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The Importance of Enzymes.


Most people lack enzymes, the spark plugs of the body, and critical health catalysts.
Enzymes are protein molecules which are responsible for all biological activities in human cells.

Nearly everyone has enzyme depletion because our diets do not consist of mainly raw fruit and vegetables. Enzymes are destroyed by heat and most people eat cooked food - fast food, junk food, boxed food, canned food.

"The human body can do nothing without enzymes. All metabolic functions require enzymes. Enzyme levels, particularly in our immune system, are depleted due to the overconsumption of processed and cooked foods and the toll of stress and environmental pollutants on our bodies."

Source: The Missing Link To Radiant Health by Humbart "Smokey" Santillo, N.D., M.H.

"Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions. They are responsible for supporting almost all of the chemical reactions in living cells. Their role is to maintain life process. Once enzymes fail to perform their important functions, all organs begin to weaken. They are critical to health."

Source: HTE Australia.

Enzymes aid digestion and nutritional absorption, release vital nutrients, protect cells, boost energy and more.

Enzymes are for you, if you ...
- Eat meat on a regular basis.
- Eat mostly cooked food.
- Tend to over-eat.
- Have poor digestion.
- Lack energy.
- Are dieting.
- Suffer from malnutrition.
- Take prescription medications - many drugs are enzyme inhibitors.

- Are sick or are recovering from an illness - have a poor immune system.

- Have cancer.
- Have high blood pressure.
- Have heart failure.

- Have a genetic disease (lack of enzymes cause this, and also cause mental retardation).

- If you like to drink alcohol on a regular basis.
- Have skin problems.

- Are easily fatigued due to an acid body (meat, fast food, coffee, fried food).

- If you have children that rarely eat raw vegetables and fruit - kids that have learning disabilities.

Enzymes enhance longevity, energy levels and weight loss. All living cells contain enzymes, the body's 'spark plugs'.

Enzymes are destroyed by heat.
Dr. Edward Howell, a noted pioneer in the field of enzyme research, discovered enzyme depletion results in is a shortened life-span, illness, and lowered resistance to stress of all types.

He points out that humans and animals on a diet comprised largely of cooked food have enlarged pancreas organs while other glands and organs, notably the brain, actually shrink in size.

Children and enzyme depletion:

Learning disabilities are often caused by nutrient deficiencies. The majority of deficiencies are caused by foods that lack enzymes - too much cooked food, junk food, processed food, etc. The child's body becomes toxic and the nerves become irritated. - Source: Food Enzymes, The Missing Link.

The importance of enzymes:

Generally speaking, you will be healthy if the enzymes in your body are functioning properly. Once enzymes fail to perform their important functions, all organs begin to weaken. This can cause shoulder pain, general weakness of the extremities, dizziness, poor appetite, etc.

You might not even be aware that you are sick. We call this a state of "semi-health" - not really healthy, yet not quite bad enough to call you truly sick. If this situation continues, the human body will be unable to fight off bacterial invasion, then various sorts of diseases will naturally follow including cancer.

What are enzymes exactly:

Enzymes are catalytic proteins - independent molecules that have specific roles to play. Scientists have discovered over 5,000 enzymes.

a) They spawn chemical reactions between two substances to generate a new substance.

b) They regulate chemical processes in living cells - All living cells contain enzymes.

Simply put, enzymes regulate the complex processes of life itself.

Enzymes regulate the normal processes of digestion, absorption, waste removal and are essential to the every function that makes human life possible. Enzymes are not only the foundation of human life, they are fundamental to health.

Enzymes fall into one of three major classifications
- metabolic, digestive or food:

1) The largest is the metabolic enzymes which play a role in all bodily processes including breathing, talking, moving, thinking, behavior and maintenance of the immune system. A subset of these metabolic enzymes acts to neutralize poisons and carcinogens such as pollutants, DDT and tobacco smoke, changing them into less toxic forms that the body can eliminate.

2) The second category is the digestive enzymes, of which there are about 22 in number. Most of these are manufactured by the pancreas. They are secreted by glands in the duodenum (a valve that separates the stomach from the small intestine) and work to break down the bulk of partially digested food leaving the stomach.

3) The enzymes we need to consider when planning our diets are the third category, the food enzymes. These are present in raw foods and they initiate the process of digestion in the mouth and upper stomach.

Food enzymes include proteases for digesting protein, lipases for digesting fats and amylases for digesting carbohydrates.

What do enzymes do:

1) Regulate Internal Functions.
Enzymes buffer internal acidity, maintain the proper balance of beneficial bacteria in the body, aid digestion, and strengthen resistance to harmful bacteria. They serve to maintain and enhance internal functions, and help restore you to a state of living more complete rather than living with just mediocre health.

