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Back Pain Testimonials - The Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Including Spinal Stenosis, Bulging Discs, Neck and Shoulder pain.
Constant Back Pain.
I have spent a great deal of money over the years on various alternative treatments to relieve my constant back pain, however since I have been using the Chi Machine I have gained enormous relief, my back has not felt this good for years. - Ian, Merseyside, UK.

Acute Back Pain.
I have had the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for nearly 12 months. Before using the machine i suffered from consistent back pain, sometimes quite acutely. Since using the Chi Machine, i no longer had the acute pain. My legs were out of alignment and when i visited my physiotherapist he would manipulate my spine until my legs were both at equal lengths. Since using the machine my legs stay in alignment now, thus alleviating the pain that this caused. I thoughly recommend the Sun Ancon chi Machine if for nothing but the relaxation and calmness i feel during and after i use it. - Lisa Leishman, Pelican Waters, OZ - 2007

Arms above head.
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Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain, Headaches.
I cannot praise the Sun Ancon Chi Machine enough, which I have had for one year now. As a child at the age of 7yrs I had a near fatal fall of 30 feet, after which I was unconscious for some time, and spent some time in hospital. Unbelievably, all I had suffered was damage to a small bone in my neck. But this led to chronic neck and shoulder pain, which in turn led to headaches all my life. I attended chiropractors and osteopaths for lots of treatment for this problem, but this only ever gave very temporary relief from pain.

That was until I bought my Sun Ancon Chi Machine last year. Since then I have not had one appointment with a chiropractor or osteopath because I no longer have any shoulder or neck pain, my Sun Ancon had healed this age-old problem. Not only has it cured this old problem, but also it has improved my entire health, energy and well-being! I use it every morning, which give me lots of energy for the day, and a few minutes at night send me into a very deep restful sound sleep. My sleep was quite poor before this. So I am just delighted. I think I will be using it for life! - Frances Dwyer, Natural Health Therapist, England.

Walking and Back Problems.
I purchased a Sun Ancon because my friend Barry was nearly placed in a wheelchair with a bad lower back. He had tried everything else like me. Then he bought the Sun Ancon which improved his condition. He was using an aluminum walking support to walk, and now he walks and works in his bonsai shop without much problem. He can now carry his own bonsai plants! Barry gave me a couple of trials on his Sun Ancon and I knew that this product was going to help me, which it has! It has strengthened the muscles along my spine and helped me to walk and work without difficulty again. Because the Sun Ancon Chi Machine was so good I will buy an FIR Waist Support when I do long distance driving, which I'm sure will be very helpful. - Lindsay Watson (Murray Bridge, SA, April 1st 2005

Professional Opinion.
Having worked with the Chi Machine for only six months, I have found a modality unlike anything I have come across. Whereas the use of passive motion has been used by chiropractors for many years, the equipment has been cost-prohibitive for home use on a frequent basis. Additionally, it is often too intense for the more active disc cases. The Chi Machine is affordable for daily home use and has tremendous benefits for diverse cases. The speed and fluidity of motion overrides the pain-spasm mechanism, while at the same time oxygenates and mobilizes the tissues of the entire body. The results are phenomenal. - Dr. Adam Schwartz, Chiropractor in California and Arizona, USA.

Spinal Bulge, Incontinence.
I have suffered for the past 15 years from a spinal bulge and incontinence from the use of drugs for this condition. But these problems have improved 100% due to the twice daily use of the Chi Machine massager. - My dear friends, John and Catherine Poole - Sydney, Australia.

Long term pain from old injury.
In March '81, whilst having sports training in the school yard, a child ran into me and I twisted my body trying to prevent his fall and pinched the sciatic nerve in my back. Because I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time the doctor could only give me Panadol to relieve the pain so that it would not harm my baby. I spent several months in hospital lying flat on my back including 5 weeks in traction and in constant pain. In December 1981, a month after the birth of my healthy daughter, I had a laminectomy. Although this operation was surgeon encouraged me to enjoy life now because he said that there would be more pain and less flexibility when I grew older. I was only 39 years old. The doctor's prognosis was correct.

