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Imitation Chi Machine.
Buyer Beware - You get what you pay for.
Imitation Chi Machine are plentiful with creative names such as Chi Vitalizer, Swing Master, Chi Energizer, Chi Swing Machine, OxyPro, Footshaker, Stress Buster, Exerciser 2000, Chi Exerciser, Ki Motion, Surge of Chi, Zen Chi, Oxy Plus and Chi Flow Machine from companies such as Evergain, Cerebrex and LifeGear. The problem is that merchants are calling them "Chi Machines" and they are NOT.

The Chi Machine is a registered trademark name. Anyone using the name 'Chi Machine' or attaching the name 'Chi Machine' to a unit that is not a SUN ANCON (originally known as Sun Harmony), is attempting to sell an imitation chi machine under false pretenses and committing fraud.

'Chi Machine' Trademark Reg. No. 2 338 684.

A high percentage of imitation Chi Machine are returned due to causing raised blood pressure or back pain, and many apparently burn out or break down within the first twelve months. 99% of imitations have plastic parts. Most imitations are sold on eBay and using the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine data and information.

Strong, solid, durable and quiet - Known to last 10-20 years.

                        ancon chi machine.
The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine from HTE - Sold worldwide, for over 23 years.

The green symbol is HTE's company logo located on both the machine and the timer.
If your 'Chi Machine' does not look identical to this photo, it's an imitation.

Chi Machine Imitations Introduction:
In every industry, only the best ideas and products are worth imitating. Chi machine imitations are plentiful, manufactured by companies trying to capitalize on the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine's award winning, solid, outstanding reputation and global success. The imitation companies are trying to take advantage of uninformed people by offering similar products, claiming that they will produce similar results. This page is to inform you of the facts, to save you time, money and hours of research.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine inventor, Dr. Shizuo Inoue and HTE Chairman Gordon Pan, at a medical meeting in Japan.

After 38 years of hard work and research into the functions of oxygen respiration in the human body by Dr. Shizue Inoue - Chairman of the Japanese Oxygen Health Association and Director of the Japanese Health Association - Japanese engineers at Skylite Corp. took his concept and designed the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. HTE were then granted exclusive rights to sell the machine.


Skylite Industry Company President, Keiichi Ohashi, contributed to the development and manufacture of the machine with the objective of producing a machine (the SDM-323) that would be a health exerciser best suited to the human body. This scientific product promotes oxygenation and internal massage based on medical and physiological sciences from Dr. Inoue's work.

Why the ORIGINAL Sun Ancon Chi Machine distributed exclusively by HTE,
is a superior product to any of the imitation 'chi machines':

The ORIGINAL Chi Machine:

* Was created directly from Dr. Shizuo Inoue's work in 1990, and is globally distributed, exclusively by HTE, the Taiwanese company Dr. Inoue personally chose to represent him and his invention.

* HTE has a research and development group of 30-40 Japanese scientists who are continuously inventing and developing more effective healthcare products through a joint venture between HTE (Hsin Ten International Inc., exclusive distributors) and Skylite Corporation (Japanese specialists in the manufacturing of medical apparatus and instruments). 

* The original patent specifications have NEVER been altered, due to 38 years of extensive scientific oxygen research by Dr. Inoue, resulting in the exact technical specifications needed to produce the correct balance, harmony and healing ability within the human body.

* The Machine oscillates at 140/minute +/- 5 and has NO variable speeds which have been frequently reported by customers as physically detrimental when Chi Machine is sped up or slowed down (possible back pain, raised blood pressure, knee pain).

The ONLY Chi Machine:

* To undergo 16 months of extensive medical research, at the prestigious Flinders University in Adelaide, Southern Australia. Clinical trials focused on Secondary Edema and Venous Edema. Other parameters measured included blood flow, lymphatic transport capacity and immune system function.

* Acclaimed by Professor Neil Piller - one of the ten leading authorities on Lymphoedema in the world - as the most efficient method of lymph drainage today. Three published booklets written by Professor Piller, are available for patients and professionals who would like to read the results of the Chi Machine clinical trials he conducted at Flinders University.


The ONLY Chi Machine :

* Approved by a government health dept. (Japan), as a medical remedial device, twice.

* Licensed as a medical device not only in Japan, but also in Australia 1994 and in Canada on 11/26/04.
* FDA regulated as a Class 1 Therapeutic Massager in USA.
* Carries $10,000,000 in product and public liability insurance.
* Global patents in 26 countries


* 100% safe, non injurious, damaging or harmful. There have been no customer lawsuits or injuries in over 23yrs in business.

* Medical claims, facts and testimonials have never been fabricated (imitation machines constantly plagiarize Sun Ancon history, info, stats and images).
* The original Chi Machine was created in 1990, over 23 yrs ago, with more than 5 MILLION being sold globally to date.


In hospitals and clinics, used by chiropractors, masseuses, medical specialists, physiotherapists, detox centers and numerous other health care professionals - highly rated as a superior clinical, medical and health recovery device.


