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Lymphoedema Testimonials for the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Venous Oedema, Secondary Lympoedema, Multiple Sclerosis, Milroy's Disease, Bilateral Lymphoedema.
Lymphoedema  - a drainage problem, where lymph, the debris of the immune system, accumulates in an arm or leg. The lymphatic system which carries this fluid, can become blocked when it's been damaged by radiotherapy or when lymph nodes have been removed during cancer surgery.

Lymphatic Drainage.
Lynn and I wanted to drop you a line to let you know just how much we appreciate our Chi Exerciser Lynn is now up to 6 minutes 2 times a day, She is enjoying an increase in range of motion as well as improved energy throughout the day.

Being Chiropractic Doctors, we have spent many thousands of dollars researching health-related equipment. The Chi Machine qualifies as one of the most important modalities that we have tested over the past 10 years. In our opinions, the reason for this is that it mobilizes the lymphatic drainage of the body. This is critically important, as Dr. Gaston Naessens from France has shown that in cancer and other chronic degenerative illnesses, the lymphatic system becomes all clogged up, like gelatin instead of freely flowing.

Given our training in Applied Kinesiology and my current disability of 5 years from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities and Immune Dysfunction secondary to chemical injury, we have been acutely aware of my need for improved lymphatic function. In fact, Lynn and I were spending about I hour a day using AK methods and a modification of the Vawter massage technique from Europe just to keep my lymphatic drainage working.

Since the arrival of the Chi Machine, I have been using it 1 1/2 minutes one to two times a day. Amazingly, during this time, my lymphatic drainage has continued to work with no other treatment by Lynn or myself. That is truly incredible! Needless to say, I have been thinking and feeling better. It has already been a major contributing factor to our health and well being. - John and Lynn Buckler - Chiropractors USA.

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Multiple Sclerosis related Lymphoedema.
The Chi Machine has been a revelation to me. I have been having two fifteen-minute sessions each day for around two months. In that time I have lost two inches from both my hips and waist and noticed the rest of my body more toned. The benefits of using a machine were explained to me by my reflexologist who had noticed I was suffering from oedema in spite of eating healthy foods and taking regular, if limited, exercise due to I MS. So I borrowed a Sun Ancon and then quickly bought my own because I could immediately see the difference it made. I even hired a machine when I went to Canada because I could not bear the thought of being away from it for two weeks. - Alison Davey, N. Yorkshire, UK, April 10th 2005

MS and Lymphoedema.
As a massage therapist, I have had the opportunity to observe the benefits that the Sun Ancon Chi Machine has provided for others. One of my clients has MS and is only able to get around in a wheelchair. Consequently, she has problems with lymphedema. However, after just a couple of treatments, I have witnessed the significant reduction in the size of her ankles, and of course, the relief of the pressure caused by the lymph build up. The Sun Ancon gets the lymph moving, kick-starts the kidneys so that the urinary system is much more fluid than usual. Consequently much of the fluid build-up is eliminated and she feels much lighter after the treatment. Her bowels also work better after the Sun Ancon treatments.
- Carol Stadelmann, Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, VIC, Australia.

MS and related Lymphedema.
In 1980 I was diagnosed with chronic-progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Since then I have slowly and steadily gone down hill. Five and a half years ago I got to the point where I needed an electric scooter around the house to get cooking and laundry done. Prior to that my husband was doing the grocery shopping for about six years. 

I bought the Chi Machine in June of this year - after trying it in Dr. Liptonís office. The arthritis pain in my hands, that I had been taking 2 Aleve for each day, disappeared after about three days on the machine for 5 minutes twice a day. The swelling in my ankles started going down too. Now, about after 4% months of using the Chi Machine twice a day for 15 minutes, I can stand up long enough to brush my teeth. I also use a walker now for short distances. 

I love the Chi Machine for what it has done for me and the feeling of total relaxation it gives me. I am hoping that with continued use it will make my legs even stronger 

A nice side benefit is that I have lost 6 pounds and my husband about 10 
- Karen Auger 10/18/04

Milroy's Disease, Osteoarthritis, Glandular Fever.
Six years ago I was diagnosed with Milroy's Disease causing lymphoedema throughout my body, and in that time I have gained twenty-five kilos of fluid in the tissues, which has caused toxin build-up and other problems. Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and sleep apnea. Three months ago I was depressed and desperate, as all treatments I had tried for the pain and swelling had failed and I was getting bigger. I was in complete agony with my back and legs to the point where I could not stand for more than twenty minutes or walk for more than ten. Each morning it would take me about two hours to get mobile, and I would constantly fall asleep if I sat down for long.

Having always been an active person who loved tennis and dancing, and having been in the entertainment profession all my life, I found it absolutely heartbreaking not to be able to pursue these activities any longer, not carry out normal duties, and my work was taking a dramatic dive as well, as I could no longer handle the commitments.

Then a miracle happened, and thanks to a kind and caring neighbor, I obtained a Sun Ancon Chi Machine. I can't believe the improvement in only seven weeks! I no longer wake up with blinding headaches and feel so full of energy - it's amazing. I can now stand for a lot longer, and in fact I am on my feet for hours at a time, and two weeks ago I was able to visit a local market and managed to walk for an hour without stopping to rest. Now I am able to do my own shopping again in one hit and do all my own house cleaning in one day as I used to. I no longer fall asleep when I sit down, and am back working in my profession two or three nights per week. I have not had a sinus attack since using the machine, and my hair and skin have improved greatly. The best news is though, I have lost two kilos in fluid, already.