In March 1995 I got a part-time job after being out of the work force for 15 years. I was working in an after school care program for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. Often I would spend 12 hours a day in bed and then get up feeling exhausted. Many times I needed much rest before I went to work. In March 1998 I reduced that time to one day per week because I was physically not coping with the work.

In April 1998 I was introduced to the Sun Ancon Chi Machine at an expo. Although I only "wobbled" for 3 minutes the effect was incredible. During the next few weeks...I realised that my pain had disappeared and that my back was warm. For the previous 17 years I had showered with only hot water to warm my back in the morning and now I had to use the cold water as well.

In August 2001, just over three years later (I was now using my Sun Ancon for 10 minutes twice a day) I spent 18 out of 22 hours in a plane en route to...Las Vegas. (This was my 2nd round the world trip in less than 2 years.) Since I started using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine my physical health and flexibility felt 25 years younger. Furthermore, I felt my creativity and energy increased. Wherever I traveled I always carried the Sun Ancon Chi Machine in my car, or if I am flying, my Sun Ancon goes in my hand luggage...Thank you Dr Inoue for your amazing Sun Ancon Chi Machine and thank you HTE for bringing the machine to Australia. - Betty Medley 59yrs, Australia.

Back pain.

Crushed Discs in Lower Spine.
Forty years ago I was in a bad automobile accident that literally crushed the lower four discs of my spine. I have always had extreme pain and trouble sleeping after the smallest bit of exercise like gardening or mowing the lawn. After six weeks of using the Chi Machine machine, I can do all these things again. While I am on the Chi Machine, I sleep like a baby! I am so thankful that I am again able to do the things I love. - Helen D. Warring, October 1995

Frozen Shoulder.
In early 1998 I was the sole proprietor/operator of a hairdressing salon. As a result of my passion for gardening and some fairly heavy-duty work in that regard, I developed a frozen shoulder. At times the pain was so intense that I almost passed out. I was unable to raise my left arm above shoulder height, making it extremely difficult for me to conduct my business.

Prior to being introduced to the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, I had several visits to a chiropractor, seventeen visits to a physiotherapist, and my GP had x-rayed the shoulder and advised an operation. He said that the frozen shoulder would never free itself without an operation. This was extremely distressing news for me, as a six weeks period of healing was required, and consequently my business would cost me dearly.

During the period of x-rays and my scheduled appointments with the specialists, I was able to use a friend's Sun Ancon Chi Machine, and subsequently purchased my own. Even after the first couple of sessions the pain had dissipated, and in a very short time I had full arm movement restored. At the time of my specialist appointment the shoulder was fully healed, and the specialist was requesting a further set of x-rays, as he was at a loss to understand how this could be so. - Wayne Hoare, Hairdresser, QLD, Australia.

Compressed Disc in Neck, Headaches.
I am usually very skeptical about the number and variety of so called "Exercise Machines" that daily assult our eyes and ears. My first impression on hearing of the Oxygen Massager and being asked to try it for a mere 5 minutes was, "So what, but yes I will give it a go."  I didn't realize that my life was about to be changed by this mere 5 minutes.

Following continuous nerve pain which had been progressively worsening for the last two years, I eventually sought medical help. After X-Ray and diagnosis for a compressed disk in the neck, I was told that I would have to live with what appeared to be a long standing injury and was directed to physiotherapy in an effort to gain relief. I was also waking each morning with a severe headache which I assumed was caused by my neck problem.

To my dismay, and after only one use of the Chi Machine, I gained immediate relief and was pain free. In addition, I had obtained complete freedom of movement in my neck. Something I had not had for over two years. - Trevor Stehr, USA.