Endorsed by Athletes, sports teams, celebrities, and medical professionals across Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, USA, South and Central America. Featured on four international TV shows including "The Doctors", as well as countless magazines and medical journals.

'Fit for Fun' Chi Machine Test 2004
Fit For Fun, the leading German health and consumer magazine in Europe tested the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine against the imitations. Sun Ancon won hands down!

HTE has head offices established worldwide including Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand, China, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Indonesia. Additional branch offices have been incorporated successfully in Singapore and Guatamala, plus agencies in 18 island countries of the South Pacific, and warehouse's in Germany and S.Africa. Plans are underway to expand into Europe, S.America and possibly Russia. Israel has a thriving group of distributors known as Chi Machine Israel.


Imitation Chi Machine Violations, False Claims, Copyright Infringement.
ALL the imitation chi machines (some pictured below), were created AFTER the Sun Ancon/Sun Harmony HTE original Chi Machine and NONE of them can claim the above facts and statistics. NONE of them are an exact duplication due to patent rights. Many imitation machines have the potential to cause physical harm or discomfort (numerous testimonials), due to incorrect multiple oscillation speeds, different specifications, inferior workmanship, plastic parts and cheap construction materials.

Rivalry between companies is healthy but unfortunately some of these imitations - ranging in price from $97 to $464.00 - have faced legal action, due to patent right violations, copyright infringement and fraud. Plagiarized information and images of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine by imitation machines is common.


COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Many imitation Chi Machine distributors have the outrageous audacity to claim the EXACT same benefits of Dr. Inoue's original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and even go so far as to 'warn' buyers against buying any 'chi machine' other then their own imitation. They use the very same facts, statistics, medical information, physical results, background history - all WORD FOR WORD - and even the same graphics.

A few companies offer the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine at an even higher price to make their imitation more appealing - these companies do not actually even have the Sun Ancon Chi Machine in stock. These same companies talk about our Japanese scientist Dr. Inoue, cleverly leading the reader to believe that he created their imitation-copycat Chi Machine. HE DID NOT.

A fast dollar is the primary motive behind many of the cheap imitations, 'knocked off' in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. To quote one distributor who sells imitation chi machines, this behavior is "good American business."

YOUR HEALTH is the primary and ONLY motive, for Dr. Inoue's 38 years of painstaking medical research.


1) No medical research. No clinical trials. No medical license. No patent. No FDA approval.
2) Multiple speeds reported and known to raise blood pressure and cause back pain.
3) Several have added gimmicks such as FIR therapy, magnets, and neck massage (dangerous!).
4) Many are same imitation brand or company, but given a different name and label by merchant.
5) Prices vary as much as $50 for the EXACT same imitation machine if bought from a different merchant.
6) Some imitations claim to be the original, and use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine video clip from "The Doctors" TV show.
7) ALL imitations use the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine data and information - NONE of it applies the imitation machines.

Pictured below is just a handful of the many imitation machines on the market sold on and eBay:

Chi Swing

Multiple names - Sold by
different merchants:

Chi Swing.
Swing Machine.
Ki Motion

Tai Chi Massager.
Chi Swing Machine.
Swing Master.
Ab Machine.
Chi Exerciser.


Unknown Chinese

Evergain Swing
Also comes in red/tan.

Chi Swing Machine.
Stress Buster.
Aerobic Swim Exerciser.
Aerobic Lateral/Orbital Exerciser.

USA: $175-$299 .00
UK: 169.00

Chi Swing
Blue or Grey accent.

Uses added gimmicks.


Chi Vitalizer.
Chi Activator.
Chi Energizer.


Unknown Chinese

Uses Sun Ancon
Chi Machine TV
show clips.

Oxy Plus Footshaker.
OxyPlus Exerciser.
Chi Shaker.




Zen ChiChi

Multiple names - Sold by
different merchants:

Chi Swing Machine.
Zen Chi.

Chi Aerobic Massager.
Chi Massager.
Chi Relaxerciser.

USA: $52.00
UK: 150-169.00
Canada: $49.99
Australia: AU$245-285.00

Unknown Chinese

Sunpentown Chi
Chi Massage Exerciser,

Swing Machine.


Uses added gimmicks.


Surge Of
Surge of Chi.

Chi Exerciser.

UK: 229.00
USA: $237.00


Company discusses
original Sun Ancon
Chi Machine at length.

Extremely deceptive
and slick company!

Energy for Health.

Unknown manufacturer.



USA: $49.99


How to instantly recognize the REAL Chi Machine:
HThe ORIGINAL Chi Machine is known as Sun Ancon.
HThe ORIGINAL Chi Machine is distributed globally only by HTE.
HThe ORIGINAL Chi Machine has a SET sale price of US$449.00.
HThe ORIGINAL Chi Machine has NO variable speeds.
Original Chi
The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine
The REAL, Original Chi Machine.


