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Healthy Lung Function

CM and HH

Aerobic Exercise and Far Infrared Therapy

Lungs thrive on Exercise, Far Infrared,
Negative Ions, Stress Release,
Vitamins A, C, D, and pH Diet.
Breathing Challenges:
Our environment is polluted, lifestyles are more sedentary and populations are generally sicker, due to factors such as city smog, air pollution, chemtrails, 5G, EMFs, diesel fumes, factory smoke, wildfires, pollen, pet dander, household cleaning products, artificial scents, cigarette smoke
, vaping, dairy products (mucous), medications, obesity which restricts activity, and internet technology which promotes zero physical activity and shallow breathing.

Every winter, due to lowered immune systems and cold dry air lacking humidity, the lungs may be confronted with some form of coronavirus which can seriously impair breathing and the respiratory system. Viruses tend to thrive in cold temperatures and dislike heat. Millions of people have contracted and died from the flu coronavirus for decades. 

The current coronavirus that apparently originated from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, sometime during late November 2019, is not a normal coronavirus but causes oxygen starvation developing into symptoms such as bilateral pneumonia, severe respiratory distress, thrombosis, and organ failure. It primarily targets the elderly, but those with pre-existing medical challenges are also threatened. Children are practically immune. Those who have been infected and recovered develop natural immunity, that is until a severe mutation or another version is released. 

In order for the immune system and the lungs to function properly, to receive enough oxygen and to remain healthy, the body must have regular physical activity, sunshine, a healthy pH diet, emotional stability, and restful sleep. Breathing alone does not promote healthy lungs.  

15 Healthy Lung Choices:
A strong immune system and healthy lungs
has never been more important.

Here are some choices and suggestions that we can adopt and incorporate for health, wellness and protection, especially important during the unknown months ahead with COVID-19 and new mutations invading and disrupting our lives. With random continued lockdowns worldwide, and a handful of unapproved, experimental vaxxines (all immune from prosecution) that do not protect from infection or transmission, and have no long term data, we MUST stay and be as healthy as possible so as to not become infected, or to recover as quickly as possible.

1) Yoga, Meditation or Tai Chi and the aerobic breathing exercises they entail, are known to relax the body, calm emotions, and to strengthen and support lung health and the immune system.


Aerobic Exercise strengthens the lungs.

2) For the more active, aerobic exercise such as hiking, running, biking, swimming or brisk walking will strengthen the lungs, and promote increased oxygen capacity.

                                  Machine - COVID-19

Open up the lungs, and release stress.

SUGGESTION: Oxygenation and improved circulation combined with slow, deep breathing, can be achieved whilst doing passive aerobic exercise using the Original Chi Machine. Lying flat on the back allows muscle relaxation, stress release, and opens up the lungs.

The Chi Machine is an ideal solution for anyone confined indoors, anyone that is stressed, seniors who lack activity, anyone disabled or bedridden, adults short on time, children that need to calm down, or people living with extreme weather conditions that are not conducive to outdoor activity. 5-10 minutes daily is all that is needed with slow, deep breaths as the machine moves back and forth.


Negative Ions promote health, happiness
and a strong immune system.

3) Taking walks by the ocean, by a waterfall, or in high mountains plateaus, fills the lungs with negative ions which promote good feelings, dissipates negativity, and empowers the immune system.

                          machine - COVID-19

Boost negative ions, increase electric potential.

SUGGESTION: The E-Power Machine boosts negative ions within the body and increases negative electrical potential of the cells which enhances oxygen reserves, promotes the respiratory system, and strengthens the immune system.

4) Vitamin D has been strongly linked as a major deficiency in people suffering from unhealthy lung function. Vitamin D comes from sunshine, and is found in Omega 3 foods - Salmon, flax seed, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cod liver oil.

During days off, or even during lunch break, get outdoors in the sun for vitamin D, embrace nature and allow it to calm and heal you. Children also need to get outdoors as much as possible to maintain their health (without a mask!).