Misaligned Spine.
Before I got The Chi Machine I was going back to the doctor on a regular basis to keep my back in line so that I could play golf. Now that I have The Chi Machine I use it every day for 15-30 minutes. It keeps my back loose and makes it easier to get around. I have not been back to the doctor in 5 months. - Pete C, USA.

Compressed Neck Vertebrae.
In 1960 I was involved in a car accident, where my skull was depressed, and there was a compression of two vertebrae in my neck. There was also some damage to my brain. Acupuncture relieved my neck and shoulders, where my muscles had tightened resulting in my shoulders being too high. Relief was only temporary. About seven years ago, a chiropractor helped me but it too was only temporary relief. My neck would stiffen up again and I was unable to turn my head and look over my shoulders. There was always a grating sound in my neck, always pain in my neck.

After 5 minutes on the Sun Ancon machine, I could feel the tension in my neck easing. With use, the muscles in my neck relaxed and my shoulders returned to their correct position. My hip muscles relaxed, thereby allowing me to bend side ways again. My flexibility returned, my skin improved and as a bonus I lost 6 kg in 6-8 weeks. I feel 10 years younger, and look better too. - Lorna Turnball.

Shoulder pain.

Stiff Back, Neck & Shoulders.
As an ex-dancer at the age of 51, my body's beginning to stiffen up a bit. The first thing I noticed about the chi machine was that my back, neck and shoulders have become supple again. Now, as a busy primary school teacher, a job that requires a lot of energy. I wouldn't be without 15 minutes on my machine every morning. - Mrs S.C. 51yrs, Kent, UK.

Degenerative Spine and Osteophytosis.
I had constant pain from a neck and shoulder problem. X-Ray results revealed degenerative changes with disc space narrowing and osteophytosis particularly at C6/7 - partial congenital fusion of C2/3. I needed regular osteopathy treatment and was told there was no cure as it was wear and tear. I have had my Chi Machine for 18 months and since then I have not needed to visit my osteopath, I am totally free from pain, also I have stayed free of colds and flu, and my energy levels have improved greatly. - Violet T., Flintshire, UK.

Spinal Pain.
I have been using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine regularly for the last twelve months and the first thing I noticed was a significant increase in my energy levels. I also noticed a distinct improvement in my cervical spine, lumbar spine and sacro-iliac joint, which troubled me frequently. They have been weak areas in the last ten years. But since I have been using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine I seldom feel any discomfort or pain or stiffness and I feel much more confident in my physical abilities. On the rare occasion I do feel some discomfort as a result of over work or incorrect posture, I just get on my machine and the discomfort dissipates. In the past, I have also suffered from constipation from time to time, that is now unheard of.

At first I used the machine twice a day for five minutes and gradually increased the treatment to ten minutes twice a day. However, now I am on a maintenance plan of once a day for ten to fifteen minutes. I have never felt better, I particularly enjoy the relaxation during the treatment as well as afterwards. - Carol Stadelmann, Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. VIC, Australia.

Injured Scapula, Sciatica.
In 1987 Connie was injured in a car accident that injured her scapula. She was in constant pain until she started using Chi Machine. She has also suffered for years with sciatica and the Chi Machine helped with this also. After using the Chi Machine for 2 months she is a different person. She no longer suffers with backaches or sciatica and is more supple - There were times when she could hardly walk. Connie reports feeling better than she has done in years. She uses her machine for 10-15 minutes at least twice a day and when she has any pain - day or night - she uses it for a few minutes. - Dr. Jim A. Australia.

Spinal Fusion.
Personally, I am grateful for the Chi Machine as I had spinal fusion in 1968 and have never been able to stretch out my back muscles, especially those attached to the spine. I used to walk tilted forward, but after 3 weeks using the Chi Machine, I was standing tall and straight and had increased energy and endurance. - Lynn Marie Schwann, Massage Therapist, Wisconsin USA.

