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Reviews and testimonials for the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Far Infrared Hothouse Dome, Electro Reflex Energizer and E-Power - listed by specific health problem, and also by individual country (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Asia). We also have three testimonial booklets in pdf format, from around the world. It is not possible to keep up with all the incoming testimonials, but we will post more time permitting, and after we are sure the results benefit many people in general.

Many factors must be taken into consideration when maintaining personal health and wellness including but not limited to - diet (critical factor), environmental toxins, electro-magnetic frequencies, vaccination history, prescribed medications, mental/emotional issues, age, karma, etc. Testimonials reflect individual experiences and do not necessarily reflect results other individuals may receive. Humans are like snowflakes, no two are identical.


Chi Machine.
SUN ANCON CHI MACHINE Testimonials and Reviews:

Asthma - Bronchitis, Ulcerative Colitis.

Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain

Circulatory Disease
High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Cardiovascular Disease, Congestive Heart Failure.

Diabetes - Neuropathy, Cholesterol.

Fibromyalgia - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Lymphoedema - Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoarthritis, Bilateral and Secondary Lympoedema, Milroy's Disease

Secondary Lymphodema - A very happy lady in New Zealand.

Restless Legs Syndrome - Interstitial Cystitis.

Weight Loss - Blood Pressure, Migraines, Cholesterol.

Doctor Chi Machine Reviews
Chi Machine reviews and testimonials from health care professionals across the USA including: pain management, constipation, weight loss, headaches, muscle spasms, numbness, stress, circulation, flexibility, energy, detoxification, ADD, mental focus, knees, nervous system, relaxation, back pain, lymphoedema, cystic fibrosis, varicose veins, Tourette Syndrome ...

Chi Machine Medical Advice
Dr. Hinwood - Healthcare Consultant of HTE Australia: Arthritis, arthroscopy, cancer, chronic back pain, cosmetic surgery, Crohn's Disease, dystrophy, endometriosis, epilepsy, phlebitis, pregnancy, pace-makers, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, scoliosis, spinal injuries, surgery, silver tooth fillings.

Chi Machine - Dr. Lipton
Opthalmologist on a mission - including MS and arthritis.

Sheffield Newspaper UK
British newspaper journalist discovers relaxation and passive exercise.

International Endorsements
Athletes, Celebrities, Leading Magazines, Spas, Health Care Professionals - the Chi Machine.

Chi Machine for EVERYONE
Ages 4yrs to 100yrs.


Doctor Testimonials Pdf Booklet

Multiple Testimonials Pdf Booklet

OZ Testimonials Pdf Booklet

Grande Hothouse.
 Testimonials and Reviews:

Far Infrared Hothouse Dome Testimonials
Spinal Stenosis, Eyesight, Degenerative Disc Disease, Back Pain, Osteoarthriris, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Myofacsial Pain, Mastitis, Lump In Breast, Endometriosis, Fibrocystic Disease, Shingles, Stress, Anxiety, Circulation, Scars, Burns, Acne, Stroke, Spine. Back Pain, Injury, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Bone Spurs, Sciatica, Back Spasms, Swollen Lymph Node, Asthma, Fever, Sinus, Bronchial Problems, Weight Loss, Cancer, Obesity, Leukemia, Bladder Cancer, Pulmonary Sarcoid, Sciatica.

Breast Cancer, Stage 4 Colon Cancer, Pneumonia, Skin Tumor, Ovarian Cancer.

Prostate Cancer
There is no doubt the FIR Hothouse contributes to elimination of prostate cancer.

FIR Hothouse - Dr. Lipton
Including arthritis and sciatica.

Testimonials and Reviews:

Parasites and intestinal worms, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, feet and leg circulation, carpel tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, stiff hips and joints, plantar fasciatsis, numbness, cramps.

Cellulitis of the Legs
Combined with the FIR Hothouse, the cellulitis is gone.

E-power.The E-POWER.
Testimonials and Reviews:

E-Power Testimonials
Migraines and Headaches, Stress, Pain, Tension,  Locked Neck or Shoulder Muscles, Hot Flushes, Sleep, Flu, Throat Infection, Diabetes, Hair Growth, Abdominal Pain, Constipation and Gas caused by Tapeworm, Hypoglycemia, Eyesight, Kidneys, Digestion, Insulin, Bowel Movements and Constipation, Mental Focus, Swollen Knee, Lymphoma, Water Retention, Skin, Heart Palpitations, Tiredness, Quadriplegia, Neuropathy, Tryglycerides, Burns, Blood Pressure, Rotator Cuff Injury, pH Balance, Inflammation, Mucous, Toxicity, Jowls and Wrinkles, Mental Focus, Energy, Depression, Mobility, Weigh Loss, Aging, and Beauty.

Review Sun Ancon Chi Machine Testimonials - Reviews By Country:
Chi globe
Chi Machine Testimonials - USA
ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Lung Capacity, Asthma, Immune System, Energy, Back, Neck and Knees, Sleep, Food Allergies, Shoulder Stiffness, Complexion, Digestion, Tennis Elbow, Herniated Disc, Cerebral Palsy, Polio, Depression, Arthritis, Cellulite, Muscle Fatigue, Conception, Pain, Clean Blood, Lymph System, Bone Spur, Muscle Stiffness, Stress, Parkinson's Disease, Relaxation.

