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Chi Machine Instructions.

Chi Machine Instructions For Everyone.
Anyone between the ages of 4yrs to 100yrs may safely use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Once daily is normal. Twice daily is great. Three times daily is awesome!
Never exceed 15-20 minutes, and be sure to drink water after every session to flush toxins.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Sun Ancon Chi Machine
The original Chi Machine created by Japanese scientist Dr. Inoue.

There is a choice of three arm positions. Choose the position most comfortable for you:

Three arm

The Mid Position - Hands clasped behind head.
This position exaggerates the curves of the spine and will impart a stronger motion
to the spinal column. Good for migraines, headaches, bone spurs, misaligned spine,
backache and arthritis.

Goldfish Position - Arms relaxed by your sides, palms down.
Good for releasing tension, relaxation, insomnia, constipation, lower back pain.

The Stretched Back Position - Arms above head, palms facing up.
Creates traction throughout the whole body helping to relieve muscular tension
and discomfort, good for weight loss, toning muscles, shoulder tendonitis,
release of nervous pressure and upper back tension.



written by CM4U

BBest time of day to use:
Best time to use the Chi Machine is before breakfast as it gets the brain mentally focused, the body balanced and energized, and creates a great jump start to the day.

Lunchtime is fine and and after dinner to assist restful sleep and to promote natural healing and rejuvenation. If the Chi Machine energizes you too much before bedtime, simply use it an hour or two before going to bed as opposed to directly before climbing into bed.
Always wait at least one hour after eating - lunch or dinner - before using the Chi Machine.

Please use a room where you won't be disturbed - no phone, NO watching TV at the same time, no kids - soft music is good.

Place the Chi Machine on a solid surface. A hard floor with a carpet is best. For people confined to bed, a hard board (such as a wooden cutting board), placed underneath the machine for stability, is ok. A very firm mattress is also acceptable, just be sure the machine is not bouncing around.

Place machine on floor (handle side away from you) and plug in. Feet should hang past the ankle rests just enough so they will move gently back and forth once machine is turned on. If feet knock together, turn feet slightly outwards like a ballet dancer.

Let your arms relax loosely at your sides, palms down. Do not use a pillow under your head, as this hinders the machine's motion from reaching your head. People with severe knee problems may need to place a rolled towel or small cushion under their knees.

BLength of time:
Each dot on the timer is equal to 2 minutes.
Begin with 4-6 minutes,
once or twice a day. Increase GRADUALLY to 15 to 20 minutes, once or twice a day.
One or two minutes once a day, is quite enough for someone in poor health, bedridden, frail or in a lot of pain. This can slowly be increased as improvement is achieved

Unless you are extremely fit, DO NOT begin at 15-20 minutes or you may feel nauseous, or weak legged, or have aches and pains.
exceed 20 minutes per session, as this will detox the body too quickly for some people, and cause imbalance in others.

Whilst you will feel a difference the very first time of use, do not expect 'miracles' overnight, or after only 2 or 3 sessions.
If any discomfort is experienced, simply reduce time limit for as long as you need to, before adding minutes again, very slowly.

Chi goldfish.

Lets Swim! ...

Chi.Once timer is set, the ankle rest will begin to move back and forth carrying your feet from side to side. This movement will carry up through your legs and torso, and throughout your entire body, causing your body to move just like a goldfish swimming in water. The most movement is in the lower body and torso, where as the upper spine, neck and head will be felt as a gentle, soothing motion.

This movement creates oxygenation, detoxification, spinal alignment, flexibility, and important stimulation and balance of the autonomic nervous system. The body will become relaxed, loosened up, circulation is stimulated and minor pains are dissipated.

 As your body sways, your mission is to close your eyes, RELAX and 'surrender' as much as possible. Slow, deep breaths are recommended thereby allowing maximum oxygenation and relaxation.

When the Chi Machine stops ...

