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Sun Ancon Chi Machine Reviews and Testimonials
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The Doctors TV Show.--Sun Ancon Chi

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine,
showcased on The Doctors TV Show.

Family Doctor, San Diego, CA - Dan Harper, M.D.
"In reference to The Sun Ancon Chi Machine..."I have had patients that lost over 30 pounds in less than 2 months that couldn't walk due to vascular ischemia or osteoarthritis... Edema was markedly reduced in all cardiac and lymphodema clients. I have also used it in my cancer patients to increase blood flow to the tissues to get more Natural Killer Cells to the tumor site, and to remove blocked lymphatics so that more tumor cells could be removed by the enzymes and phagocytic cells. Some clients commented on better memory as cerebral circulation improved. In short, every organ system of the body is enhanced, including the immune system."

Herbalist, Midland, TX - Vicky Loredo LP.
"I have used The Chi Machine with a couple of my patients and it has been very successful. One of the children I've worked with has problems walking and ever since he started using The Chi Machine, his digestive system has been a lot better overall. He doesn't have constipation anymore and the pain has diminished. Another patient of mine had back problems; he use to have an excruciating pain and now he feels a lot better, without as much stress nor as much pain."

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Testimonials sent to HTE Americas for the Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Health Care Professional Testimonials:
Herbalist, Allergist, Cosmetology, Counselor, Wellness Center, EMT, Reiki Master,

Family Doctor, Reading Specialist, Dentist, Teacher, Biofeedback Technician, Opthomologist,
Acupuncturist, Geriatric Care, Iridologist, Chemical Dependency Counselor, Nurse, Prosthetist,
Chiropractor, Plastic Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Cognitive Trainer, Paramedic, SWAT Team ...


Allergist, Eatonville, WA - Lori Lamothe.
"Staff and clients use the Chi machine at our office. We have had extremely positive results, such as weight loss and reduction of headaches!"

UCLA School of Medicine, Director, IQ Medical Center, Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmology - Dr. Robert T. Lin, M.D.
"I am using the Sun Ancon Chi machine and showing it to my patients. The Chi Machine has the potential to relax my patients before their LASIK surgery so that I rarely need to use oral sedatives."

Cosmetology, Rice, MN - Peggy Feia.
"I have been working full time in the cosmetology field for 28 years. My doctor told me that I needed to find a different job. I have a damaged shoulder from overuse. I was having muscle spasms in my hand and arms, and also numbness. The numbness would wake me up at night. I am thrilled to say that I now have more energy. My shoulders are much better and all other problems have disappeared. I have had my machine only 4 days and I have noticed these changes already. I do The Chi Machine in the morning and in the evening. I feel the machines are capable of helping, if not eliminating many health conditions. I have experienced that already. I am already sharing with many others the benefits of getting added oxygen and better circulation throughout the whole body."

Counselor/ Metaphysician, Springville, Utah - Dr. Jerry Glass Ph.D.
"I use The Sun Ancon Chi Machine for my youth and adult clients, in counseling, intervention therapy and stress management classes. My mind, body, and spirit sessions are for the improvement of the whole person. The Chi Machine helps to relax stressed clients in preparation for counseling, especially for abused and distressed youth. For severely disable people the passive aerobic action of the Chi Machine helps circulation and flexibility. I also like using it in Art Therapy to help promote brain integration for greater creativity."

Wellness Center and Spa, Hamilton, Montana - Health and Harmony.
"We use The Chi Machine before each body wrap. We get better inch loss and relaxation. We have found this helps with the lymphatic system. Our clients like the feeling they get when The Chi Machine stops, this relaxes them better for our spa treatments."

EMT, Reiki Master, West Bend, WI - Renny Mayer.
"After my EMT work, my field is shaken loose of mental and emotional debris, by using the Chi Machine. For my Reiki clients, the relaxation on the Chi Machine clears their energy field quickly to prepare them for a hands-on-healing session."

Family Doctor - Board Certified, Tulsa, OK - Anne May, M.D.
"I am using both The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and FIR Hothouse as adjunctive therapy for management of chronic pain and musculo-skeletal pain." 

