Far Infrared Heating Pad
Far Infrared
Far Infrared Heating Pad.

FIR Pad and

A delightful gift complete with storage carry bag.
For yourself, someone you love, or even your pet.

The Far Infrared heating pad is soft and flexible and may be used for your shoulders, waist, back, legs, abdomen or arms, to reduce soreness, muscle spasms, aches, pains, cramps, monthly pains and sports injuries. The far infrared warming pad relaxes tight muscles, tension, soreness and increases blood flow.

FIR Heating Pad Structure:
Soft as fleece, flocking coat cover with four layers inside:
1 Felt external layer.
2 Far infrared heat radiation layer.
3 Warm keeping non-conductive layer.
4 Carbon fiber heating layer.

Pale blue remote control timer with LCD screen is attached to corner of FIR Pad.
Flexible and light, it folds away into carry bag (as seen above).

Take it with you when you travel. Use it at home or in the office.

FIR heating

Size: 2 feet by 3 feet - 610 mm x 914 mm
Warranty: 1 year.

How Does It Work:
The Far Infrared Heating Pad rapidly radiates far Infrared rays, through heating via high tech, high density galvanothermy carbon wire - 8-14 microns.

Far Infrared Heating Pad Temperature: 68 to 131 F (20 to 55 C)

113 F/45 C: Used for warming - promotes blood circulation.
131 F/55 C: Good for sports injuries, soreness and backaches. It will help accelerate metabolism, relax tightened muscles and nerves, relieve computer generated shoulder pain, ease body pains, relieve monthly cramps.

How to use:
Simply switch on the power, choose the temperature you desire and the length of time, then relax and enjoy. There is a detailed instruction booklet included with every FIR Heating Pad.

Do NOT use as an electric blanket!
Keep the temperature low when using with pets or young children.


How to set the control.


Far Infrared Hothouse Dome
The far Infrared heating pad may be used for you pets,
and also the Far Infrared Hothouse Dome.

Far Infrared
Heating Pad:



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Far Infrared Heating Pad.
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