Chi Machine Testimonials - Canada
Emphysema (COPD), Muscular Dystrophy, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Sleep, Lymphatic Drainage, Blood Circulation, Relaxation, Shin Splints, Pain, Leg Cramps, Migraines, Constipation, Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Energy, Anger, Hip Pain, Degenerative Discs, Numbness from Stroke, Leg Injury, Gout, Urination, Osteoporosis, Flat Feet, Detoxification.

Chi Machine Testimonials - UK
Arthritis, Relaxation, Neck, Allergies, Flu, Shoulders, Energy, Back Problem, Sciatic Pain, Poly Arthritis, Recovery, Health Maintenance, Stress Management, Flexibility, Diarrhea, Multiple Sclerosis, Chilblains, ME/CFS,  Neck Pain, Gas, Bloating, Detox, Mentally Challenged, Circulation Problems, High Blood Pressure, Systemic Lupus.

Chi Machine Testimonials - Australia
Clinical trials at Flinders University, Australia - focus was on Secondary Lymphoedema (leg) and Venous Oedema (leg). Testimonial PDF includes: Angina, hiatus hernia, hypothyroid, low blood pressure, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, pain  and bowel movement - Weeping tear duct and pain - Stress, low levels of energy and insomnia - Bad posture, sciatica, lower back pain, weight loss and a clicking hip - Immobility in hip and low levels of wellbeing.

French Testimonials PDF
Testimonial booklet in French:
Car accident, pet, inflammation, limp, 2nd degree burn, cellulite, cancer, constipation, digestion, pain, fibromyalgia, hypertension, excess weight, lumbar sprain, disc hernia,  discomfort, scitic nerve, psoriasis, trembling/seizures, scoliosis, sciatica, sclerosis.

Chi Machine Testimonials - Asia
Lou Gehrigs Disease (ALS), Digestion, Circulation, Anemia, Spinal Pain, Weight Loss, Car Accident, Pollen Allergies, Headaches, Cramps, Folliculitis, Constipation, Vertebra Adjustments, Prolapsed Mitral Valve, Energy, Spinal Posture, Serious Fainting, Menieres Syndrome, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis.

Chi machine
Far Infrared Hothouse and Sun Ancon Chi Machine
used in combined therapy - motion energy and thermal energy.


The Chi Machine For All Ages and Occupations:

Chi family.

The Chi Machine is for your health and everyone you love.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is for everyone from 4yrs to 100yrs - Children, Seniors, Housewives, Athletes, Retail or Office Staff etc etc
The benefits of a workout without the spine jarring effect of running or jogging.
15 minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent in oxygen benefit to 90 minutes of brisk walking.

H Perfect for Seniors, the Physically Challenged, Substance Abusers, anyone experiencing daily physical debilitation or painful, difficult recovery struggles.

The Chi Machine motion creates lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation and brings oxygen to deprived tissues and organs due to inactivity, aging, poor circulation, disease, illness or accidents. Oxygenation of the brain improves mental focus. Recommended for rehabilitation and detox clinics. Used worldwide in nursing homes and senior citizen centers.

Endorsed by multiple Lymphoedma, MS, Cancer and Diabetes associations globally.

H Great for Athletes and Sports Coaches - Martial Arts - Dancers - Military.
The relaxing effect of the Chi Machine enables athletes to loosen up, to warm up and to cool down, before and after games and workouts. It oxygenates every cell in the body, not just the targeted muscle areas of a conventional workout. Injuries may heal faster. Lactic acid is released without soreness.

Solomon Haumono
Famous Australian Athlete Solomon Haumono.
Athletes, Celebrities, Leading Magazines, Spas, Health Care Professionals.
H Health Clubs, Daily Workouts, Retreats, Day Spas, Yoga Centers.
An excellent way to warm-up and to cool down. An effortless way to tighten and tone up if used on a daily basis. Your natural Chi (life force energy) is stimulated, felt as a soothing energy wave when machine stops. An Alpha state of meditation and relaxation is induced via gentle oscillation.

Trusted and recommended by chiropractors, kinesiologists, health centers, physio-therapists, masseuses, optometrists, reflexologists, day spas and sports trainers.

H Stressed Housewives - Crazed Parents - Business Executives and Workaholics.
4-6 minutes on the Chi Machine during lunch break or whilst the kids nap may give you unparalleled stress management, relaxation relief and energy boost. Sweatless, simple and easy to use, even in a business suit or dress, it rejuvenates nerves and muscles thereby relieving tension in the back, neck and shoulders - mental focus is sharpened -  thus increasing both productivity and morale.

H Hyperactive Children and Depressed Teenagers.
The Chi Machine calms, focuses, balances and realigns mental and emotional turmoil. Excellent results for ADHD in kids, as well as for adults who lack mental focus.

H Computer Workers - Physical Laborers/Construction Workers.
Computers disrupt your sleep patterns, causes mental turmoil and create physical pains. Hard physical labor causes physical pain, muscle stress, injury and mental fatigue. The Chi Machine motion relieves physical pain by rebalancing, revitalizing, unblocking and realigning. It dissipates mental stress and enables you to relax and sleep, thereby promoting faster healing and a return to natural body system functioning and state of being.

Three arm positions.

Detailed Instructions
How to use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

Four machines.
Four Home Healing Machines.

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