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MARCH 2017:

Everyday is a new day, a new opportunity to take care of yourself. Use the original Chi Machine in the comfort of your home when it's snowy, raining, cold or too hot outside, or on the days you simply can't get out and exercise. Use it for multiple reasons ... to help with various physical challenges, to become mentally focused, for energy and circulation, for a great kick start to the day when used before breakfast, for passive aerobic exercise and to warm up and cool down, to de-stress and relieve muscle aches and pains, to relax, to meditate, or to have a sound nights sleep if used before bedtime.

hIf you need help deciding if the original Chi Machine is for you or not, call anytime for free consultation. We have over 25 years of International testimonials and over 17 years of experience.

The original Chi Machine was created by Japanese scientist Dr. Inuoe - easy to use, no chance of injury, completely natural - just lie down, relax, and let the machine take care of your body, mind and spirit.

For information on the benefits and capabilities of this natural health machine, please click on any of the following links and become acquainted:

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FYI: The Original Chi Machine is built to last 15 to 20yrs plus.
For all ages from 4 to 100yrs.

Happy, Healthy Springtime!


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