It's Time For A Health Revolution.

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Everything in Creation is ENERGY,
everything around you and within you.
Eliminate the energy that harms you.

Welcome to the Health Revolution.
It's time for change. Time to use common sense. Time to wake up and use the natural energies of the Universe to heal your mind and body. Consuming opiates like candy, accepting chemotherapy without question, eating food with labels you don't even read, slathering toxic lotions on your skin, wearing synthetic fibers that cause cancer, allowing yourself to be injected with a deadly flu vaccine, or being content with negative friends, co-workers and family, is NOT mandatory!

A return to natural health means:
1) No more poison medication or Vaccines

2) No more GMO - Poisoned Food
3) Protect yourself from EMF's
- the latests 5G radiation is engineered mind control, and will also destroy health.
4) Step away from toxic media and Toxic People
5) READ labels! - Food, beverages, beauty products, clothing, home products, toys, plastic containers.
6) Embrace nature - Get outdoors, get your body moving, walk barefoot on earth, grass and sand, soak in the sunshine.


Being sick is easy, promoted by people  
who don't give a damn about your life.

It's time to wake up and realize YOU are in control.
Your health belongs to you and not corporate greed $$$. Step away from conventional outdated protocols, get off the toxic drugs, start eating properly, and start living! If you don't understand this, health and wellness is not in your future by your own choosing.

What is health? Oxygenation of the body by daily physical movement, daily detoxification, hydration, living nutrition, sleep, and correct electrical frequency. 

Fruit and vegetables feed your cells exactly what they need. LOVE and LAUGHTER are the most powerful healers of all.

Fresh air, sunshine, water, physical exercise, 
enjoying nature, music and sleep are FREE


Natural Anti-depressants.

Free Healthcare Plan - More than ever natural non-toxic, natural health care is needed, a return to common sense. If you continue on the same path your walking right now, where is it going to lead you? Will there be joy or pain in your future?

The SOQI Chi Spa helps you on your journey to health.
SOQI energy captures natural healing enabled by four healing machines, known collectively as SOQI (pronounced so-key). CHI is the natural life force present within every living thing. A spa is a place you go to relax and rejuvenate using different healing modalities. Why not create one in your own home?

The SOQI Chi Spa:

                              healing machines

Natural health and wellness.

Known Effects: Increased oxygen levels, detoxification, pH balance, anti-aging, energizing. Pain release and healing. De-stress, become mentally focused, and take back control of your health, because without it, your dreams will never come true.


Will you live to be their age?
Will you be as happy?

Everything is energy. The thoughts and emotions you have all day everyday, the colors of the clothes you wear, the music you choose to listen to, the diet you eat. Change your choices, and you immediately change your energy. How are you doing?

Life is short - Live it well.


The choices you make today,
determine your tomorrows.

New Shopping List / pH Balance Foods /
What you put in your mouth, feeds your cells, which determine your health. If you don't, no suprise how your future will turn out. Obesity does not happen overnight, neither does cancer. It takes months of you refusing to look after yourself and pay attention to your life or what you think and feel, and of course what you eat.


Checklist - remove these everyday household poisons from your life asap. You will be amazed at the amount of disease and cancer causing agents you have in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards, including your toothpaste, deodorant and tap water.

Is your life aluminum free?
If you have aluminum in your home, and chances are you do, you may be unwittingly inviting Alzheimer's or Parkinson's into your senior years, or possible much sooner.


Understand what it is and go to battle, otherwise conventional protocols will destroy you. Run as fast as you can from chemotherapy which spreads cancer, destroys your already compromised immune system, and will terminate your life. There are options out there, options that will not kill you or poison you. Research ... oh wait, we've done it for you.

All revolutions need the masses to rise up and demand an end to what is corrupt. The health revolution needs you to rise up, take care of yourself, your family and loved ones and to refuse to perpetuate a lifestyle that does not question or fight back. Life is simply choices and consequences. You are living the consequences of your choices!

When would NOW be a great time to be healthy - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Enjoy the journey. Begin right this minute by doing something you love. ;)

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