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Weight Loss - Chi Machine.
What causes weight gain, solutions,
personal experiences.

Although Australian Clinical Trials of the original Chi Machine confirmed weight loss, HTE (the original Chi Machine company), has never promoted the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for weight reduction.

The Chi Machine was not invented with the focus or intention to promote weight loss, but intended to target other health benefits.

                        machine original

The Original Chi Machine,
known as the Sun Ancon.

Nevertheless, ordinary weight loss is frequently mentioned, not by the company, but by users, and always as an unexpected side benefit that has occurred with consistent daily use. Could it be because of released stress, stimulation of the lymphatic system, increased metabolism, sounder sleep?

Personal Experiences
Denmark, Australia, UK, USA and Germany.

No more excuses ...


Passive Aerobic Exercise
Stressed out? Hate the gym? Perfect!
Use the Chi Machine in comfort at home.

No Quick Fix:
Hours in the gym, fad diets, toxic pills and invasive surgical procedures are the most common path that people use to lose weight. Everyone wants a quick fix and when the weight returns just as fast as they lose it, they go back to the same treadmill of diet pills, sporadic exercise and crazy diets that don't work.

Weight is not gained overnight and it won't go away overnight.

Weight loss that happens over a period of time tends to stay off because it dissipates slowly so the body does not think it is starving, which is basically why fast weight loss results in even faster weight gain.

Again, there is no quick fix. It's all about lifestyle change. It's all about consistent daily exercise, and a healthy diet, one day at a time.

Weight gain

Negative lifestyle choices create weight gain.
Common reasons for weight gain:
1) Acidic toxin accumulation from mental stress, and an unhealthy diet.
2) Minimal physical activity.
3) Lack of sleep.
4) Prescribed medications.
5) Eating late at night.
6) Drinking too much soda / milk / alcohol - Lack of water


It's obvious. You have to eliminate or reduce these common reasons for weight loss to sustain.

pH Diet.
Diet is crucially important and a primarily alkaline diet is recommended. Continuing to eat a processed, junk food diet packed with sugar and high fructose corn syrup, does not indicate a serious desire for successful weight loss or good health, and physical results will reflect as such. Stop wasting your time.

Focus on ...

Relaxation - Stress Release - pH Balanced Diet - Aerobic Exercise - Toxin Elimination

1) Relaxation of the body and mind releases stress, which is proven to contribute to weight gain.

2) Releasing stress helps release negative emotions which cause acidic energy retention within the the body. The body need to be pH balanced (alkaline) with adequate oxygen in order to remain healthy.

3) Movement of the body (aerobic exercise) increases oxygen. A sedentary lifestyle is a magnet for illness and disease - fat accumulation and toxin retention being the reasons why.

4) Daily bowel movements are a MUST, and a sign of good health. Exercise promotes regular bowel movements.

5) Aerobic exercise stimulates various body functions thus promoting and supporting a healthy, stronger physique, mentally, emotionally and physically.

6) Passive aerobic exercise releases stiffness, tension and soreness, promoting relaxation and sounder sleep. Lack of sleep promotes weight gain.


Get your body moving!

Working at cellular level, both anaerobic and aerobic exercise triggers cellular memory, meaning that if you are under-weight or suffering from anorexia you may gradually put on weight, and if you are over-weight or suffering from obesity, you may gradually lose weight.

Take it easy. Remember ... fast weight loss, promotes fast weight re-gain!

Passive aerobic exercise is an ideal safe approach to a healthy body as it places no pressure on muscles, tissues or bones, whilst enhancing youthfulness and energy due to increased circulation, oxygen levels and toxin release.

Common sense dictates that undesired fat deposits may be gradually reduced over time, if coupled with a clean, natural, wholefood diet, and plenty of water which is pivotal in weight loss. Exercise and diet work hand in hand.

A healthier state of being:
A person does NOT have to get the heart pumping and the blood racing to experience ordinary weight loss as proven by those who practice yoga, do aquatic aerobics or receive massages on a regular basis.