Snowmobile Accident.
I wanted to write to the HTE USA folks to tell you about an amazing experience I have had with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. I had a terrible snowmobile accident on February 3, 1995 in which I broke 18 bones, punctured my lung, as well as incurring several other injuries. Three of the bones I broke were the transverse process vertebrae in my lower back. You couldn't imagine the pain and it has taken me a long time to heal. My back has been very puffy and swollen and sore every day since and I still experience a great deal of pain each day depending on what kind of activities I'm involved in. I thought I was going to have this kind of pain for the rest of my life.

What is quite amazing to me is that I began using the Chi Machine just two weeks ago and both the swelling and the pains are totally gone! I'm an avid golfer. I try to get on the course as often as I can, although I must take a cart. I'm still in a lot of pain after a game, but I put up with it since I love the game. Several days ago I was feeling so well that I played 18 holes and carried my clubs! Absolutely fabulous as there was no pain.

In addition I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to get some real sleep. This past few weeks have been the first time since the accident that I've finally slept all the way through the night. Im convinced that my return to health is the direct result of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Thank you for this wonderful device that has made such a difference in my life. - Martin Riendl, USA.

Stiff Neck and Back.
It has helped me.. it has also made my back better. The stiffness is gone from my neck and my back. When i am tired from standing on my feet, i use the machine for 15 minutes and the pain is gone in my knees and legs. It is certainly worth the money. I'm 88 years old and The Chi Machine has worked miracles. - Francine Baker, 88yrs old, USA.

Head pain.

Car Accident.
The back pain I have lived with since I was ten, when I was hit by a car, is now a thing of the past, with daily use of this machine. Wherever I go, there are compliments on how well I look, my general health has improved as well as my appearance. - Marcia Pierce, Australia.

Lower Back Pain and Sciatica.
I am eternally grateful for the health benefits and the financial rewards I have received since I purchased my first Sun Ancon machine. I am a natural therapist in a small country town and I have owned my machine for about three years. I look forward to using my machine first thing in the morning before work, and the last thing at night before I retire. More importantly, I share my machine with my clients at work where they use the machine before I do massage therapy. Some clients are so impressed with the machine they are soon buying one for themselves.

My story is that I suffered from lower back pain, sciatic pain, my hips would click all the time from carrying children, and bad posture, etc. Now for the first time in my life I have a flat stomach, wonderful posture, no more back pain and a successful business! I know that I have achieved all these benefits from personally using the Sun Ancon and having the machine available to clients through my natural therapy business. Thank you HTE. - Jan Keogh, Natural Therapist, QLD, Australia.

Back Pain.
I needed to take pain killers for my back problem, the pain has almost gone and my general health has improved since I purchased my Chi Machine. - A. Jones, Wirral, UK April 2002

Long Standing Back Pain.
I have suffered from lower back pain for several years. I visited an orthopedic specialist who recommended  surgery, but as my wife and I had planned an auto trip to Canada I decided against any surgery until after the trip. However, as I had undergone two open heart surgeries, my cardiologist discouraged back surgery, stating that my heart condition may make another surgery somewhat risky and may be worse for me than back pain that I may have to suffer without undergoing a back operation.

Sometime later, a friend visited my wife and me on the occasion of our fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration and inquired about my health. He then told us about a new machine he called an "aerobic exerciser," which stimulated oxygenation of the blood, and was giving many back pain sufferers great relief. We purchased this interesting machine and after only two months of prescribed use I have been almost totally relieved of lower back pain. I am delighted with the health improvement  I am enjoying, and would not dream of giving up my "Chi" exerciser. - Thomas A. Burgess, USA.

Lower Back Pain, Bad Knees.
I have had my Chi Machine for 3 weeks. My lower back pain has definitely loosened and I am more flexible. I am walking better, my swollen legs are going down and I can see my ankles for the first time in years. I don't get woken up at night with pain and I am sleeping better. After three weeks, my low back pain has significantly improved and if it begins to ache I have a session on the exerciser and it feels better. I have two bad knees and they have been greatly helped. I have much less pain and can walk considerably further. I think this is very impressive after such a short time and I look forward to further improvements. It is very nice to know I now have a way of maintaining my own health. - Sam - Sussex, UK.