My seventeen year old daughter recently contracted a severe dose of glandular fever. After spending four days in bed extremely ill, she used the machine and was back at work within two days, completely recovered. The best way to describe my Sun Ancon machine is that it is like a battery charger for the body, and using it for fifteen minutes two or three times a day suits me fine. I couldn't be happier, it's given me a new lease of life. - C.L. Goodall, Australia.

Clinical trials.

15 minutes on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine is equivalent
to doing 1 hour of manual lymphatic drainage.

Bilateral Lymphoedema - Mobility.
I have had lymphoedema in both legs for about 40 years brought about after several abdominal operations. This condition has gradually made walking difficult and restricted my activities. I applied and was accepted to participate in the Flinders Medical Center Sun Ancon Chi Machine research. For the first time in years i had relief from swelling in my ankles and was able to move around more freely. I bought more own Sun Ancon Chi Machine and i have had continued results which has made my life easier. I am so grateful.
- Joan, 78 years old, Australia.

Secondary Lympoedema - Insomnia, Shoulder Problem.
Last December my husband had all the lymph nodes removed from his right groin following a diagnosis of secondary melanoma. After a long and complicated recovery, he was left to cope with the ongoing effects of secondary lymphedema. He was no longer able to work at his part time job, or enjoy his previous leisure activities, and his days were spent resting with his leg elevated every couple of hours.

In February my sister told us about a new machine that she had bought, which might help John manage his condition. She sent information, and we checked out the website. The studies specific to lymphedema looked promising and we purchased one soon after. At first John was using the Chi Machine morning and night without noticing any real benefits. Then he began using it at soon as he felt any tightness or discomfort, and the results were amazing!

He started to get his life back together. Then we found a physiotherapist who specializes in lymphatic problems, and between specific massage therapy and the Chi Machine (affectionately know as The Wobbler) he is back to his old activities. He can go fishing in the morning and play nine holes of golf in the afternoon. He hasn't stopped smiling. We enjoy traveling and now feel confident that we can plan some more trips away, with the Wobbler of course, tucked securely on the back seat.

I am using it for only four minutes a couple of times a day as I have a problem with vertigo. A long suffering insomniac, I am enjoying some deliciously long sleeps and have stopped taking anti-inflammatory drugs for an old shoulder problem. We love our Chi Machine. Happy Wobbling! - Heather and John Dunlop, NSW, Australia.

Secondary Lymphoedema.
Did anyone come through the summer without wishing they could throw away their offending limb? It is the first time I have wished I were more of a water baby and by the time the annual Lymphoedema Information Day came round, was convinced the build up of fluid would never go away! Hence it was really reassuring to listen to Prof. Piller describe in detail how the lymph system works and later answer the many questions posed by fellow lymphos.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine came into our home about three years ago as an adjunct to my husband's ongoing health programme (he had a coronary infarct in 1982). Three years ago I was a fit 62 year old and only used the machine spasmodically. Thereafter, lymhedema crept up, slowly at first, gathering speed as the limb became waterlogged and the lymph system very sore.

With little trepidation I started to use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, gradually building up the time to five minutes, three times a day, always following the rules of use e.g. a glass of water before and after, and resting for 5 minutes after the motion stopped.

Although I have not been taking measurements, the improvements have been noticeable. The leg has become softer and the fluid drains much quicker when in bed or with the leg up. Other parts of my body have become softer also. Hopefully, with time, the valves will work more effectively and maybe one day I will be able to experiment without my faithful stocking for short periods. - Jean McKern 65yr.

Lymphoedema - Mobility.
Hazel Lockwood has kindly allowed me to use this testimonial - an extract from a recent talk she gave to around 100 healthcare professionals at a Lymphoedema awareness day."I tried a Chi Machine that the hospital (Royal Hallamshire, Sheffield) were trialling. I was very impressed with the machine and bought one for my own use which I now use twice a day and wouldn't be

I don't think it makes a vast improvement to the shape of my leg in the short term, although I have a feeling that this will probably improve over a much longer period of time. What  I do find, is that the limbs feel different. If I don't use the machine for some reason, then my leg reverts to feeling full and tight, so the machine definitely helps with my mobility." - Hazel Lockwood 51yr - Carl Munson, Massage Therapist, UK.

Flinders University
Flinders Medical University, Australia.
Professor Neil Piller, one of the top ten leading world lymphedema specialists not only conducted extensive medical research as to the effects of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine on secondary lymphoedema and venous oedema patients, he also concluded that the Sun Ancon Chi Machine is the most effective method of lymph drainage in the world.

Chi Machine Medical Research
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine lymphedema clinical trials held at Flinders University in Australia and the results.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine must be used on a consistent daily basis for the accumulated lymph to remain drained. The longer the period of use, the greater and more prolonged the effects for the user. 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times each day, is all it takes. Begin at 4-6 minutes. Never exceed 15-20 mins. Drink water after each session to flush out the released lymph and toxins via the kidneys.

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