5) Far Infrared Heat naturally found in sunshine (and all living things), supports healthy lung function and is a serious consideration for healing, especially when dealing with lung congestion, labored breathing, asthma, sinus, allergies, and coronavirus such as colds, flu and pneumonia. Concentrated and focused Far Infrared heat promotes decongestion, mucous and fluid removal, clearing and opening up the lungs to support improved breathing.


The Far Infrared Dome.
Close to the body for optimal penetration.

SUGGESTION: The Far Infrared Dome is ideal for anyone needing serious help with breathing challenges, providing direct 100% pure far infrared heat, gentle, soothing and healing - stress release is a side benefit.

6) Remaining as stress free as possible and keeping emotions in check makes a difference. Deep breathing exercise can make an instant difference mentally, emotionally and physically. In the middle of any chaos and upset, just stop, sit down, and breath - take slow, long, deep breaths.

7) If the air in your environment is dry, introduce a humidifier, and take regular steam baths and showers to support the lungs. 

8) All homes and businesses should include house plants which add oxygen to the air, and remove toxins.


The Electro Reflex Energizer
May be used to promote breathing capacity.

SUGGESTION: The Electro Reflex Energizer  (the ERE) with x6 TENS unit electro-pads is known to promote lung health. The machine helps the cillia (the little hairs in the lungs), to stand up and absorb oxygen, promoting deeper breathing and capacity, also supporting decongestion. Place the Electro-pads on the inside of the shoulder blades (the scapula), to access the lung points.


Obesity restricts movement, 
needed for maximum oxygenation.

9) Diets that promotes obesity may cause asthma and breathing impairment. Obesity creates untold stress on organs including breathing capacity and volume, which in turn impairs mobility. Cut out sugar asap to promote health and weight loss for improved mobility, detoxification, and oxygenation. 

10) Foods that support healthy lungs, fight infection and reduce inflammation include berries, grapefruit, oranges, pistachio, dark leafy greens, garlic, horseradish, onions, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, curry, chili, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, and antioxidant dark chocolate. Local honey is good for allergies.

Vitamin A: Red/orange fruit, green leafy veggies. 
Liquid Vitamin C: Citrus juice.
Vitamin D: Sunshine!


11) Dairy products are strongly linked to breathing challenges due to cows milk hormone casein and the mucous it creates within the body. Quit drinking milk and choose almond or coconut milk instead. Ice-cream? Try it made with coconut milk. Cheese? Goats cheese is a better choice. 

12) Certain medications should be avoided (asthma triggers) including beta blockers, asprin and ibuprofens.

13) Quit the vaping and cigarette smoking. Yes these activities may calm and lower stress, but try deep breathing instead, and take up a sport or outdoor activity such as power walking a local park, or hiking, biking or swimming. Dancing is a great choice. 

14) All ages are addicted to the mobile phone (never hold it to your head), whilst others work everyday on the computer. Being hunched over shrinks the lung capacity and promotes shallow breathing thereby decreasing oxygen capacity and creating rounded shoulders and hunchback, stress, headaches, and less energy. Take a break every 30 to 60 minutes. Stretch, push back your shoulders, throw out your chest, and inhale deeply.

15) Sleep - 8 hrs of sound sleep enables the body to reset, heal and rejuvenate itself. Keep all electrical equipment - cell phone, computer, TV, electric clock - out of the bedroom, or switched off and far away from the body. Make sure the room is as dark as possible and has clean fresh air circulating. 


Get your body moving, eat healthy
& embrace nature as often as possible.

Without breath, without sufficient oxygen levels in the body, we cannot remain healthy and well indefinitely because lack of oxygen promotes illness and disease.

