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Sun Ancon Chi Machine - Far Infrared Hothouse Dome.
Electro Reflex Energizer
(ERE) - E-Power -

  JUNE 2016

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The Original Sun Ancon
Chi Machine SDM-888

Chi Machine Sun Ancon.
All original Chi Machines
have green HTE logo,
 on front and on timer.


Three arm positions.

Buy 2 or more for $430.00 each,
see Mix n' Match sale below.


Best seller.

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Strong, Solid, Durable - Known to last 15-20yrs.

Sale Price $480.00
(reg. price $549.00).
Including FREE Footrest Cover (value $3.00).

Gentle massaging motion energy for oxygenation, detoxification, spinal alignment, lymph system drainage, pain relief, back problem improvement, balance of the autonomic nervous system, improved circulation, sounder sleep, stress release, mental focus (good for kids and adults with ADD, as well as students and athletes), aids mobility (ideal for the sedate, bedridden or if physically challenged).

Use before breakfast for a kick start to the day, or before bed for relaxation. Begin at 4-6 minutes (1-2 minutes if frail), and work up to 15-20 minutes per session. Ideal for warm up and cool down before exercise plus dispersion of lactic acid.

The body MUST have daily movement to be healthy.
Lack of movement depletes oxygen, and encourages toxicity.


Showcased on four TV health shows, endorsed worldwide by health care professionals and athletes as well as prestigious health and sport magazines, and medical journals.

Testimonials - True accounts from customers worldwide.
Alternative, natural wellness for everyone, anywhere, anytime - Ages 4yrs to 100yrs.


USA. Special Offers and Combination Package Deals:

Alternative NATURAL wellness - In the comfort of your home.
NO toxic drugs, NO side effects, NO chance of injury.

Each machine has unique energy qualities.

The Far Infrared Hothouse Dome.
Regular or Grande size.

FIR Hothouse

Comes with x2 height risers,
and x2 armrests

FIR Hothouse Dome - Sale $860.00 (reg. price $899.00)

FIR Grande Hothouse Dome - Sale $960.00 (reg. price $999.00)
- for bodies over 180lbs/81kgs.

Subtle, gentle, Far Infrared heat therapy enables serious cell detoxification, improved circulation, reduction and removal of pain, swelling and inflammation, and accelerates healing and recovery from broken bones, injury, open wounds, illness and surgery. FIR promotes tissue regeneration, aids in relief from breathing problems, induces relaxation, and releases stress.

Far Infrared is commonly used for hyperthermia in Europe and Asia.
There is no time limit when addressing serious illness, otherwise one hour minimum per session is ideal, lying on back or face down. Dome may be moved to area of body needing treatment, including face and head, or through soles of feet.

Healing Far Infrared heat comes from the sun, and is also generated and shared by all living beings.

E-Power Machine.


Comes with one belt
and one silver indicator pen.

E-Power - Sale $599.00 (reg. price $649.00)

Revolutionary electrotherapy energy that reconnects the electrical circuitry of the body, especially important if blocked, suppressed, crushed or disconnected. It also addresses 8 body systems, boosts the ATP enzyme (lack of ATP causes aging), generates hours of energy and helps pH balance the body, stimulates the bowels, improves skin texture, and releases pain.

The E-Power has a belt that you wrap around your waist (velcro closure) connected to a portable, lightweight control unit. Sit back, put your feet up on a stool, a couch, or a bed, relax and rejuvenate the body's negative ion field and every cell from head to toe.
Choose from three settings, low, medium or high, and length of time - 30 minutes to 1 hour is ideal.

The human body is a natural electro-magnetic generator. Electrotherapy creates balance, connection and healing.

The Electro Reflex Energizer.


Comes with x6 electro-pads
and remote contol.

ERE (Electro Reflex Energizer)
Sale $450.00 (reg. price $480.00)

Powerful electrotherapy energy with heat via the soles of the feet, for serious numbness, or pain and soreness in feet and legs. You may also place your hands/wrists/arms on top of the machine. Use the included six electro-pads (which act as TENS units), to target local pain such as shoulders and sore muscles.

Sit down, place your feet onto the black foot pad area and relax. Machine comes with a remote control to adjust the strength of energy received. Choose from four available settings - 15 to 30 minutes per session is ideal.

Electrotherapy thru the soles of the feet acts in the same manner as the ancient natural healing method of Reflexology.

FIR Lumbar Cushion.

FIR Lumbar Cushion with heated massage
Sale $119.00 (reg. price $129.00)

Back pain relief and back support heated massage for everyone, especially frequent computer users and drivers with long commutes everyday.


Choose x2 or more machines for lowest discounted prices.


Sun Ancon Chi Machine - $430.00 (reg. price $549.00)
FIR Hothouse Dome - $790.00 (reg. price $899.00)
FIR Grande Hothouse Dome - $890.00 (reg. price $999.00)
Electro Reflex Energizer - $430.00 (reg. price $480.00)
E-Power - $560.00 (reg. price $649.00)


The Grande SOQI Bed - for your Home or Business.

The SOQI Bed
Massage Bed with built in MP3 player.
One remote control panel.
3 Far Infrared Grande Hothouse Domes.
1 Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Curtains included.

The Grande SOQI Bed - SALE US$4,580.00 (Value $4,768.00)
Features and specifications.

Motion Energy combined with Far Infrared Energy - Total body oxygenation, detoxification, circulation, spinal alignment, pain, swelling and inflammation, improved breathing, tissue regeneration, accelerated healing of wounds and fractures, mental and physical relaxation and more. The SOQI Bed will naturally and safely take care of your health and can be used by the whole family.




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