 Many of the above imitation chi machines have variable speeds which are potentially harmful. A healthy person has a stable blood pressure of around 140. Take that up to 160 (the top speed on some of the imitation machines) and you have got one very unwell person on your hands, suffering from severe hypertension.
The Chi Machine vs. an imitation machine's method of creating the swinging motion.
The inherent figure of eight healing and harmony occurs when the speed is set at approx 140 oscillations/minute. Slower or faster and the perfect eight can become a distorted lopsided eight which not only may raise blood pressure but may also exacerbate injuries of the back or spine.

The ORIGINAL Sun Ancon Chi Machine sets the machine at around 140-145 cycles per minute, matching the highest normal blood pressure - twice the heart rate. Healthy people can tolerate even higher frequencies, but not so for those who are weak. Conversely, a lower frequency will not product any beneficial effect. The distributors of imitation machines have a theory that the ill and elderly can go slowly on the machine and sports people can go fast. NOT TRUE.

Elderly people are more prone to high blood pressure, and putting them through the irregular motion eight can potentially send it soaring. Sports people need to keep their blood pressure low and putting them on at high speed may raise their blood pressure.

"A doctor in the UK had an imitation machine until he took the BP of all the patients he put on it. He soon discovered that in every instance it caused their blood pressure to be raised. Needless to say, he got rid of the imitation machine and purchased a Sun Ancon." - Tricia Dickens, UK  2002

"Imitation chi machines on the market do not have patents and do not have the correct frequencies and will probably cause problems. I worked on two people who used imitation machines and they got very sick... one went into seizures and another was so sick she couldn't stand up for four days. They were not using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine." - Dr. L. Bristol, Naturopath, March 1999

Another claim from imitation chi machines is that weight and height play a role in the oscillation speed of the machine. TO THE VERY BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE, THEY DO NOT.

Worth Noting - Technical Specifications:

*The Sun Ancon Chi Machine oscillates at 140-145 cycles per minute, the same amount of cycles that activates the natural rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Imitation machines typically operate at 120 cycles to 160 cycles.

*The Sun Ancon swing travel (37mm) from side to side will not injure the spine.

*The Sun Ancon wing angle (12 degrees) will not injure internal organs.
Medical testing has shown that 10-12 degrees is appropriate for men and 12-15 degrees for women. Consequently, 12 degrees was selected as being appropriate for both men and women. An average angle too high can harm the internal organs while if the angle is not great enough, it will not be effective.

*The Sun Ancon motor is 28 + 30% Watts. Dr. Inoue's research demonstrated that the body inherent figure of eight harmony can only be affected by the use of a 34-3 Watt motor.

*The Sun Ancon has quality components made from steel. The imitation machine components are plastic.

*The Chi Machine has a commercial grade motor capable of heavy sustained use.
Many have used the machine at health fair shows continuously for 8 to 12 hours with no problems. Some of the imitation machines have warnings not to run more than 15 minutes because they have plastic moving parts that tend to overheat.

eBay and

a) HTE is constantly working with eBay to eliminate the use of its Registered Trademark name "Chi Machine " in the sale of fraudulent imitation Chi Machines within America, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe. HTE does not sell the Sun Ancon Chi Machine on eBay.

b) sells multiple imitation machines. The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine is not sold on Many buyers are unaware that the machines are imitation.

If you have had an unpleasant experience with an imitation 'chi machine' please remember, you get exactly what you pay for.

Before buying anything, be sure to do extensive research and background checks,
ESPECIALLY when it comes to something as important as your health!

Information about four American Chi Machine patents:
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine has four US patents -
D329499 - D340116 - D340529  and  5107822  -
Listed by Underwriters Laboratories - UL listing E13334.

Internal Mechanism Creates Uniform Motion:
One of the patents focuses on the internal mechanism. The main drive mechanism of the machine is located at the center of the device. The swinging motion is thus exactly uniform and equal. With imitation machines, the drive unit is at the side of the device and the left and right swing distance is not equal. The user can sense the imbalance in the strength of the swinging and this leads one side of the body to be irritated. This is similar to what textile or computer operators experience when they repeat the same motion for many hours and then come up with pain in the associated parts of the body.

Height and Weight Designed for Optimal Effect:
Another patent pertains to the shape of the exerciser. The height and width of the machine are precisely designed for optimal effect. The frequency of the swinging motion was arrived at after 38 years of research by Dr. Inoue. In other words, a speed any faster or slower will not produce the exact same results.

Many imitation chi machine users have reported that a faster or slower speed caused extreme discomfort, including heavy-heartedness, back and spinal pain (most common complaint), knee and hip pains, nausea and headaches.

Chi Machine Myths, Scams and Falsehoods

Setting the record straight!

Imitation Chi Machine Comparison Chart
Buyer Guide - Forewarned is forearmed.

Guide to entire site. The most extensive Sun Ancon Chi Machine website on the internet.


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