Reading Specialist, Silver City, New Mexico - Vernice Jones.
"When I was sixteen, I had an accident in which I fell very hard on my left hip. For these many years I have experienced lower back pain. On occasion, my left foot became numb and tingled. There was a distinct 'thud' inside my hip as I walked. After my first use of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, my back pain increased and pains shot down my legs, and my left foot became numb. However, after three times on this aerobic exerciser, my back pain vanished and my foot has complete feeling. As I walk, I don't experience the usual 'thud.' I am overjoyed with this change! With the second use of the Chi Machine, I became so relaxed I fell asleep - never knew when the machine shut off.

As a reading specialist, I teach children with ADD and other mental and physical challenges. The Chi Machine is a very effective way to relax, as well as to improve mental clarity due to the oxygen flow. Thank you, Hsin Ten Enterprise. By providing us with this equipment you are doing a great service to humanity."

Back pain

Dentist - Joan M. Jakubas D.D.S.
"I am a dentist. My hygienist, Sheldon Las introduced me to your machine. At the time I was having great pain in my back, shoulders, and arm. After using The Chi Machine I became more flexible and pleasantly pain free. Fortunately I am not starting my mornings with 3 Ibuprofen. I would rather not rely on chemicals for movement. I incorporate The Chi Machine into my daily life by introducing it to all my coworkers and friends. My assistant just purchased her own unit. I refer all prospective clients to Sheldon. He has been a life saver.

Dentist, Los Angeles, CA - Dr. Druclila Gamez. (Translated from its original version in Spanish)
"My first encounter with The Sun Ancon Chi Machine was incredible, I had a strong pain in the knees and I used the Chi Machine for 5 minutes and I felt an incredible relief. I decided to use the machine in order to observe the function that it would have to help the human body. I am impressed to know that it accommodates the vertebrae leaving full access of the blood towards the vital organs and the aids the body to maintain good health. As a doctor I recommend The Chi Machine to any person. The massage that the machine gives rejuvenates you. As soon as you first use the machine you will feel a change in your body immediately."

Registered Nurse, Cedar Hills, Utah - Kandy J. Rogers
"I am a registered nurse and have used the Sun Anon Chi Machine and FIR Hothouse dome for several years for my chronic fatigue syndrome with incredible results of increased health and energy. I have had similar results on many other women I have used it on for complaints varying from pneumonia, breast cancer and fibromyalgia to severe chronic fatigue. I use it as a pick- me-up when I just can't seem to go on any further or to get going in the morning; it is far more invigorating than any other product I have come across."

Registered Nurse , Milwaukee, WI - Karen Lemke
"From my experience with the Chi Machine, it is beneficial to aging loved ones burdened with the immobilizing effects of stroke and diabetes. Preventing further circulatory complications is a primary goal and the Chi Machine is a great aid. An important advantage is that the Chi Machine can be used in the home every day as often as needed or desired."

Registered Nurse, Indio, CA - Robert C Iniguez
"I discovered the Chi Machine very recently and I'm using it with a few patients. My patients' stress levels have decreased dramatically and their sleeping patterns have improved just by using the machine. Keep up the good work!"

Teacher, Indio, CA - Flor Paz.
My friend turned me onto the Chi Machine and I started to use it right away, of course, immediate results followed...especially in my improved circulation. I decided to take it to work and try it on a few of my students; I'm a teacher. The children have been taking it as a ride they get to go on. But I've been observing the results and they are amazing. I have a couple of Attention Deficit students and they've actually relaxed and come out more attentive for hours at a time when using the machine. I had one student tell me her headache went away as a result of being on the machine only 5 minutes. The parents had the opportunity to try it as well since I needed their permission to use it on the children. It's been great and I thank you."

Acupuncture, Chiropratice, Medical, Rehab, Wellness, Edinburg, TX - Dr. James Morales, D.C. and Dr. Susan Duve, D.C., F.I.A.M.A., N.D.
"We have used "The Sun Ancon Chi Machine" and "The Hot House" for 5 years now. Our patients love them. They have proven to be very valuable therapeutic devices."

FIR Hothouse
                          and Chi Machine.
Sun Ancon Chi Machine and FIR Hothouse Dome
used together for combination therapy.

