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Sheffield Star Newspaper, UK.
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Sun Ancon Chi Machine Review.


4th April 2003

Wiggling your way to fitness and freedom from aches and pains sounded intriguing. UK journalist Jo Davison decided to find out if the claims for the Sun Ancon Chi Machine were fishy or not...

"EATING fish is supposed to be good for us. Now we're being told to move like one. The secret of good health could lie in the wiggle. The constant, sideways swing a fish makes with its tail could make all the difference to niggling aches and pains, energy and stress level.

A Japanese scientist (Dr. Inoue) who studied the motion of his goldfish found its tail swing generated movement of the fish's entire spinal column and all its muscles. Babies move their spines in a similar side-to-side motion in their cots but as we get older we don't have much need for this serpentine movement. Could the minor muscle aches, stressed joints and inability to relax that make our lives a pain be a consequence?


The medic decided it could and set about inventing a magic box that would rock us to better health. This Asian device is supposed to balance your energy, or Chi, as the ancient Chinese call it. It was developed by the doctor, who specialised in the functions of oxygen motion in the body, to see if it could help people with Secondary Lymphedema, a fluid problem caused by lymph damage.

Tests showed people, including patients with venous oedema, received significant relief in their symptoms. But the benefit of re-oxygenated blood pumping swiftly through your veins is good for virtually everyone - it's what happens to us when we exercise. The after-sensation and results are the same - a surge of energy followed by better lymph drainage which eliminates toxins. The Chi Machine has become more widely available.

Practitioners claim regular use can improve posture and backache by correcting the position of the spine, tone muscles and even help you lose weight. They say specialists are thinking of promoting its use to those with multiple sclerosis and energy-sapping ME. Those with depression and stress may also benefit from playing goldfish on the carpet. A session takes 4-6 minutes and requires no skill or effort; just switch on and lie there.

It sounded too good to be true. I hired the machine for a week. The Chi Machine is a simple looking little thing. Just an electronic box that you rest your ankles on. So simple, I'd decided, it couldn't possibly work. But, intrepid journalist that I am, I duly laid down and switched on.

Once I'd got my ankles in a comfortable position (not easy) and my spine straight, it vibrated my body into ripples. The actual motion swings your entire body from side to side in a gentle, undulating fashion. At first it seems like a silly thing to be doing. But you stop giggling as the gentle rhythm soothes and lulls. I could feel the wiggle going from my feet right down my legs, up my body and spine into my neck.

Three arm

Sun Ancon Chi Machine

I laid there, head wobbling like David Grey mid-song, aware that I looked a bit ridiculous. But  after a few minutes, I didn't care; I'd gone with the flow. And when the machine timer suddenly clicked off, I felt quite robbed.

The instructions said I should lie still for a few minutes afterwards. As I did so, I could feel a tingling sensation in my legs - a boost in circulation, I assumed. As I got up, my back felt stiff, but it soon eased. After using it a few times, I noticed niggly aches in my back and neck were relieved each time and, bizarrely considering I'd done nothing, the backs of my legs and my bottom felt like they had gone through a mild workout.

Although I did feel slightly more energetic, the overriding benefit I felt was one of relaxation. I definitely felt better for those ten-minute sessions. In fact, the machine is quite addictive. I found myself longing for a chi break all day." - Jo Davidson, Sheffield Star.

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