With the current introduction of 5G technology on earth and in space (satellites), all living things are being placed in great danger according to scientists worldwide - humans, animals, birds, insects, ocean life and plant life - this extremely high radiation frequency not only depletes oxygen (as does COVID-19), but disrupts DNA and the immune system. Combined with increased chemtrail chemical cocktails (nano-aluminum particles) which block out the sun (reducing far infrared and Vitamin D), the fight for health has never been so important.

The health choices we make now are critical to surviving the future.

Personal Experiences:


The Chi Machine - Far Infrared Dome

2019 Bring it on!
"Last winter messed me up, one continuous cold after the other, a bout of flu, i couldn't breath, headache, tons of hankies, just miserable until my my Nanna brought over her Far Infrared Dome. I tried it out and could finally breath without having to sit in my bath and inhale hot steam for 30 minutes. I borrowed the dome and used it for an hour every night watching TV but i usually fell asleep it was so relaxing. My lungs completely cleared and really quickly, i felt great and much better, ready for the pub good as new. Next winter? Bring it on."
- Sean Davis, Locksmith, Brighton, UK.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed.
"I took delivery of my Chi Machine at the beginning of December 2000 and because of Christmas New Year celebrations I did not use it very often, I was too busy. It was the beginning of January 2001 that I started to use my Sun Ancon Chi machine daily. I wasted the whole of the first month by not using it daily, but am now wise in this matter. Using the machine 15 minutes daily and with 'top ups' if required.
I have been seriously interested in health and well being for over twenty five years. I have practiced and taught yoga for that length of time. This certainly kept my lung function calm, and benefited my health and well being, as a general rule. I work with people from all walks of life and all ages and have enjoyed sharing what I know and seeing the positive results in their lives. During the past five years or so, I began to study the food supplement scene and now have my supplement regime and safe personal care products routine. Again there was some improvement in my general health.

Twelve months on using my Chi Machine and i'm doing great. I know about Chi energy and I know how to boost it through my yoga, but since the Chi machine, more energy. My complexion has always been good and is even better, my health in general is much better.

At the time of writing this (winter), lots of people not well here in England. I am 'bright eyed and bushy tailed'. Both my husband and I are enjoying better health and energy levels. - 23rd January 2002 - Betty Dawkins 66yrs, Yoga Teacher/Health Consultant UK.

Done the trick.
"So far as we are concerned there have been great changes for the better in our health. A year ago Mary was a little more over weight than she is today and Simeon did not enjoy healthy breathing. Mary was often listless and unable to face work as a self employed colon hydrotherapist and Simeon was frequently unwell, which left him struggling to continue working as a self-employed barrister.

Neither of us had the luxury of sickness benefit or an employer to support us. However, daily sessions since December 2000 with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine aerobic exerciser combined with Far Infrared Dome Sauna since March 2001 have definitely done the trick for us. Mary has lost the weight she desired, has energy again, and Simeon is completely healthy." - Simeon and Mary Chase Hopkins, Barrister and Complimentary Health Practitioner, UK.

A better runner.
"I'm Sam and i love running but i get lazy with the rain and often opt to stay indoors. I end up eating, slouching in front of my computer and watching YouTube. The Chi Machine was a gift from my brother to motivate me when i turned 37yrs in 2016. I began once a week and now i use it every morning before work. I close my eyes and take long deep breaths. Guess what? My lung capacity has improved, my posture is so much better and i now run in the rain. I use the machine to warm up and cool down and i'm training for my first marathon. Whooo Hooo! London here i come!" - Sam Holden, Historical Researcher and Budding Marathon Runner, UK.

Smell the roses.
"I never really appreciated the roses in my garden because i could not smell them, i was too busy chain smoking, wafting around in a cloud of smoke. For a laugh i tried the Chi Machine and immediately felt a difference in my chest and more relaxed. After a few more goes, I bought my own and it's my new addiction. I breath better, i look better, i have tons of energy and i can smell my roses." - Aug 2019, Araminta Dickens, Fashion Consultant, London, UK.

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