QXCI-SCIO Biofeedback Technician - Gayla Erickson.
"When test results show low energy flow through the spinal column, I recommend my clients borrow/rent a Chi Machine. Normally they end up purchasing it. If their immune system is poor or they have digestive or circulatory problems, I recommend the Far Infrared Hothouse."

Biofeedback Technician, Michigan - Kathryn Wilson.
"I received my Sun Ancon Chi Machine 2 months ago. I can't express in words what it has done for my back and hips. I feel aligned and centered and my flexibility and energy flow have improved drastically. As I gradually increased the time on The Chi Machine I could begin to feel the adjustment in my spine and hips. I have a busy practice here in Michigan where I use Biofeedback to bring my clients back into balance. I begin sessions now with a time on The Chi Machine, which is appropriate for each client. I then progress into the session with my client in a state of enhanced energetic flow and proceed with the biofeedback and balancing with a more available and receptive client body. The balancing goes much faster and I have fewer alarms on the Biofeedback devices. This demonstrates that The Chi Machine aids in opening the lymphatic system, which when blocked will send an alarm from the system.

So I have mentioned the benefit for myself in my improvement of my back and hips, the valuable use of the device in my client sessions, and lastly, I would like to mention the mental emotional aspect that is greatly enhanced by The Chi Machine. Upon completion of the time on The Chi Machine, the surge and exhilaration that one senses throughout the body is stimulating the body's nervous system including the medulla oblongata. This in turn passes the energy into the limbic system, which is responsible for your emotional health. I have had clients who are moved to tears of exhilaration with their first experience of this. Everyone however seems to have a tremendous mood elevation that lasts for a significant amount of hours. I am so grateful for my Chi Machine. I realize how much it has improved my life quality as well as that of my clients. I look forward to sharing this device and learning more about this tremendous capacity to facilitate healing."

Geriatric and Assisted Living Aid - Medical Assistant, Springville, UT - Julie Mitchell MA.
"I use the Chi Machine-aerobic exerciser to promote overall health and wellness. It helps organ function, respiratory, circulation, flexibility and relaxation. The majority of my clients are bedridden and this is the only exercise they can do. The Chi machine is a passive exerciser that doesn't stress the heart or put excessive stress on the joints. This is why I like the Chi Machine."

Certified Iridologist - Herbologist - Nutritional Educator, Tomball, TX - Ella Faye Holder.
"I am a Certified Iridologist, Herbologist, and Nutritional Educator in the Houston area. I always demonstrate the Chi Machine to every new client who comes to me, and I always keep Chi Machines in stock because some will want to buy it immediately to take home with them when they experience the relaxation it affords them as well as removing tightness in their muscles and eliminates back pain almost immediately.

I have had several clients who, after being on the Chi Machine for 5-8 minutes after their consultation with me have said it stopped their back pain right away! (Even the people who say they cannot afford to purchase a Chi Machine call back at some point and say they are ready to purchase it now because they could not forget how much better they felt. These machines absolutely sell themselves!!!"

Chemical Dependency Counselor, New Richmond, WI - Sue Knutson, C.A.D.C. III
"I began using The Sun Ancon  Chi Machine about 3 months ago. I have been on anti-depressant medication for the past 12 years and suffer from back spasms. Since using The Chi Machine I have been able to discontinue using medications for depression and by back spasms have been greatly reduced. The use of The Chi Machine also seems to have reduced my anxiety. It would seem to me that The Chi Machine could be beneficial to other chemically dependent people if it has been helpful to me."

Nurse, Midland, TX - Vicky Loredo LPN
"I have used The Chi Machine with a couple of my patients and it has been very successful. One of the children I've worked with has problems walking and ever since he started using The Chi Machine, his digestive system has been a lot better overall. He doesn't have constipation anymore and the pain has diminished. Another patient of mine had back problems; he use to have an excruciating pain and now he feels a lot better, without as much stress nor as much pain.Thank you for your fabulous machine."


Very popular with chiropractors.

Chiropractic Physician, Registered Nurse, Dayton, NV - Dr. Carol Johnson R.N.,D.C.
"I use the Chi Machine (after using the Hothouse Dome to warm up the muscles) to do myofascial release work around the clavicles and anterior neck muscles. This releases neck restriction in people who have, for example, a problem with waking up at night choking."

