no physical activity ... you lie in bed, sit on the couch, drive in your car, sit behind a desk ... no walks, no sports, little to no sex ... all of which creates guaranteed oxygen depletion and toxin accumulation resulting in disease (cancer thrives without oxygen).

Lack of physical movement ages the body, depletes the cells of oxygen, and shuts down natural detoxification processed by the lymph system.

2) You eat mostly acid foods - guaranteed to poison your body, age yourself and increase probability of cancer. Acid foods and beverages (especially sugar), poisons your cells thereby creating and feeding illness - cancer becomes a real possibility. The U.S. food pyramid is a LIE.

3) You take prescribed medication, usually every day. Toxicity is promoted quickly and effectively. Prescribed medications POISON you. The majority of western doctors are paid to keep your body sick with toxic drugs and expensive, sometimes unnecessary surgery.

4) You get very little sleep so your body cannot rejuvenate, heal, relax or de-stress. This guarantees anger, a short temper and frustration.

5) You have heavy contact with modern technology everyday - your cell phone, and of course your computer - resulting in eyesight problems, brain malfunction, insomnia and skin aging.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's) change your DNA and your natural body frequency - EMF's holding cell phones close to the head are proven to cause brain cancer tumors. Men that carry their cell phone in their pocket risk prostate cancer or sterility.

6) You avoid water and prefer alcohol, soda or coffee (diet and decaf is worse than the original) - Dehydration causes pain and body system break down - Aspartame (soda content) has proven to be deadly. Sugar (soda and alcohol) feeds cancer.

7) You get very little sun exposure  - Far infrared heat and Vitamin D deficiency results in depression and illness.

8) You use a microwave oven frequently, thus poisoning and changing your cellular structure and DNA.

9) You use aluminum cookware, toothpaste content, deodorant content etc - Increase your chances for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

10) You have had vaccinations - you allow your kids to become vaccinated - Illness and disease, a broken immune system.

11) You work daily under fluorescent lights, thereby creating headaches, migraines, eye problems.

12) Existing mental/emotional issues creates an acid body, which promotes cancer, which is further promoted by conventional cancer protocols.

Radiation and Chemotherapy may perhaps postpone death for a few, but in the end they will kill you. Both are poison. They DEVASTATE your immune system and your brain. Chemo is proven to cause cancer cells to proliferate. These protocols will push your body over the edge on every level.

FYI: A physical 'accident' is usually your higher-self FORCING you to stop, take a look at your life, make changes, and let go.

Happiness is a choice found
only by living in the moment.


Health is a reward.

Your body-mind connection determines your life journey. Your entire life is a creation of your thoughts and emotions.

Physical manifestations of illness and disease are simply the consequences of YOU refusing to deal with and LET GO of mental/emotional issues.

When the pain of holding on, becomes greater than the pain of letting go, you WILL let go. 
Let go of yesterday!
Live in the moment.

Body/mind workbook.

Highly recommended - "The Bodymind Workbook" by Debbie Shapiro.

Available from Amazon.
Your specific physical illness indicates your mental-emotional issues. This book is a must have, to help you identify and understand the source of your physical illness, then you can allow the real healing begin.


Need to smile, need some joy?
A few minutes time out.

The Body-Mind Connection
Just. Let. Go!

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