Chronic Sciatica, Scoliosis.
In my 30 year search for holistic alternatives I have been so patronized, compromised, disappointed and wasted so much time and money on worthless products and services that I have become an ultimate skeptic. I now research everything to the deepest level. I jumped "on" with both feet and ordered both the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Infrared HotHouse in February of 1998. So far, this has been one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I HAVE EVER MADE.

In a few weeks the Sun Ancon Chi Machine assisted my body in raising its oxygen levels, and the total movement of all areas of my body resulted in the disappearance of chronic sciatica and a more flexible neck and spine. I have had scoliosis since childhood and my spine is becoming straighter. - Carol Gail Gaylor - Lake Powell Jeep Tours, USA.

Chi Machine and FIR
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and Far Infrared Hothouse Dome used together.
Far Infrared heat is known for alleviation of pain, swelling and inflammation.

Severe Back, Neck, Head Pain for 24 Years.
I was in a bad accident back in 1976. 1 was driving a straight job truck, which is a smaller version of the semi, and I pulled out in front of a semi. The impact was so great that it thrust me through the top of the cab breaking my neck and crushing the right side of my head. I was told that the doctor used a plunger to put my head back in shape. I have had severe back, neck and head pain for 24 years.

Well, I was introduced to The Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Hothouse so I went to a meeting to see what it was all about. My first thoughts were that I had to sit for an hour and a half in severe pain without a cigarette. Halfway through the meeting I told the speaker... that I was in so much pain that it was hard for me to sit... The speaker and my sponsor then put me on the Chi Machine for 2 minutes... then asked me how i felt. I replied "Where is the floor?"..My body needed oxygen so badly i felt i was levitating. I also woke up the right side of my brain...When my chiropractor did this it was so painful, that i told him to put it back to sleep so to say. I felt the same pain after the machine stopped.

Note: The pain Gilbert felt was the releasing of clogged, blocked energy and in fact a huge, immediate healing reaction.

I then went to the Far Infrared Hothouse Dome and was under that for 10 minutes. When I was done I had more movement in my neck than I had in 24 years. I also had pain in my arms that hurt just to tuck in my shirt and that pain was completely gone. I stayed at the meeting for 3 hours and never craved a cigarette or had any pain standing or sitting. I did, however, have pain in the top of my head, which lasted about a day and a half.

I ordered a Chi Machine ... I left it in the box for 2 days for fear of getting my head pain back. When i did try it there was no pain just good feelings and a lot of energy. My life was to sleep all night, get up and go to my recliner and sleep another 40 minutes or so. Now i get up to go on my Chi Machine and i am full of energy all day long... I have a new life thanks to The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Hothouse. - Gilbert Dawson, South Haven, MN USA.

Spinal Stenosis, Bulging Discs, Constipation.
My 93yr old mother has spinal stenosis and a couple of bulging discs. Since she started using the SOQI Bed (3 FIR Hothouse domes and a Chi Machine), and the E-Power, she no longer has pain and stopped taking all pain medications. She is also no longer constipated. That was a major problem for her for years.
- Jean Welles, Los Angeles, CA, USA - April 2013.

Back Pain from Horse Accident.
I purchased a Chi Machine and FIR Hothouse Dome on my mother's advice a few years back.  After a bad fall from a horse, years of physiotherapy and chiro produced no results. I was in so much pain and was spending so much money on treatments, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Within months of using the devices, my back improved improved considerably. If I needed any more proof that these devices work, I got it while travelling overseas for six months. I couldn't take the machines with me and was in excruciating pain again as a result.

Once back in Australia, I recommenced daily use of these devices and again the pain gradually disappeared within a couple of months.
- Yours faithfully, Laura Decomo, Jan 2015


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