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Secondary Lymphoedema and Cellulitis.
Pam Blowers and the Chi Machine.


A Very Happy Kiwi.

Secondary Lymphoedema.
We started using the Chi Machine on December 17th, 2013, today Feb 21st, 2014 I know how much it has done for me.

I had abdominal lymph nodes removed during my second bout of cancer surgery within 14 months when I was 45yrs old. I was not told this could lead to secondary lymphodema which it did, I just thought it was fat I couldn't rid myself of.

By the time I was in my early 60's I was having trouble with swelling feet, ankles and although we brisk walked for 25 mins every morning, it was often extremely hard as my legs felt so tight and heavy especially going up hills. I finally found out what was wrong and had a lymphatic massage from time to time which helped but the cost meant only when it got bad.

We moved to a village complex in our 70's but no-one could be found for the last two years that specialised in this type of massage. I came across an advert for a Chi lookalike machine and started to investigate them all, what a minefield I entered! I read, researched them all then settled for the original, medically tested Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Every day now I bless the day we bought this one.

Just today I did our brisk walk for the first time in 9 days, normally this would have had me slow and breathing heavy going up the hill. Today I sailed up it breathing through my nose all the way, EUREKA! I even met a resident at the top with his cane who eyed me and said "your not even puffing!".

My ankles and feet no longer swell, spider veins fading, HBP no longer concerns me (I refused drugs).

So thank you for such an amazing machine, I just wish everyone could own one.

As an extra my neck problem of over 10 years, and my husbands upper back muscle pain of 2 - 3yrs went after two 5 minute sessions.

Pam Blowers (Mrs) a very happy 73yr old New Zealander.

Conquering Cellulitis.
My feet and ankles no longer swell like this since I bought the Chi machine in December 2013.


Before and After.

When the cellulitis started to flare up again in March 2014 I was quite panic stricken, the previous year had been extremely stressful. It had not got to the stage of January 2013 when I ended up in A & E but once the legs started, first a patch on the left then the right I knew how hard if not impossible it was to stop it spreading and so fast if one is not careful its scary.

I had spent the entire 2013 year after 4 intravenous lots of antibiotic trying to cope with it naturally with poultices and nutritionally. The bacteria that causes cellulitis can burrow deep into the tissue and even damage bone the only answer being antibiotic after antibiotic which can go on for years. It is also dangerous as if it gets into the bloodstream you could be dead in 24hrs. It itches beyond belief, burns and is painful, if you rub to try and get relief the skin split open.

At its worst the only way I could get any sleep for weeks was to wrap ice packs in tea towels and tie them to my legs, when they warmed up it would wake me to get fresh ice packs, so lucky to sleep 1 1/2hrs at a time.

January 2014 I finally ended up at a Homeopathic clinic and every organ in my body was full of pesticide/insecticides. I was given a 'Spring Clean', intravenous Vitamin C plus an hour in a hyperbaric compression chamber with an oxygen mask on. It was excellent treatment and stopped it dead, my legs cleared within two days and not as much as an itch until March 2014.

I ordered the the Far Infrared Dome Sauna and E-Power Machine not knowing which would be best and between them they stopped the cellulitis from progressing. Did it take both machines? Would just one of them done the trick? I don't know and actually don't care. Just to know I now have something that can work like this and so effortlessly is beyond price.

Ever grateful, Pam Blowers

NOTE: Flinder's University in Australia conducted Chi Machine clinical trials focusing on Secondary Lymphoedema and Venous Lymphoedema of the legs.

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