However, It should not be expected that passive aerobic exercise all by itself will create serious weight loss which can only be accomplished by eliminating negative lifestyle choices as discussed above.

Instead, enjoy passive aerobic exercise on a regular consistent daily basis to promote a healthier state of being. Motion energy promotes circulation thereby temporarily increasing oxygen levels and release of waste and toxins via the lymphatic system.



Swim on land! 


The original Chi Machine,
created in 1990 - built to last 15-25yrs.

The Sun Ancon, the original Chi Machine, may be used on a regular daily basis, one, or even two, or three sessions, for 4-6 minutes initially, building up gradually to 15-20 minutes maximum. Drink a glass of water after use to promote released toxins to be flushed out of the body.

The machine promotes oxygen, circulation, relief from muscle pain, soreness and fatigue, induces relaxation, lymphatic drainage, spinal alignment, mental focus, energy and more. The Chi Machine is also very relaxing as it stimulates the Autonomic Nervous System, thus relieving stress.

Users of the original Chi Machine enjoy not having to leave the comfort of home, especially when the weather is not conducive to outdoor activity, or if time is limited, or if physical ability is restrained, or if you simply hate to exercise! The machine does it for you.
1) An alkaline diet supports a healthy mind and body and should be adopted to receive optimal health benefits and weight control.

2) Fresh air and outdoor activity will always remain the best choice for physical exercise and mental relaxation, but the Chi Machine is a wonderful alternative, especially during extreme weather conditions.

3) The Chi Machine does not build or exercise muscles which is anaerobic exercise requiring resistance training.

Original Chi Machine
The foundation of health.


International Experiences:
Unintended weight loss with the Sun Ancon.

                          machine at home

Voluntary anecdotal testimonials from clients who want to share their personal experience. Keep in mind everybody is different and should not expect the exact same result.

A calmer state.
I'm crazy, super-hyper, love to swim and play tennis, but i eat like a pig, and i eat late at night. I discovered my friends Sun Ancon Chi Machine and woah! It totally calmed me down, removed my stress, and improved my dress size. Brilliant! - Talisa, Denmark.

Golf Lover.
No matter the weather, im on the golf course. However, i had my hip replaced and was laid up for several weeks. I used the Chi Machine to recover and to regain flexibility and suppleness. I got even better results than expected.

My lower back pains are no more and i dropped the weight i put on over the past months of recovery and then some. Grateful and happy. - Alain, Los Angeles.

Getting older.

"I've been battling weight for past decade due to getting older, not because i overeat. My neighbor let me borrow his Chi Machine and i kept it for a few weeks. Oh my gosh! It totally stabilized my yoyo weight, my stress headaches have gone away and the tense muscles in my neck and shoulders have relaxed. I chi everyday now for 10 minutes as i've got my own." - Marina S, Santa Barbara, CA.

Bikini Challenge.
I've always been overweight and time keeps adding more. My health has never been great and i have no energy or inspiration. I decided enough was enough and began using the Chi Machine twice everyday. I also revamped my diet of course and quit fast food and sodas. Results? I can get into a swimsuit (my personal challenge), and go to the lake without embarassement. I have energy, i sleep well and i look my age finally. My Chi Machine is my best friend. -
Janine, Austin, TX

chi machine
 A healthy aerobic exercise routine.
"The Chi Machine helped me establish a healthy exercise routine. I began to exercise morning and night and to cool off, i relaxed on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Over time, my aerobic conditioning improved. I still use it after intense workouts and for relaxation. The Chi Machine quickened my cool-down, which saved time after exercise (about 7 minutes)." - Robert B.

Good mood.
"The Chi Machine makes me feel better, it puts me in a good mood, and I have also lost some extra weight. My body is more supple." - C.S., Clwyd, Wales - Down To Earth Holistic Health, UK.

 Feels like Rip Van Winkle.
"Twenty-eight years ago I was pregnant with my first child and I weighed 99 lbs. After my second child, my figure became more pear shaped and sedentary. I spent more time in bed than out as i also had aches and pains that didn't go away.