Chiropractor, Parker, CO - Ronald Conley.
"I am a chiropractor and my patients use my Sun Ancon Chi Machine every day."

Doctor of Chiropractic, Milwaukee, WI - Dr. Russell M. Sherbondy.
"People need to be responsible for their own health. By utilizing the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Far Infrared Dome, and Electro Reflex Energizer, the whole family can affordably improve every aspect of their health on a daily basis. I have incorporated all of these therapeutic machines in my patients', my own, and my family's health needs. Consistently, since May 1999 I have experienced amazing benefits in the areas of improved circulation, muscle and joint motion, stress reduction, pain relief, detoxification, weight loss and toning, lung and sinus relief, digestion, and neurologic and behavioral balancing in countless peoples lives. Don't hide this light under a bushel basket; share this opportunity with those you meet!"

Chiropractic Physician, Fort Wayne, IN - Dr. Mark R Winteregg.
"I am excited about using the Chi Machine in my office. I have already seen results. I am also eager to see what it can do for my patients in rehabilitation and patients with proprioception problems. I wish I would have bought this when I first started as a chiropractor."

Chiropractor, Gridley, CA - Dr. Jackson Corley.
"I plan to use the Chi machine on specific types of patients in my chiropractic office. These patients would be those with circulatory difficulties, i.e. pitting edema, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy. The Chi motion increased the circulation to the heart and decreased the swelling in the legs. I am very excited about this."

Chiropractic Physician, Lake Oswego, OR - Kimberly Guthrie.
"I started using The Chi Machine about two weeks ago. I have had the best nights sleep since. Before using The Chi Machine I would wake up two to four times in the night, waking up feeling like I never slept. I am going to incorporate the use of The Chi Machine in my practice so patients can experience the healing benefits of The Chi Machine."

Doctor of Chiropractic, Amarillo, TX - Scott Verner.
"I have recently been introduced to the marvels of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and I am very impressed of the potential that this unit has too offer my family, staff and patients. For several years now I have been using a chiropractic technique know as flexion/distraction on the bulk majority of my patients. Now I can offer another form of inter-segmental movement to my patients at a very affordable price. I believe the Chi Machine will do an incredible job in aiding my patient's while they are away from the office. This is all available at a fraction of the cost of the equipment used in my office and likely more beneficial and effective."

Herbalist, Marietta, OH - Sandy Schafer.
"I have used the Chi Machine for many years now. It has helped relieve back and neck pain experienced as a result of an automobile accident. I also believe that the 1/2 hour I use the Chi Machine three days a week does, in fact, equate to walking 3 miles company claims."

Marcelo A. Shanly, M.D.
 Clinica Integral De La Vision
 Ophthalmologist - 
Buenos Aires, Argentina
“I am an Ophthalmologist practicing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I learned about the Chi Machine and the Hot House at an ophthalmology convention in San Diego. I am using them with my patients before surgery, in order to relax them, and some of them are still coming back for a new session after the surgery because they feel a relief of their pains with the machine. I am looking forward to selling them so everybody can have his or her own machine, but as you know, the country's situation is not the same as it was a couple of years before. That is why I am trying to find out how to sell them. The price I am giving them is the same as I paid. I started with this a month ago, so I will see what comes out of it. Thanks so much!"

Dr. Ronald P. Peroff, M.D.
 The Queen’s Physicians Office Building 1
 - Honolulu, HI
“I am an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist) practicing in Honolulu, Hawaii. I purchased The Chi Machine and HotHouse a few months ago after attending a medical convention where they were displayed.

Since purchasing the machines, I have been using them as often as possible, and am enjoying the benefits of these medical devices.

 I try to be health conscious, and it’s a good feeling to know that The Chi Machine and HotHouse greatly enhances the body’s basic functions such as Oxygenation and blood circulation. The utilization of far infrared technology to assist the body in its own natural healing process is also very appealing to me.

My practice encompasses a wide, specialized area of conditions including ear disorders, sinus infections, allergies, neck and throat tumors, etc. I also treat pain involving lumbar discs and musculoskeletal problems. I am planning to purchase another set so that I can have one at home, and one at the office. I would like to introduce these machines to my patients, so that they too may experience the health enhancing benefits that I am enjoying."

