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Sun Ancon
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Sun Ancon Chi Machine from HTE, Sydney, Australia.
220v - Euro and UK plug included - 2yr warranty.
Solid and strong, built to last 15yrs plus.

If your Chi Machine does not look like this photo, it's an imitation.

Imitations have NOT been medically researched or approved.
Many breakdown due to plastic parts and weak motors.

Only the original Sun Ancon, has been
medically licensed in three countries, patented in 26 countries
and undergone medical trials at Flinders University in Australia.



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2016 - Time to become healthy and well. If not now... when!

The 4 keys to health and wellness: Oxygen, Water, Nutrition, Physical Movement.

1) Without sufficient oxygen - due to shallow breathing, substance abuse, lack of exercise, stress and environmental pollution - your body will sooner or later become diseased, painful and dysfunctional.

2) Without sufficient water, your cells will clog and decay, wrinkled skin and facial lines develop, weight gain is apparent due to stagnant toxins, thereby creating a multitude of minor to major disease.

3) Without sufficient alkaline foods, your cells become overly acid leading to disease and cancer.

4) Without sufficient physical stimulation (exercise), your cells will become clogged and dysfunctional, blood circulation malfunctions, muscle tissue will break down and fat will set in, all resulting in aging, disease and illness. MOVEMENT IS CRITICAL FOR A HEALTHY MIND AND BODY.

10 Simple Daily Factors to a Life Of Health and Happiness or Illness, Pain and Restriction.
These factors work hand in hand and lack of one or more will affect the others.

1) Oxygen. Lack of Oxygen is the root of most, if not ALL disease. Cancerous cells cannot LIVE or DEVELOP in the presence of oxygen. A cell becomes cancerous when it receives less than 60% of its oxygen requirement. Daily oxygenation of the body via physical movement (exercise) keeps the body and mind healthy, strong and focused.

2) Water. Lack of water is the second root of disease. Your body is 70% water. DEHYDRATION causes trapped toxins, cells will not reproduce, circulation to the skin decreases - aging, pain, migraines, allergies and disease take hold. Sipping water throughout the day, moisturizes, hydrates and detoxifies the body.

3) Physical Movement. Lack of physical movement/stimulation/exercise, causes oxygen starvation, trapped, stagnant toxicity and dysfunctional blood circulation, thereby causing a domino effect in the body which results in pain, disease and decay. Daily exercise prevents dysfunctional body systems, stress, energy depletion, toxicity accumulation, oxygen starvation, weight gain, pain and aging.

4) Your Lymphatic System MUST be stimulated daily in order to remove all physical toxicity and waste, which is flushed out of the body by water via urine and sweat, activated by physical movement.

5) Your Immune System performance level depends upon sufficient oxygenation and daily lymph drainage to remove toxicity.

6) Your Circulation is entirely dependent upon your lymph system operating optimally, with maximum oxygenation.

7) 80% of Chronic Diseases are LINKED to the Spine. If your spine is mis-aligned, usually due to bad posture, lack of oxygenation and physical activity, multiple health problems result.

8) Quality Sleep -Your body MUST have it in order to heal, re-balance and re-align. Quality, uninterrupted sleep occurs when stress and mental activity are at peace, created by a fully oxygenated mind and body.

9) Alkaline Foods and Liquids - Eating Acid foods and liquids will break down, age and destroy your body. #1 acidic enemy? SUGAR - sugar feeds cancer, erodes the body and causes aging.

10) Sunshine - Far Infrared Ray (FIR) (use the FIR Hothouse Dome) and Vitamin D, are vital for physical and mental health.

Chi Machine
Enter The Sun Ancon
Chi Machine.
Motion energy:
- Oxygenates every cell in your body.
- The MOST effective lymph drainage method in the world.
- Enables detoxification at cellular level.
- Stimulates blood circulation.
- Aligns, balances and strengthens your spine.
- Boosts your immune system.
- Enables you to sleep soundly.
- Clears depression, stress and lack of focus.
Promotes weight loss if used EVERY day.

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Illness and pain is no longer an option, it's YOUR choice.

The leading cause of death in the UK is Cancer: Lung cancer in men - Breast cancer in women.
Heart Disease is the second leading killer due to stress, lack of exercise and poor diet.

Oxygen and far Infrared heat prevent and kill cancer.
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine fully oxygenates and detoxifies via your Lymphatic System.
The Far Infrared Hothouse 'sauna' (info below) enables healing via Far Infrared heat.

Determine Your Health Status In 60 Seconds:

* Do you get your body moving/walking/exercising every day - driving doesn't count!
* Do you often have aches and pains in your back, shoulders and head?

* Do you receive enough sleep?

* Do you like the way you look and feel?

* Do you drink water every day? - beer and sodas are sugar which ages you!

* Do you eat fast food, fried food and canned food frequently?

* Are you overweight - do you have a beer gut or flabby stomach?

* Are you taking toxic medication - If so, just how long has it been?

* Are you a heavy smoker?

* Do you live in a congested city or in a high rise block of flats?

* Do you like your job and the people you work with?

* Are you stressed out nearly every day?

* Do you receive a massage at least once a month ... ever?

* Do you give and receive love from those around you on a daily basis - or do you spend the day yelling at the kids, hating your boss and escape to the pub at night to hang out with your mates and whinge about life?