2) Purify the Blood.
a) Blood Cleansing: Enzymes are able to help remove unwanted substances from the blood, dissolve cholesterol attached to artery walls, and prevent cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure.

b) Infection Fighter: When good cells are damaged and germs attack, enzymes in the body rally to counter and fend off the bacteria. They then break down and remove the festering germ and alleviate the infection of the afflicted area. At the same time, nutrients in your body are induced to generate new cells and bring about full recovery.

c) Bactericide: Enzymes not only enhance the effectiveness of your leukocytes (white blood cells) in killing harmful germs, they also have anti-bacterial properties themselves.

3) Improve Digestion and Absorption.
Enzymes are able to metabolize nutrients thus making them more easily digested, absorbed, and oxidized - better utilized by the human body - and so produce the needed energy and heat. They also help to maintain hormonal balance.

4) Enzymes are Amazing.

a) Overeating - Enzymes cleanse the stomach.

b) Intoxication - Enzymes quickly break down the blood alcohol, preventing inebriation or helping the recovery process after intoxication.

c) Poor gastrointestinal function - Enzymes block the growth of the germs that cause putrefaction in the intestines, promoting the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria and other beneficial bacteria, and aiding gastrointestinal absorption.

d) Postoperative recuperation - Enzymes aid food digestion and conversion into products more easily absorbed. Especially beneficial in the recovery of patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers and ulcers of the large intestine.

e) Constipation and hemorrhoids - Enzymes aid in clearing this up.

f) Sperm enzymes break down the wall surrounding the ovum enabling the two to combine and generate new life.

5) Improve Metabolic Cell Function.
Human body cells have metabolic functions, Old cells must be replaced by new ones every four months. Only when the enzymes in the body are in good balance is this process and the chemical functions completed with a smooth transition between cell decomposition and restoration. If the enzymes don't work properly, disease may result.

6) Enzymes for Beauty.
a. Promotes smooth, fine-textured, beautiful skin.
b. Removes freckles, black spots and prevents early wrinkling.
c. Removes rashes, and is good for skin allergies and hives.
d. Clears red eyes and is effective in promoting clearer vision.
e. Nourishes and promotes hair and nail growth.

7) Enzymes and Preventative Health Care.
a. Promote long life through normal cell metabolism.
b. Promote re-activation of cells to prevent diseases.
c. Effective in preventing, combating and eliminating cancer, and also for the prevention of infections associated with AIDS.

Enzymes should be consumed everyday:

To avoid illness and disease, obesity and to slow aging, you have to change lifestyle habits, eat a balanced diet and get proper exercise.

Despite your best intentions, there are going to be the unavoidable late nights, the occasional excessive eating, lack of exercise, and the stress and pressure of daily life. Any one of these can have the direct or cumulative effect of weakening the normal functioning of enzyme activities.

Enzymes are one of the most essential elements in your body for the health and wellness of every bodily function. Every breath you take and every action you have both mentally and physically, requires enzymes.

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Two sources for daily enzymes:

1) Enzyme production support:
Include these foods in your diet as often as possible ...

Ginger root
Flax seeds
Coconut flesh (not oil)
Chlorella (algae)
Spirulina (algae)
Bee pollen
Raw honey
Yogurt (Greek, plain, unsweetened)
Shitake, Reishi, and Maitake mushrooms

Source: www.alkaway.com.au/blog/category/leaky-gut-2/

2) Juicing:
Focus on an alkaline diet with lots of daily raw veggies and fruit. Smoothies and Juicing are the most effective and delicious way to do this. Enzymes are organic catalysts that increase the rate at which foods are broken down and absorbed by the body and help various metabolic functions in the body take place.

Smoothies.Green smoothie.

Fruit Smoothies and Green Smoothies
- a total health formula.

Fruit Smoothies:
Use a banana as the base, then add seasonal berries or other fruit of choice.

Frozen fruit can be used, but drink will become like home-made ice cream - defrost first.
Green (Veggie) Smoothies:
Use banana as base, then add veggies such as spinach, kale, cucumber, carrot, avocado etc. Apples and pears are a good choice to combine with green smoothies veggies.

About half cup of Almond Milk is then added to either smoothie to blend ingredients. Plain Greek Yogurt or Coconut Milk are also choices.

Coconut Flakes, Walnuts or Almonds plus Bee Pollen, Hemp Seeds or Chi Seeds may be added by design.

Research the internet for ingredient combinations to try.

What to Expect? Health and Anti-aging!

Not only will your body and brain be boosted with enzyme activity, your skin will glow, your eyes shine, wrinkles will diminish, your nails and hair will grow faster, fat and cellulite may be lessened, energy levels will rise, mental focus will sharpen.

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