Chi.Important - when the machine stops, lay still for at least three minutes. Do NOT jump up. This time is when the movement of healing chi energy is felt circulating throughout the body. 40% of the therapeutic effect occurs while the machine is moving, and 60% when it stops.

When the timer stops, continue lying down with your eyes closed, continue to relax, and enjoy the 'tingling rush' of your CHI. This 'rest period' enables you to absorb and process the chi energy, cell oxygenation, healing and detoxification most completely.

This rest period is the time that the increased oxygenation will see out areas that lack oxygen, replenishing your cells and muscle tissue. Sitting up quickly and moving will constrict your muscles, detracting form the full absorption capabilities of the oxygenation.

Following the rest period, remove your feet from the ankle cradle and lift up your knees, bending them into a 45 degree angle with your feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath and lower your knees to one side as low as is comfortable, and swing your arms to the opposite side, whilst you breath out. Slowly return your knees to the upright position whilst inhaling. Repeat this movement to the opposite side, and then back again, breathing as before. Repeat this exercise a few times and then gently sit up.

Chi.Complete the session with a glass of water to assist the lymph system in flushing out toxicity, aiding the removal of circulatory and metabolic waste materials from the body (by way of urine and feces).

If you feel dizzy at all, it is due to accumulated toxicity being released from tissues in your body. The dizziness will dissipate quickly. If you develop rashes or feel aches or pains around old wounds this is the oxygenation detoxifying and healing your cells - adjust your time limit to a lesser amount during your next session.

Some people may experience this medically documented experience known as a healing crisis or 'Herxheimer Reaction', which is simply your body appearing to be unwell as it suddenly takes a huge turn towards becoming healthy and well. 

When can I NOT use the Chi Machine?

- Within three months of post surgery, or any bone fracture - the body needs to heal.
- If you have any open wounds or infection.
- If you have a serious infection.
- Not advisable during pregnancy - unless there is absolutely no risk of miscarriage and you are fit and well - especially not during 1st trimester or last month of pregnancy.
- If you have an old pacemaker.
- If you suffer from epilepsy. Be cautious, use only under supervision.
- If you have serious heart disease (unable to walk).
- If you have high blood pressure, or you are prone to blood clots.

FYI - Personal Discretion:
Individuals with pacemakers and epilepsy have chosen to use the Chi Machine, but it is at their discretion and it is their prerogative, used under supervision with a family member present or a healthcare specialist. Time should be set at just 1-2 minutes to begin, then very slowly increased, never exceeding 10 minutes maximum. Time is to be reduced if any discomfort is experienced.

Life Rule: When in doubt, don't.

When using the Chi machine with young children, 5-10 mins is enough - ages 4yrs and up.
 Very calming, great for ADD/ADHD.


First introduced to the world in 1990.
The Original Chi Machine.

Common Questions:

1) Can i use the Chi Machine if i have metal plates in my spine?

2) Can i use the Chi Machine if i've had knee or hip replacement surgery?

3) Can i place a cushion under my knees for support if needed?

4) What if i experience discomfort or pain?
Simply reduce the time. Add minutes very slowly. There is no hurry. If you have to do 2-4 minutes for several weeks, this is ok as benefits are still being created as you body adjusts and heals itself with each and every session.

5) I can't get down on the floor. Can i use the Chi Machine in bed?
Yes. Simply place the machine on something hard and flat for stability, like a solid wood cutting board.

6) Do i lie down on the hard floor?
You should lie on a carpet, or you may use a yoga mat.

7) Which arm position should i use?
It does not matter. Use the position that is most comfortable for you.

8) I'm in a wheelchair, can i sit with my feet on top of the ankle rest and use the machine?
Yes, in cases such as this there is still benefit as the body recieves motion which it must have daily to stay healthy.

9) Can i place the machine on a tabletop and rest just my wrists on the ankle rest?
Yes, people have done this and recieved benefit to the hands, arms and shoulders.

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