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Far Infrared Sauna - Comparison.

Far Infrared
                          Sauna Dome.
Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna Hothouse Dome from HTE.

Compare Infrared Sauna both traditional and dome units:
was the first company to introduce the healing far infrared sauna to the public in North America. It is called the Far Infrared Hothouse Dome. The traditional sauna companies took note and followed suit, as well as many copycat dome type units. All they did was introduce carbon coated metal rods or carbon coated ceramic plates to their existing traditional units and then renamed and marketed them as far infrared sauna.


NONE of the traditional 'infrared sauna' (or the copycat infrared domes) use the same unique patented crystal chip surface as HTE's Hothouse dome which emits 100% far infrared. Most far infrared saunas emit 40% to around 90% far infrared (very few units reach 90%). Some far infrared sauna units generate too much heat and thereby dramatically reduce the actual infrared emission level.

Infrared Rays.
The FIR Hothouse Dome - Silicone Crystal Chip Surface - 8-10 microns.

Sources used to generate far infrared in other far infrared sauna units:

* Carbon panels or plastic carbon sheets mixed with bonding glue.
* Carbon coals.
* Carbonized steel metal rods.
* Ceramic coated metal rods.
* Aluminum plate with ceramic coat.
* Small flat and un-reflective ceramic plates
* Plastic, ceramic or aluminum heaters
* Chemically treated wood and glues.
* Foldable synthetic material enclosure - wire and ceramic.
* Fiberglass domes - carbon.

Glue produces toxic fumes - Ceramic will crack and break in half - Metal rods and wires generate too much heat - aluminum is a very deadly toxin. When you compare these different sources used to generate the far infrared, it is disturbing how potentially toxic they may be, and therefore quite serious to consider choosing one that will benefit your health and not harm it.

Infrared sauna

Be cautious of far infrared sauna impostors - research, research, research!

Names of some far infrared sauna companies and compare choice of far infrared source:

Therasauna, Saunagen, Sun Star, Dreamline, Hydra, Seamax, Royal, Eacon, Spatech, Keys - ceramic, wood.
Sun Life, Sauna King, Core - carbon, wood.
Verseo, Evergain, Infraspa, Waterstar, Royal Heat, Golden Heat - foldable synthetic upright, carbon.
Healiohealth, Waterstar- synthetic material dome, plastic, carbon and ceramic.
Sauna Dome, Far Infrared Dome - fiberglass or wood, carbon.

FYI - Infrared Spectrum:

Infrared is the common abbreviation used for Far Infrared, or FIR. However, the range is correctly and more clearly defined as Near, Mid or Far Infrared:
1) Near Infrared LIGHT RAY are extremely hot. Folate-conjugated gold nanorods targeted to tumor cell surfaces produced severe membrane damage upon near-infrared light irradiation. Near Infrared is used for chemical analysis in conjunction with the biotechnology of Spectroscopy.
2) Middle or Mid Infrared LIGHT RAY, are used in the application of laser science and spectroscopy.
3) Far Infrared HEAT RAY are used in many medical applications, such as incubators, physical therapy, thermal oncology and dermatology.

Far Infrared Ray.


WAVELENGTH: Many far infrared saunas and copycat domes do not radiate the correct micron far infrared ray wavelength which is 8-10 microns (7-11 is acceptable). Many are less than 5 microns (towards medium infrared ray range) or way beyond 11 microns, which is not physically beneficial. Many companies do not understand what a micron is. Other companies simply copy/re-write all far infrared data and information from the Far Infrared Hothouse Dome because scant information and documentation is available written in English.

WEIGHT: Most units weigh three times more than the Far Infrared Hothouse dome sauna which is only 13lbs - 5.7kgs.

WARM UP TIME: Many units require 10-20 minutes minimum warm up time.The FIR Hothouse dome sauna heats up immediately.

HEAT RANGE: Many have temperature ranges that fluctuate dramatically. The FIR Hothouse dome sauna heat is constant.

DANGERS: Many far infrared sauna pose the danger of overheating and dehydration. The FIR Hothouse dome sauna poses no such danger as overheating of the user does not occur, as it is only gentle far infrared ray penetrating the body, which feels more like the 70's temperature wise. The pure far infrared heat of the dome does not cause hydration, unlike a closed, intensely hot traditional sauna does.

SAFETY: Many do not have an electronic thermostat for safety. The FIR Hothouse dome sauna has a built in regulator.

PROXIMITY: Traditional sauna units have the source of far infrared too far away from the body to have any impact. The far infrared emitter surface should be as close to the body as possible. The Far Infrared sauna Hothouse dome is within inches of the body.

MEDICAL DEVICE: Many Far Infrared units lack medical research and have no medical approval. The Hothouse dome far infrared sauna is registered as a medical device in three countries, Japan, Australia and Canada.

SIZE: 'One size fits all' copycat igloo far infrared dome saunas, do not accommodate larger bodies. The Far Infrared Hothouse sauna dome comes in two sizes to accommodate bodies below or over 180lbs, known as the Grande Hothouse.

A large traditional wooden sauna box unit, used to sit in, will NOT benefit the user. The Far Infrared, even if it is the correct micron wavelength, is too far away from the body. The further the body is from the Far Infrared Ray, the lesser the impact and benefits.

SANITARY: Many far infrared sauna units, especially the traditional saunas, are considered unsanitary due to sweating and require clothing removal. You do not have to remove clothing under the Hothouse dome.

FYI: Far Infrared is a DRY heat - you typically do not sweat, and you may keep your clothes on. Traditional sauna are a WET heat - you sweat and you have to remove your clothes.

a) There is no such thing as an 'Infrared' sauna, which most units call themselves. The correct term is FAR INFRARED.

b) Far Infrared penetrates the skin below the dermis - but not 4 or 5 inches as some traditional sauna claim.

c) Far Infrared Ray should ideally be 8-10 microns to benefit the human body.  Many traditional units are above 11 or below 7 microns so there is less to zero benefit, as the ray are no longer Far Infrared because they move into different spectrums, microwave or mid-infrared.

d) Traditional infrared sauna imply the entire body is bathed in Far Infrared. First, the units have only a few scattered sources emitting far infrared, and second, far infrared ray travel in a straight line - apart from being too far away from the Far Infrared source to benefit the body, traditional infrared sauna units simply miss the human target, or are absorbed into the wood which benefits no-one.

No, you will not lose serious weight using a far infrared sauna. Traditional Far Infrared heat therapy in Asia and Europe is used for reduction and removal of pain, swelling and inflammation, serious detoxificaton (toxins such as heavy metals, drugs, chemicals etc), breathing challenges, skin problems, circulation, accelerated healing and stress relief.

HTE's SOQI Total Health Spa, Far Infrared Hothouse Dome.
The first company to introduce the North American public to Far Infrared heat therapy,
created and designed by Japanese scientists, for maximum natural healing benefits.

                        Infrared Sauna.

Three domes cover the entire body for intense healing, relaxation and detoxification.
A perfect 8-10 microns is emitted from each dome.

SOQI Far Infrared Hothouse Sauna for entire body,
shown being used with the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

Infrared sauna dome.

Grande Far Infrared Sauna Hothouse Dome
to accommodate larger sized bodies - yes you may keep your clothes on.


Far Infrared Sauna Hothouse Dome
You can lie on your front or your back, or have it curved behind you.
Lightweight and portable. Immediate far infrared heating.

Licensed as a medical device in Australia, Japan and Canada - regulated by the FDA #890.5660.

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