One year from now, will you be any different then right now?
If health and happiness is not a priority in your life, look in the mirror at the consequences. Sickness, obesity, depression and anger, are VERY unattractive qualities, even to the ones you love.

If you were your partner, would you want to be with you? Think about it!
Clothing, cigarettes, alcohol, curry and chips, drugs and surgery, will NOT give you health, happiness or youth.

Diet Guidance
Obesity leads to Diabetes, Heart Disease, Strokes.

A poor diet leads to illness and disease. What are you lacking - what foods does your body need? Checkout this shopping list.

Anti-Aging and Beauty What are you feeding your body, and putting on your skin?

The Critical Importance Of:
Oxygenation - The Lymphatic System - Spinal Alignment - Water


The Sun Ancon Chi Machine UK is for virtually EVERYONE from 4yrs to 100yrs.
All the cardiovascular benefits of a workout without the spine jarring effect of running or jogging.
15 minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent in oxygen benefit to 90 minutes of brisk walking.

Grannie loves her Chi Machine.

tinyheart.gifPerfect for Senior Citizens, the Physically Challenged, Substance Abusers and anyone experiencing daily physical debilitation's or painful, difficult recovery struggles.  The Chi Machine brings blood circulation and oxygen to deprived tissues and organs due to inactivity, aging, poor circulation, disease, illness or accidents. Awesome for rehabilitation and detox centers.

tinyheart.gifHousewives - Parents - Office Workers - Shop  Sales:
4 minutes on the Chi Machine during lunch break or whilst the kids nap will give you unparalleled stress management and relaxation relief. Weight loss is a pleasant side benefit, if used on a consistent daily basis. Sweatless, simple and easy to use, even in a business suit or dress, it revitalizes and releases nerves and muscles thereby relieving tension in the back, neck and shoulders, creating mental focus and increasing both productivity and morale.

tinyheart.gifChildren and Teenagers:
Hyperactive youngsters - depressed teens, the Chi Machine calms, focuses, balances and realigns mental and emotional turmoil - excellent for ADHD.

tinyheart.gifComputer Workers and Physical Labor/Construction Workers:
Computers disrupt your sleep patterns, causes mental turmoil and creates physical pains. Hard physical labor causes physical pain, muscle stress, injury and mental fatigue.

Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Australian Rugby League Star Athlete,
Solomon Haumono, uses the Chi Machine in his daily training.

tinyheart.gifGreat for Football and Rugby Players, Boxers, Athletes, Coaches - Dancers - Martial Arts:
The relaxing effect of the Chi Machine enables athletes to loosen up before and after games and workouts. It oxygenates every cell in the body, not just the targeted muscle areas of a conventional workout. Injuries heal faster. Lactic acid is released - no more soreness.

tinyheart.gifHealth Clubs, Daily Workouts, Retreats, Spas, Yoga:
An excellent way to warm-up and to cool down. An effortless way to steadily tighten and tone up. A natural runners high is experienced as your natural Chi life force is stimulated. An Alpha state of meditation is induced via the gentle oscillation. Cheaper than a health club membership and more convenient!

No other massager, medical device and exerciser, is so highly trusted and recommended by doctors, chiropractors, hospitals, physiotherapists and sports trainers. Popular with athletes and day spas worldwide.

The Chi Machine relieves physical pain by re-balancing, revitalizing and realigning. It dissipates mental stress and enables you to relax and sleep, thereby promoting faster healing and a return to natural body system functioning and state of balance.

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International Chi Machine Testimonials
Listed by country and by individual health problem.


Imitation Chi Machine

Chi Machines sold via EBAY/Amazon are imitations.

40% are returned due to injury.

Many tend to breakdown within 12 months

due to plastic parts and weak motors.

Your health is non-refundable.

"Your life and health is not by chance or
coincidence. It's a reflection of who you are."

- Author and International Distributor.
Portsmouth, UK - Sydney, Australia - LA, USA.

Portable Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Therapy:
Chi Machine and FIR
                  Hothouse dome.
Far Infrared HotHouse used in combination with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

FIR Hothouse Dome: AU$1,664.81 AU$$1,248.31
VAT included +Shipping - shipped from Sydney to UK.

Far Infrared Hothouse Dome
Far Infrared benefits: serious detox, blood circulation, lung and breathing problems, cell regeneration,
 expediated healing, pain, swelling and inflammation reduction, skin problems, and malignant cells via hyperthermia.

FIR Hothouse Testimonials
Canada and USA.


E-Power machine.

A revolutionary healing machine, The E-Power
Do you want energy, to slow aging, to diminish jowls, to improve hair growth, pH balance your body
and improve health challenges ...  take a look at the E-power which reconnects the body's electrical circuitry.

E-Power: AU$1,188.81  AU$831.8131.81
VAT included + Shipping - Shipped from German warehouse.


Head Office Alexandria, Australia
for UK and Europe.

Europe and UK.

Chi Machine:
AU$753.27 AU$678.30
with Free Footrest Cover

VAT included + Shipping.

UPS Delivery time is 5-7 business days.
14 day free trial from day of delivery.

2 year warranty on all machines which
are built to last 15-20yrs plus and rarely
need repair.

Chi Machine for Europe

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Four alternative healing machines
plus extensive health and diet guidance.

Four healing machines.

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