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1) Machines are originals, created exclusively by Japanese scientists for HTE

2) Machines are registered as medical device in Japan, Australia and Canada.
3) Machines are available worldwide and shipped from head office nearest you.
4) Machines are of the highest quality and have over 25 yrs of worldwide recognition and customer feedback.

Chi Machine - Far Infrared Hothouse Dome

Electro Reflex Energizer - E-Power - SOQI Bed

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HTE Natural Healing Machines.
Video SUN ANCON CHI MACHINE - the real deal!
Motion energy that temporarily relieves muscle pain, promotes energy, mental focus, relaxation, sounder sleep and more. The back is fully supported by the floor. A cushion may be used under the knees if needed.

- Pure Far Infrared Heat Therapy, 8-10 microns.

Thermal energy promotes temporary relief from pain, relaxation and much more.

Video ERE - (Electro Reflex Energizer), Powerful Reflexology.
Electrot-refexology for soreness and pain in the feet, legs and hands and more. Use the six electro pads to target pain from tense and sore muscles anywhere on the body (besides head and heart).

Video E-POWER - Revolutionary Electro-therapy for Health and Beauty.
Electrotherapy focuses on the electrical circuitry of the body, promotes ATP, promotes the body's negative ion field, supports pH balance, supports healthy skin care, promotes hours of energy, temporarily relieves pain and more.

Video SOQI BED - For home and family, or clinics and health spas.
The SOQI Bed has three Far Infrared Hothouse Domes and one Chi Machine. Ideal for healing and relaxation.

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