A friend brought over the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for my Dad to try. I tried it for myself for 2 minutes, and it was very difficult for me to stay on my back for long (i prefer to lay on my side). The next day I tried it again for two minutes. I was reminded that any natural healing is liable to get worse before there are any results. My neck muscles were sore as usual and I could hear crackling in my neck. I have had a number of massage therapists try to help my stiffness over the years but they were not successful.

I decided to buy The Sun Anon Chi Machine for myself and use it daily. If i felt any discomfort i simply cut my planned time in half. Less time is just as effective. There is no hurry. I've now been using The Chi Machine for 4 months and I've worked up to 15 minutes a day - I'm doing 4 minutes in the morning, and 6 minutes at night. I am walking with better posture for the first time in years, and I can lie on my back for over an hour.

I am also getting my shape back. I don't recall how much I weighed before, but I can now wear a belt and it doesn't look like a ribbon on a box. The daily aerobic exercise has me feeling more like myself everyday. I feel like 'Rip Van Winkle'."
- Cheri Enfield, Arthur, NE, USA.

position behind head

Relaxed, full of energy.
"It is now only 4 weeks since i have got the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Before i got this machine, i did not sleep well and i overate day and night. Since getting the Chi Machine i use it half an hour after dinner i and can hardly keep my eyes open as i a feel so relaxed.

I don't feel hungry late at night and i can fall asleep very quickly. I lost 7 kg over time and have no more binge eating in the afternoon. I feel younger and full of energy. I can get up easily in the morning and my concentration in school has much improved." -
Christian from Germany

More energy.
"I was introduced to the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and The Far Infrared Hothouse dome. For years, i have been watching what i eat. My husband and i eat quite healthy and yet i never really lost any of those few extra pounds. The machines changed that. I l lost those extra pounds and i have more energy than i've had in years." - Katie Wollman.

Who's next!
"Dr. Ted and I have been using the Sun Ancon chi aerobic exerciser for over one year, and every time on the machine Dr. Ted falls asleep after 4 minutes.

Our daughter Angel lost some weight after one month using the chi aerobic exerciser 2 times a day. Our other daughter, Joy does massage and drives to the bay area and comes from Sacramento on weekends. She usually stays overnight and returns Monday morning. She now uses the Chi Machine and drives home on Sunday, even after doing multiple massages on the weekend.

                    chi machine
We have been married 45 years, have 7 children and 32 grandchildren and our 18 month old uses the Chi Machine by himself whilst the other children stand in line with "I'm next". I love the machine as it gives me 1/2 hour of peace and relaxation that I would not take otherwise." - Sugar Novak, CA, USA
Professional Opinion.
"I have found that most clients will use this Sun Ancon machine on a regular basis providing them with aerobic conditioning and no impact to the body like traditional exercise. Aerobic exercise promotes metabolism supporting regular weight loss. I have increased my efficiency at work by 30% and reduced my need for sleep to about six hours from resting on the machine only 15 minutes every other day." - Dr. Robert Groves, DD, ThD, ND, USA.
Looking good.
"Margaret my sister, advised Jim and I to try the Sun Ancon Aerobic Exerciser as she believed it would benefit our health and well being. Jim focused on a diet and used the machine for aerobic exercise twice daily. I believe he has never looked or been so well for a long time. We both feel great and both dropped some extra pounds that come with age. We are happy with the results and take it with us when we go away." - Jim Cox and Betty Covers, Australia.

Girlfriend Coercion.
I've never liked the gym or working out. My girlfriend introduced me to her Sun Ancon Chi Machine & eventually convinced me to try it. She swears the machine helps her stop from gaining weight. Well i tried it and actually enjoyed the relaxation & stress release (i work on the computer all day). I began using it on a regular basis & ended up buying my own. I lost my beer gut, (whoo hoo), i look & feel so much better, all thanks to my girlfriend. - Trevor, Brighton, UK


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