Arms by
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Classified as a Medical Device in Japan, Australia and Canada.

Plastic Surgeon, A Look To Remember Plastic Surgery Center, New Orleans, LA - Samuel W. Parry, MD 
"I am a busy Plastic Surgeon. I needed more energy and stress relief. Also, I have a 14 year-old daughter with cystic fibrosis. The Chi Machine has helped my problems and my daughter's breathing has very much improved."

Orthotist / Prosthetist, Fort Wayne, IN - Linda M Keller.
"I am introducing the Chi Machine to my cancer survivors that are dealing with Lymphoedema and residual pain. I'm offering a rental program both in their home and at my office. I know my diabetic clients will avail themselves of these services."

Neurosurgeon, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Moreno Valley, CA - John D. Cantando, MD
"I highly recommend The Chi Machine to anyone. My wife and I use the machine faithfully; it not only provides her with energy but also helps increase circulation which helps with her varicose veins. I find the machine to be very therapeutic."

Cognitive Trainer, Marseilles, IL - Matthew McNatt.
"As the director of the McNatt Learning Center, Inc., I am excited by applications the Sun Ancon Chi Machine may have to the field of cognitive training. First, auditory discrimination can be hindered by decreased sensitivity to or awareness of lateral movement. By stimulating the vestibular system in an organized manner, the Chi Machine holds tremendous promise for enhancing auditory awareness, auditory discrimination, and vestibular integration. I thus view the Chi Machine as complimentary to listening therapy and balance training and, for some students, a helpful contribution to balance-based vision therapy using balance boards and Mardsen balls. 

Second, due to its bi-lateral rhythmic movement and possible enhancement of auditory discrimination, the Chi Machine can also be used as a warm-up for training gross-motor rhythm and timing. I thus view the Chi Machine as complimentary to training with the Interactive Metronome. 

Third, vestibular stimulation can be a primary gateway for teaching some hypo-stimulated children with special needs. I thus believe that the Chi Machine, when used in conjunction with naprapathic adjustment or Rolfing to help these children gain and maintain alignment, can be a key to helping some hypo-stimulated children " wake up " sufficiently to interact and learn. 

Fourth, adolescents and adults with Tourette syndrome (TS) often have heightened neuro-electrical awareness, along with a tendency to try to overcome what they perceive to be blockages in the flow of whatever internal energy they perceive. Movements to overcome perceived blockages, though often made in ignorance and ultimately unsuccessful, can become quickly habituated as " tics. " Children with TS usually tic without perceiving a cause. The oxygen rush of the Chi Machine mimics (or duplicates) the healthy flow of energy sought by many individuals with TS. Thus, individuals with TS may naturally trust the movement of the Chi Machine, which I believe they can then productively use as training, simply letting the movement happen instead of anticipating and trying to control it. Such practice waiting and letting go may be especially helpful for individuals with Tourette Syndrome in tandem to Interactive Metronome training, in which trainees similarly learn to wait for a beat, rather than anticipating or trying to control it. I personally use and enjoy the Chi Machine, and I heartily endorse its appropriate, supervised use in cognitive training."

Paramedic / Firefighter , Wauwatosa, WI - Michel DeLisle
"Firefighting is historically very hard on the cardiovascular systems of the firefighters. Chronic illness involving the heart and lungs is common in older and retired personnel. The Chi Machine not only prepares us to enter hazardous environments and work hard, it works to reverse the effects of our job that would normally result in chronic lung or heart disease."

Doctor of Chiropractic, Sierra Madre, California - Dr. Theresa L. Smith.
"I would highly recommend the Chi Machine to anyone; especially those who are not able to exercise. It is a godsend."

S.W.A.T. Team/Deputy Sheriff , Rice, MN - Kurt Huver
"Besides my job as a Deputy Sheriff, I am also on the Advanced S.W.A.T Team. This means I can be called out at anytime of the day or night, besides already putting my day in as a Deputy Sheriff. This can be very stressful. I have found the Sun Ancon Chi Machine to be very beneficial in energizing me, and helping deal with the stress that I incur in my job. I would highly recommend the Chi Machine to everyone."


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